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Localize Genie Scout and win

Updated for Genie Scout 12
Started on 7 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 17 November 2020 by Homers1993
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Hello everyone !

I've been browsing your website for quite a long time now, but never registered on your forum before now. I saw this topic and thought it might be a good occasion to join your ranks and help you in your task.

I may help you on the French langage file.

I'm ready to translate the whole English.lng in French.

Waitin' for your answer, till then, take care !
Hi Stam,

I can help to translate into Indonesian, if you still need some manpower.

I wanna apply to translation into simplified Chinese , is there's still vacancy ?
I can take Italian, if none did
I am interested in translate the rest of the swedish translation.
i can help for greek if you want.
It didnt seems to be listed above but if you would like to make it in Albanian then IM HERE guys.
I would happily translate it to SWEDISH also :)
@Sheva2nd : Are you sure you'd ask for no reward to complete the remaining 1% of Vietnamese?

@Shehzoo : We'll wait for the original translator for a bit more since French file is 99% complete already, but I'll contact you if he doesn't show up soon. Welcome to FM Scout by the way :)

@bakaten : Sure, but contact arsnby to work together on that. We allow up to 2 people per new language.

@newey : ameniste is on it. He's going very slow though, so feel free to send him a message and ask him to take over if he can't get it ready fast.

@xalphax : Same as Shehzoo, but for Italian.

@Jangan : OK, I'm assigning you to Swedish.

@marinos13 : Hopefully Castiel, who's assigned on it, can finish it today...

@cadchee : OK, I'm assigning you to Albanian.
I'm translating into Bulgarian and its about 66% Done (1400 out of 2171 lines)
Has somebody applied for translating in latvian? If no, I would be keen to as I can't donate to Eugen for free "g" version despite I have a visa.
hades91's avatar Group hades91
12 yearsEdited
Hi Stam!

I'm the one who translate Genie Scout to Vietnamese last year. I can continue update for Genie Scout 12 :)

I have complete 100% update GS12 for Vietnamese. Link download here:
I can help with the dutch translation as I see it"s not done yet, if you want
@Mitko : Nice. You're assigned on Bulgarian then!

@Decalogy : Sure, I'm assigning you to Latvian.

@hades91 : Thanks! Please PM me for the next step in order to receive your 'g' version.

@Mathias28 : I think the guys are finishing it tomorrow. Thanks for your interest though!

@momo4102 : Thanks for your interest, but we're waiting for the original translator to do the minor update needed, which applies to the 'g' version only.
The scout is released when this folks end the translation ?
I was going to help with Chinese but i see its done, i can also help a little with Japanese

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