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Paris FC: Une Ambition Capitale

Started on 15 March 2017 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 3 May 2017 by ScottT
Last season was brilliant, Camera had a fantastic campaign so let's hope he can keep that up. As for that date, a first kiss after the number of dates you've had? Hmm, very strange.. frigid couple. ;)
Frigid? Pfffttt.....the life of a manager doesn't go over roses ;-) The guy clearly just takes his time in enjoying it to the fullest...however....what if Madeleine is more into it for the fame and fortune...perhaps she is pulling his strings and has a secret affair with Camara :-( As far as the new season goes..congrats on the first signings and i am sure that Red Star has no chance of winning or even drawing. Kevin's tactical approach and insight will guarantee at least a midtable place this season!
I predict that you just narrowly avoid relegation :P
ScottT At least Kev got to know the lady before telling her his feelings haha :P

OnomaNunn I am hoping mid table as well

Michael That is my thinking as well. I want mid table but avoiding relegation is the most realistic outcome
PAR Laurent De Gauule|20 juin, 2017|CLUB

For those who have read the teasers of the past few weeks concerning the club today we bring you some new and exciting features to Paris FC. In two seasons we will be celebrating the clubs 50th anniversary and from now until the start of the 2019/2020 season we will be incorporating new and exciting aspects to our club.

The theme for the 2017/18 Ligue 2 season is Nouvel An, Nouveau look, Nouvelle attitude. With the club returning to Ligue 2 several new changes have been aesthetically added for your viewing and streaming pleasure. From a new uniform supplier, new font and new web streaming service Paris FC has it all to compete digitally with the best of France.

The first major change is in the form of a font. After years of using several different fonts the club felt it was time to have a universal font for all documents. As seen in the ASICS preview last season we will be using Coolvetica a font in the Helvetica family.

The next major change is the clubs streaming service PFCtv. This has been in the works for the past few seasons and we are proud to finally launch it. It will be free with thousands of hours of content including, interviews, match recaps, a pre and post game show, full match replays, select live matches and so much more. PFC Television will officially launch when the club holds their first training session.

Here are the new uniforms that PFC will be wearing for this upcoming season. They will available at the team shop starting 1 July and will cost €45. With this ASICS deal the jerseys will have all official patches and sponsors just like the players on the field.

Players will be reporting back to camp in six days!!! Get ready fans as this is a new beginning for the club.
Looking really good. Love the kits and fonts
MJK46's avatar Group MJK46
6 yearsEdited
PAR Laurent De Gauule|24 juin, 2017|CLUB

The friendlies for the 2016/17 preseason have been finalized by the club. As usual the club will face five teams, three at home and two away.

The first match is against Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg, the match will take place on Friday 7 July with a 8pm kickoff.

Next the club will be hosting parent club FC Nantes. This match is set for a 12 July date and a 8pm kickoff. Profits from this game will go towards the Red Cross of France.

A few days later Paris FC will travel a short distance to face old time rivals RC Paris. This will be the first meeting in several years between the two sides. RC Paris were promoted to the CFA 2 at the end of last season. This match at Stade Yves du Manoir is set for a 8pm kickoff on 16 July.

A return home sees Paris FC face one of the giants in South American football, Boca Juniors. This should be one of the most attended matches all year long. Kickoff is set for a 8pm kickoff on 22 July.

Finally the first team will be traveling to face Belfort. Last season in the previous two meeting with Belfort a draw was had on the first meeting and we won 2-1 in the final meeting between the two clubs. This 8pm battle will take place on 27 July.

The club will look to show all our pre-season fixtures - both domestic and abroad - LIVE on our social media channels including PFCtv free of charge.

Tickets for each friendly start at a low price of €7.


Friday, 7 July
Red Bull Salzburg 8pm kickoff

Wednesday, 12 July
FC Nantes 8pm kickoff

Sunday, 16 July
RC Paris (a) 8pm kickoff

Saturday, 22 July
Boca Juniors 8pm kickoff

Thursday, 27 July
Belfort (a) 8pm kickoff

Opening Day of Training Camp

26 Juin 2017

Well this is semi awkward, today is the first day of training camp but we have a smaller squad than last year. The reason for this is because I have decided to start camp a few days before several contracts run out and what not. Those players who are staying with the club are here but those who won't were not invited.

I believe that having a earlier camp will help this club get ready for what will be seen as a very rough upcoming season. To be fair we are a decent team but I doubt we will be fighting for promotion, but relegation instead. That is no problem because I don't want this club to peak and somehow collapse at the wrong time.

Over the last few days before camp I have been negotiating with several new faces that will be joining in the next few days. They are mostly young defenders as I felt that this was the area we needed most. I have a guy coming from Newcastle in England, Anderlecht in Belgium and Dijon here in France to name a few. One really good piece of news is that Championnat Goalkeeper of the Year Paul Charruau has continued his loan spell with the club for one more season.

Before the players get ready for their conditioning test I felt it was a great time to speak with them as always. I walk in and everyone is in good spirits. The guys look ready for the season from what I can tell.

"Welcome back men we have some new faces here and many old faces so I just want to say welcome to Paris FC to those new and welcome back to those who returned from loan, You might be asking why is this a smaller group than usual. Well it is kind of my fault with doing a early start. I knew this would happen but if I get the core players here early enough we can get a jump start on everything. I want to just let you all know we have what it takes to avoid relegation this year, it will be a rough road and I am not trying to tell you it will be all unicorns and sunshine or all doom and gloom. We are going to have many challenges but I know we will avoid the drop. What do you all think?"

The players seem to react positively with my statement about survival and Captain Hervé Lybohy speaks up about it.

"I as well of a handful of you guys were in this situation a few years back. Like the last time it will not be easy and we really need to work harder this year to stay up. We have what it takes so guys lets make sure the next few weeks are on point and by the time the season arrives we are ready, but DO NOT and I mean DO NOT tread lightly until we are safe enough out of the relegation zone, even then don't get lazy."

"Thanks Hervé, like he said guys lets take these few extra days of training to be both physically and mentally ready for the season ahead. We will have a scrimmage between you all in the first team and our CFA 2 side on the second. Some of you will be on that side just to even things out. You all can now head to see the fitness coaches."

I knew going into the meeting things were going to be good. The guys seem ready for the challenge and I am happy about it. Hopefully in the next few weeks this squad gets even better with some of the new faces coming in. I am really excited for this preseason as these teams will test our will and all that. If we win or play very competitive with a few then I know we will be fine in ligue 2.
Let's hope they stay in good harmony for the start of the season. Will be a good challenge, see where you end up.
ScottT Same here I feel that the early start will be a big help as I put teamwork as my top priority in training for the first week of camp.
PAR Jeremy SATIS|2 juil., 2017|CLUB

Paris FC are delighted to announce the signing, of Kobe Cools from RSC Anderlecht, Antoine Tchang-Tchong from Dijon FCO and Macaulay Gillesphey from New Castle United. These three young men were brought in to bolster an aging defense.

The talented defender Kobe Cools became Kévin Gauthier’s first signing of the summer on 28 July from Belgian giants Anderlecht on a three-year deal. Not much is known about cools but scouts were raving about him and this lead Kévin Gauthier to take a shot on him.

Antoine Tchang-Tchong joins from Dijon where he spent most of the time with the reserve squad. He has one appearance in first team football. The 23-year-old is looking forward to playing for Paris FC and getting this club a good season.

Macaulay Gillesphey joins after spending time with Newcastle United. Before joining Paris FC he was sent on loan to Carlisle United of the EFL League Two. During his two years at Carlisle United from 2015-2017 Gillesphey appeared in sixty-seven matches and scored two goals. The 21-year-old has the most first team experience of the trio.

All three players will have an opportunity to fight for a first team spot and even a starting spot, I am very pleased to have these promising players join the club,” said Gauthier about the signings.

Despite being here since camp began Eddy Lecygne is now one hundred percent a member of Paris FC as his contract began yesterday.

Kobe Cools will speak to PFCtv later today after training. More to follow on the official club website.

PFCtv Interview with Kobe Cools

A few days ago Belgian 19 year old Kobe Cools joined the club from RSC Anderlecht on a three-year deal. We caught up with Kobe after his first training session with the club.

“Welcome to Paris FC Kobe I know you have been here a few days now, things must have been very hectic for you just recently? Are you enjoying Paris so far?”

“Thank you. Yeah everything has been a bit hectic, but everything seems to be settling down now. It feels really special to be playing football in Paris and I can’t wait to explore the city.”

“You ended a very long relationship with RSC Anderlecht by moving here? What convinced you to end that relationship and move clubs especially since you have been with the club for several years now?”

“Honestly, it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make but I am very happy to have a chance with Paris FC. From what I can tell this is a great squad and the player seem to have a great sense of community here. I hope I can make Paris FC my home for years to come.”

"What did you think about your first day of training with the club, is it different than what you experienced in your last club?"

"Absolutely it was different as I had never trained with the first team in my time with Anderlecht. I thought it was really good and the staff here know what they are doing. Each player was focused and I got a great workout."

“What are your thoughts on manager Kévin Gauthier?”

“So far I like him and feel he is going to be a great coach for me. I look forward to meeting him and his staff on the practice field. “

“So about the name Kobe are you interested in wearing the number 24??”

“Haha, yeah if that number is available I will take it.”

“Well Kobe thank you for this interview and good luck on your first day of training and good luck this season.”

“Thank you very much!”
Great signings, Cools is one hell of a guy, got the name and the looks to match ;) Jokes aside, I reckon they'll be key parts to the squad!
Great signings. The next Kobe Bryant of the french leagues
ScottT I feel he will too and I won't lie he is good looking

redvee35 You know it lol

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