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Paris FC: Une Ambition Capitale

Started on 15 March 2017 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 3 May 2017 by ScottT
What is he going to say I wonder... ooo.
redvee35 We will see but I doubt he really should be dating this late into a season that is too close to call with a few matches to go

ScottT I believe she will say Danger is GO!!! haha. You will find out more soon.

2016/17 Youth Intake

My first batch of newcomers from our lower academies have finally joined the main Under 19s. There are so many good players from this batch that I have a feeling we will be set for the next few years. The crazy thing is that three of these guys are even better than the U19's that have been with us since I joined. Here are a few of the guys.

A Few Good Prospects:

Yann Joly


Despite the fact Yann is listed as a striker he can easily play on the wings with no issue. I have a lot of good things to say about this player who has a chance to become a superstar for us. Yann could be making his first team debut before he turns 18.

Fabien Caron

Attacking Midfielder (Right)

Another promising player that can become a really good winger in my system. Just like Yann I think he will get some playing time on he first team before 18. Hopefully he does well.

Kevin Marchand

Defender (Center)

Kevin here is going to be a pretty good defender. I ave faith that he could become a pretty good defender. If not for us someone else.

Samir Boutaleb

Defender (Center)

I want to comment that Samir looks like a cross between Rihanna and some Emo from the mid 2000's. On a serious note this dude looks like a big time player. I have a feeling Samir will become a very exciting play for years to come.He can play anywhere in he back I ask so that is a huge positive.
PAR Marc Roy|18 mars, 2017|CLUB

Le PFC are finally back to winning ways with a 2-0 victory over Belfort at Stade Charléty. After a slew of disappointing collapses the club have won their first match since 17 February. With five matches remaining the club is holding on to second place with 49 points.

Striker Demba Camara got off to a hot start as he would score off a nice breakaway in the 11th minute to give us the 1-0 lead. As in previous matches the club has struggled to maintain a lead so pressure was mounting on the club, especially as they dropped from the promotion zone a week before. Experienced winger Lalaïna Nomenjanahary ended the nightmare for the club with a beautiful header in the 74th. This goal secured the victory and got the club back to the promotion zone.

Paris FC will travel to Boulogne to meet with USBCO for their final meeting of the season. The match is set for a 7pm kickoff on Friday 23 March.

Post-Match Quotes

Manager Kévin Gauthier
On overall thoughts of the game…
“I am happier than the last several matches that is for sure. We had been struggling and desperately needed three points because each draw was starting to hurt than help. Lalaïna (Nomenjanahary) had a huge day especially with the header. We fought hard and deserved this victory..”

On the clubs lack of discipline in recent matches…

“It has been a few matches since our last player as sent off with a red. I felt that was causing our so so results previously and finally the guys woke up and are playing smarter, a bit too late but still good.”

Winger Lalaïna Nomenjanahary
On his play today
"It is great when coaches have faith in you. That really helps with playing and I am very pleased to contribute towards a victory. Hopefully we can continue this for the remaining five matches and I can score a few more goals."

Club President Pierre Ferracci
On Kévin Gauthier's future...
"I am happy that he (Kévin) won today and that makes me a bit happier as the club is back in the promotion zone. We are still evaluating him and are still holding off on a contract extension until we feel he has earned it or we finish the last few matches strong."
Good win but more importantly what a name that Nomenjanahary has. :P
2017-04-02 12:27#241230 ScottT : Good win but more importantly what a name that Nomenjanahary has. :P

It is a pretty sweet name haha
MJK46's avatar Group MJK46
7 yearsEdited
PAR Steve Pierre|31 Mars, 2017|CLUB

March started the first half of the final eight matches here in the 2016/17 Championnat National. The month saw a very rough start but eventually as each match came up improvement was the key for Paris FC. Here is how the four matches went down.

March began with a trip to Dunkerque to face US Dunkerque. This was a match full of heartbreak due to dropping out of the promotion zone and tons of sloppy play. Le PFC had to fight to get it level in the 52nd minute as Anthony Ribelin tied it up. Sadly in the 78th a penalty was called and Dunkerque won.

Following the loss in Dunkerque we had a two game home stand, the first was against Châteauroux. The final score would be a 1-1 draw that was enough to get back into the promotion zone. Captain Hervé Lybohy scored our only goal in the match.

The final home game of the moth was against Belfort that began a two game winning streak. Demba Camara and Lalaïna Nomenjanahary capitalized on several Befort errors to get the win. This was the first victory in a month.

Finally we traveled to Boulogne for a date with USBCO. Riding high from the previous victory over Belfort Paris FC would come out flying. Rodrigue Bongongui started the goal fest with a brace in the eleventh minute. Followed by two goals form Sidiki Maiga in the thirteenth and thirty-fifth minutes. Hervé Lybohy added his second goal of the month in the sixty-sixth. USBCO's only answer came in the seventy-third. We won big by a final score of 4-1.

With a loss, a draw and two victories Paris FC still are holding it down in first place. They have accounted for 52 points in 30 matches thus far.

"The victory against Belfort came at the right time and the guys are very ecstatic. We just need to keep it up for the remander of the season and then we will return to Ligue 2 hopefully. "-Kévin Gauthier after the 2-0 victory against Belfort.

Captain Hervé Lybohy had his best month this season. In the four games he was credited with two goals and had a match rating of 7.7. He is also credited with the better final half of March. Apparently he had some words to his teammates that got everyone motivated for the Belfort game.

Four matches remain this season with two of them in April. On 7 April we will be hosting Chambly. Previously we drew them back in November. There is a little break between that match and the one against CA Bastia on the 21st. Just like Chambly the previous meeting between CA Bastia and Paris FC resulted in a draw.


Still going strong mate, keep it going and you'll be rising the divisions in no time! Congrats on SOTM too man!
Echoing Griffin here, some decent results, keep grinding them out and you'll be up in no time :D
mgriffin2012 Thanks man this is crazy that this is my first SOTM victory

Jack Promotion is starting to look really good right now
MJK46's avatar Group MJK46
7 yearsEdited

Contracts, First Dates and Presidential Debates

A year ago if you asked me if I would be back in France and managing a club in the capital I would have called you crazy. Well this has been a fun time and I am afraid that my time is coming to an end sadly. I am honestly shocked about that to be fair.

You see we are doing pretty damn good with a three game winning streak and starting to solidify promotion to Ligue 2. Well a few days after the victory over Chambly I decided to go see our president Pierre Ferracci to see about a contract extension, I truly believe I have earned one.

Well the meeting went way south and I am not pleased. He told me that at this point I do not deserve an extension and that I am not important enough to warrant one at the current time. Are you really serious??? I have turned thing around and we are in first. I really deserve this extension. Maybe I will talk to the press about this and see if it changes anything............

Despite the crap going on with my contract things are really good in my personal life. I finally had that first date with Madeleine and it went better than I expected. It was a few weeks after she said yes because of how busy I was and with twelve days between Chambly and Bastia it would be the perfect time.

We went to this really nice restaurant near the Eiffel Tower and had a lot of fun. I got to know more about her and she did the same with me. She has been following Paris FC since meeting me and really wants to go to a game. Well she will be my special guest for our final home game of the year.

From what I can she really likes me. Seriously when a girl is interested in your career that is a good sign. After the date I asked her if she wanted to go back to my place.... She said no as she wants to take things slow but wants to see me again on another date. You know what that is awesome and I respect that she didn't want to stay the night.

Did you know that in a few days we elect the newest president of the country?? It is going to be nuts and I honestly don't know who to support. I might not even vote. Well things got weird at the end of March during the debate. They went nuts and somehow my name was mentioned by Marine Le Pen when they were debating French Sport policy. To be fair I am not sure how I feel to have her mention me and the club.....

Well that is it for now. Hopefully we can finish strong and my second date goes well.
The contract will come I'm sure, especially if you regain promotion. You and Maddie seems interesting, I wonder what comes of that. Good update as per mate.
PAR Claude Perin|13 avril, 2017|PRESS RELEASE

Paris Football Club is delighted today to announce ASICS as its new official kit supplier, having signed a long-term sponsorship with the sports brand in potentially the biggest kit deal the club has ever agreed.
ASICS will supply the team kit, training wear and equipment from the 2017/18 season onwards.

Paris FC become one of the first major European clubs to use ASICS for all team wear. With the club entering a new era of football and growth they will partner with a company who is trying to do the same.

PFC supports ASICS' vision to further build on its global presence, while the Parisian side will have access to ASICS' extensive global network of retail outlets. This, in turn, will support the Paris FC brand's own growth aspirations in a range of international market places.

PFC Managing Director Pierre Dreossi said: "Asics is one of the world’s leading sportswear manufacturers and will cater for the growth of our club."

"While Asics is relatively new to football, its sporting heritage dates back over 50 years and there is huge excitement around the brand and its ambitions globally."

The deal between the two parties is a three season contract that will end after the 2019-2020 season. There is an optional fourth year extension between the two parties.

In other club news along with the new kit supplier the club has upgraded their wordmark that will be used on all club related materials. It is from a font known as Coolvetica and was inspired by Spanish Giants Real Madrid.

The unveiling of the new kits will be set for sometime in June before the preseason begins.
A nice long-term kit sponsorship is always good for the finances! ;)
PAR Steve Pierre|28 Avril, 2017|CLUB

There is light at the end of the tunnel for our club as the second to last month of the season is over. Despite a two match month it was still do or die for Gauthier and Company. Luckily for them the run continued and saw two victories.

The match against Chambly at home saw our win streak continue with the fourth victory in a row. Attacking Midfielder Idriss Ech-Chergui gave us the lead with his second goal of the year in the 36th minute. In the 60th Demba Camara started off a very strong month with a goal in the 60th. Paris FC win this one 2-0.

A trip to Bastia saw the guys return after a fourteen day break between the last match and this one. The break was needed for the club and the end result showed it. Demba (Camara) continued his amazing month as he collected all three goals in the match. His hatrick helped the club start to pull away from the pack a little bit.

With the winning streak continuing Paris FC remain in first place with 58 points leading the pack by 3.

"We need to just keep playing like we have and the end result will be there. This next match should determine if we are champions or not."-Kévin Gauthier in his monthly coaches show.

It was too easy this month. Demba Camara deserves the Player of the Month Award for his four goals in the two matches. In the match at CA Bastia he had one of his best performances all season long with a hat trick.

May is the final month of competition and it is down to the wire. If we defeat SAS Épinal at home on 5 May we will be crowned league champions. This will be a special match as we could be crowned league champions at home. The final match of the year comes against US Créteil in Créteil on 12 May.


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