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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
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Atletico Madrid VS Manchester United – Champions League Final

Today is the last match of the season 2028/2029 for both of these teams, Atletico became champion of Spain with a 13 points advantage on Real Madrid who finished 2nd. Manchester became champion of England with a total of 22 points ahead of Liverpool.

Today these 2 champions will play against each other for the biggest and most prestigious prize of the year. United have won the Champions League for quite a few years on a row now, while Atletico was close a few times, if United wins they extend their consecutive wins and grab yet another prize this year. We will go to the match now have fun and enjoy.

Line up

The starting 11 for today are:

Atletico Madrid Starting 11: Jack Butland – José Vicente – Jürgen Ludwig – Néstor Ruiz – Lionel Redondo – Domagoj Milnaric – George Croft – Luis Fernando García – José Romildo – Victor Manuel – Salif Diakité – Subs: Danny Porras – Lukas Ebbers – Mpho Hlalele – Daniele Paolino – Joaquín González – Pedro Regueiro – Manuel Ramón Padilla

Manchester United Starting 11: Ivan Palomeque – Ramón Ormaetxea – Marilia – Davide Agosto –Richard Polo – Aitor Soria – Fernando Campos – Alejandro Castillo –Morumbi – Edgardo Ceballos – Joseba Vélez – Subs: Neville Allman – Alejandro Ceballos – Sean Rogers – Jerónimo – Rayan El Amrani – Gregory Groenendijk – Oscar Rodríguez

Match Review

1 min: We were the ones to start the match.

19 min: Butland plays it forward towards Romildo, Romildo towards Victor Manuel who instantly plays the ball into the open space in front of him in the penalty area. But Diakité couldn’t reach it, and Palomeque grabbed the ball. He gives it a great kick forward and Vélez manages to control it and runs towards the goal, he waits a bit on the edge of the penalty area before he crosses it towards the 2nd post, Castillo heads it!! But Butland saves.

41 min: Morumbi takes the corner, Agosto heads the ball towards Marilia who heads it towards goal and yet again Butland manages to save it.

45 min: Atletico with the kick off.

54 min: Ormaetxea with a long throw into the penalty area, Agosto goes for it and GOAL!!! 0-1 for United.

92 min: The referee blows his whistle and United once again win the Champions League.

Press Conference:

So you did it once again, you won the Champions League.

Yes but credits go to Atletico as well in my opinion, if you look at the amount of chances we had, we hardly could get through their defense. But thanks to a well-executed throw in Agosto scored the 0-1 for us and that way we secured our 6th win on a row.

This match had more Manchester United related players, then only the 18 you had selected, how was it to see a lot of those familiar faces?

Ludwig, Ruiz, Milnaric, Croft, Garciá, Romildo, Diakité and Ebbers where very important players during their time at United, and it was too bad Zouma and Lopez were injured and Stefanou and Krawczyk weren’t selected, or else it would be even more United Players on the pitch.
After the match a few of us had a quick chat while I already spoke to some of the others before the match, all in all it was a special day and maybe they will be luckier next time.

So Randy what are your plans for the next season?

We have to wait and see, I still have a contract for at least another 5 years and a lot of the players can still play for at least another 5 or more years, so I guess we will try to do as good as we did this season and keep that up for as long as possible.

How special is the Champions League for you after you won it 16 times in the last 17 years?

It’s the prize you want to win to be honest, it’s even more special than winning the Premier League. But if it is as important as the Premier League is another story.

Anything else there is to know?

Well for now I will be focusing on some upcoming games with Spain and that’s it to be honest. Transfers will be taken care off on a later date.
Congrats! :D

Awards, Best Team of the Season and Premier League Table.

United best 18 according to the Fans

A small conversation with Randy!

So Randy your players won quite a bit of awards does that satisfy you?

It shows that both the tactic and training work wonders, and that I am working with very talented players. Vélez becoming top scorer while Palomeque had the most clean sheets this season. Agosto became the best player in Europe, and Vélez was the best player in the Premier League.

While your players grabbed a view prizes and you managed to win quite a bit of prizes with the team, you weren’t the best Manager in the PL this season, how does that feel?

Well I did a good job, but Harries did a good job as well especially if you compare our players. But I’m disappointed of course, because it would be a recognition of my hard work and it’s a great prize to win.

The fans of United selected their best 11-18 players of the season, do you agree with them/

Well for most of the choices they made I agree with who they picked, but players like Groenendijk or Carlos Henrique played good games as well and Groenendijk seemed better then Polo if you ask me but it’s the fans choice.
TOTTENHAM GOT RELEGATED, LOLOLOLOLOL :)) ,great squad mate and are the Ceballos' brothers?
A solid end to another great season. :) Joseba is ridiculously good. That record! :O
2013-07-02 15:37#117377 The Special one : TOTTENHAM GOT RELEGATED, LOLOLOLOLOL :)) ,great squad mate and are the Ceballos' brothers?
Yep they relegated once again :D, no the Ceballos' aren't brothers but I do think they are related they had eachother as favorite personnel once Alejandro was generated.

Matches played with Spain in 2028 and 2029

Ireland 0 – 2 Spain

Turkey 1 – 1 Spain

Spain 4 – 1 Estonia

Ukraine 0 – 1 Spain

Spain 5 – 0 Luxembourg

Italy 1 – 4 Spain

Spain 1 –3 Iran

Serbia 1 – 3 Spain

Spain 2 – 0 Turkey

Spain 1 – 2 Brazil

Estonia 0 – 1 Spain

Spain 4 – 0 Ukraine

Luxembourg 0 – 4 Spain

Spain 6 – 0 Serbia

Holland 1 – 3 Spain

Spain 1 – 0 Brazil

Match Reviews
I won’t review those, I will only review the matches played during the world cup.
Some more lovely updates mate.

Season 2029-2030



Stelios Kythraiotis
Stelios was the only decent player to join our team from our own Youth intake this year, he looks like a very promising defender and I hope he can develop himself into a good player.


Turki Al-Harbi
Al-Harbi is a young defensive midfielder from Saudi Arabia, he was playing at the youth of Stade Rennais and loaned out to Pizen during the season but never got to play any matches. After the great reports my scout provided me for him we decided we wanted to add him to the team, he will be playing at the youth and maybe will get loaned out once he’ll be a bit older.

Silvio Alessio
Alessio is a player from the Inter youth, and looks like a promising striker for the future, he reminds me of Polverino when he joined us 16 years ago. But he will need slightly more training to reach the level Polverino reached. We hope he will prove his worth in the youth team, so that he eventually might be a great addition to the 1st team.

Jonathan Spronck
Jonathan was part of the youth team from the Dutch team Utrecht, he’s a midfielder but can act as a defensive midfielder as well, and he will need some training in certain aspects to become a better all-round midfielder. But if he succeeds in that he will turn out to be a great addition to the team.

Haldun Danaci
Haldun looked like a very promising player, and as we lack players for the left defender position, for the future he was a player I wanted to get. One problem Paris Saint-Germain already offered him a big contract and a transfer clause, this give us a problem when trying to get him, and we had to pay a big amount of money to get him in. Let’s hope it turns out to be worth the money and trouble in the future.

Bratislav Stoiljkovic
Bratislav wasn’t rated as good as I wanted by my scouts, but unlike them I saw something in him, that made me decide to still place an offer for him. As an attacking midfielder he will eventually be of great use once he gets older, if he turns out to be the player I hope he will be? Let’s just wait and see how he develops.

Zdenek Dvorak
Zdenek Dvorak is already slightly known in the Czech Republic, he played a total of 23 games (13 for Sparta Prague where he joined the youth, and 10 for Mlada Boleslav) and scored 7 goals, which aint to bad for a player of his age. For now he will play in the youth team and I hope he can develop his skills even further and let’s hope he can compete with Alessio for the striker spot in the 1st team.

Marcus Elphick
From the Watford youth to the Man utd youth, Elphick deserved his chance in our youth because he looked very promising during the youth tournaments. We had to pay a bit though to eventually get him here, but in my opinion he is worth the money. And since we play with 3 attacking midfielders he will get his chance as soon as he gets older.

Juan José
Juan is probably one of the best Spanish youth defenders at the moment, after Unai Garces, Rayan El Amrani, Ramon Ormaetxea and Ayoub El Amarani this is the next Spanish defender to join our team and let’s hope he will turn out as good as Rayan or Unai. It was a pain to get him however because he wasn’t really interested and Girona didn’t really wanted to let him go, eventually we managed to persuade him to join but we had to pay quite a bit.

Jorge Ormeño
Jorge was a great talent from Chile, which decided to go to Man City back in 2022, they made him an offer which was better than what we offered him. However his time at City hasn’t been that great a loan to Groningen was the only time which granted him some playing time, while he only got 3 apps at city in those 8 years. This summer he left the club with a free transfer and as nobody was interested in him yet, we decided to get into talks with him for a contract before anyone else would. And here he is, let’s hope he will form a great duo with our other talent from Chile León.

Alan Chisholm
People call me mad for bringing in Chisholm, since he is a player which we hardly will use, but what people don’t know is that Alan and I had a talk about him becoming the -18 manager, he will be ending his career here at United and might play a game or two, but his main duty will be leading the youth team together with Nelson Benítez.


Steve Beasley
After 242 games and a total of 17 goals, Steve and I decided after a long and friendly talk, that we’d let him go to play a few matches somewhere else till the end of his career. He wasn’t really interested in a job out United so that wasn’t going to be an option either. We hope Steve will enjoy his time at West Ham and hopefully he can deliver the same performance there as he did here, he will certainly be missed.

Nick van Hoeven
Nick is a player I didn’t want to lose, but due to his stubbornness and failed contract negotiations, he left the team with a free transfer to join Real Madrid. It’s a shame to see a talented player like him leave United but I’m to be blamed for that, and it would have been great if we would have earned some money on his transfer but too bad.

Alejandro Ceballos
And there goes one of the two Ceballos players, I couldn’t offer Alejandro the play time he wanted, and when he did get play time, he never performed as I would have liked him to perform. We did however manage to sell him for a great price and we hope he will find more and better luck at Paris Saint-Germain.

Sean Rogers
Sean was a great talent and he performed pretty well, but for his position we had to many options and 3 of those players were way better then Sean, it’s a shame though to let a player like him leave our team but I had no other choice. The offer Paris eventually made was too hard to reject and we hope he will perform on the same level there as he did here, and he will be playing with some players he knows, such as Ceballos and Kiaku.

Leonel Sanguinetti
Leonel seemed like an incredible talent, and he performed quite well during the training sessions, but that was it. I never was able to grant him a spot on the 1st team, because there were way better options available. I hope for him he will get his chance at Sociedad and puts in performances I think he can deliver if he wants to.

Fabián Rodríguez
Fabián has been a great player for United in the 16 years he was part of our, team with 212 games and 160 goals he did really well, but he wanted to try his luck somewhere else. After a long talk he was certain he wanted to try something new, he wasn’t interested in a staff role and neither did he wanted to be 3rd choice, so when Barcelona asked him if he wanted to join, things were arranged pretty quick. We wish him the best at Barcelona and may he score some more goals in the last few years.

Michael Yusuf
Yusuf was a great player during his time here at United, but I couldn’t grant him the play time anymore which he wanted. So I decided to offer him to other clubs, so he might continue his career somewhere else instead of wasting his time in the reserves. Eventually he went to Lyonnais and I hope he will be able to earn a spot there.

Staff Transfers


Craig Von Wielligh
Since we needed a new fitness coach that wasn’t too old, we started an extended search and ended up to contact Craig who was working at Ajax CT in South Africa. He is an experienced Fitness coach but isn’t really good with working with young players, so he will only focus his training on the 1st squad.

Viktor Kovács
We also needed a new coach who could help with shooting/attacking/ball control training, but since most of the experienced trainers were already occupied and didn’t want to join us at this moment, we ended up with Viktor. Viktor just started as a coach and was looking for a nice opportunity to start working, here at United he can develop his skills as a coach and might end up as one of the best coaches in a few years’ time. And he is the 1st Hungarian to join our staff.

Press Conference

I’d like to welcome you all to this press conference, today we will be talking about the transfers and we will be looking forward to the start of the season.

So Randy, you sold quite a few players while sending others on loan, and you brought in some fresh blood, anything you’d like to say about it?

Well a few of the players I will miss and I regret the fact they left or had to leave, but it was the best for them and the team. Rodríguez and Beasley were getting older and their chance of play time was getting less and less, but to see them leave still hurts. Van Hoeven was still in my plans but due to my own fault and some other issues he is now at Real Madrid. Other players just weren’t in my plans anymore, so they got the change to leave as well.
As for the players getting in, most of them are 16 years old or even younger, so they will go to the youth team to gain experience and we hope they will turn into great additions for the team by the time they are 18-20 years old.

Are you satisfied with the players you bought, or do you think there were other options you could have signed as well?

There weren’t many options left on my radar to be honest, there are still 3 transfers left to do, but those players won’t join us this season, since they are from Argentina and Brazil they will join once they turn 18 which is still 2 years away from now. But of course I will always be on the lookout for more talents or great players that would be an addition to the team.

If we look forward to the start of the season, how do you think your team will perform?

Well most of the players have more experience now than they had last year, and most of the players are still the same, so if we perform as we did last year, I think we will be able to fight for the title yet again. As for the opposition I think City have become less of a threat, while Chelsea and Liverpool might be more dangerous. Arsenal I am not sure where they stand but we have to wait and see.

As for the preparation, anything you can tell us about your plans?

We will be going to Nigeria for a training camp and we will host our Man Cup Tournament again, but who our opponents will be remains to be seen, other friendlies that will be arranged are also not certain yet. As for our 1st real match we will have to play against Arsenal for the Community Shield but that’s still some time away. But we want to be prepared well enough for that match.

Any player you will rely on the most?

Well most of my players are to be relied on, none of them are allowed to make too many mistakes, or else they will be placed on the bench or at the reserves. But Vélez and Agosto are certainly players I put my trust in, they can make a difference when it is needed the most.

Thank you Randy this was it for now and we will speak each other again after the friendlies have been played.
wow, you let go of some good players, hopefully those new boys will be able to play very well.
Michael Yusuf LOL there's a kid on my team with that exact name! But good transfers, should be a good season!

Matches played in July

Manchester United 3 – 0 Olympique Lyonnais

Manchester United 2 – 0 Boca

Niger Tornadoes 0 – 3 Manchester United

Enyimba 0 – 6 Manchester United

Monthly Review

For the Man Cup I Semi Final we had to play against Lyon, it would be a match in which both teams would use a lot of their youth players but used their better players during the 2nd half of the match. Playing the same style of football in both the 1st team and the -18 team showed its benefits right from the start.
We started off pretty well, and managed to create a few chances every now and then and one of those chances paid off in the 20th minute when Daniel Russo scored a great goal. We continued to put pressure on Lyon but weren’t able to score another goal before the whistle for half time was blown. At the start of the 2nd half it was Lyon that was able to get forward and have a chance at goal, but the 1st was shot at the keeper the 2nd shot went over. From this moment on we took control again, and this resulted in a goal for Vélez in the 72nd minute which brought us to 2-0. It was Vélez again 5 minutes later to bring us to a 3-0 lead, from this moment on we took it slightly easier and finished the game with the 3-0 score.

The final of the Man Cup I was against Boca, and this match would yet again prove we are still having troubles finding the net, despite all the chances we manage to create. Again we decided to start with most of our youth while the 1st squad would replace them once the 2nd half would start.
We had a decent start and already managed to get to a 1-0 lead when Flynn scored a great header. After this goal we created chance after chance, but either the keeper saved/parried or blocked the shots. This resulted in a 1-0 score at half time, which I wasn’t too happy about, looking at the chances we had so far. The 2nd half had to be better, but despite bringing in our more experienced players we didn’t really perform any better. Vélez managed to score the 2-0 in the 62nd minute but that was the only moment of the match we did something good. Boca came close to delivering a stunt in the last 10 minutes, but their shots ended up on the post and crossbar while the other 2 shots were saved.

After we won our own Tournament we had to board the plane towards Nigeria for our Trainings Camp, here we would play against the Niger Tornadoes 1st. Niger Tornadoes is a small team from Nigeria which was founded in 2003, and they would grant us a nice opportunity to gain some match fitness.
This time I started with my main 11 and this resulted in quite a bit of chances, but once again we failed to score our goals, something has to chance or else it will be a hard season, finally after 21 minutes it was Soria that managed to get a ball into the goal 0-1. After some more chances it was Edgardo Ceballos to score the 0-2 in the 41st minute, this was also the half time score. After we came back on the pitch with our younger 11, we still managed to create a few chances and one of them was finished off by Castillo in the 53rd minute to set us on 0-3, after this we kept on trying but failed to score more.

Enyimba was our 2nd and already last match in Nigeria, Enyimba is better known in Nigeria then the Niger Tornadoes and also older, but I guess that doesn’t mean much if your finances and team are worse.
We started with our main 11 again and this time they did a better job than the last 3 matches, Deumelandt already set us on 0-1 after 1 minute, after some more chances it was Deumelandt again to score the 0-2 in the 26th minute. 3 minutes later Ceballos scored the 3-0, which gave us a nice lead already. In the 45th minute we got a penalty and this gave Deumelandt his hattrick and us the 0-4 lead. After we came back onto the pitch it was Jan de Vries to score the 0-5 in the 50th minute of the match, our hunt for a bigger score continued, but most of our efforts failed from this point on. Thanks to a lucky shot from our new player Ormeño in the 88th minute we won the match with 0-6.

Matches played in August

Sheffield United 0 – 3 Manchester United

Pierikos 0 – 3 Manchester United

Manchester United 1 – 1 Arsenal

West Ham 0 – 3 Manchester United

Manchester United 3 – 0 Arsenal

Monthly Review

As usual we had a friendly against Sheffield United who are also one of our feeder clubs, the game against Sheffield was an easy match in which we took it easy.
After 9 minutes it was Daniel Russo who opened the score for us after a nice combination through the middle. Neville Allman scored the 0-2 only 2 minutes after Russo scored the 0-1 and Deumelandt brought us to 0-3 in the 21st minute. After this we tried to expand our lead even further but without any success. The 2nd half was the same as the 1st half we tried as much as we could, but we couldn’t succeed in scoring anymore goals.

Our last friendly of this season and this preparation period was against Pierikos a small team from Greece, it would turn out to be a weird match.
The 1st half granted us a few chances but we failed to make those chances pay, after 45 minutes of play time we went into the rest with a 0-0 score on the board, which made me decide to change the team around a little and tell them I expected more of them even though it was only a friendly. The 2nd half started the same poor finishing of our chances and I was afraid this would end in a 0-0. But thanks to Allman we still got to a 0-1 lead in the 57th minute, Jerónimo scored the 0-2 in the 72nd minute and only 2 minutes later Russo scored the 0-3. The last 15 minutes of the game were quite boring, as we didn’t really push forward anymore and Pierikos wasn’t able to get through our defense.

This match against Arsenal was for the Community shield and will have a special review later on.

Our first match for the Premier League was going to be against West Ham, if we would do our best, this match would grant us a spot within the top 5.
We started the match pretty well, with a few good opportunities and one of those paid of well in the 13th minute when Jan de Vries managed to tuck the ball in from within the penalty area. After this pretty quick goal we continued to create chances to get that 2nd goal, after 23 minutes our new player Ormeño scored a nice goal to place us on a 0-2 lead. The 0-2 wasn’t enough and the team continued to go forward to get another goal. It was Vélez with a great rush forward that scored the 0-3 in the 33rd minute of the game. From this point on we took it easy and tried to defend our lead. The 2nd half gave a few opportunities to West Ham but they failed to finish their chances, we didn’t get any real chances in the 2nd half and after 90 minutes of game time the score was still 0-3.

After our match against Arsenal in the Community Shield match, this would prove to be another tough match against Arsenal.
The first half would prove to be a difficult one, Arsenal managed to keep us at the midfield for quite a long time. And the times we did manage to get through their midfield, we stumbled upon their defense, towards the end of the 1st half we came very close to scoring a goal but we failed to finish that chance. After we came back onto the field we managed to play slightly better than before, this eventually resulted in the 1-0 after 56 minutes when Ceballos managed to squeeze the ball into the back of the net. 5 minutes later Vélez scored the 2-0 and this gave us a decent lead over Arsenal for now. After another period of time wasting on the midfield it was Snoussi that gave a nice assist on Russo to bring us at 3-0.
More fantastic wins Randy, and some great goals scored too! :D
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Man Utd. VS Arsenal – Community Shield

This match between Manchester United and Arsenal will be the first official match of the 2029-2030 season for these two teams. Both Manchester and Arsenal will be able to grab their first prize of the season as well. The Community Shield might not be the biggest prize either of these two can win this year, but it might give them a great boost just before the start of the Premier League. Who will win this? We will know after the next 90 minutes.

Line up

The starting 11 for today are:

Manchester United Starting 11: Ivan Palomeque – Ramón Ormaetxea – Marilia – Rayan El Amrani – Jan de Vries – Cristián Hernández –Fernando Campos – Alejandro Castillo – Morumbi – Jorge Ormeño –Joseba Vélez – Subs: Ariel León – Riadh Nefzi – Oussama Snoussi – Gregory Groenendijk – Steve Flynn – Jerónimo – Jürgen Deumelandt

Arsenal starting 11: Christian Benetti – Ray Chalmers – Elias Majewski – Alekos Tepetos – Hayden Rothwell – Stefan Ivanov – Hugo Maldonado – Luis Rojas – Greg Donaldson – José Luis Paz – Neil Walker – Subs: Karl Griffiths – Martyn Bean – Youssef Hermens – Francesco Giovarruscio – Martin Urban – Ahmedin Sisic – Mark Fraser

Match Review

1 min: We started the match for the Cummunity Shield.

31 min: Ormaetxea with a throw in towards Castillo, Castillo cuts inside runs towards the penalty area but gives a pass back to Campos, Walker intercepts the ball, Walker is dribbling forward but Campos stays close to him he tries to pass it but Castillo intercepts. Castillo runs back past the midline out plays Ivanov he keeps on going, can they stop him? He reaches the penalty area runs past Tepetos and tries a low shot towards the right corner of the goal 1-0!!!!!! Goal United.

45 min: Arsenal with the kickoff for the 2nd half of the match.

59 min: Rothwell with a ball to Ivanov, Ivanov instantly plays it towards Fraser, Fraser tries to outplay Ormaetxea, Ormaetxea gets a foot to the ball but Fraser still has it, he steps back a little and crosses it towards the 2nd post and it is Paz who hits it 1-1!!!!! Goal Arsenal and the game is even again.

89 min: Morumbi takes the corner, Amrani with the header!!! And puts it just over the crossbar.

91 min: Ormaetxea with a throw in, Castillo plays it back to Ormaetxea, he tries to cross it to the 1st post but Majewski heads it away just in front of Vélez, Hernández picks up the ball, plays it to Campos, but Chalmers intercepts. He plays it to Walker, Walker rushes forward plays it wide to Paz, Paz heads it forward to Rothwell, Rothwell with the cross Maldonado with a header!!! But Palomeque tips it over.

93 min: Walker with the Corner but it’s cleared by El Amrani.

Penalty shootout!!!!!

For Arsenal Fraser steps up, and 0-1 he placed it right and Palomeque went left.

For United Vélez gets forward, 1-1 Benetti tipped it with his finger but the shot was too hard to hold

For Arsenal Ivanovo is next, 1-2 straight to the middle and Palomeque went left a bit too early.

For United Castillo comes forward, 1-2 he shot it left and high but Benetti tipped it over.

Paz for Arsenal, 1-2 low in the right corner but Palomeque got a hold of it.

Ormeño for United, 2-2 low and hard in the right corner and Benetti couldn’t reach it.

Next up Maldonado, 2-3 high in the right corner and Palomeque couldn’t reach it.

Campos comes forward, 3-3 he places a Panenka in the left corner while Benetti went right.

Arsenal’s Walker is next, 3-3 a very slow shot which is easily held by Palomeque.

Morumbi now comes forward, 3-3 he also tried a slow shot and Benetti grabbed it.

Rojas comes forward, 3-4 hard in the top left corner Palomeque came close though.

Hernández will take it, 4-4 slow curved ball into the right corner while Benetti dived left.

Arsenal’s Majewski will be next, 4-4 a slow shot to the right and Palomeque pushes it away.

Now for United comes forward Ormaetxea, 5-4 high and hard in the left corner but Benetti almost had it.

United win the Community shield!!!!

Press Conference:

Well Randy there it is your first official prize of the year!!

Yes we did it!!!!! But it was a really stressful penalty series, both Arsenal and we came to 3-3 after the 5th penalty and then it was all or nothing the team that would miss while the other scored would grab the trophy, and we were the lucky ones.

Even though you played slightly better than Arsenal and had a few more chances, you couldn’t win it in the regular 90 minutes how does that feel?

I think we did a bad job in the normal game time, we lacked the skill to score the goals that were needed, and near the end of the 2nd half Arsenal almost scored the 1-2 but Palo made a great save.

Is it more special to win the Community Shield by beating a rival like Arsenal or would it be the same if it was Newcastle?

No this gives it an extra feeling, I mean we beat one of our biggest Rivals in a final to grab hold of a prize, so this definitely makes it better then when we would have won against a team like Newcastle

Are you prepared enough for the start of the Premier League?

In my opinion we are, but we have to wait and see, it’s too soon to judge about that.

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