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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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Well, another trophy, harder than you may have wanted but ah well :)

Champions League Draw

Matches played in August

Real Madrid 0 – 2 Manchester United

Manchester United 3 – 0 Manchester City

Anderlecht 0 – 2 Manchester United

Manchester United 1 – 0 Aston Villa

Manchester United 4 – 0 Fulham

West Brom 0 – 2 Manchester United

Monthly Review

The match against Real will get its own review since it was the super cup match

Our 3rd match of the Premier league would be against Manchester City, our fierce rivals for a very long time, we had to win this match to stay with the first three, while City had to win it to leave the last 3 behind them.
The start of the match was decent, we managed to get forward from time to time, but City were defending quite well, but due to their defensive style they never managed to get forward once they had the ball. After 20 minutes it was Rodríguez who scored a header after a good corner 1-0 for us, the score stayed this way till half time. After we came back on the pitch it was León who scored a great goal in the 61st minute of the match. And while we tried to keep on going forward, City became even more defensive which gave us no chance at all to get through. Thanks to a lucky shot in the 80th minute Ormeño scored the 3-0 for us, this was also the score at the end of the match.

Our first Champions League match would be against Belgian team Anderlecht, if we would look to the stats and facts, on paper this would be our easiest opponent. But thanks to that we might have underestimated them which brought us into quite some difficulty.
The first half was mostly controlled by Anderlecht, they managed to get forward from time to time, and even came close to a goal pretty early in the match, but we were lucky to have a great keeper in our goal. After 45 minutes of mostly playing on the midfield and both sides conquering balls over and over again, we had a quick rest. I told the team they had to step up their game if we wanted to get away with a win. Ormeño showed he understood that message and immediately scored the 0-1 in the 46th minute. After another period in which the game started to become boring, it was Marilia who scored a goal after another successful corner 0-2.

On the 22nd it was time to play against Aston Villa, it would turn out to be another stressful match with hardly any chances for both sides, thanks to a lucky moment this match eventually got decided.
Most of the time the game was played around the midline neither Villa nor we really managed to get forward and after 45 minutes of game time the scoreboard still showed a 0-0 score and only 3 chances for both teams. After we came back on the pitch it was young striker Nefzi who scored a lucky goal from outside the penalty area to set us on 1-0 after this goal the match fell back into the boring game it was during the first 45 minutes.

Against Fulham we had to do our best to make sure we would place us for the next round of the Capital one Cup, in the end it was quite a good game from our side.
We started of quite well and after only 16 minutes it was already 1-0 thanks to a fine goal from Morumbi, we kept creating decent chances but the fulham defense managed to hold us down quite well. After 29 minutes Grimm had a great solo action and placed us on a 2-0 lead, after this moment we didn’t manage to get any decent chances going. After the rest we started again with trying to score more goals and with success, after 69 minutes Allman put in th 3rd goal which more or less secured our position. In the last minute of the game Agosto made the 4-0 after he managed to head in a corner taken by Morumbi.

The game against West Brom didn’t go as planned but we did grab a win, and that was the most important thing.
During the first half we managed to create a few decent chances, but none of them resulted in a goal. The second half went slightly better, we created better chances and after 58 minutes this finally brought us the 0-1, thanks to a good timed header from Agosto. 7 minutes later Deumelandt scored a very lucky goal and put us on a 0-2 lead, from this moment onwards we weren’t able to create anymore decent chances and the match finished 0-2!!

Press conference and PL Standings

So Randy how happy are you with the Draw?

I think we have quite an easy draw Anderlecht is the weakest of the four teams but we have to be aware of every team in this group, one mistake or bad result and we might end up dropping out.

You won the Super Cup how happy were you with beating Real for that throphy?

It was a tough match but we played well in my opinion and it resulted in our 2nd prize of the season and I hope we will be able to win more than these two.

At this moment you are third behind Chelsea and Hull but you’ve got one game in advance, will you be able to take advantage of it?

I hope we can take an advantage of it, but we might end up losing that match and then we would trail behind them, but for now I will just focus on the matches that are coming. And any matches we have to play on a later date will be of importance once they have to be played.
Another nice update. But Hull are top of the pl. #dafuq
Hull are top of the league, what has this world come to? :O
Just wondering at the start of the save how on earth did you afford all them players??
Just wondering at the start of the save how on earth did you afford all them players??
Great work mate, your results are just amazing, I don't know how you do it.
@eduYes Hull were performing pretty well the first few matches, if they can keep it up who knows.

@JusticeThe world has passed on to the year 2029 that's what happened :)

@Wellsy Selling players, doing deals with a 48 month payment, winning the Premier League and the Champions League.

@The Special One being lucky is part of it and having great players is the part which helps and tactics my be important aswell
2013-07-22 17:37#121781 RandydeB :

@Wellsy Selling players, doing deals with a 48 month payment, winning the Premier League and the Champions League.

Oh right at first I was like CHEAT!!! LOL keep it up :P
I love this story so much Randy, its brilliant... I have taken inspiration from it and now my story is loosely based on yours...I hope you dont mind :P
@Wellsy believe me, more people came up with it :) anyway I will be doing my best and I will update the story later on but vacation is important as well.

@Joe if you find inspiration due to my story why the hell would i mind? it's better too have a lot of good stories going on then only one. If I have time during the summer I will certainly read your story

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