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Red Bull Leipzig - The next Giants!

Started on 19 June 2014 by Slid3Tackle
Latest Reply on 11 August 2014 by Slid3Tackle
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The announcement

Football Club Red Bull Leipzig board is sad to announce that our manager, mister Alexander Zorniger, has decided to resign from his position as head coach, due to his poor healtch condition. We want to thank him for this beautiful years that we spent together, for his dedication and everything he has done for this club in order to get us promoted to Zweite Bundesliga. We wish you to get over this problems quickly and to come back in the World of football, where you belong!

After a long meeting between the executives of the club, we decided that we want to thank you, our supporters, for you support through the years, for filling our stadium, despite playing in lower leagues, for pushing us from behind! And the best way to do that, is to name one of you the next head coach of the club. We don’t ask you for experience in managing, you onle need to have a lciense that allows you to manage in Zweite Bundesliga and we will support all costs for you to gain the FIFA Pro License. Your application has to be formed from your CV and a letter that has to convince us why we would choose you to be our next head coach and you have to send it to our Stadium address or to our e-mail address: [email protected] .

We wish you good luck with your applications!


Hey guys,'s me again. After the Italy save corupted I decided to start a new story. Don't exepct some amazing plots and things like this, I will bade this story on the game experience.
Good luck AAN, love your stories! :)
good luck mate!
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9 yearsEdited

The letter


My name is Felix Ottovordemgentschenfelde, but it’s fine if you just call me Felix…90% of people I’ve met can’t even read my name. Why I have a name so long, I have no idea…but at leas it’s something special, as my great-grandfather has the record for the longest surname name in Germany!

I was born in 8 August 1982, so I am 30 years old. I start playing football at the age of 9, at Bayern Munich youth academy, but as you see, I am not a player now! Why?! Well, this is one of the reason why you should choose me! At age of 14 I suffered a terrible injury and the guys form Bayern threw me away like a piece of crap…not even paying for my surgery! I fucking hate them from the bottom of my heart and it would be a pleasure for me to defeat them and win the title over them in the future!

Another reason for choosing me, you should find in the picture… I am the perfect German, as Adolf Hitler would say! Just look at me… blonde hair and blue eyes, how can it be better? I know that my hairstyle is pretty unusual in the world of managers…but hey, isn’t that what Red Bull wants?

So, let’s get back to my life… at age of 16 I was finally fully recovered after the injury…but what would I do with my life now? Luckly, I am not coming from a poor family…so I had money to do whathever I want, and I choose to study Informatics, and now I am an engeneer! But beside that, I have also studied for becoming a manager, and 3 years ago, at age of 27 I gained the FIFA Pro License, so you won’t have to spend money training me!

Now, at the age of 30, I am managing a youth team from 2 and a half years…it’s the youth team of a club from NOFV – Oberliga, 5th league in Germany. I didn’t had amazing performances..but what would you expect from a 5th tier youth side?

I was born in Leipzig, and in 2009, when this club was founded I decided to go and see some matchs to your stadium, and I fell in love with this club very quicly…the thing is that you’re ver serious and dedicated, there is a lot of professionalism at the club and for sure in several years RB Leipzig will battle for the title! I just know it!

Thank you for your time, and choose me! You know that this is the right thing!
nice work! and hes called felix! thats almost my name :D
Good luck man. Remember you are a FOOTBALL CLUB not an ENERGY DRINK, lol
I'm also a bit of a Leipzig fan, so it's nice to see a story about them. Good luck, and hopefully you can become a better club than Bayern!
Great start here AAN! :-).

The Meeting


- Hello! Who is this?

- Hello mister Ottovorde.... I’m sorry.

- No problem, I’m used with it! Just call me Felix. So, who is it?

- My name is Markus Thurner and I am one of the owners of Red Bull Leipzig....

- I....oh....ihh....ok.../I almost passed out!/

- Mister Felix, you didn’t look so emotive from your please calm down. You probably already know why I am calling. Yes, you impresed us and we want to invite you to an Interview...but don’t get to relaxed, you’re not our manager yet!

-Oh my’re sure this is not a joke?

-No mister Felix, it’s not a joke! Tomorrow at 9 o’clock in the morning be at our Stadium!

-I will! Thank you very much and have a nice day!

-Have a nice day too!

This happened yesterday morning, just 15 minutes after I woke was incredible! I still couldn’t believe it abd tought that it was just one of my friends fucking with me...but what if not?! So today I was at the stadium at 8:45, where a very beautiful lady was waiting for me... it was the secretary! She invited me in and pointed towards the director’s office.

*knock - knock*

- Come in!

/I started to become very nervous...and a little scared I opened the door.../

-Hello. You must be mister Felix. Welcome, my name is Markus Thurner, you spoke with me on the phone yesterday...please take a seat!

-/So it was not a joke...I said in my mind/ Hello mister Thurner / and I sit on a chair/

-You are also on phone speaker with mister Ralf Rangnick, our General, I we read yor letter and it impressed us, but now we want to talk about more important matters.We are a young club, founded in 2009 and we don’t have so much sponsors and a big image in the media, but we are looking to changhe that...

(..................we spoke a lot, but let’s get to what is most important)

-So, Felix, if we decide to hire you,we can offer you a maximum of 4.9 m € per season for a wage budget and 800 k € for transfer budget. Are you please to work with this?

-Of course I am. But what will be our objective?

-Don’t worry, we are still a small team, I expect to stay out of relegation zone, nothing more. It’s fine with you?

-Yes it is mister, I actually think that we can do a little bit better... pretty much this is it! Thanks for answering my questions and wait for uor call! If you are the choosen one, until tomorrow evening you will recieve our call.

-Thank you and I hope that I will be the one! Have a nice day!

-Good bye Felix!

@Walter, fzemdegs, BayernAmerica, ASR-PSV, Josh_MU - thanks guys for the comments

I have to quit drinking!

So I went home and sit all day just thinking about what we talked…was I good enough to convince them? This was one chance in a life time…so I just hoped that I did well and convinced them. After few hours of hard thinking my phone rang! I answered quicly, hoping to be someone from the club, but no! There were just my friends which asked me if I want to go ot with them…I don’t know if I did the right thing, but it was huge pressure on me and I decided to go out to drink a beer..or two…or 10, I don’t really know how many were…..I don’t even know how the fuck I got home, but my friends may be responsible for that!

The next day I woke up very hard….I looked at my phone and I was shocked: 12:00 o’clock and 8 missed calls! 5 calls from my friends and 3 from the same number that called me to go to the interview….now what the fuck am I supposed to do?! Did I just missed my dream job??

I decided to call one of my friends first:
-Man, what the hack are you doing?!

-I was sleeping..what’s with so many calls? What happened?

-Don’t tell me that it’s not about you…I called to congratulate you….

-What mate? What’s not about me?

-Well….I saw at the news, today at 18:00 o’clock Red Bull Leipzig are helding a press conference to present their new head coach…I told you to stop drinking mate!!

-Well fuck! Got to go, see ya!

/ Now what the f…../



-Felix, what the fuck are you doing? I was trying to find you all the morning…

-I am sorry mister Thurner...I was sleeping. I felt sick all the night...I

-Shut up Felix! You were drunk last night, my son saw you! Felix, don’t you ever try to lie me again! Get your ass here! We’re going to present you as our new coach at 6. And go get a nice suit and I will give you the money!

- Thank you very much mister! I will never lie you again and I will be there! See you! / Oh that was close....but I still got the job!
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9 yearsEdited

Press Conference

So, as soon as I ended the call with mister Thurner I start preparing for the press conference. After a couple of hours I was ready to go, but in my way to the Stadium I had to stop to the Mall to bui a new suit, and so I did.I was now dressed in the most expensive black suit from the whole Mall and heading to the stadium. The press conference was programed to start at 18:00, but 17:00 and mister Ralf Rangnick, our General Manager was already waiting for me.
He teached me some things about how to handle media and that was it.

Good evening! You already know why we are all here, to present our new Head coach, but for sure you don’t know who it is! As I promised to all our fans, our manager is one of you...
Now, he had many applicants, but a football club may have only one coach, so the other who weren’t so lucky, please give to our new manager full support! I’n done here, I’ll let Felix talk and after that you can start questioning him.

Hello! First of all, my name is Felix Ottovordemgentschenfelde and my 30 years old. I want to thank mister Thurner and mister Rangnick for believing in me and offering me this opportunity. Obviously, some of you will say that I am to young...others will question my hairstyle and all of that..but be patient, I promise you that I’ll make this club a top one! And one more thing, call me Felix....

So, mister Felix, you signed a contract with the club..can you tell us details about it?

Yes, I was given one year contract but if we acomplish our objective, the board promised that will extend my contract. I am not going to reveal my wage!

We can understand that...tell us what is your objective?

Well, it’s nothing special...I was asked to save the team from relegation, and I am sure that I can do that! Maybe even manage to get a 11 place at the end!

I see, you want to achevie a lot, but do you think that your ambitions for the club are matched by the chairman?

I got’re talking about finances. YES! I am happy with our transfer and wage budget, but won’t make it public. I have no doubt that mister Thurner wants the club to grow and be competitive!

While some head coaches are famous for their hands-on approach, other mantain a more reserved manner with their players.How do you see your leadership style?

We have to be a family here! I want every player to know that he can come to me with any problems he has, with anything!

You stand here as the new Leipzig head coach. As a big fan of the club, surley this must be a dream come true?

Ladies and gentelmen, I dreamed of this moment for years!!

After the press conference:

Congrats Felix! You’ve handle it like a pro! Tomorrow at 8:00 ne here, you’ll meet the players and your staff. If you want to release anyone for the staff and bring your own, you are free to do it!
Good luck with Leipzig, as long as you promise never to beat hannover :P

First impressions

Today at 8:00 o’clock we held a team meeting, so I can get more familiarized with the players and the staff. I am very pleasead with my staff, exept my assistant coach. We have a solid staff and with the right assistant coach we will be much stronger…I already had a discussion with mister Rangnick about this and he gave me 3 names of assistant coaches that want to joins us:

Eddy Achterberg - a 66 years old Dutch, which was also assistant coach at Twente and Schalke and now is unemployed

Manfred Dubski – a 59 years old German, which is Schalke II’s assistant, so we will need to pay some money for him

Michael Henke – a 56 years old German which is the assistant of Inglostadt, so we will also have to pay for him.

I am not sure yet which one will I choose, but I am thinking about Eddy.

As I am a huge fan of Red Bull Leipzig, I already know the players..but when you see them in training it’s something totally different! My fisr impression is that we have a decent squad, which can acomplish their objective, but with several signings, I think we can aim for a 10 place. So, the players are ok…but I feel that we are very poor in our defensive, there we need a couple of players, and also at the midfield, as I am looking to play a deep 4-2-3-1.

As any squad, we also have our key players, and I thik that they are:

And we also have some young talents, but the one that really impressed me and I think has a great future is Niklas Hoheneder.

@ captainbrickarms - thanks for commenting mate! I promise that I will beat them :D
Good striker you have there!

My first signing!

And here comes my first signing in my career! As I said earlier, we are poor in the defensive area, so I mobilized my scouts to find me a cheap central defender that also won’t ask for a big wage and they come with a list of 5 players. From all thoose players, Alex Emenike was the one I choose to sign! The Nigerian played the last 3 seasons for VVV-Venlo in Holland’s first and second league.

At 24 years old, Emenike still has time to become a good central defender, because for sure he has big potential. At 185 cm, he is not tall for a central defender and it’s not that good in the air, but he is a very strong and brave central defender and also pretty quick for a central back! He signed a 2 years contract with a wage of 160 k euros per season.

I am also very glad hat mister Eddy Achterberg accepted my offer and now we I a very good and experienced assistant coach to work with!

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