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Ryker Jensen: The Dynasty Of Werder Bremen And Cameroon

Started on 11 May 2013 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 26 June 2013 by TheMS99
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Congrats mate, Ryker the new mourinho? ;)
2013-05-13 17:55#100567 DeanByrne1995 : Congrats mate, Ryker the new mourinho? ;)
Haha the new Fergie more like ;)

Immortality Has Been Tasted!

I looked around at my squad of 20 players. 20 men. Many were leaving this summer for bigger clubs. I had told the fans or the press but then why should I? I may be leaving as well! I walked around the dressing room and we could all here the Brondby fans chanting the names of their players but not a single pro FC chant could be heard. I shaked my head and Overgaard looked up at me almost as if he knew I was on the verge of leaving. He nodded his head I think he was going as well.

I was sad partially that the cup final started like this and even though I am desperate to jump ship I am sad that this team will only be known as a one hit wonder but I am not happy here I have a dream and FC are not part of it anymore. I have acheived promotion four years earlier than planned so what to do now? Staying here is not a possible solution me and the chairman have completely fallen out, we are done. I sent the players out for a warm up and when they had all gone I collapsed onto my stool I always sat on for team talks. FC were killing me I couldn't take it much more we were all so unappreciated by the fans and all I want is appreciation for my effort but I get none. The fans expect more of me all the time but I have already given everything it this club but they want more.... they expect more! It is not fun to be part of.

Fourty minutes later I led the team out to the cheers of the Brondby fans ho were proud to be there. FC's fans may as well of been dead they were that quite. It was like the Etihad on a good day, or worse Reading's ground. It was truly awful to be part off!

The match was sensational though! We scored twice in 10 minutes with Henningsen and Mauary scoring both from corners. But when our 3rd went in on the the stroke of half-time I was collapsed to the floor and a scream of pure passion left my mouth. A scream empahsising the suffering in silence I have had at his club this season or gone with a kick off a ball securing our trophy win! Brondby in all credit fought on and scored a penalty but several minutes later Overgaard scored a stunning goal to wrap up the match.

As the final whistle went I finally heard the songs from the FC fans and for once they did me proud! I ran over to them and saluted them. If I was to go this year I would always remember this moment. The moment mere first division team FC won the cup agaisnt all odds!

The fans wont know what they'll be missing!
Moving on to bigger, better things.

Final Months And Season Review

The final motnhs were a great time to be a FC fan with Ryker Jense leading them to the double agaisnt all odds. They smashed their opposition in the final then stormed to victory in the final leaving the rest of the country in a state of shock. FC have encounterd problems over the last few months with rumours persisting that Jensen wants to leave and players have already agreed to go it will be a tense summer for FC fans as they await to see what is happining at their club this summer in preperation for a relegation fight.

Man of the season:

As you can tell from the above image many players had a very good season and we scored lots of goals but I will have to give this award to Mads Overgaard for obvious reasons as he led my side to the double success!

Goal of the season:

This award goes to winger Henningsen who ran from his own 6 yard box, past seven opposition players and chipped the ball over the keepers head. Not many goals will be better than that!

Mug of the year:

Rasmussen who got a rating of 6.93 after 15 apperences..... Awful!

The Statement

I sat in my office overlooking the remains of the first team train for the last time this season. Many had already moved on as soon as the transfer window opened, it was not nice to watch the friction in the dressing was getting bigger no one was happy here. Apparently I was to blame. It was not ending well this season.

I sat down in my famous speech stall as it was nicknamed by the players and I poured my self a scotch. I stared out of the window and watched the rain pour down the window pane as I sat here. I was not content what so ever at this club, it was not right for me to stay, I knew a long time ago that I wanted to leave but the fans didn't know yet. There had been rumours but the board had dismissed them they had also not told the press I turned down a contract. But ever since that day the chairman had refused to talk to me and becuase of this I decided to make my own statement without him.... My time here was nearly up.

"I Ryker Jensen can confirm thaat I am looking to leave this club later this summer. I am looking to join a club with real fans that do not only cheer when we have won a cup, but fans that turn up every game no matter what. You so called fans did not do that here and for this reason many players have decided to jump ship. We no longer have a team we are without our best players, we are nothing but a sinking ship and I have done my best to get you this far but I will not drown in the reckage that you have caused at this club. You will not rot away at me and allow me to drown with you. I am to good to bhe treated like this. I have not yet applied for other jobs but I will be looking into in due time. I would bid you farewell but you guys never really said hello in the first place, you weren't here until half way through the season! I am dissapointed that we lasted so little time together but I gave you more than you ever dreamed off and you gave me nothing but abuse and greif escpecially the chairman who I have not spoken to for several weeks now. My time at this club is over goodbye."

I smiled at my statement then emailed it to the chairman, the fan spokesmen and every media outlet in Denmark. I will be headline news with in the hour. I was finally on my way out!
What a character! Nightmare for a chairman to deal with though :p
Ooof a great speech for the main man to leave on :P congrats on winning the cup and league and now you can go and carry on building your legacy!

The Last Day

I sat down in my office.... Or what was my office. I looked outside through the open window and saw fans queing outside the training ground to try and get a last view of me before I leave for the press conference. I was expecting a cold greeting from the waiting fans, as I walked down the stairs towards the awaiting fans and I was feeling slightly nervous. Me nervous? I don't get nervous but today I did this something different to what I have previously experienced.

I openend the door and the waiting fans broke out into cheers and they all gave me a happy standing ovation. I was taken back by the fans. I walked down the line and waved at every single one of them as they cahnted my name loud and proud. I opened the car door and looked back at them for the last time as their manager.

I was now immortal at F.C. My dream was one one quarter complete! I was soon to be complete.
GOODBYE VESS, VETS, eerr, VESTEJAELLAND? Still can't spell it :/
2013-05-15 15:58#101108 Louis O. :
GOODBYE VESS, VETS, eerr, VESTEJAELLAND? Still can't spell it :/
Haha thats why I now call them F.C.! ;)

The Approach

I sat at home in my new living room considering my life out of football. I knew I had to find a new club, since there was no chance I would go back to F.C. It was not in the best intrest for me or the club. So I was desperate to find a club in the Superliga so I didn't take a step back in my career. Suddenly my home phone rang and rang. I walked over to it with this weeks football results in my hand as I analysed every team in the league above.

Phone call


R= Randers FC

R: Hello is this Ryker Jensen? I am the Rnaders FC chairman.

Me: This is Ryker.

R: We have seen the recent news and saw that you have quit your post at F.C.

Me: Yes that is true. How can I help?

R: We are intrested in giving you the post as manager at Randers F.C. You can start this weekend.

Me: I accept and I will start this weekend.

R: Great news! But don't you want to know our transfer budget etc?

Me: No I am comfident I can make good of your team regardless of budget etc. I am happy to join.

Why Randers

I have decided to play as Randers becuase they had the 3rd best attack but the only issue is they conceded to many to make a challange for top three. They meet my ambitions of making an already decent team even better! The only issue is they have already played a lot of their friendlies so I will only have a short amount of time to work with them and get players in etc.


I hope to have a stable first season. By this I mean to finish in the same place at least to make sure we are not going backwards. Second season go up by one place and have a cup run. Then season 3-6 win two titles and at least one cup. It will be tought too overthrow teh top twwo teams, but if I want to be the next Fergie I have to beat the best to be the best!!!!

Oooh, Randers! I've heard of them ;)

First Month In Charge

A very good month in the grand scheme of things I thought as I sat down at my new desk for at Randers FC stadium. The baord was supportive the fans were great and I enjoyed speaking to the players. What made it all better was the fact that the team had a challenge to dream to work towards for the next 6 odd years. I could tell I was going to enjoy living and working here!

The first month went as expected with a new squad. I managed to get the team working my type of tactic which was. It is better to lose by 3 goals having a go than to lose by one defending all the time. My players are going to be willing to attack but there will be support at the back to help out the defence!

A pretty good first month bareing in mind that I did not take control of any of the friendlies so I am not judging my team on the friendlies. As for the league games I think a result of each kind is pretty decent escpecially as I was realisticly garuntead to lose to Kobenhavn and the other two results are fairly good for my team. I am delighted with my attacking force! Defensively not so good!

I have settled in well with the new team and have yet to rip into them! My previous club will be very upset that I have lost my ego ;)

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