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Vauxhall Motors - The Path To Power

Bono in football? Follow his path to power!
Started on 5 March 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 9 July 2022 by Justice
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@Rablador, they can ask for what the want :P
@k1rups, thanks pal :)
Bammm Great update well done on the CL win :P


Hi guys. It is with much regret that I announce that this story will no longer be continued. It is not because of my save, because I am really enjoying it. The reason why this will not continue is because I am no longer enjoying story writing. I have found it rather frustrating to continue this story over the last couple of months, and I have finally decided to quit.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with story writing at all. In fact, it is a fantastic thing for members to do here! It is just that I personally do not enjoy story writing and I would rather be a reader from now on. This is purely a personal decision which was difficult to make, but I needed to make it.

I would like to thank everybody for your support. You all have been great readers and have always brightened up my day with a pleasant comment about my story. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. The journey I took was a long and enjoyable one, with some fantastic memories. I will leave you now with a screenshot of Bono's Boys, and I hope that today will be a Beautiful Day for all of you!

:( Upload save? :(
Great story I'll never forget, but I know how you feel :(
RIP The Path To Power, But Long Live Bono's Boys!

One of my favourite stories to ever grace the site, nice work Justice. :D
Well. What can I say. This has been the best journey ever. From the Blue Square days to the Premier League. Well you ended it on a high tho. I remember this first starting out and I remember reading it and I have read every update from the first to the last. Euan Smith and Obi Arouno will always be in our hearts at FMSCOUT. We will miss this and we will continue to read this even tho it has finished. My Sir you have all of our respect and the tale of Vauxhall will continue in out hearts. The Path To Power has been complete and out of the 4 top stories of FM13 this tops the lot imo. You deserve all of your credit and well this has just been an amazing read.

Thank you
Great, just sublime effort you have made to keep this going for so long. I really just have to say well done and thanks for a great story!
Louis' right, you should put the save up for downloaded. This story has been one of the best. A fantastic journey. To come all the way to the Prem and win it. People forget that this takes talent on this game. I think everyone can conclude that you are one hell of a manager, sorry I mean Paul Hewson is one hell of a manager. :)
Been fantastic to follow this story since I signed up for the site, It's been a good ride and it's a shame that it had to end, but thank you for all the time and effort you've put into the story :D
Thank you all for the praise guys! I don't think I'll upload the save as I think that this story is best left as a memory :)
The Proverbial gutted... Possibly the best story on site has stopped. From the BSP to the BPL. Vauxhalls journey has been a mammoth achievement and I applaud you for sticking to it. A fantastic story with as much highs and lows as the Himalayas. Your first story. Your best story. Your only story? I'm sure I will be echoed in saying that we at FM Scout 100% appreciate the effort you have put into this gem of a story. A track record that Fergie would be proud of, Bono did it! Ending with the Champions League win was a superb achievement and a fantastic way to wrap up an eloquently written, liquid gold story. If you ever do write another story, it will have to be immense to emulate this one!

Niko we Salute You!


PPS - Duncan Aldred the Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors (The Company) has asked me to pass on his regards on an excellent achievement in bringing global success to Vauxhall. He says he will reward you with a lifetime supply of Corsas! ;)
Good god no! This was one of the very first stories I followed :( a real shame to see you leaving it but I know exactly what you mean. I stopped for the same reason but this story deserves nothing but praise and admiration.

It will truly be missed, one of THE BEST on the site hands down Nico!
Wow, what a journey. This has to be the most incredible achievement I've ever seen. Fantastic story, fantastic results. Congrats Niko :)
This is perhaps one of the worst days of FMScout, as one of the best stories has halted, but we all will remember as the best English story the site has had. Winning the lower leagues, promotions and beating a number of high teams to the ultimate prize, the Premier League. One can't appreciate it until you don't have it and even if its been a day, god damn it, I already miss it. Vauxhall Motors completed the path to power and you sir, revolutionized FMScouts stories and have inspired many now, and a lot more to come. Thank you Niko, for brining the countless effort and hours you have to put this story. A true inspiration.

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