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Boreham Wood - Going All The Way!

Started on 29 November 2012 by or.dabool
Latest Reply on 22 June 2013 by Kane
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Congratulations Or!
Big congrats on reaching the Premiership and of course the 10,000 views! Big well done!
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited

Looking back to go forward

I'm gonna write this section of the update from the perspective of... me. When I first started this story it was because I had this dream of taking a really really low team and making them, by myself, one of the biggest names in world football. I named the story "Going all the way!" although I never really thought this will happen. Yet, it did. We have done the impossible and gone all the way from the Blue Square Bet South to the best league in the world, the Barclays Premier League. Boreham Wood's trophy cabinet was almost empty when I joined to Wood, but just take a look at it now:

I am proud every single time I see it. I took a club worth £100K, and turned it to a dominant English force that's valued in no less than £48.5M! We took players that were considered as useless and showed everyone what they can truly achieve. The real work was done. I managed to complete the main point of this story before my military chapter begins. You kept me going guys. There were several of time I just wanted to rage out but you guys helped me. Thank you all.

OK. Premier League. Big task. We need to get some new players, and we got only £10M from the board. I decided to turn this into wages and do what I do best - sign free players. So here they are:

Anthony Lippini

Bobby Shotton

Edouard Butin

Mamadou Samassa

Ricardo Caldas

Ruben Amorim

Thomas Mangani

Alexandre Pato

Riccardo Montolivo

I am very pleased I managed to sign Pato and Montolivo. I really like those players and hope they will be able to make the difference for us.
Here are the friendlies done by the assistant:

The result wasn't so great but I really don't care. We are about to have a tough season, with the goal of probably to avoid relegation and have a decent cup run.

As always, read, enjoy, comment and SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT~

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Next update: Playing with the big guys
A good mix of experience and youth brought in there, like the look of shotton!
An exciting season ahead for you Or. Good luck with it - I think Pato and Montolivo will be a big help for you this season.
Pato? Montolivo?

Boreham Wood is winning the league!
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited

Playing with the big guys

Guys, this is going to be hard. Manchester City away to start the league. But I am sure.. NO! I KNOW that we can do it! Go out the and impress me!

Jim Proudfoot: Hello to you all and welcome to the first Premier League match of the season! I'm Jim Proudfoot and alongside me is Stewart Robson.

Stewart Robson: What a way to start a season. Manchester City, will host a game against Boreham Wood. A team that managed to go all the way to the Premier League. Here are the lineups:

Jim Proudfoot: It will be very hard for the Woodies but never underestimate them. They have proven to be full of motivation.

Stewart Robson: And, kick-off time! The moment that Joshua Morris and Boreham Wood was waiting for has arrived.

36' JP: Manchester City are arranging another attack. It's like a barrage over Wood. Balotelli! 1-0 City!! SR: Finally City managed to take the lead. They should have been 3-0 ahead now.

59' JP: Manchester City again. Silva dribbles and shots! 2-0 City!! SR: It's over. No way Wood are coming back from it now.

Jim Proudfoot: It's all over now. City with 70% of possession absolutely dictated the match and won 2-0.

Stewart Robson: I see Joshua crying Jim. His dream was to play in the Premier League with Wood, and on the first match he suffered an awful defeat.

As always, read, enjoy, comment and SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT~

Last update: Looking back to go forward
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Decent signing,but with your management they will turn out to be good .Good luck in the premiership Or.
Nice, you got to the Premiership!!! Is there a "wonderkid" regen ?? Good out for problems with your defense..
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited

Carry On My Wayward Son!

We have suffered a tough defeat after our first ever Premier League game, but we are confident on recovering and carrying on.

Barclays Premier League:

Boreham Wood 0 - 2 Newcastle United

Sunderland 0 - 0 Boreham Wood

Boreham Wood 0 - 1 Chelsea

Boreham Wood 2 - 1 West Brom
Oscar Sanchez Moreno
Anthony Lippini

Fulham 0 - 1 Boreham Wood
Alessandro Cesarini

Wolves 0 - 1 Boreham Wood
Josh McEchran

Boreham Wood 0 - 2 Arsenal

Carling Cup 2nd Round:

Leyton Orient 1 - 2 Boreham Wood
Alessandro Cesarini
Omri Altman

Carling Cup 3rd Round:

Colchester 2 - 3 Boreham Wood
Pato x2

Carling Cup 4th Round:

Boreham Wood 1 - 0 Leicester
Alexander N'Doumbou

I think the word to describe all of this is.. HARD. The Premier League is a tough competition and our strikers are failing time after time. We are barely scoring and barely winning, but we did managed to get a grip on ourself. I hope that we will get better and come back from this so called "Crisis". League table so far:

As always, read, enjoy, comment and SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT~

Last update: Playing with the big guys
Next update: Montolivo: "We are getting better"
Nice going so far, keep it up :) Huddersfield and Derby in the PL though :O
Could have sworn you played and beat Liverpool 3-2?

A pretty good set of results anyway!
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited

Montolivo: "We are getting better"

Boreham Wood's captain, Riccardo Montolivo, has agreed to talk to the media today.
"We are on the right track", started the Italian 32 years old midfielder.

"We have started bad but we started to turn things around and got some nice results at the end. We are currently on development and you can't expect us to play at the levels of City and United, but yet we believe in ourself and we will do everything for the team."

"I was honored to get the captain title, and I am eager to prove that I can lead the team to glory. We just need to believe in ourself a bit more and things will go our way."

As always, read, enjoy, comment and SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT~

Last update: Carry On My Wayward Son!
Next update: November-December: The Comeback.
Love this story- epic
You doing well so far. Good wins in the EPL and a epic storie from the beginning. Good Luck ;)

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