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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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Back on the national scene, eh? :) Good luck!
2013-05-30 17:27#106736 neal09 : Back on the national scene, eh? :) Good luck!
Life at Bierstekers Stadium became a bit boring, so a new challenge is always nice :)
Good to see the manager changing life up a bit ;) seems Man Utd are the new Barca with lots of players in the Spain squad haha

For now the story will be locked untill I am sure how I want to do the updates. A lot of people are doing it the same way with logo's of the teams who played eachother, goalscorers and match result. Even though that looks good and is a nice way to do the updates, I want to do it different, but not sure yet what would be a good way.

Thanks for the support and this story will continue once I am sure it the new update style, will look good and is nice to read.

Tactics for this season and friendly matches


The 4-2-3-1 Narrow tactic will be the main tactic we will be using this season. It’s a tactic in which we will try to control the game as much as possible, it can be seen as a Tiki Taka tactic and from time to time the passes of the midfielders pass the 100 mark.
Last year the tactic worked like a charm but it needed a little adjustment, and let’s hope it will work even better for us this year. Slightly adjusted the tempo and width and the time wasting has been reduced as well.

The 4-2-3-1 Wide tactic was the one we used to play, before we decided to try something else, the wide tactic is based on quick counter attacks, but if we already have possession, we try to get forward with nice quick passing combinations.

The 3-3-3-1 is a risky tactic, the back is slightly more open then with a 4 man defense, yet the tactic works very well from time to time. With the tactic we will try to play an attacking style of football, in which counters could be an option but they aren’t our most important source of trying to score.


Manchester United 5 – 0 Losc

Manchester United 6 – 0 Olympique Lyonnais

Crewe 0 – 5 Manchester United

Some very nice results, beating Lyon with 6-0 in a friendly match is really great, both Crewe and Losc were beaten with a 5-0 result. Looking back at the 3 fixtures I think we are prepared for the start of the season. Only downside to this is that some of the players are still not settled in, and that they are a struggling to get used to the tactic, but I think it won’t be a big problem.

The 1st important match will be the Community shield against Liverpool, so we are preparing ourselves to put up a great performance against our rivals, and hope the Shield will come back with us to Bierstekers Stadium.
Great preseason, and nice tactics! That 3-3-3-1 reminds me a bit of Bielsa's tactics from when he managed Chile.
RandydeB's avatar Group RandydeB
10 yearsEdited

Manchester United VS Liverpool – Community shield

Today is the first opportunity for Manchester and Liverpool to grab a prize and kick of the season with a good start. Although the Community Shield is not the most important prize these teams want to win, neither of them wants to lose here. Over the last 10 years Man Utd. never lost the fight for the shield, this might be a troublesome thought for Liverpool, but looking back at the 4 games the teams had to play back to back last season Liverpool can grab a win here today.

Line up
The starting 11 for today are:

United starting 11: Ayovi – Ormaetxea – Agosto – Marilia – De Vries - Soria – Campos – Polverino – Morumbi – Deumelandt – Vélez – Subs: El Amrani – Scarriglia – Rogers – Jerónimo – Allman – Henrique – Castillo

Liverpool Starting 11: Campagnolo – Omrani – Tchedessi – Langfield – Kardum – Lewis – Kovar – Sabino – Davis – Flores – Poblete – Subs: Mujkic – Kovacic – Bean – Simonka –Franco – Cole - Odinakachaku

Match Review

Review by Randy Bierstekers:

1min: We had the kickoff to start the 2028 Community Shield Match.

29 min: Polverino took the freekick which went in due to Agosto slightly touching it with his head, however the goal was disallowed because Agosto made a foul.

45 min: Liverpool started the 2nd half.

47 min: Compagnolo shot the ball forward but Soria intercepted. This almost resulted in a goal for us.

48 min: we got the corner but Agosto headed it over the crossbar.

74 min: Kardum crosses the ball from the right side into our penalty area Agosto however intercepted Simonka but in the rebound Kovar was ver close to scoring the 0-1 for Liverpool Ayovi however made a miracle save.

75 min: we intercepted the throw in after which de Vries passed it to Campos, who passed it to Demelandt. Deumelandt decided to pass it back to Soria who gave the ball to Campos. Campos gave a nice through ball to Polverino who passed it into space to Velez, Velez his shot hit the post and in the rebound the keeper knocked it away. After that Tchedessi kicked the ball out of the field.

76 min Ormaetxea throws the ball to Morumbi who instantly passes it back to him. Ormaetxea walks forward with a slow pace to prepare for a cross, which lands in the feet of Morumbi who manages to score a goal. 1-0 for United.

90 min: the final whistle blow was given and we won the game with 1-0 not the biggest win but it’s a win.

Left it a bit late but you got the win! Good start to the season. Btw you have the Chelsea crest instead of the Liverpool crest up, might want to change that :P
Woah, I only just got back to reading this and now that I return it is epic as a donkey.
neal: yup could have been better if we managed to secure it earlier but a win is a win

Louis: donkey's are more epic then my story >:)

Matches played in August

Manchester United 1 – 0 Liverpool

Manchester City 1 – 2 Manchester United

Manchester United 3 -1 Norwich

Manchester United 3 – 1 AS Monaco FC

Monthly Review

The Liverpool game was a spectacular match but it took us some time to grab the win, for a more in depth review of this match, you can find it in a previous interview.

The match at the Mancine Veste against our rivals City was a game which could have ended very different, City were slightly better but we managed to grab a 0-2 lead which could have been 0-3 if Morumbi wouldn’t have missed the penalty. After the 0-2 however City soon scored the 1-2 and that is how the match ended.

Against Norwich we were dominating the game and it’s a shame we only won with 3-1 but a 3-1 win is better than nothing, we started off with a fast goal from Velez but it was soon equalized by Norwich. After that it took us till the 46th minute of the 1st half in which we finally managed to score the 1-2. After that it took us till the 83rd minute to make the 1-3.

The match against Monaco was for the Super Cup and we will review this one in a special in depth interview next time.
Loving the new scoresheet style, great results too!
Okikos: Thank you, still not sure if it's good enough or that i should do the score under the Team Crest, or the crest then the score then the vs the score and the other crest. And there are other options i have been thinking about, but for now i'll keep it at this layout

Manchester United VS AS Monaco FC – Super Cup

After Manchester played Liverpool for the Community Shield, this evening they will get a chance to grab their 2nd trophy of the year. The Super Cup will be between them and the France team AS Monaco, Monaco finished 2nd behind PSG in the France Competition and managed to beat the France Caen to win the Europa League last Season.

However the match against United will be a hard one and even though some teams came close to beat the team from Manchester, they have been undefeated for quite some time the only time they didn’t win it was in 2023 when they lost the CL Final against City.

Line up

The starting 11 for today are:
United starting 11: Ayovi – Snoussi – Agosto – Groenendijk – Rothwell - Yusuf – Beasley – Polverino – E. Ceballos – Russo – Rofriguez – Subs: El Amrani – Campos – Rogers – Deumelandt – Allman – Soria – A. Ceballos

AS Monaco FC Starting 11: Merle – Olivier – Lesko – Franco – Baumgartel – Toborg – Sergio – Goretzka – Girard – Silva – Schwartz – Subs: Cubillan – Zhikharev – Marcias – Cordova –Hernando – Durand - Ocampos

Match Review

Review by Randy Bierstekers:

1 min: Monaco had the kick off but couldn’t cause any real threat in the 1st 10 minutes.

12min: Baumgartel took the corner for Monaco but Snoussi headed it forward, Rodriguez was able to pick up the ball. And waited for Snoussi and the others to get into play, Snoussi gave the ball to Yusuf who passed it to Beasley. Beasley moved slightly forward, but then passed it back to Yusuf who instantly passed it towards Polverino, but Polverino had to give it straight back to Yusuf before a Monaco player would intercept it. Yusuf gave a cross forward to the 1st post and while the keeper of Monaco seemed to be there before Russo he made a mistake, which gave Russo the chance to score. 0-1!!!!

32 min: Edgardo Ceballos took the corner for us but it was headed away by Girard, Snoussi picked it up however just before Schwartz could get to it, and instantly passed it to Ceballos. Ceballos gave another cross into the penalty area and this time Rodriguez was able to get to it with his head. 0-2!!!! Atleast we thought, the goal was disallowed because it seemed to be offside.

45min: We had the kick off but we couldn’t do much with it.

46 min: After an interception from Goretzka, Toborg picked up the ball and passed it into space, Ocampos was earlier by the ball then Rothwell, and tried to shoot at goal, but his effort went wide.

53 min: Snoussi started the buildup and plays it to Beasley, who passes it to Russo, who runs forward and passes it back to Rothwell to try a one-two but the pass from Rothwell is a bit too slow and Lesko intercepts, but then passes it into the feet of Beasley when he attempts to clear the ball. Beasley gives the ball to Rothwell again who decides to give a through ball into the Penalty area and in the scrimmage taking place, Ceballos manages to score. 0-2!!!

57 min: Baumgartel threw the ball towards Sergio who instantly gave a nice pass to Ocampos, who played it to Baumgartel on the wing. Rothwell however intercepted and played it to Groenendijk who played it forward towards Polverino, Polverino then tried to find Russo, but Toborg managed to intercept the ball and played it back to Olivier, who shot it forward to Ocampos, Ocampos was intercepted however by Agosto but the ball more or less bounced a bit back straight into Ocampos his feet, who didn’t hesitate and shot it in the left corner. 1-2!!!

74: min: Rodriguez was going to take the free kick, he gave a nice spin to the ball and Agosto managed to get his head against it, which placed the ball in front of Ceballos his feet who didn’t hesitate and made the 1-3!!!

77 min: Baumgartel took the free kick for Monaco and managed to place the ball in the feet of Hernando, who tried to place his shot, but Ayovi managed to touch the ball and it became a corner.

78min: Baumgartel with the corner, but Agosto menaged to head it away, Sergio however was the player getting the ball who crossed it to Baumgartel. Who gave it back to Girard, Girard then tried to cross it to the 2nd post were Ocampos was, but Rothwell intercepted. But the ball ended up at Goretzka who played it to Girard who was still on the wing. But this time Yusuf intercepted and it was another corner.

79 min: Baumgartel again took the corner, Yusuf managed to clear it but Schwartz picked it up again, and passed it back to Baumgartel, who gave it to Girard who tried to find space at first, but then gave the ball to Toborg, Toborg tried to score from just outside the penalty area but put his shot wide.

80-90 min: after this moment both sides didn’t really manage to create any decent chances and the game ended with the 3-1 score.

press session

How does this feel Randy?

I’m very happy with the result, it took us only a small amount of time before we scored the 1st goal, unfortunately our 2nd goal was disallowed, but eventually during the 2nd half we still scored that important 2nd goal of the match. Ocampos then had a great shot for Monaco which brought them back to 1-2 but thanks to Ceballos we got the 1-3 half way the 2nd stint.

How happy are you with your track record in this Competition?

It’s something I hardly pay attention to, it’s a nice fact for some people out there but I’m just happy I was able to yet again lead this team towards another prize.

Is this a small foretaste of what we can expect from you and your team?

Who knows? We will do our best in every competition we will participate, and how many trophies we will win remains to be seen we might end up winning them all, or we might lose out on all of them. I’m at least not going to speculate or anything, I’ll just make sure the team is fit and focused.

Anything you might tell or could say regarding transfers?

Yes, we probably won’t make any more deals before the end of this transfer period. Most of the players I wanted to sell have been sold and the team that I have now can still play for at least another 5-10 years.

That was it for now.

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