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Torns IF - A new force in Swedish Football

Started on 30 October 2012 by tango602
Latest Reply on 4 March 2013 by Blue
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Sorry its been a few days, had a few big things going on in my life last few days.

Here is the update for June, July and the Swedish Cup 1st Round.

Results have been very mixed over this time with about an even amount of wins, draws and losses. We unfortunately went 5 games without a win at one point but we have recovered with two surprising victories against Landskrona and Kristianstad to find ourselves 5th in First Division Sodra.

I did hold a team meeting before the Landskrona game to encourage the team to keep going and get good results.

I have had to warn two of my players after they were sent off in an away game against Qviding which we lost 3-1.

The squad is plagued with injuries right now with several players out for at least three months, this is not helped by our pitch condition which is described as terrible. Nothing can be done about the pitch as the club does not have enough money.

We were drawn away to fifth tier IFK Klagshamn in the first round of the Svenska Cupen, I was anticipating an easy victory in this one primarily because last time we were away to them we won 7-1. Unfortunately things did not turn out this way and we luckily advanced thanks to a 120th minute goal from Martin Monikainen.

For the Second Round of the Svenska Cupen we have been drawn at home to Allsvenskan side Atvidabergs FF. Their supporters face a 904km round trip for this game.

Now some pictures

Post game vs Landskrona

Media Report on Overdue Win

Division Round-Up after Landskrona game

First Division South Overview on 10th August 2013

League Table as of 10th August 2013

Current Squad

Svenska Cupen 2nd Round Draw

Results so far
A mixed season so far, lets hope the results

get a bit of confidence into the team and then see if it boosts morale

good luck rest of the season
End of season update and review

Well the 2013 season is over and once again I can proudly announce I will be at Torns for at least another season after the board and new chairman renewed my contract. The club was subject to a takeover this season by a local businessman.

Our financial situation is OK once again thanks to the takeover, this situation is not expected to last though.

2013 was our 1st season in First Division Sodra and we surprised everyone by finishing 5th in the league, we still had a chance at 2nd on the last matchday but things did not go our way. We made several very good signings in 2013 and this helped the club a great deal. Once again we were the league's overachieving team but unfortunately had the worst signing of the division in Turkish DC Engin Sahindal.

We also reached the 2nd Round of the Svenska Cupen where we were eliminated by Allsvenskan side Atvidaberg FF 2-0 at home but this was expected.

A total of 14 people were released at the end of the season, they were a mixture of players and staff. I wish them good luck in their futures.

We now look to 2014 and our first fixture in the league away to Husqvarna.

Report om takeover completion

Report on my new contract

Final league table

End of Season Confidence Review

Season Summary
Good finish to the season, I can't wait to see where Torns end up!!
2012-12-02 02:02#70461 The FM Rookie : Good finish to the season, I can't wait to see where Torns end up!!

Thank you Rookie :) Glad you can't wait to see where the club ends up.
Keep it up Tango! :D
Well done Tango!! Congrats on the new contract!
Nice season, hope for ya you will win next season :)
2014 Pre-Season and April Update

Well after several months off, everyone has returned ready to push on in 2014 and try to gain promotion to the Superettan which just escaped us last season on the final matchday.

We have signed a few new players for this year to replace the players who's contracts I did not renew for this season, several staff members also had to be replace due to contract expiry.

I am not very fond of the odds we have been given of promotion this season, the odds are 100-1 when they were 50-1 last season. Hopefully we can defy these odds and be in the Superettan next season which will be the 50th year of the club's existence.

Pre-season went well for us with 4 wins and 2 losses out of the 6 games we played, the losses were against Mjallby of the Allsvenskan, that game finished 3-0 but it was an away game, The other loss was away to Danish side Bronshoj where we lost 3-1. The victories were against Ramlosa Sodra, Danish side Hvidovre, Rosengard and Eskilsminne.

April was the start of the league campaign and we had 3 games in this month which started with a trip away to Husqvarna, unfortunately we lost this match 2-0. Our second match in April was at home to Halmia who we had not played since we won the Second Division Sodra Gotaland back in 2012, We did struggle in this game but came out of it with a 1-0 victory.

The final game in April was a tough away game against last season's 3rd placed team Varnamo. I have a lot of respect for Varnamo after last season as they are always a good opponent. We were 2-0 down at half time in this one but my half time team talk inspired the team to come back and get a 2-2 draw which placed us 6th in the league.

Now some pictures.

Promotion odds from Sky Bet

Announcement of our signing of Halmstad Reserve GK Malcolm Nilsson

Pre-Season Results and Future Fixtures

Our squad at the start of the 2014 Season

After the Varnamo Game
Great comeback from 2-0 to 2-2. 50-1 last season, 100-1 this season :) you will break the odds!
Here is the update for May and June.

I would like to start this update by stating that I am no longer enjoying life in charge of Torns IF and at this stage I am unsure if I will accept a contract renewal for the 2015 season. I am growing increasingly frustrated by my team's inability to score when they should and by our league position which has been all over the lower half of the league for most of the season so far.

We had a mixture of results in May with 3 wins, a draw and 2 losses. Thr best win was a 3-0 victory over Lindome at home which was very pleasing at the time, however after this game we threw away a win against Sleipner to lose 3-2 which I was very unhappy with. We also drew 1-1 with Orgryte wbo have won the Allsvenskan 14 times in their history. May with a 1-0 loss at home to Landskrona which was very disappointing due to our control of possession in that match.

June brought 2 wins and 2 losses, Our victories were both at home, 3-2 against Karlslund which I was pleased with and a 1-0 victory against Qviding. Our losses were 3-0 away to Ljungskile and 2-0 away to Norrby.

There are no pictures this update but I leave you with an appropriate song instead.

song say it all. but don't worry, you will bounce back :P
Wrong club, right meaning:

Dear Mr. Grose,

I know times are hard. I know you feel pain and suffering and you just want to bury your head in the sand. It feels like your whole world is coming down on top of you, I know. The pressure of the fans, of the board and of yourself is overwhelming. You can't eat or sleep, you just sit there and wonder. You wonder if things would be different if you did this or if you did that. "Why is this happening?", you may ask yourself. It is difficult, after so much success. It feels like you've been cheated by everybody around you. It crushes you, like the walls are closing in on you and suddenly, there's no more room.

Do not fear, this happens to the best of us. Look at football history, it is the fighters who go on to win. I'm sure as a footballing fan you watched the Champions League final in 2005. Nobody expected it to finish the way it did. How did it happen? It happened because Liverpool fought for that win. They were knocked out by half-time, they had no chance. What did they do? They picked themselves up, brushed themselves off and they played. Not to give Milan a game but to fight for the fans. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you will blossom. Nobody likes a quiter, everybody likes a fighter.

But there's more:

I don't know what to say really. This is the biggest battle of your professional live. It all comes down to you. Either you play strong, as a team, or you will crumble, inch-by--inch, play-by-play, 'till you're finished. You're in hell right now Bill, believe me, and you can stay here and get the shit kicked out of you or you can fight your way back, in to the light. You can climb our way out of hell, one inch at a time.

The inches you need our everywhere around you! On your team, you fight for that inch! You will tear down the walls around you for that inch! You will claw with your teeth and nails for that inch! And when you add up all those inches, that will make the fucking difference between winning and losing! Between living and dieing! In any fight, its the guy that's willing to die who's going to win that inch. Its because your team is still willing to fight and die, for that inch. Because, that's what living is! Its six inches, in front of your face!

Now I can't make you do it, you gotta look in the mirror at yourself, look in to your eyes. Now I think you will see a guy who will go that inch, you're gonna see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team because you know that when it comes down to it, the players are gonna do the same for you. That's a team, Bill, and either you heal now, as a team, or you will die.

Yours sincerely,
Ronnie Whelan
Thank you Mr.Whelan

After a good think about it I have decided that I will claw tooth and nail for everything I can get for my club. It will not be easy and I may be not be too happy about it at times but its the least my staff, players and the fans deserve. Thank you for reminding me of this.

Bill Grose
Its time for the July and August update. July originally had a lack of fixtures, this was caused by the 2014 World Cup which was eventually won by Ukraine who defeated Colombia 1-0 in the final. I watch several matches at that World Cup and the most surprising result I saw was Zambia beating Argentina 2-0 to advance to the knockout stages.

July was a chance to bring in some money for the club, to do this we play 2 friendlies away to Allsvenskan sides. The first of these friendlies was away to Malmo at the Swedbank Stadion, I never expected us to win this fixture, the squad played to the best of their abilities but eventually lost 3-0. This match brought in 50K for the club.

Our other friendly in July was away to Mjallby for the 2nd time this season which brought in another 10K for the club, unlike the 1st friendly with them where we lost 3-0 in pre-season, we only lost 1-0 which was quite pleasing considering the gap in level between the two clubs. Originally we had no scheduled league game for that month but due to the Svenska Cupen 1st Round we had to play our home games with Husqvarna and Limhamn Bunkeflo in the last 2 weeks of the month.

We defeated Husqvarna 2-0 which I was very pleased with but we then lost 1-0 to Limhamn Bunkeflo which was disappointing as they only won it in the last 10 minutes of the match.

Our first match of August was a Svenska Cupen First Round match away to nearby side Lunds BK who had been relegsted from First Division Sodra last season, I was confident of winning this game and once again advancing to the Second Round but unfortunately this was not to be as Lunds BK won the match 1-0 in Extra Time. I was absolutely fuming at this result and made sure the team knew it.

The Lunds result was followed by a 0-0 draw away to Halmia and a 1-0 loss at home to Varnamo, these results did nothing to make my demeanor any more cheerful and once again the team was made aware of this fact.

Our last game in August was at home to 14 time Allsvenskan winners Orgryte who had surprisingly been struggling this season. Nevertheless I expected a tough match. To my slight surprise we won this fixture 2-1 which made me very happy as it also gave us a long overdue win to move us up to 7th.

Now some pictures and the goals from the Orgryte game.

After the Press Conference following the Lunds game

Report on my anger at the Halmia Draw

Odds for the Orgryte game

Post-game vs Orgryte

Media Report on the Overdue Win

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