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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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Where the hell do you find these regens, Randy? Good stuff.
2013-03-31 13:55#88661 Akash : Where the hell do you find these regens, Randy? Good stuff.
having all the leagues open
and scout all the youth intake when they become available
Randy "Arsene Wenger" Bierstekers, you have some serious scouting skills! :O
Paedo Scout Randy? :P My New Nickname for you
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10 yearsEdited
crazy story my mind is all over the place with so many transfers. what is your plan for this save? is it to build a team of super youth or just to buy anyone you see fit? players like james ward prowse and alvaro vadilla you sold for massive losses and with the loan united have to pay back how are you still managing to buy so many players each season :O im baffled haha
2013-04-19 08:13#93191 k1rups : crazy story my mind is all over the place with so many transfers. what is your plan for this save? is it to build a team of super youth or just to buy anyone you see fit? players like james ward prowse and alvaro vadilla you sold for massive losses and with the loan united have to pay back how are you still managing to buy so many players each season :O im baffled haha
The money comes from winning trophies and having nice sponsors, but with the upcomming updates you'll see where the real money will come from an what the plan is i have for the team

The 2nd part of 2018-2019

Ghana results

So It’s time to have a talk with Randy Bierstekers, who yet again showed some impressive display of tactical brilliance to lay his hands on almost every trophy there was to win, and even grabbing a win with Ghana in the Nations Cup Final.

Hello Randy, congratulations on winning the manager of the year Award!

Thank you, it seems I finally managed to grab a price I didn’t have yet.

So you lost out on the FA cup and COC but won the PL and CL, what’s your opinion on it.

Well too bad we lost out on the two smaller trophies, but winning the 2 most important ones satisfied our needs and the supporters so you won’t hear me complain, although my aim is to win the other two next season.

When we look back on all the games you had to play losing 7 games isn’t a bad result.

All in All it was a nice result, and if we can do even better? Well we can at least try to do it even better but it will be a hard thing to achieve. I mean we have a great bunch of players, but there still is the factor of luck that comes into play.

Next to a good performance with Man Utd. you also made a good run of results with Ghana.

Yes indeed, we managed to win the cup of nations which is a great achievement, we also managed to qualify for the next nations cup, so hopefully the next time we play we can win it again.

What is your opinion on the player’s performance?

I’m impressed with some of the player’s Agosto and Marilia for example did a good defensive job, Rodriguez scored 25 goals for us and there were some other players performing very well. So I hope they can continue these great performances next season.

If we look forward to the transfer period, is there anything you might want to reveal?

I’m giving Jones and de Sciglio a change to leave the club, same goes for some of the talents that have not impressed us during the time they’ve spend here. Incoming transfers are not yet in my plans, and we’ll see who we might find or sign when the time is there.

Thank you for your time Randy and until next time.
Great update m8. Can't wait for the rest!

The start of Season 2019-2020

Transfers in & out!

It was time to say goodbye to another group of players, sold 2 out of 3 of my right backs while bringing in a new right back. Jones wanted a new challenge so I decided to let him go aswell. Moises wasn’t getting the playtime he needed and had better options available same for Erol and Marcos.
The offer for Seki was one I couldn’t say no to, so he left for Barcelona.

Haydn Rothwell

A young and promising Left Back coming from our rivals Everton, we hope he will be able to progress into a nice addition to the team.

Jurgen Deumelandt

Although my scouts weren’t really impressed by this young lad, i still went for the bargain and hope he will turn out as a class player eventually. He will be playing in the 1st team right from the start this to make sure he will catch up with the rest of the team.

Ramon Ormaetxea

Ramon looks like a very interesting and above all professional player, we hope he can progress while being here into a worldclass defender.

Friendly matches and the 1st part of the Season!

We are here today, to talk with Randy Bierstekers, about the Transfer period, the start of the season and his sudden Break up with the Ghana team.

So Randy what happened between you and the Ghana Bond?

Well there were a few things along the way which we had constant argues about, and eventually it resulted in my decision to leave them, and look forward for a new challenge as a National coach.

If we look back at the transfers that are made, you have decided to let quite a few good players leave the team!

Yes indeed, the offers we got for some players were hard to resist, and other players just didn’t seem to have what it takes to be part of the team. On the other side of the market we strengthened our youth team again with some very nice young talents, like Deumelandt, Rothwell, Ormaetxea, Egan and Walker.

Looking at the friendly matches how do you think the team performed?

Well Bayern were very strong so a draw or a win could have been possible but they deserved to win if I am honest, and the game against CSA, I don’t know what happened we were in control but somehow failed to win in the end.

Something else then, your 1st two prizes of the season are already won how does it feel?

Well we had to play against two of our rivals in those cup matches so, I’m very happy that we managed to win them, it gave something extra to it and I guess the fans will enjoy it as much as we do. The shield was won slightly easier than the super cup but we won them which is the most important thing.

And what is your opinion on the season so far?

Well I have to say we are scoring like mad, so far we have scored over 90 goals and we aren’t even in January yet, so who knows where this might end. And overall having only three draws so far isn’t a bad thing either and no loses yet.

How do you think this will eventually turn out?

I’d say that we might win the Championship a bit early this year, if we of course manage to continue the way we have played and progressed so far.

Thank you for your time Randy and hope to speak with you next time
One does not simply score 90 goals before January...
Nice interviews by the way :D

The 2nd part of 2019-2020

And here we are at the end of the season, which displayed a pretty dominant Manchester United, which won every price and scored over 200 goals during this campaign. The master mind behind it is here with us today.

Welcome Randy Bierstekers and what a remarkable seasons it has been!

Hello, yes the season has been superb for us, winning every price we could win and setting a new record in goals scored also we almost managed to stay unbeaten but in the end we lost against Villa. Next to that there were some great games like the 7-4 and 5-1 win against City and the 5-1 and 5-0 against Arsenal and Chelsea.

What about the player’s performances?

Some players showed exceptional skill this season both strikers were in great form, while the defense was set up perfect by Agosto. Morumbi was responsible for a lot of actions on the field that made the opponents crazy, because they couldn’t get the ball from him.

What’s your opinion on the winning streak in both the PL and CL?

That’s hard to say, we have had quite a bit of opposition before reaching the final of the CL but so far it has gone quite well every year. The PL is going even easier, but how that is possible I don’t know, for some reason the other top teams can’t seem to have a consistent season and drop out halfway the campaign.

What are the plans for the summer?

Well I’ve planned a slightly longer vacation for the players and myself, this way they can return to the competition fresh while they enjoy this season with a deserved vacation.

And Transfers?

So far I have made no plans yet whether or not I sell some players or who will come in, that’s something I’ll be busy with after the vacation has ended. There will be some young players that might join but nothing special yet.

Thank you for your time Randy and enjoy your vacation.

Player performance!

Fabian Rodríguez

Pietro Polverino


Davide Agosto
Can I borrow Morumbi please? :D
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10 yearsEdited

Season 2020-2021 kicked off

Transfers in & out:

Michael Yusuf

Yusuf seems a bit of a gamble the scouts were very enthusiastic about him but also pointed out the problems we might come across with work permits and having no other African player in the squad at this very moment.
I hope Yusuf will eventually blend into the team and will prove to be a success in the shirt of UTD.

Marcos Roberto

One of the few Brazilian players my scouts found that isn’t a striker or attacking midfielder, I hope Marcos will turn out to be a great addition to our defensive midfield positions. At first Marcos might not get enough game time cause of the presence of Goretzka, Beasley and Croft who are all remarkable, but who knows what time might bring.

Edgardo Ceballos

When my scouts told me they found the new Messi, I laughed at them, Messi is a player together with C. Ronaldo that stand above the rest, and this young lad of only 18 is supposed to be the new one. Well he sure is a remarkable player and is very skilled for his age, but it’s too soon to say he is the new Messi or Ronaldo, all I hope for is that he will prove his worth to the team.

Rayan El Amrani

And another Amrani joins the squad, while we had Ayoub el Amrani who left 2 years ago we now have Rayan, while they aren’t brothers they are related. Rayan will be joining the under 18 team and we hope he will enjoy his stay there before he gets transferred to the first team. Rayan already seems to be slightly better then Ayoub was at the same age.

Joseba Vélez

Joseba looks like a player who finds the goal pretty easy, we hope he will develop his skills even further while spending his time in our -18 team. But with all the other class strikers around there is a change Joseba will get a chance to prove his skills on loan basis 1st.

Friendly matches and the 1st part of the Season!

And here we are again it’s almost December now and 6 months have passed since we last spoke with Randy Bierstekers who has a lot of stuff to talk about.

So Randy Last time we spoke you were planning to have a long vacation but if we look at the preparation you already were coaching again in June!

Yes I know, after the Shit performance with the Dutch team I wanted to get back into business with UTD. as soon as possible.

Any particular reason why you made that decision?

Yes, I wanted to get my mind away from the Dutch team, and there were a lot of transfers to be done, so instead of enjoying my vacation I made it a work vacation. Although my wife got a bit angry but she went on a trip with our friends so she still enjoyed her vacation after all :))

Talking about the transfers, why did you decide to let lopez go?

Well an offer of 53M is hard to resist and with Polverino and Rodriguez performing so well lopez wasn’t getting enough changes and I didn’t want him to waste his time and talent on the bench or somewhere on a couch. And with Niang and Ongenda I still have great backups available.

Powell and Ciel were different stories, Powell wanted to leave, and Ciel wasn’t part of my plans anymore since Romildo and Morubi were doing better and with Edgardo and Deumelandt as two very promising youngsters there wasn’t any space for him.

How do you think the preparation went for you guys?

Well we have no reason to complain I think, most games were won pretty easy and we even managed to beat Porto, Nice and Valencia so I’m happy enough.

The Community Shield was won again!

Yes indeed but it was harder than before Liverpool put up a very good game, and we had to rely on the penalties to grab the win eventually. It’s not something I’m happy with but better to win it eventually than to lose the game in regular time.

And the Super cup?

Well we won against Porto with 2-0 during the Man Cup and we won again with 2-0 against them during the super cup, so that was very nice.

So far both the CL and Pl are going well again, what are your expectations?

Well I hope to do even better than last year, so we hope to get even more PL points and more goals than last season and in the CL we hope to get to the final again and eventually win it.

You also brought in some new staff members what was the reason for it?

Well Mike wanted to quit at the end of this season, and some coaches weren’t always on the same line as me, and we had some open spots, so I asked some of the best people to strengthen our forces.

Thank You Randy, and the best of luck for the remainder of the Season 2020-2021

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