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Paris FC: Une Ambition Capitale

Started on 15 March 2017 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 3 May 2017 by ScottT
Wow great story mate. Love the detail you do
Promotion is all but confirmed in my eyes now mate!
redvee35 Thanks!! You are free to use whatever style I use if you want

ScottT You are absolutely correct
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Paris FC crowned winners of the Championnat National after a 1-1 draw against US Créteil

13 mai 2017

After a very long and up and down season Kévin Gauthier's side have officially won the 2016/17 edition of the Championnat National. It was a special day for the club as the return to Ligue 2 for the first time since being relegated back in 2015/16.

The match against US Créteil was not particularly exciting but Le PFC were able to get the job done in a 1-1 draw. Demba Camara scored PFC's lone goal in the 81st minute. A few minutes later Créteil's Fabien Boyer answered back with a goal in the 89th minute. The outcome was no issue as PFC finished four points ahead of second place US Dunkerque.

PFC have had a very interesting season since returning to the third division back in July. They started off with a coaching change midway through preseason and followed it up with up and down season for the most part. It wasn't until late in the season that they got their groove on and rattled off five straight victories to secure the title.

This is their first trophy and league victory since winning the CFA Groupe D back in 2006.

Speaking with the media after the victory and trophy presentation manager Kévin Gauthier had this to say,"I am a bit disappointing over the result but we are champions nonetheless. With the season now over it is time to get ready for Ligue 2." Gauthier went on to talk about his contract, "I believe that I will be meeting with Pierre (Ferracci) soon and you will see me on the sideline next season."

This season could have not been as successful without striker Demba Camara. The 22 year old Guinean was a force to be reckoned with as he finished as the top goal scorer. Through 34 matches he scored 17 goals, had 9 assist and 5 player of the match awards.

With the season now over the players and staff can rest a little but not too much. Soon enough it will be time to focus on Ligue 2, where a lot of work will need to be done this summer so that there is no repeat of the 2015/16 Ligue 2 season.

Congratulations Paris Football Club!!!

Get the fuck in, back to back promotions now - calling it. ;)
Oh man i love this story..Kick those PSG's cule ;-) Can't wait for the Ligue 2 to start :-) Hopefully coming season you will take a cup and promotion Paris FC!!
ScottT We shall see man!!! I have a few targets on my radar that are willing to join and will destroy the league. If I can get in the top three it would be amazing but honestly my goal is mid table just in case things go south.

OnomaNunn Thanks man. Neither can I and I am hoping for a good cup run as money is tight and want to just upset a few big teams lol

Final Meetings of the Season

It has been two days after winning the league and I still can’t believe that we accomplished the goal. Yesterday I decided to give everyone the day off to celebrate and relax before the final aspects of the season are complete. Now today is the final day before break. For the players, it is locker room cleanout day and a few this will be their last time with the club. I told the players to report by 2 PM for the final team meeting.

I arrive around 8 am and as I settle into my office for what could be the last time, I get a call from Pierre to come by his office for a little chat. I am very nervous about this since he might tell me to pack up as well. Anyways from what I could tell this was just a review of the season. I feel I did a good job especially as we won the league so hopefully he is cool with that.

We discuss the season and he goes over the good and the bad. He seems pleased with the work I have done this year and slides me a piece of paper. He says, “Kévin I know you have been wanting to renew your contract and have been disappointed of not getting it done earlier, well I present you a new two-year contract worth €263k a year.” I ask if he can extend to three but says no so I then negotiate a lower pay for three years. He accepts and I now have a three-year contract worth €225K. This makes me happy that I can spend three more seasons here.

Later, in the day I meet with my coaching staff and reviewed the season. I liked how everyone contributed so I have decided that each current member of the staff will be here next season. It took a bit but we figured out a date for the players to return. They will be reporting back on 26 June. I felt that was a decent time for rest and early enough to prepare for the season.

The day ended with the final team meeting of the season. To say I didn’t feel sad is totally a lie. This was a great group of men who played their hearts out all season long, the sad thing is when we return in June some of these guys will no longer be here. I would love to keep the squad as is but to survive next season there must be some movement. My only hope is Demba (Camara) is not well known yet and he is with us this upcoming season.

The room is very rowdy as I come in and we all have a few laughs before getting down to business. First I tell them how proud I am and that I can’t wait for next season. With that I let them know the exit procedures and that includes exit interviews for the guys who were on loan this season and other things. Before I go I let them know that my goal for next season is to have us avoid relegation. Everyone agreed and said it will be a hard season but are ready to fight.

Well after saying my final goodbyes to some of the guys and what not it was time to head back home. It will be a nice few days of rest and doing nothing but watching tv until a date with Madeleine tomorrow evening. I am very excited for that.
Well, a top 7 finish should be possible for Kevin, just to show off
Glad you got the contract, would have been silly not to seal you down to one. Let's hope you can renew some of the loan deals and keep the players around, who knows you may get a little bit more money to be able to do so.
Michael That would be awesome, I hope thatcan happen

ScottT I probably have three or four non loans leaving as they are pissed at me but I got one loan guy coming on a free so that is good in my book
PAR Steve Pierre|18 mai, 2017|CLUB

May was a pretty good final month as Le PFC captured their first league tittle. Like in the previous month there were only two matches. You could call it a mixed month but after the victory over SAS Épinal we had already captured promotion so the final match didn't mean much.

In what was seen as a boring match PFC did enough to defeat SAS Épinal by a 1-0 score. Apoño would be the only player to score. This would also be the final match at Stade Charléty.

The party would commence in the next match up with US Créteil. The outcome did not matter due to the fact we were leading in all major categories including goal difference so Gauthier played mostly reserves and youth. Striker Demba Camara scored his 17th goal of the league to give us a 1-0 victory. Sadly
Créteil equalized in the 89th minute.

Now that the season is over and the players and staff are getting ready for vacation there are a few final events that has happened. First Eddy Lecgyne will be joining us next year on a free transfer that is to go in on 1 July. Despite having a limited role this season he was eager to stay with the club and build something special. Finally Kévin Gauthier has signed a three year contract extension.

Here is the league table as of 15 May. It is not final as the promotion playoff is still to be played.

"I am a bit disappointing over the result but we are champions nonetheless. With the season now over it is time to get ready for Ligue 2.".-Kévin Gauthier after the 1-1 draw at US Créteil

Demba Camara is names the Player of the Month once again for his goal against US Créteil. He finished the year with a league leading 17 goals!!!

With Ligue 2 play on the horizon the club is prepping for the season. You will see new and old faces. Also stay tuned for a end of season recap breaking news throughout the offseason. The boys will report back in late June.


Congratulations on the title. Hope you get a good run in Ligue 2
PAR Jean-Luc Picard|25 mai, 2017|CLUB

For Paris FC the 2016/17 will be one to remember for ages as the club returns to Ligue 2 and captured their first Championnat National title. With new management, several new faces and a drive to succeeded this season for Paris Football Club had a ton of highs and some lows. Here is the recap of the season.

A Review of the past eleven months:

When manager Kévin Gauthier took over the club things were not looking good on the inside as it seemed. Several new players joined and with him coming in late it was looking like it would be a challenging season for the capital side.

During preseason the team played really strong and included a 1-0 victory over Greek Club Panathinaikos AO. Despit the fact Gauthier had only been in charge for a few weeks the club would work well and not lose a match all preseason long. Key player of the season Apoño joined at this time as well.

In league play it was a very up and down season for the first half of the season. At one point in October the club were on a downward spiral and were at their lost point all season, in 9th place. Each matchday the table was very close and at a point until early 2017 the top three spots were open to pretty much more than half the league. Once 2017 hit things would improve for the club with a 9-3-2 record in league play. The run to the championship begain against Belfort in mid march as the club would win five straight victories, four which were shutouts.

Paris also had a very good season in cup play by exceeding expectations in both the Coupe de la Ligue and Coupe de France. In the Coupe de la Ligue PFC had upset Ligue 2 side ESTAC Troyes but sadly would lose to AC Ajaccio. In the Coupe de France the club made it to the round of 32 with impressive victories over US Ivry,Bourg-en-Bresse and the biggest of them all Dijon FCO. Sadly we would get knocked out by FC Cournon.

Match of the Year:
The match of the year was against Dijon FCO in the Round of 64. In this 2-1 victory Paris FC played the majority of the match using defensive and counter styles of play. It worked as Anthony Ribelin exploited Dijon's defense with a beautiful header in the 17th minute. Ten minutes later Demba Camara scored PFC's second goal with the second header of the game. The victory over this Ligue 1 side might be one of the best in club history.

Team of the season:


Paris FC Player of the Year:
It is no doubt that Demba Camara is the Player of the Year. The 22 year old was the key reason for winning the league with 17 goals in the Championnat National and 4 in the Coupe de France. He was been awarded the Meilleur Buteur award and was named in the leagues overall best starting XI. Congratulations to him and we look forward to his work in Ligue 2.

Goalkeeper of the Season:
Paul Charruau was awarded the leagues goalkeeper of the year. He had a very impressive season while on loan from Bastia of Ligue 1. Some highlights include 11 cleansheets and 14 wins. At this point the club are looking towards keeping him for the upcoming season, wither on loan or a transfer.

Thank you for reading this recap on the 2016/17 season. We look forward to next season as the club is looking to improve on graphics quality, more open to interviews, a youtube channel, and so much more!

The Is No Such Thing As An Offseason

It has been a few weeks since the season ended and I have not really had much time to rest. Pretty much I have been spending three days a week at the office getting ready for the upcoming campaign. It is so much different than when I managed in New Caledonia, I could easily just relax and go to the beach, here I still have to work.

One of the most time consuming parts of the offseason is the scouting and courting of new players. I attended the Tournoi Espoirs de Toulon this year along with some scouts, been reading reports from them and contacting several players. I have spoken to two players who could have joined but due to their wage demands or transfer price I decided that the best option is to wait it out. One of the two will be a free agent so I will go for them once 1 July begins.

Most of my days have also been studying the film of all the teams that will be part of the upcoming Ligue 2 season. I am trying to see what we will be facing and it looks like it will be a long season. Due to this I am looking at ways to improve the tactics by either adjusting current ones or creating a new one. I keep reviewing Red Star Paris due to the fact they are a big rival. If I lose to them no matter our position in the league, my job could be on the line.

There is one aspect of the offseason I am liking and it is part of my personal life. I have been spending more time with Madeleine. Since the season ended we have gone out a few times. The reason why is we are getting more serious and it all began on the date a few days after the Créteil match.

Usually for the past two days with her I would be wearing one of my tracksuit jackets. It is not the one with my initials but one of the more professional versions. For this date I decided to change it up and wore some casual wear from Express Men.

I was more nervous than usual because I guess you could say my feelings have gotten deeper. Tonight I was going to tell her my feelings. Well things started off good and when we saw each other she gave me a very close hug and kiss on the cheek. It wasn't one of those friendly how ya doin' type but it was one that felt sincere and loving.

We arrived to the restaurant and took our seats. She looked so damn beautiful tonight and I was waiting on the prefect moment to tell her my feelings. Usually I am not one of those guys who talks about there feeling but what the hell she is worth it. There was an awkward pause and this is where I was going to make my move.

We both say something along the same line, "There is something I need to tell you!!" She tells me to go first. "Madeleine ever since I first laid my eyes on you way back in August I have had a thing for you and it took me a long time to ask you out. Finally we are at date number, I have no clue and I just wanted to say I have some deep feelings for you, it is hard to explain but I might be in love. Her jaw drops and there is a look of shock on her face, did I fuck this up I say to myself??

After the pause Madeleine says, "Sorry for the pause I am in shock as I have feelings for you as well, I was scared to tell you because I didn't want to look foolish, but I feel the same way." We both are very happy and now I am in a relationship!!! After the dinner we stroll along the streets of the area and just talk. I walk her home after and we have our first kiss.

The date went better than expected.

Oh shit I forgot to mention Bruno Saleh. This dude is a beast of a player. A few months back we signed him to a contract and he has finally came now that he is 18. He traveled all the way from Reunion where I had a scout go to find talent. I am so hyped to see this kid play. During his time at AS Saint-Louisienne he had 9 goals in 26 appearances.

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