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Localize Genie Scout and win

Updated for Genie Scout 12
Started on 7 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 17 November 2020 by Homers1993
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@Modric3 : Croatian is already assigned to SakyOS, but we allow up to 2 people for new languages. So you may contact him to work together.
Read the original post in whole please for details on how to translate.
Hello, stam, did you miss my post ?
hey stam, I can help with the vietnamese language. Let me know if it still need update.
Hi! stam

I already PM you a thai language file for Genie Scout. Check it please.

Hi i can help with greek language, if still needed.
@FightCat : Turkish is 99% complete and we'd want the original author to update the remaining 1%.

@caubedeptrai : Same as Turkish.

@Maximize : OK.

@EricCartman : Castiel is working on it, he should finish it soon.
#35874 stam : @FightCat : Turkish is 99% complete and we'd want the original author to update the remaining 1%.

Mm-hm, I noticed that. So please count me in in case the original author is somehow unavailable.
I can do it for Romanian.
Hi Stam.

I can help with the Norwegian translation, i see there is one other person assigned to this language already.

I'll PM Vidkun_Iskariot about his progress.

@FightCat : Alright, thanks.

@Flo19 : I'm assigning you to Romanian.

@tjodolf : I haven't heard from him in the last couple of days. You can either work on it together if he replies or you can do it entirely. I'm assigning you to it anyway, as we allow up to 2 people per new language.
Ok, that's fine.
#35851 stam : @fananu : OK, I'm assigning you on Spanish.

@MS-DOS : Only 30% left, so we allow only 1 person for languages that just need this amount of work. And since fananu asked first, he gets to do it. However, you could perhaps help trobador00 with Catalan?

Sorry, I don't speak Catalan. But just let me know if you need me for anything else.
Hi Stam,

I can help with German translation. Maybe I can help Tandor to finish it soon.

I'll PM Tandor about his progress.
@zikoscheng : OK, you're in :)
Sheva2nd's avatar Group Sheva2nd
12 yearsEdited
Can i help to finish Vietnam translation ? The Original author maybe busy at this time so he can't read this topic,I am please to help him done this translation and don't need to receive any benefit,even a thank . I really hope to share a hand with you and Eugene. Thanks!
Waiting for your reply soon.

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