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Localize Genie Scout and win

Updated for Genie Scout 12
Started on 7 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 17 November 2020 by Homers1993
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#36079 Eugenio_TaNoBanhovsky : #36065 zikoscheng :
Finished means everything that needs to be translated is translated. That doesnt mean, I ve tested my Work or, I ve Debugged the original English.lng.

I think your Posting is only for Stam. If there is a problem he'll update the opening Post so that everyone can see it and probably change the Lang-file they've worked on :)

I believe that when I do something, I must do it right.

In this case, I would only say I finished localizing when all this bugs were corrected, when all things were included in the original English.lng file to translate, and after I saw the Genie Scout working with my translation and tested everything to see if everything is translated and fit the GUI layout (and after comparing to the original FM and FM Editor translation).

So, I'm surprised when some say "DONE" and noboby alerts about this mistakes and things that are not included on the English.lng file. If they are not there, how have you done localizing it? And who will fix it if nobody reports it?

Hey, but that's just my opinion...

We know it will be fine. About these bugs, it also exist in GS11 but GS11 still work fine. So you needn't to worry.
Hi, I would like to translate this in Filipino

Korean 100% Done!

Sorry to be late. Forgot about Thanksgiving. LOL
Serbian translation of FM Genie Scout finished, tested (all comments welcome).

Here is the link:

Thanks to my colleague Daniel (user for assistance, this translation is result of our joint effort.
@xalphax : Please email Eugene with your Unique ID, so he can reward you with the 'g'. I provided him with link to your Italian file and he says it's done from scratch, and he wants to reward you for that.

@Mitko @zikoscheng : Thanks!

@Eugenio_TaNoBanhovsky : Thanks for spotting these mistakes mate. Eugene told me he will fix them in third version.

@fmelro : I'm assigning you to Finnish.

@momozzz : Are you the original French translator? If yes, please go ahead :)

@xgriever : I'm assigning you to Filipino.

@libreidy : Thanks! Don't forget to email Eugene with your Unique ID to reward you with the 'g' version.

@boyshane : Thanks mate! Eugene is waiting for the Unique ID of Daniel as well.
I can do hindi translation.
but I will start after 28th as I am busy right now.
I'm assigning you to Hindi.
Please Stam I want to do a Greek Translation :) I was about to propose this to you when I found that the project has already started! BTW am a member of fmgreece too
German.LNG translation finished. Comments are welcome.

Here is the Link:
@M3r$uRy : I contacted Castiel who's assigned on it and he said he should have it ready by tomorrow most likely. Thanks for your interest though.

@zikoscheng : Did Tandor help you with it at all? Please email Eugene with your Unique ID to reward you with the 'g' version.
#36440 stam :
@zikoscheng : Did Tandor help you with it at all? ...
No, i didn't got any answers from Tandor.
The danish translation is 60% finished.

We really need a bloke who can do the rest.

Anyone up for the job? :-)

Hi Stam.

I have been working with the norwegian translation, think i'm about 30% done. Sadly i'm deployed overseas friday morning, and will be unavaliable for 3-4 weeks with regards to do the rest of the translation for the norwegian language.. I have not got in contact with Vidkun_Iskariot, so i was wondering if i maybe should send you the incomplete norwegian.lng file, that can be sent to any other member that can continue and finnish the translation as soon as possible?

The other option is that i continue with the translation when i'm back, but then again, the delay will be another 4-5weeks..

@tjodolf : You could provide language file here I suppose. Zip it, upload it to 'my files' here and provide link to it. Hopefully Vidkun_Iskariot or someone else can finish the translation.
I can do the rest of the Danish translation.
Hi Sanity

I have pm'ed you.

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