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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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So another Utd story?

Well let me explain it for a little bit, this story is one with two very important side notes.
  • 1st it’s a multiplayer save and we agreed to play high profile teams
  • 2nd I came up with the story idea after I went into my 11th season at Manchester united. And i will try to reach the 30 seasons at 1 team

So let me introduce myself:

Name: Randy Bierstekers
Gender: male
DOB: 21/11/1987
Nationality: Dutch
Personal info: In the world of football, I am not that well known. As a player I only played a couple of tournaments and friendly matches. As a Trainer I coached the female squad where I met my wife. In the world of motorsports I am known in Holland for participating in the Dutch pocket bike championships and Dutch kart championships in which I always finished within the top 10.

But instead of running my own team in motorsports I got my trainers license and due to my friendship with Rene Meulensteen I got in contact with Manchester United to replace the Legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

Hopefully I can bring them some glory
Good luck Randy :)
RandydeB's avatar Group RandydeB
11 yearsEdited

What in god’s name are they thinking at United!!!

Sir Alex – United:
Randy – United:
Michael –
Ben – Give me Football:
Nick – 365Football:

So in Manchester, press from all around the world gathered for some announcements regarding their future plans. There was an open spot next to Sir Alex with a Name plate with the blank side towards the press. Some people in the room thought of a new player that would be announced or a staff member or a new member of the board.
Welcome to this press conference everyone, today we would like to announce some very important things!

1st of all let us welcome Randy Bierstekers, this 25 year old Dutchmen will be a big part of the announcements.

While Randy comes walking in, cameras start to flash and a lot of people look astonished towards the young lad that comes walking in. Who is he and what does he have to do with the announcements they are going to make. After Randy has taken place and has turned his name plate Sir Alex continues:

1st off all after 26 years, the time has come for me to step away from United as a manager, it’s with great sadness that I am here today to announce this to you all. But with Randy as my replacement I am sure the great work I have delivered here will be continued.

Michael from Voetbal International: Sir Alex I am part off a big Dutch football news site, and to be honest we never really heard from Randy except for seeing his name pass by on some tournament lists.

This might be true Michael but even so, while his experience as a coach might not be amongst those of Mourinho, Guardiola, Moyes or Wenger. His determination, tactical knowledge and skills and discipline will make him the right choice for this club.

Ben from give me football: So he has some skills that would make him a decent coach? But I still don’t get why you did not go for Mourinho or someone else. There are at least a couple dozen coaches that might have been better.

As I said before: We trust in him and his capabilities and he’ll prove it right from the start!!!

Nick from 365Football: So Randy how does it feel to be part of this popular and successful club? And what are your goals for your 1st season?

Well uhm, Nick was it right? It’s a dream come true, I mean only a handful of people get the chance to manage a team like this. My expectations for this season are to fight for a spot in the top 4 and maybe become the PL champions.

After almost 2 hours of questions and information, everybody left the press conference but the headlines that appeared all over the internet and in newspapers made one thing clear! What in god’s name are they thinking at United!!!
So Randy how does it feel to be part of this popular and successful club? And what are your goals for your 1st season? :P
2013-02-13 02:42#80907 The FM Rookie : So Randy how does it feel to be part of this popular and successful club? And what are your goals for your 1st season? :P
:D :D I just can't imagine how lucky i actually am to become part of the (red) Devils >:) My goals are to keep up with what they expect from, and thats to bring them another championship

Transfer Period 2012/2013



Staff In:

Staff Out

Transfer press conference:

Leon Goretzka
Young promising german midfielder from Bochum

Adrien Rabiot
Young France midfielder from PSG

1st class attacking midfielder

Hello Randy, we are here today to talk with you about some of the transfers made this period.

You seem to have spent quite a bit of money to refresh your midfield? Does this have any particular reason or is it just a coincidence?

Well with Scholes, Carrick and Giggs getting older and older and Cleverley and Anderson as our 2 younger midfielders. I was looking for some fresh young players next to Powell and Daehli to have as backup. And we actually sold Anderson too compensate the amount of midfielders.

Can you tell us a bit more about Rabiot and Goretzka they aren’t as familiar as Isco and yet you paid quite a chunk of money on them?

Rabiot and Goretzka have both been scouted quite a lot; even before Sir Alex left me in charge they were already checking these 2 almost every week. Adrien will eventually backup Michael, while Goretzka will go to Twente for some experience and then come back to replace or backup Paul.

And what about the players you sold such as Nani, Chicarito and Young?

Even though Nani is a skilled player he just doesn’t fit within my plans. Young is a player I actually won’t really miss to be honest. And Hernandez well I didn’t want to sell him but with Van Persie and Rooney in front of him and Dybala, Welbeck and Henriquez as young and promising backups. I had to let him go to grant him a chance to play, and I hope his transfer will give him that opportunity

Anything else you could tell us about transfers you made or players you are planning to get?

No the rest will be none of your interest and guess we’ll have to wait and see what future has in store for us.
Holy shite, don't United already lose £10m a month on debt repayments? :P IMO you ovepaid for everyone except Isco.
Good start Randy, keep it up :)
2013-02-13 17:00#80949 Liverbird : Holy shite, don't United already lose £10m a month on debt repayments? :P IMO you ovepaid for everyone except Isco.
felipe anderson for 6 isn't to bad, goretzka i started with 10M worked up to 20 and it still wasn't close they then asked 30M. so i was glad to get him for 22,5 eventually, and yes for some of them i regret the amount i paid.

Manchester United grab the trophies but!!!

Today there will be another press conference, in which we will look back on the season 2012/2013. But despite the team grabbing all these trophies, people still question whether it was due to the players, which were already in the team, or that some credit has to be given to the new manager.

Journalist 1: So Randy, how does it feel to have guided the team to an amazing record this year in which you stayed undefeated and grabbed most of the prices.

Well I uh, yea well, I guess the players and of course Sir Alex deserve some of the credits. I mean he left the club behind with a good group of players and a very good staff. All I had to do was sign some new players and get my own staff aboard and well here we are.

Journalist 2: So that means that, what was already said before this conference, is more or less true?

You mean that not I but the team is responsible for all of this?

Yes that’s what I am referring to.

Well it isn’t fair to say it’s all just due to me, the players deserve the credits as well, and as I said earlier there was a good team already. But I use another tactic then Sir Alex did and the preparations and training are my responsibility and those also seem to have had a good effect. So I think we can say it’s 50/50.

Journalist 3: So what’s the plan for next season?

Start with where we ended. And that’s winning trophies.

Anything else you can say about it?

Let’s wait and see what the transfer period will bring us, also there is some other stuff that has to be dealt with. When that’s all done we will start to focus on the PL title of season 2013/2014

The 1st Season:

So we ended up losing nothing and won every price there was to win this year.
Most of the credits will go to Rooney, Carrick and De Gea they ended up with an average of 8.12, 8.10 and 7.57
Of course the rest of the team did a very good job as well especially the 2 youngsters Rabiot and Digne who showed that they shouldn’t be messed with. And can play in the premier league already.

Next to the players performance I also have to say they showed me to be a very, very adaptive squad. We played 4-1-4-1, we played 5-4-1, we played 3-3-3-1 and we even played 4-5-1. And it ended up giving us the title. the fa and league cup and most important the cl aswell.
That's the first time credit has gone to Carrick for anything :P
2013-02-13 19:33#80965 Blue : That's the first time credit has gone to Carrick for anything :P
Yup but he played with the intention to be better then messi I think
Btw guys, the banner was made by me. If you want one, just ask :)

Start of the 2nd Season

The 1st match of the premier league is only a few days away. Today at Old Trafford there will be press conference at which we will look back at United’s preparation towards the 1st game. And we will look back at the win vs city in the community shield

J1: Hello Randy, the summer is over and how do you think your preparations have gone so far?

Our preparation did go pretty well we won our own tournament and we won vs Bayern. But also had some trouble in China losing a game and one ending in a draw, but all in all I’m happy with the matches we played.

J2: Did you use the period to test your youth player’s as well? Or were you mainly focused on getting the main players into shape?

Well actually I used the period for both things; we used some of the youth to see if they are ready for the 1st team, and filled it up with some of the main players. This gave us a clear view of what we could expect this season.

J3: How do you feel after winning the Community Shield against city?

It’s a bloody awesome start of the season to be honest, it was harder than I expected it would be, but a win is a win and we get to lift the shield and that’s the most important thing.

J4: Anything you would like to tell about the transfers that have taken place or?

No sorry not at this particular moment.

J5: How do you think the 1st match will go against Huddersfield?

I expect it will be a close game but if we stick to our own playing style it should end with a good result. Also I hope my players will perform like I want them to do.

Transfers of 2013/2014 and youth intake of both years!

Transfers in:

Transfers out:

Staff in:

Staff out:

Youth In:

In depth view

I wasn't happy with robin, and he was getting old as well. So I went for some young blood I bought Ongenda and send him on a loan to lorient, so that's why I bought Niang as well to replace Rooney when the time was right. Near the 2nd half of the season he started in the starting 11 and hasn't been out it since.


I was looking for someone to replace Kagawa since i got a very good offer for him, and Moi Gomez got some good reports from my scouts, so that was a nice option to go for. But so far he has played 10 games and it seems he isn't coming back into the starting 11.


Adryan was available for a 2M release clause, but wasn't sure if i should get him or let him stay at flamengo. By the time i did make up my mind he just had signed a new contract and now i had to pay way to much but he was worth it.


Was rated as a 5 star striker and only aged 16, which would mean he still had 2 more years to play in the -18 team. And maybe go out on a loan afterwards, to get some more experience after which he can earn his spot in the 1st team.


A promising youth candidate, that came in at the 2012-2013 season hope he will turn out as a good player.


Another decent youth player, that came in during the 2012-2013 youth intake but even though he seems decent I think the latest addition Hamilton-Hendricks is better than Micah and so is polverino who is joining from Juventus


This young boy could become the new Rooney, the way he is performing at the training is impressive, I think when he comes out of the -18 squad he could earn his place in the 1st team right away. But we might decide to let him go out on a loan first, just to gain some more experience.

Transfer talks and Season progress!

On a sunny day in March we are here to have a talk with Man utd. Manager Randy Bierstekers.

He’ll be talking to us about the transfer period, the promising youth that is showing there selves in the Utd. Academy, the season progress so far and what his plans are for the future.

So Randy you have spent quite a fortune on the transfer market this year, were those buys really necessary or have you bought some players that aren’t really needed?

Well as you might have noticed none of the players we bought are older than 22 except for Antoine, but then again Antoine is a player who has already proven himself and he was worth it. Players like Polverino, Benetti Jansen and Beasley are brought in to provide a higher level in our youth academy and hopefully they’ll shine for us someday.

Do you think, you might have spent too much on any of the transfers you did this period?

I’m ashamed we weren’t able to get Adryan in before he renewed his contract which increased his price by a %$#^$# 23M, also Sain-Etienne didn’t want to let go off Zouma and they finally gave in at a price of 36M. Same goes for the Milan couple but we are glad to have them in our team.

What about the players that came in from Youth teams in this area, any idea if you found the next Messi amongst them?

Well this young boy called Hamilton-Hendricks seems as a very skillful boy and who know what he might become.
The new Messi?
The new Ronaldo?
The new Rooney?
I guess we just have to wait and see, but I know one thing for sure, if he keeps on training as he did and gives a full 100% he will eventually become very talented striker

How do you think the team has performed now that we are nearing the end of this season?

Well we haven’t managed to stay unbeaten for another year, but we are yet again leading the Premier League and we are also on our way to reach the final stages of the Champions League while we won the Club World Cup in between.
So I can’t complain about how we actually performed this season. We might have lost a few good players like Robin or Chris or Rio, but the players we got back for them are certainly a great addition to this team.

So guess you’ll try to win both prizes again, and what are your plans for the future?

Yes we certainly hope to win them again, and I’m going to make sure we will succeed in that. Plans for the future?
Well I think it’s time to stop with the big amounts we spend on transfers and from now on try to focus on bringing forth our own youth or try to find them very young in other countries. So that we don’t have to lose too much on transfer, this also means I finally want to start to bring back a healthy balance to the club.

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