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Keeping Injuries Under Control on Football Manager

Facing injury problems? Follow our comprehensive guide to best arm yourself with in-depth insight that will enable you to fight injuries off and give your team the comparative advantage. Freshly written for FM 2015.

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Football Manager Guides - Keeping Injuries Under Control on Football Manager

The impact of upgrading training and youth facilities

Written by RandydeB

Everybody knows that if you join a lower league club, getting better facilities will result in players developing their skills better. Your trainers can do their job better and of course the youth coming in will also be better. But in addition to that your physios will also be able to a better job. While it sounds rather obvious, it can have an impact and has certain benefits.

Upgraded facilities what benefits do they give?

Once the facilities get better and better, your physios might be able to take care of the heavier/more serious injuries. So let’s say a broken leg, normally your player would be out for 6 months; with better facilities it could go down to 5 months maybe even 4 months with special treatment. While also having the specialist option, but that will cost money.

Next to that, better facilities will result in your physios and other staff being able to do better work. If you take a look at the Apoel facilities and Chelsea facilities, the staff from Chelsea would not be able to put out the same level of work, when they would have to use the Apoel facilities. While at the same time the Apoel staff would be able to work slightly better at the Chelsea environment.

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Another benefit is you can have more staff and more physios after some time, with more physios on your staff and the better environment, more injured players can be treated at the same time with better results.

Upgrading won’t be enough though!

Even though upgrading facilities at your club will make things easier, it is not going to be enough, as explained throughout the guide there are a lot of aspects to keep track of. Yes it will make things easier, but bad luck with injuries can still cause a lot of trouble. This will not be solved by just placing a better building.

Also upgraded facilities will not be of any use if you have an injury prone player, it will only speed up the process a little bit of getting him back out on the field. To then see him back in the sickbay again after only a single match.

At the start of the game certain clubs have the best facilities available, it might take a while before these might get an upgrade, in which case you are basically dependent on how good they really are. In addition to the staff you have at your disposal.

Points to take away:
  • better facilities will result in players developing their skills better
  • better facilities will enable your physios and other staff to do better work
  • upgrading facilities will make things easier, but it is not enough

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Discussion: Keeping Injuries Under Control on Football Manager

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  • Nyemasanya's avatar
    there are three (or four) more fundamental factors:

    1, match instruction: "Get stuck in" - the stonger your player tackle the opposition the bigger the chance that he will hurt himself too.
    2. individual opposition tackling instruction: "Hard" - the more opposition players are set to be tackled hard the more injuries your own players will pick up. Especially if you consider that the more attacking the position is usually the worse the tackling ability of the player is. I do not ask my midfilders and wingers to tackle opp. midfilders/wingers hard any more and their injuries substantially decreased.
    3, level of fitness coaching: higher aerobic coaching helps to prevent injuries to occur.

    and depending on how do you interpret what is already written in the article (was it aimed only at pre-season or not):
    4, general training level during season: setting it higher (i.e. above average) increases the likelyhood of getting injured in training
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