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I Left My Heart At Cold Blow Lane - Millwall F.C.

The adventure of Millwall Football Club. No one likes them, but do they care?
Started on 18 June 2013 by Louis O.
Latest Reply on 6 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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Wellsy: I do hope to change that image, yes :P

K1rups: We'll see, we'll see... ;)

TSO: Scary as pie.

NlCK: I must admit I was going to base some of this off of your story :)
This shall be interesting. Keep it up Louis :)
Great start Louis!!!

Keep it up!
PaukerJ: ...and that's your 200th thank :)

EdenHazard: Thanks :)

American Consortium in talks

An American consortium is reportedly looking to buy Millwall Football Club after current owner John Berylson decided to sell up. The Chicago based group, known as Chicago Sport Group (CSG) have publicly confirmed their interest, but nothing concrete happened yet. It is reported they would want to bring in an American manager and American players to the club, and also trying to bring an American fanbase across the pond. The leader of the group, Joe Rivera, has spoken about his ambitions for the club if he was to buy.

"We want to make Millwall a very rich club, and we have the money and 'power' to do that. I know that Millwall fans would be interested by the prospect of our take over. We can offer Mr.Berylson a lot of money too, so everyone will be happy with our deal. My plans are to help Millwall go into the Premier League. This is an achievable goal for us."

No background details have been revealed on Rivera or the consortium, leaving speculation open to how they have earnt all the money, if they earnt it legitimately is another question. But whoever they are, it looks like Millwall have a bright future.
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Roll in the MONAY!!!
For some reason, I like pronouncing the word 'consortium'. Consortium. Hehe.
o.O So this was your big story plan. Haven't really seen a memorable Millwall story, but this is shaping up to be the first! Good luck Mr Donkey!( :P )
Padster: MONAY indeed.

Glenn: So do I, it's a funny word. Just like Avrind is.

Avrind: This wasn't actually my big story plan, ask Glenn or NlCK. This was an idea I had a while ago, and only recently popped back into my mind.

Millwall take over completed

Chicago Sports Group have officially bought out John Berylson's stake in Championship football club Millwall. The consortium, based in Cook County, confirmed the agreement to purchase the club earlier this morning. The leader of the group, Joe Rivera, has spoken of his delight to get the deal completed.

"I'm delighted to announce that we have agreed a deal to buy the club, and I am pleased we managed it without any competition too! Haha, joking aside, we should be proud that we now own a top class soccer team. Millwall fans should be proud too, because they have a great future ahead of them."

However, the club's manager Kenny Jackett is not as happy with the take over, as the former owner John Berylson was the man who brought him to the club. He has previously said that if Berylson was to sell, he would leave, but the reported transfer budget will allow him to re-shape the entire squad and will alledgedly also be given a huge new deal.

"I think it is good for the club, but not neccesarily good for me. It's certainly going to be interesting but I haven't decided any thing yet, the figures on offer will definitely be an interesting chance to sign a lot of great players, and we'll definitely do well next season. I just don't know if I want to be there."
Great takeover :D het rid of Jackett

Jackett out 'by mutual consent'

Millwall manager Kenny Jackett has left the Championship club by mutual consent. The club has recently been sold to a group of American businessmen, and Jackett made it clear that he did not want to work under the new owners. The club released an official statement on their website:

"Millwall FC can officially confirm the departure of manager Kenny Jackett by mutual consent. Kenny did a great job at our club but we believe a change is needed before we slip down the leagues once again. We wish Kenny best of luck for the future."

The board are reportedly searching for a new manager already, and having expressed interest in numerous American and Mexican players it has been suggested that the new manager may be from North America. Nothing has been announced for sure yet, but Terry Hurlock, a former Millwall favourite, has announced his intentions to land the job on a four year deal which he claims to have been offered. The board have been silent so far however, they have not revealed who is on their shortlist.
:o Who will it be? Mexican players? Carlos Fierro maybe? :o
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Suso: There you go ;)

K1rups: Maybe, maybe someone else ;)

Padster: *looks up Dennis Rodman*

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