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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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Wow, some more really great results, keep it up Randy :)
Great results, screw Moyes, get Bierstekers in! And congratulations on over 6000 views, you deserved it :D

Santos VS Manchester United – Fifa Club World Cup Final

This match grants Manchester United to win their 3rd price of this current season, in order to win the price they have to defeat the Brazilian team Santos who have been playing very well. Santos and United already met each other in previous editions of this tournament and every time it was a guaranteed spectacle to watch.

Line up

The starting 11 for today are:
Santos starting 11: Wilson – Nahuel Galeano – Jomar – John – Nicolas Calustro – Marcos Antonio – Martin Paris – Luis Fernando – Joab – Pitbull – Vieira – Subs: Laurentino Manoel – Waldo Rivera – Osvaldo – Eder Alexandre – Wagner Roberto – Santiago Sosa - Saulo

Manchester United Starting 11: Ivan Palomeque – Marilia – Davide Agosto – Carlos Henrique – Haydn Rothwell – Jeronimo – Santos – Edgardo Ceballos – Morumbi – Jurgen Deumelandt – Oscarzinho – Subs: Daniel Russo – Ariel Leon – Aitor Soria – Alejandro Ceballos – Diego Ayovi – Fernando Campos – Nick van Hoeven

Match Review

Review by Randy Bierstekers:

1min: We had the kickoff to start the 2028 club world cup.

29 min: Wilson gave a long ball forward which ended up at Vieira who headed it back to Joab. Joab gave a cross back to Vieira who managed to get rid of Marilia, Vieira instantly passed it to pitbull who managed to get infront of Henrique and Rothwell to score the 1-0

35 min: Galeano throws the ball towards United cause the ball went out of play for the injured Deumelandt, while Rothwell goes for the ball Pitbull decides to chase himso he can try to conquer the ball. In which he succeeds he then passes it towards Joab, who passes it to Fernando, Fernando passes it to Calustro on the left wing. Who runs forward but decides to pass it back to Paris who passes it back to John. John passes it back to Calustro who gives a lob towards Vieira, Vieira gets enough room to give another cross towards Pitbull but he heads it over.

45 min: Santos started the 2nd half.

51 min: Santos intercepts the ball and plays it to Jeronimo, who finds E. Ceballos who passes it straight back to Jeronimo who gives it to Santos who is running towards the penalty area, Santos immediately fires the ball towards goal but hits the crossbar/post. Marilia manages to get to the ball first and crosses it towards the 2nd post but John manages to head it away in front of Oscarzinho.

53 min: We got a corner and Morumbi decides to play it wide towards Oscarzinho who runs towards the other side of the field before he crosses it back into the penalty area and manages to reach Agosto who heads it in.

59 min: Morumbi steps up to take the free kick just outside of the penalty area, but his shot hits the crossbar after which Osvaldo decides to head it clear. Morubi takes the corner but shoots it against the post and out of the field.

69 min: Morumbi takes another corner but it gets cleared by Marcos Antonio, Marilia picks up the ball and plays it forward towards Agosto who plays it wide to Henrique, who plays it forward to Santos. Santos plays it to Deumelandt who plays it back to the upcoming Santos, Santos gives it to Rothwell but gets it back immediately and gives it to Morumbi in front of him but Morumbi gets intercepted by Luis Fernando who gives it to Galeano who clears the ball forward. But before Pitbull can get to it Henrique shoots it back to Rothwell who is still upfront, Rothwell plays it to Deumelandt and Deumelandt plays it back to Santos, who gets tackled from behind by Fernando. RED CARD for Fernando.

90 min: The extra time starts and we get to start.

105 min: 2nd half of the extra time starts and Santos kicks off.

108 min: Jeronimo plays it to Rothwell on the wing who plays it back to Santos, Santos goes forward and plays it to Rothwell who is open on the Left wing, but he passes it straight back to Santos, Santos plays it to Jeronimo who instantly lobs it towards Rothwell, who gives a volley towards the 2nd post, where Deumelandt shows up and heads it in.

120 min: The final whistle is blown and Manchester United wins the Club World Cup

Congrats on the world club cup buddy! :)
@The Speical One: Thank you will try to do my best for the rest of the season to keep this run of form going.

@JL00: Haha wish I would get the chance to coach a team like United in real life I would scream so loud I won't be able to talk for the next month :D

@BeanyUnited: Thank you it was a close game but we were able to take the trophy home

@Justice: *BUMP* as if we are driving bumperkarts
Well done mate!

Winter Transfers





Hamdi Ben Sassi
Getting Ben Sassi to England to play for us was an annoying job work permits not getting granted and stuff like that, eventually when everything was worked out Ben Sassi didn’t manage to life up to the expectations and even though we had Snoussi to help him settle in he never really felt comfortable here. With his Transfer to Dortmund we hope he does manage to get settled in, in Germany and becomes a better football player.

Álvaro Soria
Soria is an amazing talent but the biggest problem for him is the deadly competition here at United. With Aitor Soria, Jerónimo, Hérnandez, Santos, Campos and Yusuf there just wasn’t a spot for him in the team. And after a good conversation with Álvaro we came to the conclusion it was better for him to go somewhere else, we wish him the best at Bayern but he will certainly be missed.

Marcos Roberto
Marcos Roberto was our vice-captain for a long period and while we didn’t really want him to leave the bid from Real Madrid and Roberto’s plea to leave the club for a new challenge forced me to accept it. Marcos was an exceptional player and even though he didn’t always get play time, the games he did play were always of a high level. We wish him the best in Madrid but if we have to face him in the CL we hope he doesn’t perform as he used to.

With Oscarzinho coming in and Allman and Velez being better then Ronald we decided it was time for him to leave the club. Ronald scored 32 goals in only 53 matches which is pretty decent. He will be joining Barcelona for the sum of 40M then to think we bought him back in 2021 for only 700k.

Bruno Scarriglia
After almost 100 games we will say goodbye to Bruno, compared to Santos and Campos he wasn’t always as good and his skills were also slightly less impressive. But even though he wasn’t always as good as them he was a great team player and always did his job as was expected, after the free transfer from our rivals City to us in 2022, Bruno will now be leaving us for Barcelona for almost 50M. We hope he will impress the fans in Spain the way he did here in England.

Markus Nagelsmann
Markus was one of the 6 talented defenders in our youth academy once they were able to go to the 1st team/reserve team, all of them were checked and given a chance to impress me in a friendly, Markus was the one who had shown the worst progress and neither did he play as good as the others, to bad no one was interested during the summer, but Schalke eventually made a bit just before the end of December.

Haydn Rothwell
We were lucky to still get 32.5M for Haydn as his intention was to leave with a free transfer at the end of the season, after failed negotiations for a new contract Haydn insisted on leaving us. Even though we still wanted him to stay, since he was one of our best players and actually the 1st choice for the left wing, with de Vries acting as a backup.

Press session

We are here at Bierstekers Stadium to have a quick chat with Randy about the transfers he has made.

So Randy you earned quite a bit of money with these transfers, any plans you have with the money?

No the team is good as it is so the money won’t be used for any future transfers if that’s what you wanted to know. And if it will be used for another part of the club who knows but for now it’s just an extra income to increase our budgets for the future.

You decided to let some of the key players of your squad leave Manchester was it intentional or?

Ronald, Ben Sassi, Soria and Nagelsmann were intended yes. They weren’t getting any play time neither were they really useful for the team. Marcos Roberto, Bruno Scarriglia and Haydn Rothwell didn’t have to leave and I certainly didn’t want Rothwell to leave but things happened between him and us and it resulted in his departure.

The fans weren’t so happy seeing Haydn leave towards London to join Arsenal, wasn’t there any other option or team to let him go to?

Well Juventus did have interest to get him as well but they didn’t want to offer more than 15M and while we did accept the bid the contract they offered probably wasn’t good enough since Rothwell decided to go for Arsenal instead. That the fans aren’t happy about it is full understandable, I mean seeing a great and talented player like him, playing at one of your biggest rivals is very painful.

Will these transfers have any impact on your title race or your chances of winning the CL, CoC or Fa cup?

Well we have to see who will play at the left back as a backup for de Vries who will now be our first choice, and for the DM/CM position we still have a few options so seeing Roberto and Scarriglia leaving won’t be the biggest issue for those positions but their play style might be missed.

Thank you Randy and until next time.
Interesting to see Manchester United sell players but not take any in, but if you don't need to buy, you don't buy.
@ebEliminator: I think that during the summer a new load of players will join till then i'm in need of no-one

Matches played in January

Liverpool 1 – 2 Manchester United

Manchester United 3 – 0 Swindon

Tottenham Hotspur 0 – 3 Manchester United

Manchester United 2 – 0 Liverpool

Manchester United 2 – 0 Watford

Wolves 0 – 3 Manchester United

Manchester United 5 – 1 Fulham

Monthly Review

On the 3rd of January we had to play against Liverpool for the Capital one Cup, it was the semifinal so the winner was going to be decided after 2 games. The 1st game was at Anfield so if we would win here, we would make a step into the good direction. It would turn out to be a very balanced and equal game with both sides creating 8 chances in total, with 50-50 possession and a pass completion of 78-80.
In the 34th minute it was Aitor Soria who scored the 0-1 for us, which was the only highlight of the 1st half. The 2nd half would be slightly more enjoyable, it was the 54th minute when Morumbi scored the 0-2 for us which gave us a more or less comfortable lead, which we managed to defend until Odinakachaku managed to score the 1-2 for Liverpool in the 86th minute. But we managed to beat Liverpool in their Stadium so all that is left in the next game is defending this lead.

Next up was Swindon for the Premier League, Swindon are doing pretty well this season with being in a fight for 12th place in the standings. It was Velez who opened the score for us in the 9th minute of the game with a beautiful header from a cross given by Ormaetxea. In the 34th minute it was Ariel Leon who extended our lead to 2-0. After a few more failed chances we went into half time with the 2-0 lead.
After the short rest, it was Ceballos who scored the 3-0 in the 60th minute of the game, the same Ceballos got injured 17 minutes later after an unlucky collision. The game finished with a 3-0 score for us and a 67% possession and a total of 15 chances.

Next opponent was Tottenham, the team from London came back into the Premier League this season after they managed to win the Championship last year. But while they managed to play very well in the Championship they are struggling to perform in the Premier League and are currently 18th. The 1st half however was a boring display, we tried to create some chances while Tottenham did everything they could to keep us away from their goal. it took us till the 36th minute when Russo finally opened the score, the 0-1 was also standing on the board when we hit Half Time.
In the 2nd half it was Left Back Jan de Vries who scored a great volley after only 2 minutes of play time, and while we kept trying to increase the amount of goals we constantly stranded due to the good defense of Tottenham. In the 90th minute however it was Vanderlei who tried a curved long shot that ended up in the goal after hitting the crossbar 0-3 after the goal the referee ended the match.

On the 17th it was the return for the Capital one Cup against Liverpool but this time at Bierstekers Stadium. While the game at Anfield was a pretty equal game this one was actually more dominated by us. Almost 70% possession 90% passes completed vs 68% and 12 vs 3 chances. Liverpool conceded a painful own goal in the 18th minute when Goalie Campagnolo, hit the ball with his back after it had hit the post first due to a cracking shot from Velez. The Same Velez that scored a penalty in the 37th minute after teammate Morumbi was brought down in the penalty area. The teams entered half time with a 4-1 standing after 2 games.
In the 2nd half we started to more or less control the game without trying to create more chances, with the 4-1 we were save to go into the final. And even though Liverpool tried to get the ball forward once they had it, they never came close enough to threaten our goal.

After securing our spot in the Capital final we now had to play against Watford to advance to the next round of the FA Cup. Watford turned out to be a somewhat easy obstacle compared to Liverpool, but you should never underestimate any opponent. We took the lead after only 16 minutes, when Ariel Leon scored a good goal from within the penalty area. The rest of the 1st half wasn’t very exciting we tried the best we could but failed to score another goal.
The 2nd half was only 10 minutes underway when Young striker Ngcobo scored the 2-0, after the 2-0 was made it was yet again the same story as the 1st half we did try everything we could to score yet another goal but didn’t succeed. FT 2-0.

On the 24th we had to play against the Wolves for the Premier League. It was a pretty easy game, but yet again we failed to score a big amount of goals. In the 19th minute it was Velez who yet again scored a goal for us, and while we tried to score more we got a major setback in the 45th minute when Velez yet again got injured.
Velez got replaced by Oscarzinho in the 2nd half and scored a great goal only 18 minutes later 0-2, in the closing stages of the game it was Jens Grimm who managed to put the 0-3 on the scoreboard. With yet again more than 65% possession and 90% passes completed our field play seems very good, but it doesn’t really show that on the scoreboard.

Last match of January was against Fulham. The 1st half would prove to be a superb one from our side, and it is a shame that the 2nd half was nothing compared to it. It was Morumbi who opened the score in the 4th minute 1-0. In the 28th minute it was Morumbi yet again to score the 2-0, the same Morumbi provided a great corner which gave Flynn the chance to score the 3-0 in the 34th minute of the match. And just before Half Time it was Deumelandt who scored the 4-0.
While we tried to continue the way we did, it was Fulham that scored the 1st goal in the 2nd half of the match, David Gruber fired a great shot and made the 4-1 in the 55th minute. In the 67th minute it was Deumelandt yet again who made the 5-1. Which was also the end result.
Your recent run of games is unbelievable, how many games have you won in a row?
@The Special One: a win streak of 15 and a total of 27 games unbeaten since the 1-3 loss against Partizan. And so far 25 games unbeaten in the PL since the loss against Liverpool in the season 2027/2028
This is mad futuristic haha. Cool layout and badges. Quality story!

Matches played in February

Liverpool 2 – 2 Manchester United

Málaga 1 – 2 Manchester United

Fulham 3 – 4 Manchester United

Manchester United 2 – 0 West Ham

Manchester United 4 – 2 Chelsea

Manchester United 6 – 1 West Brom

Aston Villa 0 – 2 Manchester United

Manchester United 4 – 0 Málaga

Monthly Review

Our first match of February was against Liverpool, this may have been one of our worst games so far this season only the 3-1 loss against Partizan was even more humiliating. The first half was quite a boring one a few chances for both sides but no goals and hardly any decent chances.
All would chance in the 2nd half however, it was Odinakachaku who scored the 1-0 for Liverpool in the 53rd minute of the match. 6 minutes later it was Fernando Campos who got his 2nd yellow of the match and was send off with a red card, which left us with 10 men on the pitch. Playing with 10 man we managed to score the 1-1 however in the 77th minute. 2 minutes later it was Marilia who scored a nice header to bring us ahead of Liverpool 1-2. Unlucky for us Liverpool managed to make the 2-2 in the 87th minute after a great solo action from Clydie Dummette.

Next up was Málaga for the 1st knockout round of the Champions League, we would play at the La Rosaleda 1st so a victory here or at least a goal or two would bring us in a good position for the return at the end of the month. The match would turn out to be one which we controlled very well but it took us quite a while to secure the victory.
While we were yet again in control of the match we were quite unlucky in the beginning of the match hitting the post 2 times in the 1st 15 minutes and a few shots that went just wide. Due to this it was Málaga who managed to get the lead in the 36th minute of the match when Gil placed his shot in the upper corner. The 1-0 was also the half time score. In the 2nd half we were performing better than the 1st half and that resulted in the 1-1 in the 58th minute after a great display from Deumelandt. But we knew there was more to get than a draw, and eventually it was Allman who scored the 1-2 in the 80th minute.

Fulham was next and this time it was for the FA Cup, it would end up as a tougher game than the one a few weeks ago for the Premier League. Fulham came to a total of 18 chances and had 47% possession while we only managed to get 14 chances with 53% possession.
Fulham grabbed the lead after only 13 minutes, when Tomazic scored a good goal. They only lead the game for 9 minutes, when Allman scored the 1-1 for us. 4 minutes later it was Castillo to score the 1-2 for us which brought us the lead for now. Fulham however made a quick comeback thanks to Tomazic who scored the 2-2 in the 35th minute. They couldn’t enjoy it to long though because Allman made the 2-3 in the 40th minute. After half time it was Croce that managed to score the 3-3. Both teams tried their best to get back to the lead but failed to finish their chances, until Allman managed to squeeze in the 3-4 in the 80th minute of the match.

The match against West Ham would once again proof our lack of goal scoring power, with a total of 25 chances and 67% possession the match only ended in a 2-0 by two very late goals. The 1st half was very boring we managed to squeeze through the West Ham defense from time to time but than either placed the ball wide or the keeper managed to save it.
The 2nd half wasn’t that much of a difference either, we tried everything we could but failed our chances, chance after chance. It was Velez who managed to score the 1-0 in the 86th minute which finally gave us the lead. In the extra time it was yet again Velez who scored the 2-0, which gave us yet another win.

The match against Chelsea will be reviewed later on.

Next match was West Brom, and it was finally a game were we really showed how good we can be if everything works out as it should. With only 14 chances but 71% possession we eventually managed to win the match with 6-1. The 1st match only had one real highlight and that was the goal from Velez in the 15th minute of the match.
The 2nd half would eventually turn out to be a real spectacle, after 10 minutes since the start we were awarded a penalty, and who else but Velez was going to take it 2-0!! Only 1 minute after the 2-0 it was Jens Grimm to score the 3-0, right after West Brom kicked off Velez intercepted the ball and gave it to Leon who scored the 4-0!!! 10 minutes later it was Velez to score a hattrick 5-0!!! After the 5-0 West Brom managed to do something back and scored the 5-1 only 1 minute after we made the 5-0. Just before the end of the match it was Velez who yet again managed to score a goal to make it a 6-1 win.

On the 24th of February it was Aston Villa who we had to try and defeat, somehow this would prove to be a harder task than expected beforehand. Aston Villa managed to create a lot of chances and where even better at passing and possession in this game. We started the game however with two fast goals within 10 minutes of play time. 1st it was Ceballos to score the 0-1 in the 7th minute and only 2 minutes later it was Yusuf who scored the 0-2. From this moment on it was Aston Villa who took the initiative, but at half time the score was still 0-2.
Even in the 2nd half it was Villa who tried everything they could to get a goal, but it didn’t matter what they tried. Because either their shots were saved or far wide, and all we had to do was defend the situation as it was.

Last match of February was against Málaga for the 2nd match of the Champions League knockout round. For some reason it was is if Málaga had already given up any hope they might have had to go through, at the end of the match we had 15 chances they had 0, we had 72% possession and 85% passes completed and Málaga only 60.
Our first goal came from Grimm in the 31st minute of the game. Allman was their after a great through ball from Grimm to score the 2-0 in the 44th minute of the match. After the rest period it was Marilia who scored the 3-0 in the 48th minute. The same Marilia scored yet another goal in the 64th minute from another great placed corner by Morumbi. After the 4-0 we took it easy and played out the game without trying anything.

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