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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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Season 2021-2022 gets underway!

Transfers in & out!

Daniel Russo

Daniel seems to be the next Argentinian Superstar to join Manchester United under Randy’s lead, after Ceballos and Maldonado he’s the next to try and impress at Old Trafford. Daniel can play on the left wing and in the center, so he can play next to Ceballos or be his backup. The plan with Russo is to let him go out on a loan for a while to get some experience and then compete for a spot in the 1st team.


A young and promising striker from Brazil, Ronald will also be loaned out to gain some experience and with Rodriquez and Polverino playing very well, there isn’t a spot yet for Ronald to play in the 1st team on a regular basis. While the backups Diakite and Meeuws are also in front of him in the picking order.

New Kits and sponsors!

Home kit

Away kit

3rd kit

We are proud to announce an incredible deal with the FMscout community which is famous amongst a large group of computer games players all around the world. Also our Manager Randy is part of that community and provides them with help and advice on the game. And who can give better information than a coach from one of the best teams in the world?

The sponsor deal will earn us 60M in 4 years’ time, now this might seem a lot to come from a community site, but in the years that have passed it has grown out to be a big and profitable website and thus they decided to sponsor Man utd.

Other Sponsor deals include the Kaspersky Antivirus Company, Asus and Samsung. This will boost the options Man Utd. will have considering finances with a great amount.

Friendlies and the season start!

So it’s time again for our interview with one of the Premier League Managers and today we will have Manchester United Coach Randy Bierstekers for a nice chat about all kinds of stuff.

Welcome Randy, how has the start been so far?

To be honest it went decent, we won the super cup and community shield but got kicked out of the league cup already by Man City and soon after that we lost to Arsenal for the Premier league and again we had some trouble with Reading, which is starting to get very annoying.

Looking back at the summer a lot has happened.

True and with everything that has happened we had a shorter period of friendlies and preparations, we didn’t even have time to hold our own tournament this year so I guess that gives a good view on how much went on.

You made a lot of Transfers anything you can tell about it?

Well a lot of decent/good players have left the team this year, Adryan went to Barcelona, Clarke went to Fulham and a lot of young guys that weren’t going to get enough play time have left to try and get success at other clubs.

You also brought back Kagawa and brought in Mata with free transfers.

Yes both will get a change at our club to try and get their coaching papers and who knows if they might stay here, or leave to another club once they have their papers. It’s not that they have to stay here for a few seasons once they have those papers.

Next to all the transfers you had to deal with new sponsor contracts and you got a new contract as well.

Well I still had a contract for 2 more seasons but the board and I both wanted to extend it, so the players where sure I would stay committed to the club, and this also gives me even more time to make the club bigger.

About the sponsor deals well most of it has been released in a small press release but I am very happy we were able to get these deals through. And I hope these deals will help us in all kind of ways.

Anything else you want to reveal?

At this moment not yet, but who knows what might pop up on a later date, like becoming the England national Team Manager or something.

Thank you Randy and we look
Class kits.
I really like those kits
The kits are made by Justice and these are the results after i disliked like 7 or 8 of his designs :P
But really happy with these 3 designs in the end
2013-05-11 16:05#99753 RandydeB : The kits are made by Justice and these are the results after i disliked like 7 or 8 of his designs :P
But really happy with these 3 designs in the end
Who else?
Hey mate, such a brilliant story, as usual.....Is it possible to download ur save or your tactics ???
maybe i will look into the option to upload the save and the 3 tactics used in it
Some nice kits Randy, to go with an excellent story. Putting your tactics on would be a brilliant idea, I would certainly download, and probably use them on my United save. :P

2021-2022 the end of another season!

2nd part of the season

Player performance

Fabian Rodriguez


Davide Agosto

Steve Beasley

Best player in Europe

Ballon d’Or Winner

Randy’s opinion!
Players of the year for me where: Agosto, Beasley, Morumbi and Rodriguez who all performed very well and helped us win the title. Agosto was a real rockin the Defense but also was very dangerous during corners.

Morumbi started to show his skills as a playmaker, providing a lot of passes and dribbling actions which resulted in quite a lot of goals and assists.

Rodriguez scored a lot of goals but was injured at the start of the season, if he wasn’t out for the 1st few weeks I think he might have ended up as top scorer of both Europe and the PL but we will never know.

Beasley seems like a strange pick, but he was very important on the midfield, winning balls back and giving passes towards the playmakers, which then could continue the game.

As for the best Player of Europe I am very pleased with seeing 3 of my players topping the list, while the ballon d’Or went between Morumbi and Agosto so I can’t complain if I am honest.

Press conference about the 2021-2022 season.

Alongside us has taken place Randy Bierstekers, for yet another Interview.

Hello Randy what’s your opinion on the season as it ended?

Well we can be happy I think, we managed to win the PL and CL again although winning the CL seemed to slip away from us a few times but in the end we managed to win it so that makes me quite happy. We lost out on the capital cup but that’s not the most important price to grab or lose.

Compared to the previous season you lost quite a few more games any explanation for it?

I think the most important factor is that the opponents are starting to find ways to beat us, and while we still manage to play decent football and attractive football, it might be time to start working on other ways of playing. Just to get a new advantage over the other teams.

But still you managed to score the most goals and concede the fewest!

True we managed to beat our own record of goals scored, and still didn’t suffer too much defensively, but still the amount of goals and low amount of goals conceded didn’t help us stay unbeaten.

How do you look back on the CL games?

Well we had a few hard moments such as the games against Bayern which ended in an 8-6 game over 2 matches so that was a close one. Against city we won the 1st game with 4-0 but then lost 1-2 but still went through to the final. And against Liverpool in the final we needed injury time and extra time to grab the win.

If we look forward towards next season, is there anything you can reveal?

Yes there are a few things I can reveal, 1st I’ll be taking the spot of England manager and hope to bring back some prizes with the team. But I don’t really have a plan yet as for who will be in the lineup and stuff like that. But I do know that we have quite a few talented players to our disposal.

Also some transfers are being planned, some of the players have to go, while others are coming in but which players I can’t reveal yet.

Another thing how does it feel to see 1 of your players win the Ballon d’Or?

Well it’s a great achievement and I am happy for Morumbi to grab the price, he had an amazing season, but it could also have gone to Agosto who was also playing very good this season.

Any plans for your holiday?

Well I’ll be busy with transfers and some work for the club but I think I will have time for some relaxation aswell, and have a nice trip with my wife to some nice location and who knows what else I might have planned.

Well thank you for your time Randy and we’ll speak to you once the next season is starting
League Table
Fuckin unstoppable, aren't you haha. Another great season :D
Jheez some awesome regens there mate!! Taking you all the way to the top and keeping you there!
Brilliant regens!!!
and more will follow in upcomming updates
You've really turned United into a mega powerhouse! They were great before but you've made them super legendary, although you had to spend quite a bit of cash. Keep it up.
Nice to see your players coming second and first in the Baloon da law.

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