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AlexMorak FM23 Skin - A Collection of Interesting Panels v1.3

A cocktail dark skin that has a lot of interesting panels from the FM skinning community. Made for 1920x1080 resolution but it should work with laptops too.

By Updated on Dec 03, 2022   34172 views   33 comments
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Downloads: 8100 / Size: 7.2 MB / Added: 2022-11-16
Football Manager 2023 Skins - AlexMorak FM23 Skin - A Collection of Interesting Panels v1.3
I present you a cocktail dark skin that has a lot of interesting panels from the Football Manager skinning community. A lot of them have my personal touch and some of them are created by me. Made for 1920x1080 resolution and at least 22" screen, but it should be OK with laptops or smaller screens too.

All the credits go to the creators of the panels and ONLY them:

Skin Features:

  • A lot of space to add everything you need in Home panel
  • Bigger news and logos in Inbox panel
  • A new view for Squad panel
  • More space and tabs to see everything in Player Overview panel
  • Total dark elements and a new view for Tactics panel
  • A new way to see all of your employees in Staff panel
  • New side panel and a new view for Schedule panel
  • A new way (tabs) to see all the information in a Competition panel
  • Two new views for Player Search panel and Staff Search panel
  • Tabs and a lot more information in Club Overview panel
  • You can view all the information of a stadium when you click it's name
  • Before entering a match you can see everything you need in Team News panel
  • When your match is televised you can see the XIs and the subs (licensed competitions have their own score area panels and introductions)
  • Fully customizable match tablet, just drag the lines up and down, left and right and select what you want from the dropdowns
  • You can make quick subs like the old-fashioned way


  • v1.1
    • Edited notifications color back to yellow
    • Changed staff and human's profiles, not sure if it's OK on laptops, let me know in the comments
  • v1.2
    • Various UI fixes
  • v1.3
    • Fixed player's condition icons in player's bar widget in match




1. Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as WinRar for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

2. Move the extracted folder "AlexMorak FM23 Skin - A Collection of Interesting Panels vX.X" to your skins folder: User\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\skins\

3. Run Football Manager 2023 and go to Preferences > Interface. You should see "AlexMorak FM23 Skin - A Collection of Interesting Panels vX.X" as an option in the skin drop down. Make sure you've unticked "Use caching to decrease page loading times" and ticked "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences". Hit the Confirm button.

Download Now
Downloads: 8100 / Size: 7.2 MB / Added: 2022-11-16
alexmorakgaming's avatar
About alexmorakgaming

YouTuber, Streamer & Caster
Creator of FMTGW Official Skin
Creator of Do It Like Greeks Skin

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Discussion: AlexMorak FM23 Skin - A Collection of Interesting Panels v1.3

33 comments have been posted so far.

  • arturs123's avatar
    How to make this skin a little bit transparent, because I have a lot of backgrounds and I always enjoy it.
  • erenstain's avatar
    It would be nice if we could change the background too.
  • LarsHerrie's avatar
    Like the skin, but the only downside for me is the missing subsitutions in the tactics and match day screen. Now I can't see how many subsitutions I can have for the next game and which of my players are on the bench. Would like to see that panel return like the regular default skin has
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Hello, I don't know how it takes these values. Maybe it takes some time.
  • mcswifty's avatar
    Thanks for your skin. This is my current favorite, as it has almost all the tools/panels I used back in FM22.
    I just have one minor issue, that I hope you can fix.
    AI Manager's info, like pressing style etc. does not currently correlate to their hidden attributes.
    - Example: I've added 20 to "Trigger Press" but panel still says, "Pressing Style Less Often".
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    It has to do with the opacity of the boxes and the client object viewer. But I don't know exaclty, I have never made an opaque enough skin to include backgrounds, because I never play with them.
  • Badass88's avatar
    How can I make the background transparant so I can see my background pictures?
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Fame? Where are you living my friend? What fame are you talking about? You think that we earn something? I don't even play with this skin, I have made a better one for myself. I have told you before, WE DON'T EARN ANYTHING by publishing a skin. And of course the skin that you are playing has borrowed something from another skin and creator. And of course a lot of creators have mentioned me in their credits but I don't go to their comments section to cry. As long as they give credits it's totally legal and moral. You should find yourself a life and don't create new accounts to say something stupid and wrong.
  • nicolas_om's avatar
    name me a skin without any borrowing from other authors.
    what skin are you using?
  • we_few's avatar
    There is no insulting in my criticism of you and what you have done, i've just stated that what you've done is a disgrace to the community and the hard work people put into this and what you say you have done is not as hard as you make it sound and you know that. But all you're after is abit of easy "fame"and a few pats on the back.
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    It's not that easy to change most of the panels to fit a new perspective. If you think it's easy, why don't you do it yourself? Most of the panels go back ages and are edited to work with this year's game. Some of the panels go back from FM21. Before you use hate of speech, for which I'm going to report you to the site's mods, just use your mind and answer yourself this simple question: "is he earning something for what he's doing here?" This skin and every skin all these years are distributed to my channel's community, around 8K viewers and players of the game. Post it here just make ourselves easier to follow up with updates and fixes. Please remove your comment because is insulting, or I'll ask to remove it for you.
  • we_few's avatar
    It must be easy to just grab stuff from other skins and then throw credit around to a few of those who have worked hard to make things work and then rename it and call it a collection. you are a disgrace to the skinning community and a reason why lots don't release skins anymore
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    I'm enjoying this skin, got everything I usually like in a skin, some bits and bobs I've edited myself like the tactics icon ( since I'm used to that )

    I love the match UI when you make a sub or someone scores
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    There was no edit in staff's profile because of the limitations of laptop's screens and resolutions. Attribute colors can be changed through football manager settings. Inside the game. If you mean the polygon you should find the polygon colors in skin's settings inside the folder.
  • vetza's avatar
    Thanks for replying. I would suggest you edit stuff panels a little bit, perhaps picture should be bigger (like with player profile), take a look at narigon fm23 skin as an example. Fantastic skin nonetheless, cant recommend it enough!
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    No fitness percentage, SI changed it (possibly for the better, in my opinion). I know we can get it back but it's not something I like. Inbox notifications will be fixed in the next update.
  • vetza's avatar
    Also, new inbox number (when new message arrives in inbox) is very hard to see, it would've been better if it stayed yellow.
  • vetza's avatar
    Fantastic skin, best one there is! Can you please tell me how to change attribute analysis color back to default? I'd really appreciate that.
  • BlackJesus's avatar
    Possible with % in fitness?
  • RoMbA's avatar
    Finally <3
  • Vincent_85's avatar
    Congratulations for your work, this skin is beautiful.
    The black background is really perfect for me, and the informations are very well organized.
    Thanks a lot
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Hello everybody and thanks for the comments. The pitch in tactics screen is not green because the skin is DARK. It's something that it please my eye and I cannot play with green background. For the circles of the role familarity of a player, I have to notify you that SI have removed this feature and it's about time to learn to play without it. It's the third FM that have been removed.
  • penaber's avatar
    Everything is very good but it would be much better if the tactical screen had a green background ! However, in tactics screen, how can i edit the skin to see how players are good in certain positions?
  • cristobalite's avatar
    I love this skin. This is the first time in the history of Fm i can make certain changes to players training using Player View Pop-up Panel. Thats simply ingenious. However, in tactics screen, how can i edit the skin to see how players are good in certain positions? I would like to see this feature back again please. Here is a picture of what i mean with the areas circled in red:
  • Hathor's avatar
    AT LAST ! the best skin creator ever! good job as always my mate.keep up the good work.clean skin with all the infos i want to find on my screen
    Bravo @AlexMorak

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