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Liverpool FC - Reborn From Ashes

Started on 9 November 2018 by Jim
Latest Reply on 3 January 2019 by Justice
Another quality signing that will certainly be useful in the Prem as soon as you get there ;)
Fantastic signing. Butland will add further quality inbetween the sticks. He has a wealth of experience, as well as quality, to help your side continue their rise to the Premier League too. Very underrated piece of business, in my eyes.

Pierre Jean-Jacques Woken Up From Coma

February 3rd 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, it is official. Pierre Jean-Jacques, who has been in the NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital since October, is now "up and running". From what we know he can also speak and move around (in his hospital bed). Great news for football fans all around the world as the 27 year-old manager has now recovered from most of his serious injuries. Also, he will return to his duties sooner than everyone thought. The club's statement in detail:
"The Liverpool board is extremely happy to announce that our current manager, Pierre Jean-Jacques has been woken up from his coma. He will stay in the hospital to recover until the 10th of February where he will return to his duties as manager and will be in charge of the Liverpool - Arsenal match for the FA Cup. We can also happily say that he can talk and move without any problems."

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  • Mgriffin2012:
  • Thinking of the future! ;)
  • Justice:
  • I think I'll give them around the same playing time. We'll see.
  • Jack:
  • We've the quality to get there soon enugh! :D
  • ScottT:
  • I think we robbed them. Exceptional keeper. :)
    Thank the gods he's awoken!
    Hopefully he can now begin his road to recovery and get back to work sooner rather than later. I'm no expert, but it could still be a while until we see him on the touchline again.
    Good to have him back

    Part 1


    S: "Hello everyone, my name is Scott Carter and welcome to LFC Daily TV. Today we will be broadcasting the Liverpool - Arsenal match. I am joined by the co-owner of LFC Daily and close friend of mine, Billy McWindass. (ScottT)

    B: "Hello everyone, Scott. I'm glad to be here more than anything as today we will witness the managerial return of Pierre Jean-Jacques. Also, do not worry about copyright as we have contacted the club and they agreed on letting us do it."

    S:"Tickets for the match have been sold out since Monday, just 7 hours after they started publishing. To the best of our knowledge, Pierre has had no chance to train with the players and will soon arive just in time to take over the match. What do you think Bill?"

    B: "Well of course this is a big downside, JJ not having the chance to train the boys before the match and all but I think that he has this under control. We also forgot to mention that this will be the first match JJ will play without Joe Gomez, who was known to be a big favourite of his. How do you think we and Arsenal are going to play tonight Scott?"

    S: "Talk of the devil Bill. Liverpool's lineup has just been confirmed by the club. To my huge surprise, Liverpool will play a 4-2-4 with a very interesting starting lineup. Pope is the starting goalkeeper, Van Dijk and Wilmot play at the back, with him replacing Gomez. Randall will play left back and Trent right back. Ejaria and Diaz will play in the midfield, while Ojo plays left and Wilson plays right. Up top, a hopefully deadly duo of Isak and Solanke. Thoughts?"

    B: "Pope is the obvious choice under this circumstances. Not so sure about Wimot though. He was a rotation player a month ago. I'm not really sure he got used to starting almost every game now, especially this tough match. I'm surprised Randall plays on the left to be fair. Why would JJ bench Keita? Anyway, Ejaria and Diaz are both two walls in the midfield. Ejaria's defensive abilities with Diaz's attacking abilities will be beneficial. Ojo and Wilson at the flanks was expected. Now of course, I certainly did not expect an Isak and Solanke duo. JJ going full frontal assault on this one."

    S: "Now about Arsenal. Emery's boys will play a 4-2-3-1 with the usual XI. Cech; Tierney, Ginter, Mustafi, Bellerin; Guendouzi, Torreira, Ozil; Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang. Emery's gone with the exact same XI as his last match against Manchester City. Care to comment on this?"

    B: "Not a lot to say really. Arsenal's defence is basically a brick wall. They have conceded only 18 goals in 26 games in the PL. That does say something. Guendouzi and Torreira a combined 85% pass completion and considering Arsenal play a possession game, these two are the core of their plays. Iwobi, Mkhitaryan and Ozil have been underperforming this season so that's a good for us. Lastly, we have the man in-form, Aubameyang. The Gabonian has scored 8 goals in his last 3 games, so that's to trouble Van Dijk and Wilmot."

    S: "Okay, so, it is around 19:00 so Pierre should be having a pep talk with the boys. This will be all from us now, we will see you, when the match is about to start."

    End Of Part 1

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  • Mgriffin2012:
  • It's a damn miracle! :D
  • ScottT:
  • Naw, dude's fine. :P
  • Justice:
  • Yuuuuuuup!
    Looking forward to it! :D
    Jim's avatar Group Jim
    1 yearEdited

    Part 2

    The Return

    JJ: Okay Pierre you can do this. You may have not seen the boys in a long time but you're here now. You can do this. Come on!

    *Dressing Room Door Opens*

    JJ: "Hello everyone. I'm glad to be back. I hope you're all as happy to see me as I am to see you.

    VVD: "Boss, I'm talking for everybody when I say we've missed you. So, I know you don't like to be kept from talking so by all means, how are we gonna play tonight?"

    JJ: "Thanks Virgil. Tonight we're gonna play a 4-2-4. Yes I know this may seem weird but I've been studying Arsenal for a bit and I think I know how to break them. I do not want to be questioned about the starting eleven. I think they'll do best. Okay so, I want us to win a lot of set pieces. Just no diving. Cech's right hand is a bit hurt so if we shoot in his right side, more chances of scoring. Virgil and Wilmot, Aubameyang has lately been chopping the ball to his preffered foot so watch out for that. Randall and Trent, keep the wingers to their weak feet and by all means you do not let them cross the ball. At least minimize it. Ejaria and Diaz, I want you to clear all balls to our wingers. Ojo and Wilson, when that happens, cross the ball as quickly as possible to the box. Isak and Solanke, benefit from these crosses and also press as high as possible. Pressure them enough, they're bound to make a mistake. I want the defensive line as high as possible. We are tall so most long balls will be cleared."

    Squad: "Okay boss. No questions."

    JJ: "One last thing. I do not care if we are 3 divisions below them. I do not care if they are unbeaten for 20 games. So what? We are unbeaten 17. That means nothing. Today the team that will win is not the one that plays best, but the one that plays with the most passion. Look at these people out there. Do not think that they came for me. They came to see you play with your hearts out. They came here to see you win. They came to see you prove that we are still a passionate team. Forget all about being anxious out there. We got nothing to lose. On the contrary, we have everything to win. So go out there and make every Liverpool supporter on the world proud! Play for the crest!"

    End Of Part 2

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  • Justice:
  • Some dude who plays for Arsenal. Never heard of him. ;)
  • ScottT:
  • It's awesome! :D
    424 could be a very brave decision!
    It is a one-off game. Form goes out the window. Good luck!
    Jim's avatar Group Jim
    1 yearEdited

    Part 3

    The Game

    S: "Welcome back everyone. The game is about to start. It was great to see Pierre walk out on the field again, wasn't it?"

    B: "Even if he had a cane and his injuries are still visible, yes it is awesome to see him back. The atmosphere of the match is absolutely outstanding. Anfield is ready to witness a great match that's for sure. And the match is underway."

    8th Min:
    S: "Ginter, finds Torreira, a nice one-two with Ozil, tries to find Aubameyang but Van Dijk intercepts. Isak now, lobs a ball to Solanke who is on the edge of the box. He beautifully dribbles past Ginter, he passes to Wilson who's left unmarked. HE SHOOTS AND HE MISSES! Poor shot, right in the side net.

    B: "He has to finish those. Poor effort from a good position. Fans started celebrating before they realised the shot didn't hit the target. Onwards."

    33rd Min:
    S: "Corner now for Arsenal. Ozil, whips it in the middle, where Pope clears the ball but only as far as Torreira, who shoots on the half-volley and HITS THE CROSSBAR!

    B: "So close for Arsenal. What a shot by Torreira. Credits to him. JJ is fuming and screaming at the defence."

    37th Min:
    S: "Bellerin now. Finds Mkhitaryan on the edge of the box who crosses to the far post, Aubameyang heads the ball and VAN DIJK CLEARS IT OFF THE LINE. Arsenal pressuring Liverpool."

    40th Min:
    S: "Wilson plays the corner short to Solanke. Dribbles past Tierney, passes to Isak who's alone inside the 5 yard box, he shoots AND HITS THE CROSSBAR. How many chances are we gonna waste?"

    B: "This is unbelieveable. How have we not scored yet? COME ON GUYS!

    Half Time

    S: "Pretty even game right now. Both sides have had some good chances. We've wasted a lot. Too many. Your thoughts Bill?"

    B: "All we need is faith. The fans have certainly been helping. All the players have to do, is put the ball in the net. I think we really have got what it takes. Anyway, 2nd half is starting.

    47th Min:
    S: "Wilson for the Liverpool corner. Crosses in the far post, Van Dijk heads it, Cech spills it and ISAK SCORES. LIVERPOOL ARE 1-0 UP. WHO ELSE? THE NEW SIGNING HAS SCORED. HE SURELY HAS MADE HIMSELF NOTICED NOW!

    B: "Finally. The curse of this match is broken. Liverpool have finally scored. Great cross by Wilson, great header from Virgil. Cech did a poor job spilling the ball, Isak had an easy job to score. Liverpool Arsenal 1-0.

    52nd Min:
    S: "Liverpool corner yet again. Wilson again, crosses it to the far post and VAN DIJK SCORES. SAME CHANCE, SAME STYLE, DIFFERENT OUTCOME. VVD has doubled our lead and we do love that don't we Bill?

    B: "THE PUNISHER. THAT'S WHAT VIRGIL IS. 2 times he was left unmarked on the corners, 2 times he made them pay. COME ON YOU REDS!"

    60th Min:
    S: "Ozil now, he slips. And it looks like he's hurt. Medical staff came on the pitch. It looks like the game is over for him. Gnarby will replace him.

    90th Min:
    S: "Pope with the goal kick. He finds Ojo who controls the ball beautifully. Immediately lobs the ball for Solanke who controls it inside the box with his chest and shoots. HE SCORES! THAT'S THE DOM WE KNOW AND LOVE. 33RD GOAL OF THE SEASON.

    B: "Bye bye Gunners. Hope you enjoyed your stay on this 3 star hotel. Pun intended.

    Full Time

    S: "And that is it. Liverpool have ended Arsenal's 20 game unbeaten streak. Boys played their hearts out there. Man Of The Match award goes to Solanke."

    B: "Well deserved. Crucial for the whole match. Troubled the defenders and set up some chances."

    S: "I really do not think there was a better way for JJ to return. He reminded us of his abilities to do the unexpected. I think he's already an icon for the club. Actually, he's an icon in my heart already."

    B: "He's back. The boss is back. Deadlier than ever. It seems like he knew we were gonna win. He exploited every inch of Arsenal's weaknesses. Anyways, I'll be the first to good night you while Scott says some last stuff. Good night people, Scott."

    S: "Good night Bill. Anyway guys this was it for tonight's broadcast. Certainly an unexpected outcome. A brilliant one too. Anyway I think this concludes it. Tomorrow a new day will dawn. We knocked out the PL leaders, JJ returned and our squad is looking better and better each day. Good night everyone and thanks for keeping us company here. Scott out."

    End Of Part 3

    Comment Answering

  • Mgriffin2012:
  • It worked out didn't it? ;)
  • Justice:
  • Your "positive energy" worked I guess! :D
    Fantastic result! A great way to welcome JJ back to the club.
    SUPERB! What a win, especially against a fellow club in such good form! Now to win the damn thing ;)

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