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Paris FC: Une Ambition Capitale

Started on 15 March 2017 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 3 May 2017 by ScottT
I have a feeling a tactical tweak may be in order mate, but you're more than capable of turning this around!
Much better month for sure mate and aye, just looked at the rules and those are shockingly... strange.
mgriffin2012 I have done that and it seems it was a wise choices especially for the upcoming month review

ScottT What do you expect it is France and they want to find ways to tax you even more haha
PAR Steve Pierre|13 dec., 2016|CLUB

After a much improved month in November,the The final month of 2016 gave us the opportunity to hit back at the critics while continuing to move up on the league table. It really was a pivotal period for the club and one which could possibly change the outcome of the season.

As December was a short month with only two matches there is not much to report. The first match against SAS Épinal was a gift of three points as they were no match for our club. SAS Épinal is currently dead last with only seven points. Striker Demba Camara continued his hot streak into the month with two goals in this game leading to a 3-1 victory.

The final match of the year saw the second meeting between PFC and Avranches. This time it was a home match for us looking for revenge after a 1-0 loss back in August. With goals for Camara and Anthony Ribelin we would win 2-1 and finish the year off with a seven game unbeaten streak.

In Coupe de France play Gauthier's men have possibly been gifted an early present in the draw. They will be facing Dijon FCO of Ligue 1. Despite being a Ligue 1 club the Kings of Burgundy are currently in 14th and struggling. The match is set for a 3 January meeting at Stade Charléty.

With the season at its half way point Le PFC are sitting in sixth place with 30 points. The table is extremely tight this year as there is a ten point gap between eleventh and first place. PFC is two points behind sitting in the promotion zone.

"We ended 2016 on a high note and with this winter break we need to rest as well as get ready for the upcoming second half of the season. If you ask how we are doing better I made some tactical adjustments and players like Demba (Camara) are finally settled in. It took long enough,haha. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."-Kévin Gauthier

Not to sound like a broken record but Demba Camara has won his third straight Player of the Month award. Without his current hot streak we might not be where we are now. During December he scored three goals and had an average match rating of 7.58. Congrats once again Demba!!

2017 begins with the Coupe de France match up against Dijon. In league play we will be facing; Concarnoise, Quevilly Rouen,GS Consolat and Pau. January will also be the start of the transfer window. It is not known if there will be any player movement but if there is we will report it as soon as we know.

joyeux Noel et bonne année


A Mid Season Meeting

Well it is finally the winter break and I am excited to head back home and just relax a bit. Yes I still have some managing duties but it is stuff I can easily do remotely. Other than hanging out with friends and family as well as this special lady in my life I just need to take it easy. My first few months have been decent but the fact we are close to the promotion zone by two points makes it even nicer. Well as I was getting ready to head out for the next two and a half weeks I get called in for a meeting with Pierre Ferracci the PFC President.

Pierre Ferracci
Kévin Gauthier

"Kévin we need to talk about the past few months before you head out for the break, think of this as a performance review.

"Sounds good Pierre I can spare a few minutes before I take the train home."

"Before we start I just want to say I really do not agree with you or your staff leaving for an "extra" week of vacation, I feel that you all need to be here every night until Christmas Eve working."

(I have this puzzled look on my face)
"Uh not trying to be rude but what does that mean?? I feel this club has don enough on all sides to deserve a little rest, the staff and I are still going to be chatting remotely."

"You see Kévin I do not feel you guys were good enough this first part of the season. Yes I am happy the club is two points from the promotion zone but there were several matches that I am not pleased about and feel that we should be much higher. There are other things as well."

"Other things?? What else is there?"

"A few of the players have voiced to me their opinions and I am starting to get the feeling you might be losing the locker room, some players have expressed concern about playing time and feel that you are going way below what was asked.

"Hmmm.... Yes we have had our issues but we are starting to get in a motion that is allowing us to be to where we should be. You know damn well this league is very competitive and destroying everyone is almost impossible. Look this team is decent but they are not the type to dominate. Can I ask you something??"

"Sure Kev?"

"I know we are having a crazy amount of financial issues and I can be part of the blame with the transfer of Quentin (Othon) but is there some way to get a few thousand just to add one or two players??"

"I am very happy you recognize that you have hurt the club in this way but sadly due to that and other reasons I just can't say yes, maybe if you sell a few then you could but honestly at this point I can't let you."

"That sucks but totally understandable. Is there anything else you need to talk about?"

"One last thing. As you know I am not pleased with what is going on but the last several matches have pretty much saved your job. I am not saying that I am going to fire you but I want to just let you know that you are on a short leash. I expect you to finish in the top two and if things are not good by mid March I will either have to fire you then or not give you a contract extension. Is this all clear to you?"

"I totally understand sir and don't worry we will do much better in the next half."

"Good, now before you go I want to let you know I will be watching you and monitoring everything until I feel you have done well enough. It's not that I don;t trust you it is just that I need to know that things are going well. Now you can go, have a good break but please know I will be in contact soon to see what has been going on."

"Ok no problem enjoy your break too."


Damn that was quite intense. I am shocked to see that he is that upset. I know we are not doing what was asked but we are doing good for the issues going on. Well I am going to hate that he will be on my back for the next several weeks. Also I might get fired??? That is totally not cool. I have a reputation and can't fail. Well it is now time to head back to Le Havre wooo!!!
Great story and keep up the hardwork. Camara looks like he is a brilliant player.
In depth interview man, things beginning to look up for Paris FC!

Paris FC hold on to defeat Dijon FCO

4 JANUARY 2017

Paris FC are having quite the Coupe de France campaign as they will be advancing to the Round of 32. This was a match that was heavily favored to be won by Dijon but the host Paris FC proved to be the team of the night. Despite a rougher than expected league season, Le PFC are turning heads.

In this 2-1 victory Paris FC played the majority of the match using defensive and counter styles of play. It worked as Anthony Ribelin exploited Dijon's defense with a beautiful header in the 17th minute. Ten minutes later Demba Camara scored PFC's second goal with the second header of the game.

The host would control the majority of the game making a club two divisions up look like amateurs until the 67th minute. Dijon would spark a small comeback as Yohann Rivière got the score within one. Momentum would shift after the goal giving Dijon many chances at scoring, luckily for Paris, Paul Charruau was focused.

"I am very pleased about this victory and am very excited to get the new year started with a victory. Dijon was a tough opponent but Olivier Dall'Oglio needs to chose his words better next time he plays a smaller club." The slight on Fall'Oglio came from earlier in the week when the Dijon boss had said Paris FC were weak and helpless.

Paris FC return to Championnat de France National action on 6 January facing off against US Concarnoise. They now await their next opponent in the Coupe de France, with a 8 January draw. Will they get a chance to face off against rival Paris Saint-Germain??


I knew you'd surprise us. Excellent win mate, the cup run continues and for how long I wonder? ;)
A sign of things to come I feel ;)
ScottT Well it looks like longer with the team I was drawn against

mgriffin2012 I think so too
PAR Nolan Bonaparte|8 JAN, 2017|CLUB

The good luck keeps coming for our boys as they will advance to the Round of 32. In Paris at FFF headquarters the draw commenced. A few of our members of the delegation were hoping for rival PSG but instead got a gift of sorts. We will be facing FC Cournon, they represent Group F of CFA 2. For those that don't know CFA 2 is two levels below us.

"I was hoping for PSG but Cournon is a good opponent to have and this will help us advance possibly to the next round. They seem like a great team and I look forward to meeting them on the pitch."- Kévin Gauthier

The match is set of a 31 January kickoff at the Stade Joseph et Michel Gardet in Cournon-d'Auvergne. Tickets will be available starting on 13 January before kickoff against Quevilly Rouen.
Hope you have a great cup run
Aye, you should beat them but to be fair... they've done well to get to this stage so they must be a good side! Should be a win on paper though really.
Definitely puts you in with a very good shot of making the next round! Avoid complacency and you should be celebrating!

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