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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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Sensational stuff mate! Really well done on all the tournaments! Keep it up mate :)
Good to see this back :)

Preseason 2016/2017

Transfers in and out:

Staff in and out:


Morumbi looks like a very promising player, but he’ll be loaned out to Antwerp this season, because I can’t guarantee him a spot this year. While he’s at Antwerp I hope he can develop himself enough, so he might be a part of the 1st team next year.


Ciel another Brazilian Wonderkid to join our united force, at this moment he is slightly better than Morumbi so we decided to keep Ciel here for this season and hopefully he can pick up some game time. What also plays a part in the decision is that we were able to get Ciel a work permit, Morumbi wasn’t able to get one yet.

Salif Diakite

Salif will be one of the players joining our youth team, since we have a partnership with Stuttgart, they gave us all the information about Salif. After that we made a decision and took him over from them, now it’s for us to wait and see if he can live up the expectations.

Preseason matches and the 1st part of the season!

Here we are again to talk to Manchester United Manager Randy!

So Randy how do you feel the start of this season has been for you?

Well we won our own Utd. cup again during the summer preparation and the friendly’s we played went quite well. We then faced Man city for the Community Shield and managed to win 2-0. Then we went on to win our first 2 premier league matches before we faced Juventus again but this time for the Super cup. It was a though game but we won with 3-2 in extra time.

The transfers you made anything you’d like to tell us about it?

Well we got in a few nice young players, most of them will play in our -18 team, we also got 2 new Brazilian kids of which 1 is out on loan, the other is showing he’s almost ready for his 1st game.
We parted our ways with Rooney, Griezmann, Vadillo because I just wasn’t sure if they brought anything special into the team. I’m sad to see Griezmann leave because somehow we had a good bond with each other, Rooney needed a new challenge and we couldn’t cope that well, so it’s not that bad.

Do you think your team can continue their current form?

Well it will be a loooooong season so we’ll have to wait and see what’s going to happen, but if we stay focused and keep playing as we have done so far, it might be a similar season as the 2014-2015 one. But City and Liverpool have become stronger and also Arsenal seems to do very well. Guess we’ll know around April how everyone has performed, until then I just focus on my team and guiding them to even more success.
You kicked Ryan Giggs off :O you horrible man. :P
2013-03-23 15:53#86750 Glenn T : You kicked Ryan Giggs off :O you horrible man. :P
yes :( he only had 3,5 star on ball control and all his other trainer stats weren't that great either, to bad he turned out so bad

Season 2016-2017 coming to an end

And here we are at the end of a remarkable season; Randy Bierstekers has yet again, brought a huge amount of success to Manchester.

We are here today to have a talk with the Premier League Trainer of the Year, and one of the best trainers of the past 10 years. Welcome Randy and congratulations with your award of Manager of the year.

Thank you Ben Blue, it’s an honor to be called manager of the year, but I wouldn’t have become manager of the year, if my players wouldn’t have performed as they did this season.

Talking about the season, you have brought your team to every final and managed to win them all, how does that feel?

Well at some moments it was very stressful, like a penalty series against Tottenham in the Capital Cup, or the 2-2 against city in the fa cup final during FT, but winning with 4-2 in extra time. But we also had some unbelievable games this season such as Juventus and Bayern, the amount of goals that appeared on the board during those games was unbelievable.

If you ask us the journalists or fans of the game, those were one of the best matches ever.

Hehe, yes those games had an entertainment level which cannot be described 6-4, 5-1 and 7-3. If someone would have told me it would end that way, they could have taken me to the hospital to calm me down before my hart would stop from all the laughing. But the players did very well in those 3 games and gave the fans worth for their money.

Let’s get back to all the finales you’ve played!

Well the FCWC final wasn’t too hard we played Al-Gharrafa and won 3-0. The CoC final against Liverpool was very nice, beating a rival in a cup final makes it just that little bit extra special. The FA cup versus City gave us the same feeling as winning against Liverpool, but I also managed to beat my brother in law who’s their coach so that was kind of weird.

The Champions League final against Barcelona was also a nice game we won 2-0 and managed to beat the big TikiTaka club to win the most important cup of the year. The Premier League title however was decided rather quickly this year but never the less I’m very pleased with how we did.

What are your plans for the summer and transfer period?

Well since the longer preparation period seems to have given us the overhand this season, I plan to have another 6 weeks preparation, to get the players fit in time and work on the tactic and teamwork. Unfortunately we will have to say goodbye to some players as well, I was pleased with the performance of most of the guys, but with all the youngsters getting older and in shape, some of the older should make the best out of their career while they can and I can’t guarantee them a spot.

Who I will let go and who are coming in? we’ll have to wait and see I am not going into details to much yet, once the season starts it’s soon enough to talk about it and explain why I made the decisions I made.

Well that was it for this time, Randy enjoy your vacation and we’ll speak to you in 2 months time!
Good to see I get a mention :P keep this up Randy :)

Preseason 2017-2018

Transfers In & Out

Hussein Amer

Hussein is a very nice all-rounder he can play as a DMC but is also a good at the DC position. It took us a bit of time before we discovered him, but our scouts were very impressed by his skills. We will help Hussein become a better defender and hope he will succeed.

José Romildo

Another young Brazilian midfielder, of which we hope he’ll prove his worth here at Old Trafford. People might find it odd that I have bought another midfielder but with the players that are leaving we have to fill up those spots.

1st part of the season and season preparation!

The PL is yet again on its way, so we thought it was a nice moment to catch up with United Manager Bierstekers.

Hello Randy, how are things for you?

Well it’s going well, the team has been on quite a run lately, and the players we bought are showing they earned their place at United.

If you look back at the preparations, what is you’re feeling about it?

The preparation didn’t go as planned we lost 2 games and had a draw, we won our own friendly cup though, but in the end I wasn’t too happy with it. But then again it was only the preparation so it wasn’t that important, but I expect my players to at least give 100%.

How about the transfers you made?

Well a lot of our players are now showing their skills somewhere else as you might have noticed. A lot of them were still a crucial part of the team, like Martinez, Muniain, and Papadopoulos but we wanted to work with a younger squad and prove they were up for the task. And some other were hardly able to play on a regular basis so those got a chance as well to prove their worth somewhere else.

And our youth team got a nice bunch of players to perform on a great level again in the youth championship, so we hope to win that title again.

Taking a look at how the PL is going, I think you’re quite happy?

Well we had 1 loss 2 draws and the rest resulted in wins, I think that’s quite a good start and if we manage to continue in the same way, we might become Premier League winners again but City is also performing very well, so let’s wait and see how it will turn out.

You also won your 1st price of the year already is there ever going to be a moment you won’t win everything?

Haha well yes of course we won the Community Shield again, but we were lucky to do so, since City actually dominated the game more or less. And last year we already missed out on a price so I can safely say we aren’t always winning everything there is to win.

Well this was our small interview with Randy for this time.
U'll be greater than Fergie. Good luck Randy.
You're spending more than me with Schalke, that's near impossible.

Already a few Dutch superkids?
michael Ben jansen did very well so far and in my current season i have a LB with 200 pa and an AMC with 189 PA rest of the dutchies haven't been to great and one amc with 195 went to city instead
Really amazing players you have here Randy...Brilliant :P
can I have your sloppy seconds?

End of 2017-2018

Winter transfer update:

This young defender comes from our partner Santos in Brazil, and we are looking forward to see him play for United. He’s a very versatile lad, who can play at both wings, but also as a defensive midfielder, his best position however is central defender and I believe he can form a great pair with Davide Agosto.

2nd part of the Season:

We are here today to talk with Randy Bierstekers about yet another amazing season, in which they won everything there was to win.

So Randy can you tell us how you feel?

Well one thing is for sure it’s quite an achievement to yet again win every price there is to win. But in my opinion it seemed to go easier this year, compared to some of the previous seasons but then again almost everyone is more experienced now then last year.

So you’ve now won the PL and CL 6 times on a row, how long do you intend to keep the run going?

I think that winning the PL more than 6 times on a row is slightly easier to achieve then to keep that run going for the CL. The PL is all about consistency while the CL is all about getting the best result possible, if you make a mistake only once, the chance of getting into the next round drops significantly. But we will keep on trying to do our best in both competitions and hope to continue the streak.

If you wouldn’t have lost against Reading you would have been undefeated this season anything you would like to say about that?

True we lost against Reading but what if we would have won against them? And lost against someone else, or more importantly lost a more important game then one of the 1st matches of the PL? Yes of course I would have been very happy if we would have managed to stay undefeated, but the as we say in Netherland “de bal is rond” (the ball is round).

There are rumors going around you are looking for a job to manage a country next to staying manager at Utd. is any of this true?

I’m not going to give any information about something that might or might not happen in the future. If I get the chance to coach a nation I would consider it, but my work at Utd. is more important than to have a throw at winning a championship with a country.

Anything you can tell us already about the next season or nothing special yet?

All I can say is that some transfers have already been confirmed and that I decided to give the players a longer summer holiday this time around. Which I think they deserve after a season like this it also gives me some extra time to work some stuff out regarding the club.

Well this was it for now and see you next time

The start of Season 2018-2019

Transfers in and out:

As you can see it was time to let go most of the older players, including Isco, Rafael, Fabio and De Gea. For every single 1 of them I have enough youngsters around to fill up the spot.

Friendly matches and 1st part of the season:

Ghana fixtures (I started at Ghana at 24-07-2018):

The premier League has started again, so it’s time for our interview with Manchester United manager Randy Bierstekers.

So Randy to start with the transfers, you’ve been very busy this summer haven’t you?

I’ve been busy? What makes you think that?
But indeed instead of having a holiday period all I have been doing is handling transfers, we’ve seen a lot of our players leave. De Gea, Rafael, Fabio, Isco are the most well-known names but also johnny Hamilton or theodosiadis had to leave us. It’s not that I am too happy with some of them leaving but with the amount of talent we have in the team at the moment and the older guys falling slightly out of favor I had to make a decision.

If we take a look at the friendly period you lost your own competition but won all the others!

Yes that was quite unfortunate I mean losing a friendly competition which you organize year in year out is a bit screwed but never the less I think we had a good preparation overall.

The start of the season has also been quite well for you I guess?

Well we won the community shield and the super cup so you won’t hear me complain about it. Next to winning those 2 prizes we are leading the Premier League at the moment so for now I am quite happy yes, but we have to keep this run going for the rest of the season or else this good start has been for nothing.
Also the CL group stages are going very well; especially the 10- win against videoton was a brilliant display of what we can do. And since the group is still quite young who knows what they can achieve in a few years

We asked you before the summer if you were going to take a role as a nation manager but you than said there wasn’t anything going on, but yet here we are with you also managing Ghana.

True I was already in negotiations with the Ghana bond about a contract when you guys asked it, but I didn’t want to reveal anything at that time. Anyway so far we have done a decent job if you ask me, qualifying for the group stages of the nation’s cup so our next goal will be to have a throw at the cup.

Has it any influence on your job at United?

So far it’s going pretty well but as it looks now, some games will be played at the same date, so I will have to ask Mike and Rene to coach United while I’ll be with the Ghana squad.

Anything else you want to share with us?

Not really at this moment, all I can say and wish for is that we can keep up the good run while at the same time we show entertaining and spectacular football. Which everyone can and will enjoy, I’d rather go down with attractive football then to play with an 11 man wall in front of the goal to win just 1 point

Thank you for your time Randy and we’ll speak to you next time.

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