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Localize Genie Scout and win

Updated for Genie Scout 12
Started on 7 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 17 November 2020 by Homers1993
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Im also interested to do some work fot the dutch translation. :D
I can help out on the danish translation if there's some work left to be done.
hello stam,i am ready to translate GS 12 to Czech language.
is there any chance if I can join the translator team for Indonesian language? We have FM community site in Indonesia and I can make sure we can do it together.
yhea okay i'd wanna help on the dutch translation.. if it's needed?
@Cenntrino : I've assigned you to Arabic.
@ozzique : Please confirm you want to do Urdu-Hindi, so I can assign you to it.
@Zeggy : I've assigned you to Japanese.
@libreidy : I've assigned you to Korean.
@Smirnov : Vietnamese is already 99% complete. It's preferred that the original author to update what's missing.
@Zonnegod : I've assigned you along with funny to work on the Dutch language.
@RaymondGoethals : Already 2 people assigned there.
@Scousertommy : Danish is actually missing, so I've assigned you to it.
@mara.sustai : I've assigned you to Czech.
@arsnby : I've assigned you to Indonesian.

Everyone mentioned here, please post to give an estimate for completion. And make sure to read the instructions on the original post of this topic.
Hi !

I saw in the first that french translation is done for 99% . If you need someone to do the last percent maybe I could help you !
Hi, I realise that no one has yet to translate Chinese (traditional), can i do it?
Btw, after I translate the whole thing, do i post it here?

I can help with the danish translation if this is too much for one person or just to speed up the process.

Let me know
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Can I work on Turkish? I didn't see Turkish on the list but maybe you guys interested?
Edit : Oops its already done :p
I am sorry to be writing in this discussion, but I have just installed Genie Scout 12g and have a massive problem. When I open the program a message saying: Missing key File appeares. Then when I load a game player names are crazy! Something like "l;asdug Cojne'/;'@" , and I'm not exagerating. Can anyone suggest s solution
@pe6o_1989 :
This is off topic, please start a new topic about it if you have to.
'g' version won't work properly until you receive the key from Eugene, and in order to receive it you need to provide him with your Unique ID. We need to clarify this on another topic though.
I confirm Polish translation ...

Do you get "English.lng" to GS12?
i saw that no one has yet started with the german translation. I can do it.
I can do the Danish translation. If needed :)

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