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Keeping Injuries Under Control on Football Manager

Facing injury problems? Follow our comprehensive guide to best arm yourself with in-depth insight that will enable you to fight injuries off and give your team the comparative advantage. Freshly written for FM 2015.

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Football Manager Guides - Keeping Injuries Under Control on Football Manager

Important attributes that may affect the chances of getting injured

Written by Feliks and Stam

In Football Manager, attributes affect almost every facet of the game and injuries are no exception. From the obvious to the tiny little details, player attributes make a huge impact on how long, and how often, a player gets injured.

The most obvious attribute to consider is the hidden attribute Injury Proneness. It's simple; if a player has a high rating there (14+), they are more likely to get injured. As it is a hidden attribute, you will require a scouting tool to find out a player's Injury Proneness; or you can estimate it after looking at a player's injury history and looking at your staff reports.

In addition, physical attributes play a major part in injuries, with the main one being Natural Fitness. Whilst Stamina is the player's fitness in a game, Natural Fitness is their fitness over the course of their career, or between matches; it is their base level of fitness. It affects how many games he is likely to be able to perform to peak physical fitness in, before becoming noticeably tired and susceptible to injury. A player with high Natural Fitness will recover from injuries quicker, and will be less tired after a short break.

Two (2) minor factors, also physical, are Balance and Strength. A low balance attribute will see the players more able to fall over, and therefore may get injured more often as they won't be able to keep their feet in a tackle. Strength goes hand in hand with Balance, as it means the player will not be knocked over as easily due to being able to stand their ground.

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Furthermore, mental attributes can be related to picking up injuries; mostly referring to Aggression and Bravery. A more aggressive player will look to involve himself in every incident and get stuck in. Braver players will risk injury more in situations a lesser-minded player may shy away from; they will go in where it hurts and lay it on the line for the team. Other less important but related-to-injury attributes can be Work Rate when lacking the physical attributes to pull it off, as well as Anticipation (when defending) and Flair (such players are likely to get picked on by the opposition).

It is also good if the player has good Technique, as that means they can execute their tackles, dribbles and passes effectively and not make mistakes, leading to them getting tackled or, if they are making the tackle, to get it wrong and injure themselves. Better players will get injured less often sometimes simply because they have the skill to execute the game properly, compared to someone who make mistakes often.

So when you go to sign a player, it's always good to check these important attributes first and get a good gauge of whether or not they will be spending more time on the pitch or on the operating table.

Points to take away:
  • injury proneness hidden attribute defines the likeliness of getting injured
  • main physical attribute that may affects injuries is natural fitness
  • main mental attributes that may affect injuries are bravery and aggression

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Discussion: Keeping Injuries Under Control on Football Manager

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  • Nyemasanya's avatar
    there are three (or four) more fundamental factors:

    1, match instruction: "Get stuck in" - the stonger your player tackle the opposition the bigger the chance that he will hurt himself too.
    2. individual opposition tackling instruction: "Hard" - the more opposition players are set to be tackled hard the more injuries your own players will pick up. Especially if you consider that the more attacking the position is usually the worse the tackling ability of the player is. I do not ask my midfilders and wingers to tackle opp. midfilders/wingers hard any more and their injuries substantially decreased.
    3, level of fitness coaching: higher aerobic coaching helps to prevent injuries to occur.

    and depending on how do you interpret what is already written in the article (was it aimed only at pre-season or not):
    4, general training level during season: setting it higher (i.e. above average) increases the likelyhood of getting injured in training
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