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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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Manchester United VS Chelsea – Capital One Cup Final

Manchester United can grab their 4th prize of the season, while Chelsea can win their first. It’s a match between two big rivals in the English competition. Will Randy Bierstekers be able to bring yet another trophy home with his fabulous team, or is it Chelsea that can bring down the Titan from Manchester.

Line up

The starting 11 for today are:

Manchester United Starting 11: Ivan Palomeque – Ramón Ormaetxea – Steve Flynn – Carlos Henrique – Jan de Vries – Aitor Soria – Santos – Alejandro Castillo – Morumbi – Daniel Russo – Joseba Vélez – Subs: Rayan El Amrani – Ariel Leon – Sean Rogers – Alexandre Vanderlei – Jens Grimm – Evgeny Fomin – Oscarzinho

Chelsea starting 11: Michal Mucha – Dmitry Uzhakhov – Jeroen Jansen – Essey Mehari – Nicola Saracino – Neil Lampkin – Mikael Messala – Hussein Amer – Ricardo – Júnior – John Pope – Subs: Wayne Rogers – Vuyisile Qalanto – Nicklas Henze – Max Guillaume – Ramón Corpa – Cameron Lynch – Joe Brooks

Match Review

Review by Randy Bierstekers:

1 min: We started the game, Vélez played the ball to Flynn who passed it to Ormaetxea on the wing who then passed it to Morumbi who was open in the middle. Morumbi passed it back to Santos who gave it to Soria, who tried to lob it to Vélez but the ball was intercepted just before the penalty area by Amer.

36 min: Ormaetxea with a Long throw into the penalty area, but Ricardo manages to head it clear. Pope is the 1st player to reach the ball and walks back towards his own penalty area, at the moment he decides to pass it back towards the keeper, almost everyone else of Chelsea is already going forward leaving Morumbi and Vélez open in front of goal. Mucha still tries to intercept but is too late and Vélez places the ball into the goal 1-0!!!!

45 min: Chelsea start the 2nd half, Pope plays it back towards Mehari, who plays it wide to Uzhakhov, Uzhakhov gives a through ball to Brooks who is already running forward, Brooks tries to cut inside but gets intercepted by de Vries. Morumbi is too late to get to the ball so Amer can start a new build up for Chelsea, playing it to Messala, Messala sees that Pope is free and plays the ball forward, but Pope decides to play the ball over the line to give the Physio’s the chance to help Brooks.

55 min: Uzhakhov throws the ball towards Júnior who plays it back to Uzhakhov again, Uzhakhov with a great cross towards the 2nd post but Ricardo loses the header duel against Ormaetxea, but unfortunately the ball lands in front of Messala and before Soria can try to get the ball Messala fires the ball into the right corner of the goal. 1-1!!

63 min: Qalanto takes the corner for Chelsea, Jansen heads it towards goal but Palomeque saves it. Qalanto gets another try, this time it’s Santos that heads it out of danger. Amer gets the ball and passes it towards Qalanto on the wing, Qalanto with another cross forward and this time it’s Carlos Henrique who intercepts and plays it to Morumbi. Who plays it over the side line.

67 min: Saracino with a free kick for Chelsea, he shoots it towards the 2nd post, Mehari gets rid of Flynn reaches to the ball with his head, and 1-2 for Chelsea!!!

71 min: Henrique plays the ball to de Vries, de Vries plays it back to the middle towards Morumbi, who gives a pass with his back heel towards Santos, Santos to Soria and back to Santos again, Santos with a lob to the right wing were Ormaetxea is going forward. Ormaetxea back to Henrique, who sees de Vries open on the left wing. De Vries almost at the corner flag plays it back to Santos who is near the Penalty area. Santos to Morumbi, Morumbi gets closed down so instantly plays it back to Santos, Santos to de Vries, de Vries with a cross, but Mehari heads it away in front of Vélez. The ball goes towards Morumbi who heads it forward, tipped over by Mucha. Morumbi with the corner, cleared away by Henze.

81 min: Ormaetxea with a long throw into the penalty area, Brooks heads it clear. De Vries gets the ball and tries a lob towards Morumbi, Uzhakhoz gets his feet against the ball but the ball deflects towards Russo, Brooks with a correct tackle on the ball. Santos to Soria and back to Santos, Santos with a cross to the right side were Ormaetxea is, Saracino intercepts but Soria picks up the ball and sprints a bit forward, crosses it towards Santos, Santos to Morumbi, Morumbi to de Vries on the left wing. De Vries with a cross Vélez heads it GOAL 2-2!!!

90 min: kick off for us to start the extra time.

94 min: Morumbi with a corner, Mehari heads it clear, Morumbi picks up the ball crosses it towards the 2nd post Flynn with a header, Mucha saves. Morumbi with a shot, Saracino heads it clear.

96 min: de Vries with a throw in to Morumbi, Morumbi to de Vries and de Vries to Henrique. Henrique to Santos, Santos with a through ball to Morumbi, Morumbi lays it back to Castillo, who plays it wide towards de Vries. De Vries to Santos but Santos gets knocked down. Freekick is going to be taken by Morumbi, Morumbi plays it forward, Vélez heads it to the ground into the feet of Russo 3-2!!!

105 min: Chelsea with the kick off.

118 min: Uzhakhov with a throw towards Brooks, Brooks to Messala, but Morumbi intercepts, Santos picks up the ball, gives the ball to Soria who plays it forward towards Castillo, Castillo plays out 3 defenders tries a shot into the left corner GOAL!!! 4-2

120 min: The referee blows the final wistle. Manchester United win the Capital one Cup


Matches played in March

Chelsea 2 – 4 Manchester United

Stoke 0 – 2 Manchester United

Manchester United 3 – 0 Millwall

Swansea 3 – 4 Manchester United

Manchester City 2 – 2 Manchester United

Manchester United 2 – 0 Southampton

Monthly Review

On the 3rd of March we had to play against Chelsea again, this time it was for the Fa Cup. It was a very equal game which could have gone either way, possession chances and shots on target were all equaled out, but we had just that bit of extra luck on our side.
With Vélez injured Neville Allman was part of the starting 11, the same Allman scored the 0-1 in the 25th minute, 11 minutes later he was there to score the 0-2. And just before Half time it was Allman again to score the 0-3. The 2nd half was going to be for Chelsea it was Júnior who scored the 1-3 and 2-3 in the 63rd and 65th minute of the match, we still had the lead but one more goal from Chelsea and the game would become even more troublesome, luckily enough they failed to finish their chances and this gave Leon eventually the chance to score the 2-4 in the 87th minute.

Next up was Stoke, at the Brittannia Stadium. Stoke was very unlucky this match, they never even created a chance while we had a total of 21. And again loads of possession and pass completed.
Vélez was back from his injury, and scored the 0-2 in the 14th minute of the match. This was actually the only highlight until the 2nd minute of the extra time in the 2nd half when Vélez managed to put in the 0-2

On the 14th of March Millwall came to visit us at Bierstekers Stadium, it was yet another good game from our side, we came to 19 chances versus 2 for Millwall and had 65% possession and again 90% passes completed.
We got off to a great start, Vélez put us on 1-0 after only 7 minutes, and 5minutes later Castillo already placed us on 2-0. So if we manage to continue this it could be a very interesting match, but the rest of our chances in the 1st half all failed, so at half time it was still 2-0. In the 2nd half we continued the way we did and were yet again creating quite a lot of chances, this brought us to a 3-0 due to Deumelandt in the 65th minute. After the 3-0 we were close in the 86th minute to score the 4-0 but the goal was disallowed.

24th of March would turn out to be a spectacular match day for both us and Swansea both sides had equal chances shared the possession and were both passing very good. The start of the match was great for us, Vélez scored the 0-1 in the 4th minute of the match. After a few chances for both sides it was Vélez to score the 0-2 in the 24th minute of the match, and just before we would go into half time it was Vélez to score the 0-3!!! so we went into the half time thinking it was a done game, how wrong we were thinking like that, would be made clear in the next 45 minutes.
So after the rest both teams had a few more chances that led to nothing, until Pearson scored the 1-3 in the 67th minute, but that wasn’t so bad we still had a 2 goal lead. It was Swansea however that kept on pushing and eventually scored the 2-3 in the 81st minute. This pushed my players to go for the 2-4 which was scored in the 84th minute by Deumelandt, which would be a very important goal, because Swansea scored the 3-4 in the 87th minute.

Manchester City versus Manchester United is one of the biggest matches in England but this time it was for the Champions League knock out round, so it was even more important for both teams to grab that win to get the best position for the 2nd match. City played very well and it was hard for us to keep up with them.
We got the lead however when Marilia headed in a corner in the 6th minute, after that goal it was City that kept on pushing and pushing, and eventually they got a penalty in the 29th minute when we made a defensive error. Calleja scored the penalty 1-1. The rest of the 1st half was mostly controlled by City but the score stayed 1-1. In the 2nd half we managed to get a good counter going and scored the 1-2 in the 48th minute. After the goal it was City again who took the initiative which eventually gave them a 2nd goal in the 80th minute. This was also the score at the end of the match.
So we at least scored two important away goals which hopefully will help us next time we have to play against them.

The match against Southampton would be the last one of March and in my opinion it was the most boring match so far, no highlights both teams not creating anything, but we still managed to grab a win. The first half was one without any chances for both sides, during the rest I made clear we would at least need 1 goal and then it would be fine. Well that message was clear enough, Vélez scored the 1-0 right after the 2nd half was started. After this it once again was very boring until an error was made in the penalty area, and we were awarded a penalty, Vélez stepped up to take it and placed us on 2-0!! After this it was another 20 minutes of boredom.
Well done winning the cup Randy, and some more good results to come after it :D
@ P-Kiddy: Thank you
@ Louis O. Thank you it was a hard match against Chelsea but we won so that's the most important thing. The results bring me to an unbeaten streak of 41 games at this moment, hope i can keep it up a bit longer.
Great win in the Capital One Cup and some strong results in the league but conceded a few goals there! At least the wins are there

Matches played in April

Manchester United 2 – 0 Manchester City

Manchester United 2 – 0 Nottingham Forest

Chelsea 1 – 2 Manchester United

Manchester United 3 – 0 Chelsea

Manchester United 2 – 0 Dortmund

Everton 1 – 2 Manchester United

Arsenal 0 – 0 Manchester United

Dortmund 1 – 0 Manchester United

Birmingham 0 – 2 Manchester United

Manchester United 1 – 0 Swansea

Monthly Review

April started for us with the match against City for the 2nd match of the knockout round of the Champions League. With the 2-2 score from last time we were in a good position but we had to do our best in this match as well, or else we might still end up flying out of the Champions League.
The 1st half provided a few chances for both teams, but nothing serious came from it. After we had a quick rest it was Allman who scored the 1-0 in the 46th minute, this brought us even closer to our goal of reaching the next round. City however seemed to give up after the 1-0 was scored, passes were failing and they hardly got forward. This gave us the chance to eventually score the 2-0 (4-2) in the 86th minute.

After the win in the Champions league knock out round, the next knock out match was up, this time we had to play against Nottingham Forest, in the FA Cup Semi Final. And for those that might have thought it would become an easy walk over, well that wasn’t completely the case but we won the match eventually.
With a great start from our side it was Polverino who managed to score the 1-0 after 8 minutes. It took us 3 chances though. After the goal we kept pressuring Forest and we had a few more chances, eventually it was Beasley who made the 2-0 for us. This was also the score at half time. The 2nd half started with 3 very good shots from Forest, but after that we took again but we didn’t manage to score another goal, which was a bit disappointing after that great start.

11th of April and once again we had to face Chelsea, and I think it is fair to say we were out of shape, 4 chances Chelsea 16, Chelsea 64% possession and 85% passes completed while we only had 67% completed. But even though Chelsea was dominating the game we managed to grab away the win due to one good counter and a well-played corner.
So right from the start Chelsea started to put us under pressure, good passing and creating chances every now and then. But just after we hit the halfway period of the 1st 45 minutes, it was a great interception from Marilia and a great pass forward from Ormaetxea that placed Vélez alone in front of the keeper and he scored. 0-1!!! In the 32nd minute, right after Chelsea kicked off we intercepted the ball but the keeper saved the shot from Vélez. Morumbi took the corner and Marilia managed to get his head to it. 0-2!!! This was also the half time score. After the rest Chelsea was again pushing and putting us under pressure, but despite their efforts they never really came close to scoring the goals they needed. Messala however managed to score the 1-2 in the 84th minute but that was too little too late.

And 3 days later we were facing Chelsea again, and again it was for the Premier league. This time we played better dominating on all fronts, but with 8 chances versus 4 it was a game which didn’t really provide the keepers with a lot of work.
It was a game with a lot of action on the midfield, both teams constantly had to try and retrieve the ball in order to try and create something. Eventually the 1st goal came from a corner that was headed in nicely by Marilia in the 32nd minute of the game. After this moment it was back again to fighting a fight for the ball on the midfield. Even after we came back onto the field this continued and for a long time it looked like it would stay 1-0 untill the 81st minute when Vélez yet again managed to put a goal in after we finally managed to get the ball away from the midfield. After the 2-0 we eventually managed to score the 3-0 as well just before the end of the match, when Vélez picked up the ball out played 2 players and banged the goal into the back of the net.

After a few days of rest Dortmund came to visit us at Bierstekers Stadium for the 1st leg of the semifinal for the Champions League. It would be an important game because we had to win this match while we weren’t allowed to let Dortmund score a goal.
The first half yet again would turn out to be a boring one, hardly any chances for both teams, and again a long period of time was spend on the midfield. We eventually reached half time with a 0-0 score and 4-4 in chances. I made clear that I expected more and especially a better game from the players. The message was clear but it took us until the 68th minute before we finally scored the 1-0 to take the lead. After the 1-0 the 2-0 was scored in the 74th minute due to a great action by Deumelandt. After the 2-0 we slowed down a bit and defended the lead as it was.

Next up was Everton, and yet again we had a bad game, not having a great deal of chances not having the possession and failing our passes. So to still win the match was quite a relief if you ask me.
Everton did the same thing Chelsea did, putting a lot of pressure on all of our players, which would eventually lead to mistakes, due to this high pressure it was Everton who had the best chances of scoring a goal, for most of the time in the 1st half. In the 44th Minute however it was Vélez who managed to score the 0-1 for us and it was a great moment, because we hardly had been near their goal up to this point. After half time was over we got the chance to play our own game for a while, this resulted in the 0-2 in the 49th minute after a great action by Ceballos. After the 0-2 it was Everton again who started pushing and putting us under pressure, eventually this led to the 1-2 scored by former Red Devil Ongenda, his goal in the 73rd minute gave Everton hope for more, but eventually the game ended with 1-2 still on the scoreboard.

Our game against Arsenal for the Premier League ended in a draw, and their hardly is anything to mention about it, both teams had a few chances but the game was overall pretty boring without any decent highlights.

Next up was the return against Dortmund, and with the 2-0 win back in England all we had to do here was just try and get that one goal into the back of the net and we would be quite save, because then Dortmund would have to win with 4-1 eventually to go through.
So right from the start we played slightly more attacking than usual, this gave us a few chances right at the start but most of those chances were horribly misplaced. Once the referee blew his whistle for half time it was still 0-0 in Dortmund. After the rest we continued to attack and go forward, this hardly gave Dortmund a chance to do anything. Eventually we came close to the end of the match and we thought it would end in a 0-0 draw, when Márcio Roberto suddenly was open in front of goal and scored the 1-0.
With this result our 50 game streak of being unbeaten also ended.

So the end of April was in sight but we still had to play against Birmingham and Swansea, 1st up was Birmingham, with the defeat in Dortmund the players came here to seek a win. We performed quite well again, but as usual we forgot to score more goals.
After 7 minutes it was Santos who opened the score for us 0-1. Well if we can continue this then it would be an enjoyable afternoon. But the rest of the 1st half saw us failing our chances shooting them wide/over/in the keepers hands. Eventually we went into half time with the 0-1 still on the board. The 2nd half gave us another fast goal when Ceballos put it into the back of the net in the 50th minute. But yet again after this fast 1st goal, the team failed to be deadly in front of goal, while Birmingham wasn’t even getting close to our goal.

And here we are at the 30th of April, with the last match of the month against Swansea. It was going to be another dominant game from our side but the score didn’t reflect that.
The 1st half was boring with only 2 half chances, While Swansea only came near to our goal once in the 1st half. The 2nd half wasn’t much of a difference from the 1st one, neither we or Swansea managed to create anything decent. And by the time we thought it would all end in a draw it was Castillo who brought us the 1-0. 4 minutes later Fomin got injured very bad and we won’t be seeing him for atleast another 4 months.
RandydeB's avatar Group RandydeB
11 yearsEdited

Matches played in May

Reading 0 – 3 Manchester United

Arsenal 1 – 0 Manchester United

Manchester United 2 – 0 Birmingham

Manchester United 4 – 0 Wolves

Atletico Madrid 0 – 1 Manchester United

Monthly Review

1st up in May was the match against Reading, the team was still fighting to with Tottenham/Soton and West brom to escape relegation. But to secure their position they had to beat us, and we weren’t in need of a win because we already managed to become Champions again. But losing on purpose was not an option for us.
During the first 45 minutes it was Reading thought that took the initiative, they kept on going forward and intercepted the ball very well. This play style had one downside however, they were exhausting their selves pretty fast, so while we tried to keep the zero they were running themselves into problems for the 2nd half. Once we came back onto the pitch after the half time break, we started to take over the match and this resulted in our 1st goal in the 59th minute after a beautiful shot from Vélez. 7 minutes later it was Vélez again with a great effort 2-0!!! But Vélez wanted that hattrick on his name and in the 71st minute he made the 3-0. From this point on we thought it was enough and backed down a little.

Arsenal vs United for the Fa Cup final wil get a special review!

After the humiliating defeat in the FA Cup Final we had to face Birmingham, well this would give us a chance to shoot away our frustrations and score a nice amount of goals. But even though we dominated the game we once again had 0% accuracy in front of goal.
They team started pretty good keeping possession and creating decent chances, to get the lead early into the game. Unfortunately it took us till the 29th minute before we finally managed to score a goal, Agosto headed the corner nicely into the goal. After the 1-0 we continued to try and score more goals, but every time we failed to finish the chances we created. This continued in the 2nd half we were quite dangerous all the time and eventually it was Vélez who scored the 2-0 in the 55th minute. Even though we managed to create a few more chances this was also the score at the end of the match.

Last match of the 2028/2029 PL season was against the Wolves, and we decided to finish the season in style. With 72% possession 90% pass completion 16 chances of which 12 were on goal, we managed to beat the Wolves with 4-0.
The start of the match was a great one, Deumelandt opened the score in the 12th minute. And 2 minutes later Vélez scored the 2-0. And is if that wasn’t enough Castillo scored the 3-0 in the 20th minute, so after 4 chances the score was 3-0, but this great start stopped as fast it began. We still managed to become dangerous in front of their goal but we went into half time with the 3-0 still on the board. After the rest we continued to play rather offensive but it didn’t bring us any goals. The only real highlight of the 2nd half came from a corner from Morumbi which was headed into the goal by Agosto 4-0. In the remaining 10 minutes the score stayed like this and both Wolves and we took it easy.

Champions League Final against Atletico will also be reviewed in an extended
another great month, unlucky against Arsenal though, can't win 'em all
A perfect month spoiled by the Mighty Gunners. As an Arsenal fan, I enjoyed that a bit :P

Arsenal VS Manchester United – FA Cup Final

Today will be a match between 2 fierce rivals who have met each other in quite a lot of finals through the years. Arsenal can win their 1st prize of this season, while Manchester United can win their 5th prize. Manchester hasn’t had the best games of the season lately while Arsenal made a small comeback. Who will be the winner we will find out in the next 90 minutes?

Line up

The starting 11 for today are:

Arsenal starting 11: Christian Benetti – Ray Chalmers – Elias Majewski – Alekos Tepetos – Martin Urban – Stefan Ivanov – Hugo Maldonado – Luis Rojas – Greg Donaldson – José Luis Paz – Neil Walker – Subs: Rory Amass – Barry Dobson – Adrian Zych – Francesco Giovarruscio – Salper Kasapoglu – Ahmedin Sisic – Lefteris Perikleous

Manchester United Starting 11: Diego Ayoví – Ramón Ormaetxea – Oscar Rodríguez – Rayan El Amrani – Gregory Groenendijk – Aitor Soria – Santos – Jens Grimm – Pietro Polverino – Jurgen Deumelandt – Neville Allman – Subs: Paul Ngcobo – Alejandro Ceballos – Sean Rogers – Alexandre Vanderlei – Steve Flynn – Richard Polo – Gonzalo Gómez

Match Review

Review by Randy Bierstekers:

1 min: Arsenal with the kick off, Maldonado to Majewski to Chalmers, Chalmers with a great run forward, he tries to cut inside, plays it back to Maldonado, Maldonado slows down the game while going forward a little. The ball goes to Rojas who gives a pass to Paz on the left wing, Paz plays it to Urban who runs past him. Urban back to Paz who is now in the penalty area, Paz with a through ball towards the middle of the penalty area and GOAL!!!! Donaldson tucks it in.

13 min: Santos gets replaced by Alexandre Vanderlei after he gets injured.

45 min: We start the second half.

90 min: Rodriguez with a ball to Soria, Sorai plays it to Deumelandt ho gives it back to Vanderlei, Groenendijk enters the penalty area and gets the ball. A through ball to Polverino 1-1!!!!! But it’s disallowed Polverino was offside with just half a meter.

94 min: referee ends the match Arsenal win the FA Cup.

Press Conference:

So Randy another loss this season but this time it costs you a prize, anything you have to say about it?

Well we got a few opportunities but we failed yet again to finish them off, so it’s very disappointing but then again Arsenal played very well.

Anything you are going to chance for the remaining games?

I don’t know why I should, the team is good enough and yes we might be struggling a bit the last few weeks, but hardly any team can keep on winning match after match for an entire year or even a few years in a row. The players are good enough and they will come back with good results I’m sure of it.

Santos got injured will this be of any influence for the CL Final?

Well he is a class player of course but Campos and Vanderlei are good players as well so I hope they can replace him and give a good performance while they get this chance.

Was the goal from Polverino offside or do you have doubts about it?

I was hoping we got lucky and the referee and the assistant wouldn’t notice it, I mean it was only half a body he was in front of the defender, so it might have been a hard decision to make. But they made the right call and that was unfortunate for us. But we should have played better anyway.

Ok thank you for your time and good luck with the remaining matches.
Arsenal hehehe :)
unlucky mate, damn Arse getting in the way of other people's success.
Randy, I have to say, this story just keeps getting better, Keep It UP! :D
@ P-Kiddy: Arsenal had a good game so they deserved it, we just were struggling to much, maybe being the favorite made the players to anxious to play well.

@ The Special One: Haha extra succes is always nice but sometimes another team deserves to have some succes as well, i'm sad we lost the match but they just were better.

@ Louis O.: Thank you I do my best to make it better and better, but it's hard and I don't want to copy layouts or styles too much from other stories. And while the style already changed quite a bit the story and interviews have to be good as well.

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