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Rochdale AFC: The Revolution Is Upon Us

The story of a young manager who unintentionally landed the managerial role at his favourite club...
Started on 26 October 2013 by NVDTahir
Latest Reply on 27 November 2014 by NVDTahir
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2013-10-28 21:04#140065 Liverpool5983 : Well done on the one thousand views :D

Thank you!
NVDTahir's avatar Group NVDTahir
10 yearsEdited

August - September Update

I have to admit, I've been proven wrong. My squad has proved me wrong already. We only just passed September but we're performing better than we expected!

My favourite wins so far are the 4-3 victory over Torquay who were league leaders at the time and were winning 3-2 at HT, and the win against Bury who are our fierce rivals. However, the matches that we've won so far were dominated heavily by the opponents and I'm still uncertain as to how we managed to win them, but I think a lot of work needs to be done on retaining possession.


I made a couple more signings which helped us win some of those matches:



This is the League 2 table after September:

We're performing well above expectations in the league, and by that I mean WELL above. The morale in the dressing room is very high with one exception (Peter Vincenti who handed in a transfer request but hasn't left yet). Having said that, I can't forget the league isn't over yet, we're on an unbeaten run I know... but we've got harder games coming up:


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God to see you are in promotion contention early on. Keep it up.
2013-10-29 16:36#140191 BayernAmerica : God to see you are in promotion contention early on. Keep it up.

Cheers man :)
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10 yearsEdited

JC = Justin Credible
DG: David Garrido

DG: Thanks for joining us today Justin, how are you?

JC: Thanks David, I'm great thanks, you?

DG: I'm good too thanks. So, your team's performing pretty well this season aren't they? Well above expectations.

JC: Yeah, to be honest with you, judging by their efforts in training I'm not surprised they're performing like this. It was a slight surprise at first, but clearly they're more ambitious than I thought.

DG: Which areas of your team need to be improved right now?

JC: Erm, I think we've got a great squad depth. However, we could improve slightly on our defence perhaps.

DG: Oh right, so do you have any targets in mind for January?

JC: No, not yet.

DG: What's your relationship with Chris Dunphy?

JC: It's great, whenever there's a problem we sort it out like professionals.

DG: You could not have asked for a tougher start into management could you?

JC: No, it was pretty tough. We had a disappointing pre-season and then I couldn't motivate the players quick enough. I'm glad we did well in the opening matches of the league, but I'm keen to ensure our heads remain up until the end of the season.

DG: Bearing that in mind, what are your targets for this season?

JC: I was originally looking for a top-half finish, but then after a squad meeting I decided that I wasn't ambitious enough and now we're looking at promotion or maybe even a title challenge.

DG: How big of a part do you think you played in these results so far this season?

JC: My job is only running the club, I can't force the players to play the way I want if they can't. So my part in those matches were simply the tactics and motivation, the rest was due to the players' performances and perseverance.

DG: Rochdale's iconic manager Keith Hill told us that you're his successor, and that the fans should back you up and be patient if things don't go to plan. Your thoughts on that?

JC: Haha, if I even manage to do half the things that Keith's done, I'd be more than happy.

DG: What's the atmosphere in the dressing room like?

JC: The players get along fine, any new players that don't speak English are helped to settle in... so it's all good.

DG: Can you reveal some of your tactics that you use for matches?

JC: Yeah, I use three different tactics:

With the 4-5-1 CONTROL, I instruct the team to be more expressive, work the ball into the box, pass into space and retain possession (the latter of which has been a struggle recently). With the other two tactics there are no specific instructions, but it really depends on who we play. If it's a topdog we're facing then it's going to be a more counter-attacking style of play but if the opponent has defensive vulnerabilities then we attack down the flanks.

DG: Okay Justin, thanks for your time, good luck in the future!


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NVDTahir's avatar Group NVDTahir
10 yearsEdited

October - November Update

I never thought we'd perform so well this season so far. I never imagined I'd even get a job, let alone getting my dream job and here I am at the top of the table, becoming even more of a fan favourite by the minute:

We are only four points clear despite losing two games, but I'm determined to hold onto this lead until the end of the season as the top spot exchanged hands numerous times when we drew/lost some games so it's vital we win the majority of

the remaining fixtures.


I made a couple more signings which helped us win some of those matches:


We've found our number seven at last. Yven Moyo joined my team and took up the number seven; he hasn't failed to impress since. He scored a brace on his debut and has got a total number of four goals since then. Like Esteban Lopez, Moyo

was also released by Newcastle after failing to make the breakthrough there, and like always I was ready to pounce before other clubs got to him.

As you can see, we're doing well in the league. We've only lost two league games so far, but we've won the majority of the rest... probably because of my 4-5-1 control tactic. In the first game versus Portsmouth we were level 2-2 until super-sub

Chris Beardsley came on and poached a brace in the final two minutes. In the next game versus Preston we yet again had to rely on a late injury time winner by Esteban Lopez, and we barely just drew against Dag & Red due to a volley by Jack

O'Connell. The reason for this is that we can't hold possession and we get dominated in every department by all of our opponents... including bottom-placed Morecambe. We exceeded expectations in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy but we lost 4-2

to Chesterfield in the North Quarterfinal and crashed out of that competition (despite a brace by Matty Done). Another similar result with Scunthorpe, Beardsley's brace wasn't enough to overcome the two-goal plus ten men deficit we had, but

nonetheless we're still on top of the table and I hope to keep it that way so I don't lose my job.

We've got mediocre-difficulty fixtures coming up next but like always I'm going to try and sweep all of them and get the most points that I can:


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Doing amazing mate keep it going! :)
2013-10-31 18:32#140603 DeanByrne1995 : Doing amazing mate keep it going! :)

Thanks Dean!

THANK YOU everyone for giving me 2500 views at last, I'm glad you're all enjoying this story as much as I am :D Look forward to more posts soon!!
You've been doing well so far, but don't get complacent. Kick on and get promoted :)
2013-11-01 18:40#140901 Akash : You've been doing well so far, but don't get complacent. Kick on and get promoted :)

Thank you Akash, aiming to blitz through League 2 this season
NVDTahir's avatar Group NVDTahir
10 yearsEdited

Rumours are circulating that outspoken Rochdale manager Justin Credible has declined an offer to extend his Rochdale contract which has six months to run. The reports indicate that he was not happy with the club's view on training facilities and wanted them improving, but to no avail. Other reports say that he was not content with the £900 p/w wage being offered to him, as it is a decrease from his previous contract's £1300 p/w. The chairman Chris Dunphy, who is also a former Rochdale player and now famed icon of the club was not available to comment on this. Bookmakers William Hill have announced the odds of Credible leaving his current club to manage another team in a higher division.

Odds of Justin Credible leaving Rochdale AFC: 3-1
Justin Credible managing a team in the same division: 9-1
Managing a team in a higher division: 5-2
Staying at Rochdale AFC: 13-1

The chairman of Parma FC in Italy seems to be monitoring the situation and stated he "would love the opportunity to sign Justin Credible", and the same can be said for AC Arles-Avignon in France. If these offers are tabled in front of Credible, it is highly likely that he will move on from Rochdale FC in order to keep his managerial dreams intact.


Previous Episode :9. October - November Update

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I believe you mean AC Arles Avignon, not FC Avignon :)
Yep, I don't care about all the 'will he stay?' drama :P
2013-11-01 19:59#140931 Louis O. : I believe you mean AC Arles Avignon, not FC Avignon :)

oops, edited :$ haha

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