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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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@Glenn indeed i had to spend quite a chunk of money at the start, but i think as the seasons went on the money spend on transfers got less and less and i started to earn some money instead through transfers.
If all the money spending was needed at the start? maybe not, but guess i'll never know.

@toon yes it's a great achievement and the 3rd player, is actually an old player of mine so that somehow is nice aswell
You're making it all seem so easy! :P
it all seems easy but soon a shock will be revealed

Looking forward to the season 2022-2023!

Transfers in and out!

Youth in

Bruno Scarriglia
Bruno came from our rivals City, where he joined at the age of 16, but he never got to play a single game. When we noticed he was going to leave them with a free transfer we made work of his arrival immediately, because letting a talented player like Bruno slip to another team could be a disaster. Will he fit into the team right away? That remains to be seen but he will get play time that’s for sure.

Fernando Campos
A very talented midfielder, who will get his chance to prove himself even more while being out on a loan, because it’s too soon yet to let him play for the 1st team and he has some top players in front of him. One big benefit is that we have Maldonado and the Ceballos Cousins to help him get used to the team and environment.

Oussama Snoussi
Snoussi is a player that wasn’t spotted by my scouts in the early stages of his career. But eventually they came up with his report when at the Serbian team Napredak, and while he never played a match for their 1st team, my scouts told me it was worth the effort of trying to get him. And since Snoussi can play on the right and center defensive positions he is a very nice addition to the team. Let’s just hope he will fit into the club and culture as soon as possible.

Sean Rogers
Sean will be joining the Youth team, and will be trained to become a center mid instead, so his chances of getting play time when he joins the 1st team are bigger then when he stays a left midfielder. It will be interesting to see whether or not Sean can become one of the new Stars of Wales.

Jan de Vries
Jan played for Twente when he was still a young boy, but once he was able to go to the -18 youth team Ajax grabbed him away, promising him a better chance to improve his skills. What Ajax didn’t know was that Twente informed us about Jan aswell, unfortunately for us we were too late to grab him away from Twente before Ajax did. But this Summer he decided to come to Manchester eventually and hope to improve even more.

Aitor Soria
Soria’s reports are promising, most of my scouts tell me to get him since this might become the new Xavi or Iniesta and who doesn’t want to have the new Xavi (one of the best midfielders ever). Soria lives in Germany however and plays for Mainz, but has no German nationality.
Soria will start in the Youth team, where we hope he can progress on a steady pace which eventually will result in him becoming our best midfielder who can team up with Rogers, Santos or Campos or even Scarriglia.

Alejandro Ceballos
The younger cousin of Edgardo who came from Boca a few seasons ago and while Edgardo can play on every position on the midfield, Alejandro can play either on the left or right wing or act as a striker. One problem though since we already have a few players on those positions, Alejandro will be loaned out this season to our French friends Auxerre. So he atleast will have some play time and might improve his skills there.

Nick van Hoeven
Another player from Ajax that seemed very interesting, together with Jan he will be joining the Youth team and we hope they can help each other get used to living in England. Nick is a promising Attacking Midfielder who can also play as a Center Mid. Some people already call him the new Bergkamp, but in my opinion that goes a bit too far at this moment, but who knows who he might develop.

Alejandro Castillo
A young and very promising Portuguese player after Nani and Ronaldo there now is Castillo who is looking to be a class winger at united. However Castillo can also play as an attacking midfielder, so we will see where he will play once he is ready to leave the youth team.

And another Midfielder joining the team, Santos will be loaned out and we hope he will gain some experience when at Villarreal. But that isn’t the only reason he will be loaned out, the midfield is getting a bit crowded with the latest additions, but at the same time some of the players will eventually leave, so Santos will get his chance eventually.

Friendlies and the start of the season!

Hello Randy welcome to our studio, how are things going?

Well I can’t complain, I had a nice summer and enjoyed the vacation period, which lasted longer than usual. But work was waiting for me as well so while being somewhere on a paradise island, I was arranging transfers, make decisions regarding the English national team, and had to head home early cause of my wife giving birth to a pretty daughter.

So a lot has happened during the summer?

Yes that’s true, if we look at the transfers both Mahrous and Moysiadis left the team, and also Richards and Marlon have left us. It gave us a shitload of money, but losing world class players who want a new challenge isn’t always a nice thing. I do however wish them the best at their new clubs and may the win a few more prices during their career.

You also brought in a big bunch of players.

Yes but most of them are either for the youth team or players to fill up the spots that we had to fill up with the departure of some of our players during the summer.

How does it feel to win with these big numbers in your own friendly competition?

It were nice results, but I don’t think Barcelona or Fiorentina give it their all, cause it went a bit too easy if you ask me. But of course I am happy with winning it again and it was a nice way to check how everyone is doing and it can be used to form a starting 11 for the 1st few matches.

If we look at the community shield and super cup you had to beat 2 rivals again.

Yes indeed the shield match was against city was yet another Manchester derby and I am happy we managed to win it, so we secured yet another trophy. The super cup against Chelsea was actually a bit more special then the community shield match because the price is more important in my opinion.

The start of the seasons seems to go pretty well, although you have lost 1 match against Liverpool.

True we did lose a game, but the rest of the games went pretty well although Leverkusen and Everton did manage to grab a draw against us but so far the season is looking good and if we manage to continue this we can have another great season

And of course you grabbed the club world cup again.

Yes that was another trophy we yet again managed to win, so the record is starting to look very nice if we look at the consecutive wins.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you next time Randy
Again, only one loss, HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
So far both tactics the 4-3-1-2 and the 3-1-2-3-1 have provided me with enough goal scoring power, while defensively it's also quite decent

The end of Season 2022-2023

Results of the 2nd part of the season

England fixtures starting with the friendly against Belgium

League Table

Press session!

At first he didn’t want to join us today, but here he is never the less.

Welcome Randy and what an ending of the season!

Could we please talk about something else then the end of this season? I mean all was looking so damn well and somehow I think the team just got to cocky and was outclassed in every single Final match we had to play to win the trophies this year.

We understand it’s horrible to miss out on those three trophies, but please describe your feelings about the matches for us?

Well the season started great and also after the winter period everything seemed to go very smoothly until we lost the Capital Cup final against city through penalties. We then lost against Liverpool right after for the Premier League, but we managed to come back with some decent results.

Then the trouble started again, we almost lost against Chelsea in the FA Cup semifinal, then Arsenal almost kicked us out of the CL but went through on away goals. And then the same happened with Real Madrid. But right after the game with Madrid we had the FA cup final and were beaten again by City. Who then also barged on with the same attacking football in the CL Final and managed to win it as well.

So all in all I am very disappointed with our performance in the ending stages of the season, in which we threw away 3 important prizes and handed them on a plate to our fierce rival Man City.

So what are the consequences for the team and for you?

Well the board still has full trust in me so I don’t have to fear anything yet, the players however will be going on a Boot camp because this is something we want to prevent from happening again in the next seasons. And believe me we will come back stronger next year no matter what I have to do for that to happen.

The England matches went well however didn’t they?

So far I am happy with how my job as England coach is going, we have a nice team with Hart or Butland on goal, Jones, Smalling and Shawcross as Defenders. Midfield is filled with Powell, Hughes, Wilshere, Beasley and Croft. And up front we have Welbeck, Hamilton Hendricks and Rooney but Rooney will retire this summer so let’s hope we will find someone to replace him with like Neil Walker.

As things look now it seems you’ll qualify for the Euro league?

Yes I believe so, at this moment we are on top of the group but who knows, I certainly don’t hope a Man Utd. Scenario will happen with the England squad.

Thank you for taking time to actually talk to us Randy and good luck this summer with all the preparations you have planned.
Love it. Great transfers and great results as usual, but shouldn't you be getting bored of United by now? :P
Haha it gets a bit boring from time to time but I intend to stay for a 30 year period
after that wh knows
Some great transfers in well done! Tough finish to the season but things will come back for you

Season 2023-2024 time for revenge!

Transfers in & out!

Staff in

Youth intake

Neville Allman
Neville is a young promising striker from wales, and we are extremely happy to get him to join our youth team. While Neville is a striker he can also play on both wings, and with the new play style we are trying to accomplish, this gives nevilles playing changes a small boost.

Jerónimo was discovered at Las Palmas who had just promoted to the Liga BBVA. According to my scouts he is the same type of midfielder as Goretzka, and with Goretzka getting older and older Jerónimo might be the perfect person to replace him when the time is right. For now he will play at the youth team where we will join Soria on the midfield position.

1st part of the season!

Hello Randy and welcome for yet another questioning round.
Let’s start with the question how has Boot Camp been?

Haha :D well we organized another friendly tournament this year and invited PSG, Porto and Juventus, not the easiest of teams around. And I have to say that the hard training and the new tactic have done us well. The game against Porto ended 1-0 the games against Juve and PSG went slightly better, but the football we played was better than last year, and especially last year’s final period.

So I guess you were well prepared for this season?

Yes in my opinion we were and I think we showed that by beating City for the Community shield and beating them on the opening day of the PL. although Watford caught us by surprise, we performed very well after that with some incredible scores.

Due to not winning the CL last year you had no chance to compete for the Super cup or Club World Cup, how does that feel?

Well both prizes can only be won by the best of the best of the previous season and we definitely were not the best last year and were fairly beaten by City and their coach Ramaker. Of course it’s a shame to not have the opportunity to try and win those trophies, for yet another year but that’s football.

Looking at the Transfer period, you hardly brought anyone in, but on the other hand sold quite a lot of players.

Yes that is true, the team is fine as it is, a bit crowded actually but that’s not a problem. But there weren’t any players we really needed so that’s why we didn’t buy anyone except for 3 promising Talents and Guaita for some tutoring.

The players leaving however were some decisions I had to make, Poblete wasn’t getting any play time, Espinosa is a good player but the offer Dortmund did was too good to reject. Tacio didn’t live up to our expectations and same for Toborg and Zych. Renard was a whole different story, while he was playing like a god for 2 matches on a row, he would then play like a farmer with no skill for 8 on a row. So I was tired of his inconsistency and Barcelona mad a very nice offer.

You also brought in a few new staff members?

True Tasos has great experience as a player and has a great influence on kids so he is a very nice addition to the team, and Rapetti was a nice addition towards the fitness team which I could use.

What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Win everything we can win and prove last year was just an unlucky turn of events, which we hopefully can leave behind us when we reach the final again.

Thank you for your time Randy and good luck with the rest of the season!
Great start to the season, wonder how many trophies will be won by the Red Devils this time around. :)

2023-2024 end of the season

Remaing part of the season

Press conference!
With us today is Randy Bierstekers the successful manager of Man Utd. and also the English national team.

So Randy you are back with a winning team it seems!

So it seems, this season we only lost 2 games, one against Watford and one against City, we had quite a few draws but that’s’ better than losing. But even though we seem to be back on top in every league and competition, we did concede quite a lot of goals from time to time.

The finals you had to play weren’t the easiest and neither was the semifinal of the CL.

The Champions League semifinal was a close one in the end with city winning the return with 4-3 but we went through with a 6-4 score over two games, so that certainly got a bit close. The finals we had to play against Chelsea Liverpool and Bayern and in my opinion the match against Bayern was the hardest, because the match could have gone both ways if you ask me. But in the end I am very happy with winning all 3 of the trophies and it shows that last year was just a year full of bad luck, and an underperforming team.

You also had to manage the England squad during the last few weeks of the season how did that go?

Well we qualified for the European Championship and were placed in a group with Russia, Switzerland and Turkey. We won the first two matches but lost against Turkey who gave it their all in the last 5 minutes to score the winning goal.

We then faced Ukraine and won the match with 2-0 which led us to the quarter final were we had to face France and the French team was filled with players I know for a long time now. Zouma, Niang, Ongenda, Rabiot, Renard and Varane were in the starting 11 so that would be a tough match, but on the other hand I knew most of their weaknesses so it gives us a slight advantage which led to a 2-0 win.

Croatia was our next opponent in the Semi Final and if I am honest this was the hardest game of the entire championship, their defense was so hard to crack and their counters proved to be very dangerous. In the end we managed to score the 1-0 out of a corner and the goal came from Jones.

In the Final we faced The Netherlands who finally seemed to be able to hit a ball decent enough to actually reach a final. But in the final they seemed no match for us and the 3-0 could have been an even higher score if we look towards the chances we had in that match. But I’m very happy that we managed to defeat them and win the European Championship.

So the next step will be the World Championship with England?

Well we certainly will try to qualify us for the World cup, and once we managed to have done so, I hope to aim for a spot with the last 8 of the Championship. Everything beyond that point would be a great achievement.

What about the coming summer?

Well I think it’s best if we continue with a good and decent preparation for the next season, so we can once again compete with a fresh and eager team on every tournament and aim to win the trophy again. Transfers and stuff like that won’t be revealed yet, and not all transfers are completely finished yet so I won’t go into detail yet.

Thanks for your time Randy and enjoy your holiday.
Another amazing season! Well done on winning with the national team as well! Great to see the dominance is back

Season 2024-2025 time for some cleaning up.

Construction of Bierstekers Stadium starts, after Fitzgerald taking over from the Glazers
We are here today with Manchester United Legends Randy Bierstekers and Sir Alex Ferguson joining them is the new owner of the club Dan Fitzgerald.

So Mr. Ferguson how does it feel for you to see Manchester United getting a new Stadium?

I think it’s something that is needed after a long period at Old Trafford. There hardly was any options left to expand the Stadium and with the new Stadium which will be build, there are going to be much more possibilities for all kinds of stuff.

But even though you’re a legend it gets the name of your successor Randy.

Well I think it’s something he deserves to be honest. He began with something I left behind, but perfected it and gave United even more fame and worldwide reputation. Next to that he filled the prize cabinet even more and with more prizes then I managed to win for United.

But you had to build up United to what it was when Randy took over.

That might be true but I still think he deserves this. And well there still is a surprise mister Fitzgerald will reveal.

Mister Fitzgerald, you are the new owner and instantly financed the building of this new complex.

Yes that is true, the old facilities and stadium where still good but we wanted to show we want the best for our players and fans, so a new stadium with over 20000 more seats and a new training facility are going to be constructed.

Once those are done we will start with the creation of a new and improved United Museum which will also get Sir Alex his Statue in front of it. And will also get his name in it, while the stadium will be named after Randy.

We thought this was a nice compromise to honor these two legends, and once that is all done who knows what might follow in the future. Like a United amusement park or United football fields for young kids to play on.

And Randy how does this feel for you?

It’s truly an honor to see this new stadium get my name after such a successful period at this amazing club, and while in my opinion the name of Sir Alex would have also been a great decision, I am happy they chose my name over him.

What does this mean for the future and for Old Trafford?

Well we will still play our games at Old Trafford this season but we hope to be able to start and play our games at Bierstekers stadium after the summer of 2025. And after that Old Trafford will be transformed into something else I guess. But only the investment group that took over Old Trafford will know.

Thank you gentlemen for your time and Randy we will speak to you soon enough I guess?
Guess we will.

1st part of the season

Hello again Randy, thank for taking some time for us to talk about the 1st part of this season.

Yes hello and it’s always an honor to be here.

So how did the season start in your opinion?

The start was a tough one to be honest, we didn’t really start as well as I would have hoped we would, the friendly against Barcelona was a close one and same goes for the match against Sheffield United. Seems the players and I weren’t really ready for it yet.
You did however win the Community Shield and Super cup!

Well yes we did win it but it wasn’t easy, City was finally beaten after a penalty shootout but they did dominate most of the game. So I wasn’t satisfied with how that match went. Then the game against Napoli for the Super cup came up and we struggled again, the game was equally divided but it could have ended the other way around.

So if we look back at it will you make changes to the team or the tactics you use?

At this moment we will continue with the way we are operating and playing this game, last year it worked pretty well the way we played so I don’t see a reason to change after 2 slightly less played matches. And that it works was shown with the 7-1 win against Watford, and the 5-0 wins against Sheffield and West Brom.

Looking at the transfers then, you brought in 3 unknown old players and 3 decent talents but sold quite a few of your key players?

Paco, Rodriguez and Polyzos, are 3 players that are retiring but where recommended to me as excellent staff members, that’s why we contracted them, so they can train here and play for the reserves to stay fit and at the same time get their trainers license.

About the players leaving, I might have made some mistakes with agreeing some deals, if I look at the squad Atletico Madrid now has quite a few of my old players are now playing there. But then again I was willing to let them go to new clubs and give them the option to prove their skills elsewhere. While we have a lot of new youngsters from the youth team, coming into the 1st squad at the moment, that can replace the players which we sold.

What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Well trying to win the Club world Cup is one of them, and of course the Champions League and Premier League title are the most important ones to win again this year. But I also have to focus on my job at the National team, cause the Confederations cup has to be played as well, so that’s also a price where my attention goes to.

Thank you Randy for your time.

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