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Revenge of the Bloods!

Started on 14 April 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 14 September 2011 by l3nnart
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I wasn't sure what to expect from this game as United is the only team this year to hand us a deserved loss. My fears grew even more when Prete showed up with a clear grudge as extra motivation. He scored with his first touch of the game and was clearly there to steal the trophy from under my nose! Arikan however had a diffrent outcome in mind and put us up front in the beginning of the second half. Prete had no intention of letting the youngster who stole his spot in my squad steal the spotligt tonight as well and equalized just miuntes later. The game was up for grabs and one man decided to bring home the trophy all by himself, his name? METE ARIKAN! He scored not once, but twice during the latter half of the game and thus showed me that I made the right choise beliving in him.

On the downside we lost our last left-FB. I haven't decided exactly how to replace him but I'll figure something out... atm I'm leaning towards playing Tran, who just returned from injury, even though he's lost on that side of the pitch. I figure he'll keep up with Marseille's (our opponents in the CL-final) wingers to prevent them gaining man-advantages as well as pinching in on the attacks to cause disorder at the back.
70 minutes... 70 minutes from the perfect season... then Beto saw red... there was only one team on the pitch before the card and only one after, problem was that the roles switched... Arikan scored a magnificant goal after 20 minutes and all was going according to plan. Then, out of the blue, a red card popped up and Beto left the field without protest... It became impossible to handle their skilled midfield with their man-advantage. They equalized almost instantly and kept producing chanses. The guys played their hearts out and held the french at bey for almost 90 minutes before the pressure became to much and they ran away with it...

Well no time to sulk with the European Championship knocking at the door... but rest asure Beto will get a "f***ing good kickin'" as the delicate Vinnie Jones put it...
That's gotta sting.
# 6294 : That's gotta sting.

Yhea, I'm still not over it really...
The European Championship-adventure with Sweden turned out to be an utter disapointment, the only thing it provided was an eye-opener: Swedish football is crap! With no players at all good enough to take place on the biggest of stages and no depth what so ever in the country I declare it more or less impossible to reach success with my opponents being so much better... It only had one logical outcome:

If I saw potential it would be another thing all togather, but atm there just isn't anything to develop so until we have a new Zlatan giving hope I'm hoping to return to my mothers rutes - South America!
I must say the view is pretty amazing from up here!
I never thought this day would come as I hate Italian football and everything it stands for. But given the players now at my disposal I see an opportunity for revolution as well as making a mends with Prete. If the chanse to go to one of South America's leading national-teams would be presented I would definetly be tempted, but if not I'll be happy to lead this team to glory instead!

You have worked miracles at this small club well done dude, what more can you do.
As I said earlier (and more or less challanged Johannes3000 to do) I wan't a successful season with homegrown players in Lennartson Stadium... this could turn out to be a ghosthunt or at least take too much time as I'm planning on starting a new game when FM12 comes out, but I figure it'll keep me occupied for a while!
Sounds quite interesting and a good challenge. Good Luck
good stuff man i have been following for a while i just never posted lol.. actually you inspired me to try the same path but i just got promoted and now im gettting wiped all over the place :p
@Joe thanks man, think I'll need it!

@plankey allways nice to hear! Well don't give up, before you know it you've won a couple of games, gotten morale up and then you'll never know where it'll end
I'm sorry to say it but I've fallen out of love with the save and I'm moving on to a new one... hopefully I'll feel the urge to get back to the Butch just as last time, but for now, goodbye and thanks for the support guys!

Best farewell ever!
A bit sudden but congratulations on completing 18 seasons and achieving what you have with the Bloods, I've never stayed that long on one career. Your story has been a good a read.

I recommend trying out some different leagues, I really like the German league and theres no restrictions on buying non EU players. Maybe try taking over a club in a smaller league like Scotland, Belgium or even Sweden and transforming that countries league into one of the best in Europe.
Too bad mate that you lost your love to the save.

And I have to agree with Evo about German League, maybe I only played there once in lower divisions but its really good to play with.

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