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Lothar Matthaus - Forza Milan

My AC Milan Story :)
Started on 24 December 2012 by Blue
Latest Reply on 20 June 2013 by JamieBhoy93
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2013-04-02 11:59#89227 wellsy1498 : Just read the story in full and wow just wow this is brilliant. Hope Niang reaches his full potential and Will Hughes will be a cracking playerd.
Thanks for reading :) you're dedicated!
You're now the most viewed story on the site, just took over Boreham Wood!
I thought you signed Liverpools Suarez, I was disappointed ;(
Congrats on becoming the most viewed story on the site Blue. An honour you rightly deserve. I hope this story keeps going and going!

Matthaus: "We Can Be The Best"

Lothar Matthaus has put pressure on his AC Milan players to succeed by claiming that together they can be the best in the world. Milan have bought several players to the San Siro since Matthaus joined in February, and are now bidding to go far in the Champions League after Matthaus got the club back into the elite competition.

Building for the future has always been one of Matthaus' priorities, especially at Milan. He has spent nearly £30 million on young players since his arrival in Italy, from across the planet. He's brought young players from Brazil and Argentina, from Norway and Denmark, and even from Iran. Many people haven't even heard of the players he's brought to the Rossoneri, but staff think very highly of the youngsters. In fact, many were signed almost immediately, before the transfer window even opened.

As well as unknown youngsters, Matthaus has also bought young players who are well-known to the football world. He's signed young stars such as Will Hughes, and undoubtedly the biggest signing of his career, Antoine Griezmann, a young, but well-respected French winger from Real Sociedad. Many are expecting that to turn out as a legendary signing for the Rossoneri.

Matthaus was speaking in a press conference before he takes his Chile side to face Spain, when one of the journalists asked him where he thought his new army of young players could take him. He answered "there's not really much to say about it. I've bought them because I believe they're some of the best young players on the planet right now. They'll develop into great players, and that's why I'm delighted they're here. If the best ones develop to their full potential, we can become the best side that the world has ever seen, and I'll be here to see it."

The German has said previously that his ultimate goal for Milan is to win the UEFA Champions League, the competition he has got them back into. They are already showing signs that this is just over the horizon, with Matthaus winning two European trophies already in his Milan career. He won the Europa League for the second year running last year, and also beat Arsenal in the UEFA Super Cup just a few days ago. They face Marseille, Olympiakos, and Hannover in their first season back in the Champions League, with the majority of pundits expecting them to qualify easily from this group.
2013-04-02 14:03#89261 Toon : You're now the most viewed story on the site, just took over Boreham Wood!
Congrats on becoming the most viewed story on the site Blue. An honour you rightly deserve. I hope this story keeps going and going!

I knew I was getting close, but I never thought I'd beat such an amazing story. Thanks for reading you guys :)

I thought you signed Liverpools Suarez, I was disappointed ;(
I'd much rather have him! haha :P
Brill series man
I agree your youngsters could take you to world glory! And as for the overall story it's quality mate :)
Just read the whole story. Absolutely loved it! Great story. i wish you had stayed at Sporting for another season or 2 though
2013-04-02 15:59#89316 redwolf0008 : Brill series man
Thanks Redwolf :) could say the same about your Reading one!

I agree your youngsters could take you to world glory! And as for the overall story it's quality mate :)

Thanks Beany :) means a lot!

Just read the whole story. Absolutely loved it! Great story. i wish you had stayed at Sporting for another season or 2 though
Glad you liked it! There's been times in hindsight where I wish I'd stayed, but I've got now regrets with the squad I've got now.

Spain v Chile - Friendly - 5.9.2014

This is the Riazor in Coruna, and we're here to watch what could be a very interesting game. Spain, who have slipped to fifth in the world rankings, against Chile, who have been rejuvenated against new manager Lothar Matthaus. They won 2-0 at England's Wembley Stadium in their first game under him last month.

This will certainly be a huge test for Lothar Matthaus' team, and the manager himself. He's enjoyed a very good couple of seasons, and is without a loss since he joined Sporting Lisbon. So how will he cope here in Spain? Surely he won't be able to extend his unbeaten run?

Here are the lineups for both teams:

Spain (4-1-2-2-1): Casillas, Ramos, Pique, Dominguez, Alba, Busquets, Martinez, Iniesta, Navas, Fabregas, Llorente

Chile (4-2-3-1): Bravo, Isla, Andia, Labrin, Vidal, Diaz, Carmona, Sanchez, Orellana, Fernandes, Rubio

Strong lineups here for both teams, and it should lead to a good match. It is interesting that Vidal keeps his place at left-back.

Commentary from Martin Tyler

1 min: Chile get the match underway here in Spain, and it should be an interesting encounter this.

41 min: Bravo rolls it out to Isla 25 yards from goal. He plays it inside and square to Andia. He tries to clear it upfield... oh, it's been charged down by Iniesta! He's in! SCORES! Spain take the lead just before half time, and it's Andres Iniesta! A defensive error from Spain there, and Matthaus will be very frustrated with Andia! Spain 1 Chile 0.

HT: The ref blows for half-time here in Coruna, and it's been far from comfortable so far for Spain, but they're in the lead against a resilient Chile side. Will we see anything change after the break?

74 min: Alba plays the ball across from deep. It's headed away by Vidal at the back post, but only as far as Iniesta 35 yards out. He rolls a through ball into the path of Pedro in the box. PEDRO!!! He curls one past Bravo, and doubles Spain's lead! That must surely seal the win, and break Matthaus' unbeaten record! Spain 2 Chile 0.

88 min: Muniain has the ball 25 yards out. He spots Alba making a run into the box, and plays the ball to him. ALBA! Saved by Bravo, but it goes back to Alba... GOAL! Alba manages to squeeze the shot past Bravo, to make it a comfortable victory for Spain! Matthaus' unbeaten record is over, but he can't really complain. Spain 3 Chile 0.

FT: The referee blows the whistle on this one, and it's finished 3-0 to Spain. It looked comfortable in the end for Spain, however Chile certainly gave them a scare at times. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back in their next game against Australia.

Manager's Press Interview

Obviously losing my first game as a manager isn't a great feeling, but I'm glad it came against Spain, one of the best sides ever, instead of someone bad. The score doesn't really reflect how we played, as we managed to come close a few times, and didn't really let them have a shot too much. I'm not disappointed though, and I'm confident we can bounce back well with a win against Australia in a few days.
Your first lose couldn't have come against a bigger team. Well onwards and upwards!
2013-04-02 19:35#89386 WeAreFev : Your first lose couldn't have come against a bigger team. Well onwards and upwards!
It had to happen eventually, unfortunately :/

Australia v Chile - Friendly - 9.9.2014

We're here in Australia for one of the less attractive encounters of the day's games. Australia versus Chile. Even though it might not seem like one of the best games today, you never know in football, and this could be a very interesting game.

One interesting thing today will be watching how Matthaus recovers from the first loss of his career against Spain a few days ago. He'd gone two seasons unbeaten before then, but his Chile side slumped to a 3-0 defeat to give Guardiola's side the win. The Chileans face a much easier task today against Australia, however it could turn out to be a difficult encounter if they're not careful.

The lineups for both teams are in:

Australia (4-1-3-1-1): Langerak, Wilkshere, DeVere, Lowry, Carney, Paartalu, Williams, Holland, McKay, Vidosic, McDonald

Chile (4-2-3-1): C Bravo, Isla, Andia, Martinez, M Bravo, Diaz, Carmona, Sanchez, Orellana, Fernandes, Rubio

Strong sides for both Australia and Chile here, although the absence of the injured Arturo Vidal could hit Chile hard here if they're not careful. The injury to Vidal however gives a debut to the 21-year-old Manuel Bravo, and it'll be interesting to see how he copes here.

Commentary by Martin Tyler

1 min: Chile start us off in this game as they look to recover from their defeat in Spain four days ago.

36 min: Paatalu lobs a throw into the box, and it's headed back to him by Vidosic at the front post. Paartalu has it level with the box now, and he plays it low across the box. It's controlled by Williams wide of the six yard box, and he lays it across for MCDONALD!!! Australia take the lead thanks to a close range shot from McDonald! The misery for Chile continues as they concede their fourth in two games! Australia 1 Chile 0.

HT: The ref blows the whistle, and Australia are in the lead at half time here. How will Matthaus change things to try and make his Chile side turn this around?

60 min: Sanchez has the ball out wide for Chile. He floats it over, but it goes over everyone, and Wilkshere is there to clear it away, but only back out wide to Isla. He plays it further down the wing to Sanchez, who stops it before the by-line. He plays it low along the box for RUBIO!!! He pokes it home at the front post, and Chile are level! Australia 1 Chile 1! Where do we go from here?

83 min: Orellana has the corner on the left for Chile, and there's a lot of support in the box. He floats it over towards the penalty spot for MARTINEZ!!! Chile take the lead with seven minutes to go! Martinez scoring his first goal for his country there, and what a big goal it could be in the long run for Chile!

FT: The referee blows his whistle, and Chile get their second win under Matthaus! It was a lot trickier than it should have been, but the German manager will just be glad to have come away with the victory. Australia 1 Chile 2.

Manager's Press Interview

That match was much more difficult than it needed to be, and I think that's partly due to the tactics we played in the second half, I think they were a bit too defensive, and I made it more attacking at the break. Thankfully we came back and won it in the second half with that late goal. We need resilient performances like that more, not giving up cheap and sloppy goals like we have done in the match and in the last one, against Spain. It's early days though, and I'm confident performances will improve ahead of the Copa America next year.
Great comeback against Australia! :D

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