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Boreham Wood - Going All The Way!

Started on 29 November 2012 by or.dabool
Latest Reply on 22 June 2013 by Kane
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Man, I have read this story from the day you started it. At least the story ended on a high, all the best for Joshua Morris.

Stay safe Or, you will be missed, I PROMISE!
Wow, it might be the lowest point FMScout has ever had. Or, you leaving us will be the worst thing that can happen to this site. I will miss you buddy and to be honest it was YOU that pushed me to do a story myself. I think that in the name of everybody in FMScout that you have the best story. I hope that you come back from the army as soon as you can and good luck mate. Cheers.
That story was great gunna definately continue this save for you...good luck with all of your future endeavours :)
Thanks for the great story or, best of luck in the future
I loved this story so much or, Thanks for the memories. :'(

I might even try and take on this save if I have enough time.
great story no one should touch the save or carry on it should be left to rest as a great memory and acheivment
Just brilliant Or. I'm talking about the story and not the end of it by the way ;)

It's been a fantastic journey with the Wood and I still remember you advertising on the first day your story came out and all the sexual suggestions it was giving. Congratulations on ending it on a brilliant note and I hope one day the real-life Wood will emulate what you've done in the game because I'm sure everyone on FM Scout now has a soft spot for Boreham Wood.

Take care in the army mate and come back to FMS in one piece. :)
Absolutely Amazing, no offense to any of the other great story writers on this site but this has to be the best story to of graced the FMscout website. Best wishes in the Army, and hopefully we will have the pleasure of reading one of your magic stories again
if u ever do another mate please make it Brisbane Roar in AUstralia haha
or.dabool... living legend!
Or Dabool, you have never changed since arriving here. I remember you being a bright, talented writer who always offered help to people and was good at making friends, here we are some five months later and you have not changed, apart from you being an admin. Anyway, I thought I'd better write a speech for you. Be warned, I'm no public speaker or a manage or any kind of motivator, but I'll give it my best shot! :P

Or, you have given your life to this site and expected nothing in return. You took criticism on the head and you vowed to be a great worker, a great leader and a great friend, all of which you became. Now you must go to the army and prove you are all these things again. You wouldn't believe this but I saw your first ever story and I used to say to Akash that "this person is going to turn out to be one of the greatest writers here" and you know what, it was a privilege to see you develop, as a writer and as a member. I would like to think I always looked out for you, gave you pointers, gave you encouragement but I realised something. You became your own man and now it is time for you to go out in to the world and forge your path, your destiny, your life.

Do not ever let somebody tell you that you cannot do something. I know you can, I have seen you perform miracles. If you have a dream, you have to protect it. You have to fight with your teeth and nails to protect that dream. You can't sit down and watch your opportunity drift past. Trust me, I know all about squandering my chances. You can't do that, you have to fight for your life when you are out there because everybody else will do the same. You want to be your own man, live your own life and have your own family, it takes commitment and desire. All around the world there will be people who will want to hurt you, given the chance. You cannot let them, do not let them. The minute you let someone else better you, the battle has already been decided. You have to fight for every god-damned inch of rubble!

When the going gets tough, remember one thing: you have all of FM Scout on your side. We are here for you and we will always be here for you. You have been a friend to me, now it is time for me to be a gaurdian for you. Never give up and remember to SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT

(Thought this video might bring back some nice memories :) )
Great words Nick. I agree with Nick, but I only saw 2 great Or stories and he was by far the best. He helped me throughout the only two stories I've made and he is magnificent person.
Nick, you are just amazing. I promise you that I will cherish every single word here!
You are my brother mate <3
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