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Paris FC: Une Ambition Capitale

Started on 15 March 2017 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 3 May 2017 by ScottT
Paris FC-Red Bull Salzburg (3-1): Ryan Mmaee's big debut

PARIS FC cruised into a 3-1 victory over Austrian giants Red Bull Salzburg last night in the capital. On a warm summers evening 3,342 supporters came out to see their favorite club return to action. Several new signings have made an instant impact to the team.

Attack was the message from the manager as Paris FC lined up in a fluid 4-2-3-1 formation in front of a decent home crowd, with Camara and Thomas Martin deployed on the flanks to provide natural width. Ryan Mmaee was up front and Zakaria Fdaouch lined up behind in in the AMC spot.

Defensively you had Mathieu Robail and Eddy Lecygne lined up as center midfielders. Unlike last year the club is going to experiment without using a defensive midfielder. Behind Robail and Lecygne were the four defenders; Othon, Gillesphey, Bong and Marie. At the goalkeeping spot was Paul Charruau.

All the damage was done as Ryan Mmaee scored two beautiful goals at the end of the first half and at the end of the match. The 20-year-old striker joined Paris FC two days ago on loan from Belgian club Standard de Liège.

Things turned south quickly for Red Bull as Mali Under-20’s Captain Amadou Haidara earned himself an early exit for a bad tackle, four minutes in to the contest. This was an opportunity for Paris to make an impact against a stronger team.

Konrad Laimer would give Red Bull the lead with a beautiful goal a little over midway through the first half. Paris would have to start marking him better and with that they started slowing Red Bull Down. This was their only score of the match.

The final five minutes of the half saw Paris FC increased their tempo and countering at every chance they could get. With two minutes to go before stoppage time Paris FC was almost gifted a goal thanks impart of an error by Stefan Lainer. Just before the whistle blew for halftime Mmaee scored his first as a member of Paris FC.

After the half manager Kévin Gauthier adjusted his tactics to play a more defensive game to preserve the draw. He would also bring in some substitutes to get playing time. This would turn out to work as Fdaouch scored on the 55th minute giving the home side a 2-1 lead. Gauthier would instruct the players to get more defensive and they did.

As the game entered its closing stages, the home side inflict further punishment on Salzburg, with Mmaee scoring his second goal of the match. This would also be his second goal in stoppage time and that must have put the hurt in the hearts of Red Bull Supporters.

For Paris FC they will have a few days between now and their next match against Nantes on the 12th.
Great update mate. Hope you beat Nantes
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The Meeting

13 JUL 2017

It was the morning after the 5-1 ass whopping from Nantes and I am still very upset. I couldn't get much sleep last night because it just bugged the hell out of me. I would be up all evening reviewing tape of what went wrong, kept reviewing the same plays over and over again. Am I over reacting as this is preseason??? Maybe I am maybe I am not. Yeah it is preseason but results as this can be a sign for things to come once the season arrives.

Around 6 am I finally realize what the issue was and say, IT WAS THE FUCKING GOALKEEPERS!!!!!!!. I end up running upstairs to where Maddie was sleeping and startle her by mistake waking her up. She asked what was going on and I told her I was up most of the night trying to figure out what went wrong. Like a good girlfriend she told me not to worry and that everything will be ok.

A few hours later as I return to the facility I call a meeting with Anthony Saulnier who is our Goalkeeping Coach and Mickaël Landreau the Assistant Manager. we get down to business.

KG:Kévin Gauthier
AS:Anthony Saulnier
ML:Mickaël Landreau
RP:Robert Pirès

"I called this meeting between the two of you to discuss last nights loss and after watching film all night after I realized it is the goalkeepers who caused this loss. Both Vincent and Paul played like absolute shit. Anthony what do you think?"

"It was a bad performance but do you feel you are overreacting as it was only preseason??"

"Overreacting??? Are you joking damn know that preseason can be a good indicator on the season and the way they played was very worrisome."

"Kévin, aren't you being a little harsh on Anthony it was a total shit show all around after Jean-Baptiste Pierazzi was sent off?? I do agree that the goalkeeping was piss-poor but that sending off was the catalysis to the beating."

"I totally agree with that Mickaël , to put the full blame on me is just idiotic and uncalled for, this team was crap last night. I do agree that the goalkeepers need a lot more work. I was just so shocked that Paul (Charruau) played the way he did. I couldn't believe he caused an own goal."

"Are you two thinking that bringing him back on loan was a big mistake??"

"To be honest yes, he might have been amazing last year but that was in a different level and with us back in Ligue 2 he might not be at the level. I will still give him a chance but I will need to see a lot more out of him."

"I agree sir, I will have a meeting with them today and we will work extra hard in the coming days."

"Excellent, I think we need to start possibly looking at other options."

"Other options from where?"

"Maybe the reserve squad and maybe elsewhere?" Anthony can you get Thomas Aupic and Allan Momège more involved in the coming weeks I want to see how well they can play."

"No problem!!"

To discuss possible transfers I bring in our Director of Football Robert Pirès.

"Robert thanks for coming in for a few short minutes I need to ask you a question, I know you are not a scout but you are in the know so are there any good keepers out there to look at?"

"Yes there are tons out there but we do have a kid joining us in August from ASEC in the Côte d'Ivoire. He is going to be a great player as you know but I recommend a possible loan for him. Before I let the scouts know what to look for why not Vincent (Demarconnay)"

"I will take this one, Vincent is just not quality at this level.
From what I know he rarely played the last time we were in Ligue 2."

"Why don't we transfer him or give him a loan especially if he is not good enough."

"The guy is a legend here and has been with PFC for about a decade now. It would be just weird telling him he is not good enough and getting rid of him. How would the fans and board react to booting a guy who has been here since 2008/09 with no loan spells?"

"You got a point Kev but this is a business and we need to do what is best for the club, we can easily find him a new place."

"Anthony what do you think??"

"He obviously isn't Ligue 2 quality but is an asset to the clubs younger players and even Paul. I think we should give him very limited playing time and let him continue mentoring the rest."

"I disagree with Tony"

"Same here but it is totally up to you Kev and I know you will do what is best."

"Well I guess I will just let it play out the rest of the preseason. Thanks for coming to this meeting everyone you all can leave."

So we got things figured out a little but I am still not convinced that they will preform well enough, only time will tell. Also a note to self don't study film late at night as you don't focus on the whole issue like I did. It was a bad match all around especially after the red card given to JBP started the collapse.

The one aspect I was shocked about but had a feeling was about Demarconnay. I like him, he is a legend and asset to this team, but I am not sure if he is worth keeping around for a very limited role this season. I have a lot to think about....... Does he stay or does he go???
Great story again. You tell the coaching staff.
I trust your judgement that the problem lies with the keepers, but you must understand that goalies are always in a tough position in that if they make a mistake like any other player does in a game, it is their mistake that often decisive in a game as they usually lead to goals due to them being the last line of defence. However, you're the boss - if you think a new man is needed then I'm with ya buddy :P
It seems I may have jinxed the squad harmony...
redvee35 Glad you still enjoy it

Jack I agree here, it is just that they played total crap and on a real life factor I felt that getting Paul Charruau back on loan was a panic reaction. I couldn't really find anyone that were up to my standards but I could have spent more time searching than I should have

ScottT Nah more like did good, we beat Boca 3-1

PARIS-Today was a big day for Paris FC as they will compete in their third straight Coupe de la Ligue, this year as a member of Ligue 2. Representatives of Paris Football Club were anxious as the draw was being announced at LFP Headquarters in Paris.

Six pairs of match ups were determined before we got our name called. At the start of the seventh draw our name came up. A minute later Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace's name was paired with us.

Since Paris FC were drawn first we will be the home team. This will be a highly anticipated match up for several players who had ties to Strasbourg. The last time the two clubs faced each other was on 30/1/2015 in the Championnat National. Strasbourg would win that by a score of 2-1.

Tickets are on sale now and will be sold up until kickoff on 8 August.
Tough draw, that. Also see your new website graphic ;) Looking good!
I need to buy my own ticket?

Where is my own skybox?

And you should get through this easily
Jack Noting is impossible

Michael For you it is free in the presidents suit
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PAR KÉVIN BRIAND |29 juli, 2017|CLUB

The boys have returned from summer break and have completed the preseason. It was a great five matches with three wins one draw and a loss. Several new faces made their debuts and many old faces returned. The month had it all, upsets, heartbreaking losses, impacts by new players and a draw. Here are the results of the past month.

Our first game of preseason came against Austrian giants Red Bull Salzburg. We turned many heads with a decisive 3-1 upset. Early on a red card for Red Bull was the catalyst for the victory. Zakaria Fdaouch would score one and newcomer Ryan Mmaee had two goals of his own.

Against our parent club we were severely outmatched and out played. Errors by our goalkeepers and defense was the cause of the blowout. Ryan Mmaee scored his third goal of preseason.

The third game was against Racing Club de France and our first away match of preseason. It was a very easy game for Le PFC with a 3-0 victory. Two goals came from the penalty spot and were scored by Apoño and Mathieu Robail. Experienced striker Jonathan Nanizayamo finished the game with a goal in the dying minutes of stoppage time.

A return to Stade Charléty saw us face South American super club Boca Juniors. The result had turned many heads as PFC completed their second upset of the preseason due to a 3-1 victory. Macaulay Gillesphey begain the match with a goal from a free kick while Zakaria Fdaouch and Jonathan Nanizayamo each scored their second goals of the month.

The final match of preseason was against a familiar foe from the past season, Belfort. It was not a very entertaining match as both sides would score in the first 20 minutes. For us Ryan Mmaee scored his fourth goal of the preseason. Despite only a draw this was the prefect way to end the preseason as no injuries had occurred and the players are now on the same page.

Player of the Preseason

20 year old Belgian Ryan Mmaee is the player of preseason. In five starts he had the biggest impact of all players who participated in the five matches. He had an impressive 4 goals, 1 Player of the Match award and an average match rating of 7.20. Mmaee had played both on the wing and upfront thus showing his versatility.

Managers Corner:

"Overall I felt that this was a productive preseason and feel we are ready for the season. To be honest I didn't think we would fare too well against Boca and Red Bull but the guys proved me wrong. Hopefully we can continue this run into the season and that Rayn (Mmaee) continues his hot streak."

PARIS FC Preview

26 July 2017

Coach: Kévin Gauthier
Stadium: Stade Charléty
Last Season: 1st in Championnat Nayional

Paris FC have returned to Ligue 2 after a season away. The 2016/17 Championnt National winners are looking for a way to stay up this season.

Last season saw the club win their first Championnat National title in club history where they were in a very competitive league. Lead by striker Demba Camara they would have one of the highest goal differences in the league. Also in his first season Kévin Gauthier keep his job despite a very shaky start to the season. The club is still having financial problems but this move to Ligue 2 should help a bit.

Several key players from last season return to Gauthier’s team including; Demba Camara who had a league leading 17 goals and Paul Charruau who was named keeper of the year in the Championnat National. Also returning is Apoño. The 33-year-old Spaniard turned a lot of pundit and supporters’ heads as he was the best signing last year.

Not as much as last season. As the club were relegated there was a ton of turnover and now that the club has moved up there has been a normal amount of activity that you would see from teams who have been there for years. As always PFC is utilizing loans from Ligue 1.
Departures include Maka Mary, Rodrigue Bongongui, Lalaïna Nomenjanahary and Tiago Escorza. The latter is a confusing move by Gauthier as Escorza is a future star. There must have been something that made him get released at the end of the season. The rest apparently refused to resign after not getting enough minutes last season. At this point, none of them were picked up by other clubs.

Eddy Lecygne was the first major player to join last season and he became the same for this season. The 20-year-old joined permanently on a free transfer back in May. The defensive side of the pitch is where we have seen the most transfer activity. For Gauthier defense was the top priority due to players leaving and age. He found four good young players in Kobe Cools, Antoine Tchang-Tchong, Julien Dacosta and Macaulay Gillesphey. 19-year-old Nathan Epaillard joins on a free from rival Paris Saint-Germain, Bruno Saleh from AS Saint-Louisienne in Reunion and Jonathan Bamba on loan from Saint-Étienne. The biggest loan signing so far is Ryan Mmaee from Standard de Liège.

The biggest signing though comes from the Ivory Coast and he doesn’t arrive until later this month. Siaka Koné will be joining from well-known club ASEC. Koné is one of the most promising young African goalkeepers. It will be very interesting how the coaching staff handle such as massive talent as the goalkeeping situation is good for now. Maybe a loan would work.

It is very simple this year, do not get relegated. That is going to be the biggest and most important goal for Paris this season. This is the second time in the past three years they have been promoted so staying up is vital, especially as finances are bad. They are hoping that Gauthier can safely keep them up.

This will not sound good for any fans of Paris FC reading this but I feel you will be in the relegation zone at years’ end. It is going to go two ways for Paris. The first is the best scenario and that is the playoff between the 18th team in Ligue 2 and the 3rd in the Championnat National. I can easily see PFC winning that. The worst scenario is finishing up in 19th or 20th.

They will get relegated at seasons end. I fear the transfers from this year are not enough and there will be massive problems especially money wise and that could cause it. Kévin Gauthier will be fired by the new year and his replacement will not have enough resources and time to save things. The team could be liquidated by 2020 sadly.
Certainly a negative spin on things! I really hope you can prove the doubters wrong here. For some reason I think a bottom-end mid-table finish is possible this season. However, use this season as a stepping stone if you can.
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Coupe de la Ligue First Round: Strasbourg defeat Paris FC in penalties

8 August 2017

In what could be the most dramatic match of the tournament it was a battle of two Ligue 2 sides, Paris FC and Strasbourg. The result would be penalty shoot-out heartache as Paris FC lost 5-3 on spot-kicks to Strasbourg in the first round of the Coupe de la Ligue at Stade Charléty.

Paris FC would open scoring when Ryan Mmaee scored in the 15th minute. Despite dominating the majority of the proceedings, PFC stumbled early when midfielder Mathieu Robail missed a penalty opportunity two minutes later in the 17th minute. Three minutes after the missed penalty Khalid Boutaïb equalized for Strasbourg.

Throughout the match Paris FC struggled to get inside the box and score. With only 8 of the 21 shots on target the home side seemed to be outmatched by Strasbourg’s tactics. The away side deployed a 4-4-2 that somehow gave Kévin Gauthier’s side a headache. Even with Paris having a two-man advantage due to two red cards sending off a pair of visitors they still couldn’t do anything.

After 90 it was time for the shootout. You could tell from Kévin Gauthier and Paris FC that this was going to be a loss for them as their body language showed defeat. Star player Demba Camara was the first person to step up for a penalty…. Well somehow he missed by kicking the ball way over the top of the crossbar as if it was a NFL kick for a field goal. From then on it was one by one for Strasbourg as the won the match.

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