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Paris FC: Une Ambition Capitale

Started on 15 March 2017 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 3 May 2017 by ScottT
redvee35 So far so good, exceeding expectations

ScottT Not going to take them lightly

mgriffin2012 I hope so too, I am expecting a real bad loss very soon honestly.
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PAR Steve Pierre|1 feb., 2017|CLUB

Since the return from the winter break Paris FC have continued where they left off in 2016. The start of the new year saw us continue farther in the Coupe de France and improve in league play. In fact, the game against Dijon might have been the most important fixture this season.

The back half of the 2016/17 Championnat National season began with a good 2-0 victory over US Concarnoise, we were gifted an own goal in the match. Apoño provided the first goal of the match in the 10th minute.

The next fixture saw the club drop three points to US Quevilly Rouen who have had a very good season. It was a result that ended the steak at nine games without defeat in league play. Despite the loss, one that was expected as all streaks don't last forever, saw the team work hard but sadly the result didn't go their way.

In the third match against GS Consolat new loan signing Sidiki Maiga made his debut, he ended up scoring two goals. The other goal scorers included fan favourites Anthony Ribelin and Demba Camara. This match was the clubs highest scoring match in league play this year. With the two game series against the Marseille club finish both would win a game.

Finally the month ended with a victory against Pau FC. the 3,029 fans that showed up to Stade Charléty saw the home side finish the month in first place. Early on this was a very tight match and it seemed like it could have gone either way or a draw. In the 55th minute Quentin Othon opened the scoring up with a beautiful free kick. This sparked the win as two minutes later Anthony Ribelin scored his third goal of the month.

Undoubtedly the biggest game of the month was at the start, the Coupe de France match up, against Dijon FCO. We were predicted to struggle and get beat by several goals. That did not happen as we advanced to the next round with a 2-1 upset over the struggling Ligue 1 club. Goals were scored by Anthony Ribelin and Demba Camara.

Sadly the month ended a bit prematurely as the match against FC Cournon was postponed until 7 February due to a waterlogged pitch. This match is heavily favored towards us.

The first month of the year finishes with Paris FC in first place with 39 points through Matchday 22.

"I was really pleased with the month and it is nice to be back on top. At this point in the season every match counts and one small slip up can be the difference between first and seventh especially when the ten below us can easily move up to our spot." excerpt from Kévin Gauthier during the Pau FC post match on 27 January.

With both Demba Camara and Anthony Ribelin on fire this month it was a really hard vote. Anthony won the Player of the Month award based on the fact he scored three goals. His biggest came from the Dijon match. Since joining on loan from Rennes he has scored seven goals in twenty five matches here in Paris.

The month begins with a trip to face Lyon-Duchère with the club looking to avenge their 0-0 draw in September. Next the postponed match against FC Cournon in the Coupe de France is set to take place 7 February. If they win the next round is set to take place sometime later in February. Finally February concludes with matches against Sedan, Vendée les Herbiers Football and AS Béziers. In the showdown against AS Béziers Le PFC are looking to set the record straight with a victory over them. In October Béziers defeated us 2-1.


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Winter 2017 Transfers

With the way finances have been I knew coming into the window that we would not be able to sign many players or anything like that. I was wrong and my DoF found a young player to help our attack. In departures it was pretty quiet with only one player leaving on a transfer and another returned to his club after a loan spell here.

Sidiki Maiga

Attacking Midfielder (Right)/Striker
On Loan from TOURS FC

To be honest this is someone that I never heard of. Our Director of Football came to me and said this player could be a great help to our attack. I was very skeptical but gave him the go ahead. So far in a few matches Sidiki has impressed me. During his debut against GS Consolat he scored two goals,

Saife Alami

Attacking Midfielder (Center)
Hassania Union Sport Agadir

Saife was a transfer from the old management and did not factor into my system. He mostly played for our reserves in the CFA 2 and did good but after a chat we felt that it would be best for him to move. This was a blessing because we made some money off him that we really need.

Aristote Madiani

Attacking Midfielder (Right)
Racing Club de Lens

Aristotle has returned to Lens on request of the club. Sadly he will be missed as he contributed a decent amount of times but Lens was not pleased and wanted him back.
Maiga already proving his worth on his loan spell! Big shame to see Madiani go back though :(
2017-03-29 13:58#241068 Jack : Maiga already proving his worth on his loan spell! Big shame to see Madiani go back though :(

Yeah Madiani was really good, what a shame
Paris FC lose in heartbreaking fashion in the Coupe de France Seizièmes de finale

08 févr. 2017

Paris FC went down 4-3 on penalties to FC Cournon after their Coupe de la Ligue Seizièmes de finale match in Cournon-d'Auvergne, ended in a one all draw. Le PFC will now focus on the rest of the 2016/17 Championnat National season where they currently are first. This was a match that had been moved due to a waterlogged pitch a few days earlier.

In the midst of a busy week the turnaround for Paris FC was one that came fast after their 1-1 draw against Lyon-Duchère. Seen as the favorites Paris were looking to have an easy win. It wouldn’t happen and their amazing run in the Coupe de France is over.

The CFA 2 side provided a big surprise for a Paris side who were predicted to win easily, and it was the home side that dominated possession in the early exchanges, with Lalaina Randriamanantena seeing his efforts finally make an impact with a goal in the 26th minute. The shock on the Paris bench was evident as the club seemed to lose motivation.

After the break, Gauthier made a major tactical change with a 4-2-2. Jonathan Nanizayamo and Frédéric Bong led a Paris revival after coming in as subs in the 70th minute. This seemed to be a change that was needed for Paris FC. The players seemed to wat it more but each shot they paid the price missing the target. Mathieu Robail came through in the last twenty minutes of regular time with a beautiful goal in the 84th minute.

The game would go to extratime where neither side could do anything. Finally, it went to shootout where it was heartbreak for the capital side. At the start things were looking up as Aurélien Thoris missed and caused Cournon to play from behind. It was going well until the fifth person stepped up. All Frédéric Bong had to do was make this penalty and they win, that didn’t happen. Two men later Hervé Lybohy would miss giving the host one more shot. Dylan Pivard successfully converts and FC Cournon pull off the upset.

After the match Kévin Gauthier had this to say, “FC Cournon are what we thought they were. Th-they're what we thought they were. They are two divisions lower! I mean, who the hell takes a cup match against a CFA 2 side seriously, it's bullshit? Bullshit! We played them after a so called waterlogged pitch postponed the first game, everybody played ninety plus some... Cournon are who we thought they were! That’s why we took the damn field! Now, *hits microphone* if you want to crown them, then crown their ass! But, they are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook!”

With the loss Le PFC now focus on closing out the remanding eleven Championnat National matches. They will return to league play in two day as Sedan pay a visit. Currently Gauthier’s men are first in the league with 40 points. They are first on the virtue of +1 in goal difference over AS Béziers.

Unlucky result against FC Cournon and you will soon be distancing yourselves from Beziers :)
PAR Steve Pierre|28 févr., 2017|CLUB

Looking at the fixture list this could be seen as one of the most important months of the year, with the amount of fixtures remaining there is no room for mistakes . With ten cubs hot on our tails in the league is as competitive as ever, avoiding draws and losses is one thing that has been difficult for us.

February began with a 1-1 draw against Lyon-Duchère. The club seemed to struggle as Lyon keep their game up all match long. Trailing 1-0 it took the substitution of Jonathan Nanizayamo to save us and get the draw with a beautiful goal in the 89th minute.

In a very quick week saw us travel to face a CFA 2 side in the Coupe de France. It was one of the most depressing matches all season as we would lose on penalties. Our only scorer of the match Mathieu Robail scored in the middle of the last ten minutes to finish regular time with a draw.

Three days later hosting CS Sedan saw Le PFC finish with another draw. This time we had a 2-0 lead into half time that eventually faded away as we collapsed thanks to the stellar play of Koro Koné who scored two goals. Our goal scorers were Demba Camara and Apoño.

Paris FC finally got three points on the table in the month of February. Despite this was a victory it was not pretty. In the 17th minute Chafik Tigroudja was sent off and les Herbiers were down to ten men. You would think PFC had an advantage but it took until Jean-Baptiste Pierazzi scored a very rare goal to give us the victory in the 87th.

Finally February ended with AS Béziers coming to town. At this point they were second in the league and this was the big match. Things were great as Idriss Ech-Chergui gave the club a 1-0 lead two minutes in. Gauthier would get the club to play more defensively to hold the lead but in the 51st minute Romuald Marie was sent off with a straight red dooming the team. Béziers would score and tie the game up a while later.

Despite three draws and one win Paris FC are still in first with 45 points.

"This is starting to get really annoying, I have told these guys to stop the petty fouls and play better. This is not the time or place to screw up as we are barely holding on to first. These collapses are simply inexcusable" excerpt from Kévin Gauthier's weekly coaches show that aired on 27 February.

Coming off the bench most of the month Jonathan Nanizayamo had played the best. Despite having only one goal, a game saver against Lyon-Duchère, Johnathan had the most heart and best work ethic of the month getting this club to where they are now.

The season is winding down with only eight matches remaining this season. With the cup season finished for Paris FC, it is time to concentrate on finishing strong and winning promotion. The month begins with a match in Dunkerque against a US Dunkerque side that is in third currently. The final three matches are against Châteauroux, Belfort and USBCO. This month is a do or die month because all four are within a short distance to us and can easily take or number one spot.


Just need to grind out results, unlucky with dropping a few points. I'm sure promotion is on the way though :P
You were gonna drop points at some point mate, at least now you can focus on moving forwards and picking up more 3 points!
Everyone has those periods in a season where you just can't seem to stick it in the net when it matters, nothing to worry about - just a confidence and luck issue. Sort all that out and you'll be flying again!
I loved the quote. I was smiling and laughing
Everyone Thanks!! I am hoping that we can finish the rest of the season strong. It is crazy that the draws are actually helping

Le petit escargot

Writers note: It has come to my attention some of you all want to know what is going on in the life of Kévin Gauthier on a personal level. It might not be as dramatic like Scott's Paddy or Jacks Liam but it is quite interesting. Here we go...

So it is the start of March and I am very very stressed. The reason for this stress is the past several matches have gotten me very upset. Things are not going my way and I am starting to get scared I will be back on the unemployment line. I was even confronted by a team psychologist about my recent outburst after the matches. Well I am just upset because I am doing the best i can with a shitty economic situation and a tight table. Please Pierre just tell me if you want me to stay or not just give me the extension or let me go, I just want to know.

Anyways my personal life has been really boring for the last few years. I am 35 and still single. Many of my pals have gotten married and have started families but I am still single. My best friend Jérémy Cousteau keeps telling me that I need to start dating again. Well I have been using Tinder but no luck. Most of the girls here in Paris are the worst and most stuck up people ever.

Other than the fact Paris girls are idiots, I think i have found someone that I am head over heals for, the thing is she doesn't know. Here in the 14th arrondissement where I live there is this café known as the Le petit escargot where I go from time to time to relax and get some grub. I have been going there since mid autumn and the first thing that caught my eye outside of the goofy name was this girl named Madeleine.

Madeleine might be the most perfect girl I have ever meet. One thing is she is not like the others I have meet in this city but someone that isn't a conceded jerk. Unlike me she is the artsy type who is not keen on sport but that does not matter, It is hard to describe but her hair is long in the colour of strawberry-blonde, glistening bight green eyes and a smile to die for. At this point in time she knows my exact order every time I come in, a biscotti and a frappuccino. We even chat a bit and I think she cares about things I tell her.

I am starting to get this feeling I need to ask her out on a proper date so today will be my chance. We just returned from a very heartbreaking 3-2 loss against US Dunkerque and I am at the point where things are getting more pressure filed at work. For some reason I decide today is the day.

She comes over to my table and tells me that she saw the result and feels really bad. I light up because she is starting to follow PFC even if it was just a score that is a great start. So I am listening to "Oh My" by Nirvana on my Iphone and pause it for a second.

Madeleine is getting ready to head back to the counter and I say, "Madeleine do you have a second more?" She turns back at me and comes back over. I then ask what I have been wanting since the day I said hello for the first time...............................................
Awwww Kevin has found love lol. Great story

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