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The Rise of the Three Lions

Started on 16 February 2013 by patrick1
Latest Reply on 24 June 2013 by patrick1
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Patrick begins war of words with Wenger and Ferguson

Today QPR boss, Patrick McKeown made an astonishing attack on both footballing legends, SAF and Wenger. When asked first about Wenger and the squad he currently manages this was Patrick's respose:

PM: He's a complete and utter twat. The players he is buying are shit and just not good enough for the Premier League giants. He also went onto say that the amount of years Arsenal have gone without a trophy is simply not good enough and feels for the likes of Wilshere who should move on to bigger and better things. The same goes for the Ox who has so much potential. I appreciate Arsenal's game of how they play but simply need more quality. You will not win anything with kids.

He was then asked about SAF:

PM: He's a bully and very much deluded. The way that he has a go at refs is absolutely atrocious especially if things don't go his way even when the ref has made the right decision. I love the work he's done at Man United. He's done a wonderful job but now its time for someone else to take the job and for him to step aside, the arrogant prick.
I agree with you Patrick!
A very direct verbal attack on the Premier League's longest reigning managers, I like it!

Meeting several signings

Several of the new lads had been settling in and the boss wanted to see how some of them were settling at the club and for some of them a new country. In stepped Henderson and Aly Cissokho.

PM: Hey lads. I just wanted a chat about your time here after several months of moving. Make yourselves comfortable. Now Jordan, how do you feel about your move and how you settling in London?

JH: I'm really pleased with the move. You've already shown that the club are taking a forward direction and the fact that hopefully will be part of this, delights me. I never really got the opportunity at Liverpool and hopefully will get plenty of first team opportunities. I'm liking London except the shit weather and made several mates as well.

PM: Who would you say is your best pal at the club so far, Aly?

Aly: I get on well with everyone but I'm more close to the owner's wife otherwise Ryan Nelsen whose a real joker and has taught me a thing or two when it comes to defending.

PM: Should we have another memorable season, Aly would consider making your move permanent?

Aly: Of course boss like Jordan, I've not had the best of times at Valencia since moving from Lyon and to be playing in the Premier League is an absolute privilege. I like the pace of the game which suits how I play and the quality of players like Ryan Giggs, Lampard, Aguero is amazing. Any chance of bringing Eva Carneiro as part of your staff?

PM: *Laughs* I'll see what I can do but no promises. Cheers guys.
Nice interview, yes please bring in Eva Carneiro :P
Heheehe... Who's Eva Carneiro. Cissokho will defo stay after BANGING the owner's wife lol.
2013-03-12 00:56#84350 PaukerJ : Heheehe... Who's Eva Carneiro. Cissokho will defo stay after BANGING the owner's wife lol.

Chelsea's sexy Physio ;)
Love your team meetings. They make the story interesting. Your outbursts at SWP and Joey Barton were hilarious, but otherwise unrealistic ;)

Nice dig at Fergie and Wenger. Hopefully we see a response from them. :P
lmao that was the best put down for swp :D too good
Patrick, Patrick, Patrick, you have so much to learn. Never disrespect Fergie because he'll ruin your team's life.

Wenger and Ferguson respond

After Patrick's outburst this week at both Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson both responded to these comments.

Arsene Wenger: What Patrick says is true about being trophyless for 8 years but I have won many trophies so I reckon I am safe in my job. You only have to look at what I've achieved at Arsenal. I believe in this squad and Patrick should mind his own and focus on his own job.

Alex Ferguson: I appreciate his comments about what a wonderful job I've done. To be honest I couldn't agree more and I'm sure I speak for others. As for his comment made about the bullying, other managers have a go at the ref, would they be called bullies as well? I think he should think twice about what he says in the future.
I think Fergie should stop being a twat
All this arguing :O I can see a war on the horizon
I agree with Glenn!
Aly Cissokho seems like a perv :P

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