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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
Latest Reply on 23 July 2013 by RandydeB
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Yes, just caught up, but nice finally getting a new stadium after your name! But, isn't Sir Alex dead, or shouldn't be in these situations with interviews?
Sir Alex still stayed at the club but hardly in any active role.
he now is 84 years old, and we asked if he wanted to be part of the interview cause the Museam would get his name, or that he wanted to stay at home with his lovely wife.
He decided he would give one last small interview

Season 2024-2025 has come to an end.

Welcome Randy,

So you’re once again Premier League Champion’s congratulations!

Yes thank you, it wasn’t really close either this year, we eventually won with a gap of 16 points and 3 of the 5 draws where after the winter period so it’s safe to say we won it pretty easy. My congratulations go to Watford however who ended 4th this year in front of Liverpool and Chelsea.

Well you say it went easy but you did lose some important games didn’t you?

Guess you are revering to the Capital and FA cup well we lost against the number 2 and number 4 of the competition, and of course we might have won them if we played better, but we shouldn’t under estimate City and Watford they played very good as well.

You won the most important prize though!

True we were able to snatch away the Champions League again from our rivals Manchester City. And while the game was actually dominated by City we were just better at finishing the chances we got in this game. And maybe people want to see the team dominating the game win the trophy but I think some credit has to go to the team that knows how to defend as well.

If you look back at the season how happy are you with the results?

Well I guess we did pretty well, we conceded only 29 goals which is a few less than City or Arsenal. We managed to score 116 which were 23 more than Arsenal and 36 more than Watford. We only lost 1 Premier League game so all in all I guess I’m very pleased with this season and its results.

Anything else regarding Manchester you would like to share with us?

At this very moment no not really, all there is to say is that the Stadium is now ready. And if we look at the transfer window I don’t have any real plans yet, some player will probably leave but whom and when and why and for what price I don’t know.

Then let’s go towards the games with the English national team!

Well we had two Qualification games for the world cup to play which both were won. We then had to play for the Confederations Cup.

But it didn’t really go as well as we had hoped during the group stages. Against New Zealand we managed to win with 5-0 so at that particular moment it looked well for us, but then we had a 1-1 against Australia and Chile also ended in a 1-1 draw, we were lucky to go through however.

Then we had to play against Brazil and we eventually managed to win the game by scoring in the last five minutes of the extra time. So that left us with a final against Argentina and for some strange reason we won with 4-1. The entire Cup went pretty bad and in the Final we somehow managed to finish the chances we got.

Thank you randy and until next time.
Taking the CL back from the blue half of Manchester must feel good :p good season mate!
An awesome season as usual!
Well awesome? I still lost 2 trophies this season so not the best season ever but it did go pretty good

Season 2025-2026 Let’s continue the dominance again!


Since Benevan wasn’t going to stay in the Football scene much longer, I had to find a replacement and Castanheira, was one of the few decent assistants still available. With his high judging and motivating skills combined with high coaching abilities and man management he was the best option available.
And since we already had his old partner Pedro looking over the Youth it was ok, he lacked some professionalism when it comes to training Youngsters.

Ivan Palomque

Ivan is a great Talent, and one of the best young keepers in the world at this moment, only 2 Spanish keepers and a Dutch keeper are around the same level and age. Ivan will function as the backup of Ayovi for now but if he manages to impress us enough, he might become my 1st choice soon enough.

Oscar Rodriguez

One of the best Mexican talents after Garcia, and Fierro, we hope Oscar can grow even further here at Manchester and become one of the best Defenders in the world. We are not sure if Oscar will play a lot of games right from the start, cause he still has Agosto and Marillia ahead of him who are a class apart.

Jens Grimm

Jens will start in the Youth team, and we hope he can progress into a world star while playing his games in the -18 and reserve team until we think he is ready for the big step. Jens is a versatile Midfielder who can fulfill almost any role on either AMC or MC.

2025-2026 halfway into the season

Welcome everyone; we are here today with Randy Bierstekers to talk about the first part of the season, transfers and other stuff.

Welcome Randy, so tell us how was the summer period for you?

Hectic! Polyzos got his coaching papers and then left saying he didn’t want to be part of Manchester United after all and wanted to be a Manager instead. So I had to find someone to replace him.

Benevan was going to retire within 2 years so I had to find someone to replace him as well, but the farewell party was very nice. We went to Brazil with the entire team and had a big party there and some training exercises two days after the party while still enjoying the vacation.

But the staff wasn’t the only bit of trouble was it?

No indeed, Jansen, Romildo and Ongenda wanted a new challenge and Neil Walker wasn’t sure of a place within the 1st team so I offered him to stay or go somewhere else to get play time, and he decided to leave as well. Next to these four there were some minor transfers as well, and of course I had new players coming in which I had to welcome, some of which will join the youth and some who will go out on loan or will be used as backup.

With Ivan you might have contracted one of the most promising young keepers of this moment am I correct?

Well Ivan is a great talent but I am not going to praise him into heaven already, we can never be sure if he will fit into the Premier League, if the team and environment will suite him and other minor aspects we will have to take into consideration. But if we wouldn’t think about that, then yes we might have one of the best keepers in our team.

The start of your season has gone pretty well hasn’t it?

Yes the start went very well, although we suffered two defeats half way and had 2 draws as well. The friendlies went very well and we won the Man Cup I again, after that we opened the PL with 17 goals in 3 matches time but after that the scores all ended up a bit lower but we still won most of the matches with a good score and a well-played game.

You won the Super Cup and Community shield how did those games go?

I think we did pretty well, we dominated both games and even though the scores were 2-0 in both games, both Newcastle and Lens hardly had a chance to provide any real danger. I was impressed by Lens however because they did manage to become French Champions again after they did that 10 years ago and won the Europa League while there are some great teams they had to play against.

During the World Cup you had it quite easy didn’t you?

Yes both Al-Ittihad and Zamalek were beaten with 4 goals, so that went rather easy this time around, but they shouldn’t be underestimated if we would face them again in the future. I mean it’s not without a reason that they were in the Club World Cup again.

Back to the Premier League, what are your expectations for this year?

Well I think both Liverpool and Arsenal will be fighting with Man City to decide who will be runner up, and I hope and think we can manage to become champions again.

Thank you for your time Randy
Awesome season and a half, i wonder if Moyes will do as well as you have in your Fergie succession! Looks like some good signings there too, i'm predicting another title on the cards.
On another note, i bet the rest of the world can't wait to play at the shiny new Randy Stadium!
The atmosphere at the Bierstekers Stadium is amazing so far the stadium has been filled with over 100000 fans every match. And the looks of the Stadium and everything around it all ends up in oooohs and aaaaaahs

Season 2025-2026 has come to an end


Hello everyone it’s time again for another chat with one of the best PL managers ever.

So Randy how does it feel to be known as one of the best managers ever to have lived?

Uhm to be honest I don’t agree to that statement, yes I have done a great job so far and managed to win a great deal of prizes with the team, and reputation and value have also risen during my time here at United. But to be called one of the best managers ever while I have only coached for 13 years now, it’s too soon but of course it’s a great honor people are saying it.

You’ve had another year full of prizes, don’t you grow tired of the success here?

Haha if I grow tired of the success? No not really if I am honest, there is so much to this club that keeps me attached to it. And no way I will leave the supporters or players behind because I think I need a new challenge or for whatever reason there might be.

And yes we did a great job in managing to win every prize we could win this season. But it certainly didn’t go as easy as people might have thought it would go, or as I thought it would go. City and Liverpool ended close behind us in the PL and all the finals for the trophies were close games as well.

The CL final was a very close game wasn’t it?

Yes a bit to close if you ask me, City was actually playing better than us but all in all we managed to win thanks to a great action by Ceballos. But it wasn’t a great game from our side.

With England your success came to an abrupt end didn’t it?

Unfortunately that’s indeed the case, we lost against Spain in the qtr. final, so that means we couldn’t grab the World Cup as well, after winning both the European and Confederations cup. It also ended up in me losing my job and Powell, Jones, Hart, Hughes and Wilshere stopping with playing international games.
But at least there is still a great young selection that can come very far, but they were just unlucky during this World Cup.

Well this was it for now.
Bringing home the gold ;) great stuff Randy and a good interview updates

Season 2026-2027 Manchester winning again!

Transfers in & out

Staff in & out

Nelson Benítez
Since Brian was going to retire we needed someone to replace him, and Nelson seemed to be one of the best persons around to be his replacement. Even though he doesn’t always seem to get along with the younger players as much as we would like, he still is a great addition to the staff and manages to get the best out of the youth players.

Ariel León
It’s a shame we didn’t scout earlier in Chile, Ariel is the 3rd player with a great future, which is from Chile. Nelson Romo and Jorge Ormeno, Nelson went to Shaktar and now is playing at Arsenal and is doing a great job there. Ormeno went to city and seems to be an incredible player and after we found out about these talents, we send 2 scouts to Chile in hope to find another great talent. And Ariel seems to be one of their best talented players so far, we hope he can improve his abilities here at UTD.

Complete Fixture list and press conversation

Press conference
During the winter Randy didn’t have time to meet us for the press talk of how the season was going up till that moment. But he has time now and we will have an extra-long talk with him to cover the entire season.

Welcome Randy, congratulations with your performance this season!

Thank you, we had a very good run this year in the Premier League, where we only lost 2 games and drew 3 of the 38 games we had to play. But in the Champions league it did not go as well as we would have liked, we lost against Atalanta, drew against Chelsea, Anji and Arsenal. But we did ménage to win the League in the end which is the most important thing.

If we go back to your preseason, the results were impressive, but during the season your team didn’t find the goal as easy!

Well preseason is preseason, and the matches that are played there aren’t always a real measurement, as to how a team will perform during the season. But in some of the matches we still find the goal pretty easy, I mean scores like 6-1, 7-1 or 4-0 and 5-0 aren’t results teams are getting on a regular basis.

Looking at the CL group stage how was it to play against two of your feeder clubs?

It was a strange thing, if I am honest we know there players and play style, but it’s the same for them they maybe know as better than most other teams do. One thing I was happy about, was that we didn’t loan out any players of us, and if we would have they might not have been allowed to play against us, but it was something I was happy about, when I heard the drawing for the first time.

Against Metalist we did get a good result, 10-2 in 2 games time, against Atalanta we ended up with a 5-4 score after 2 games, were Atalanta beat us fair and square with a 4-2 in their own Stadium. The results where enough to place us for the knock out stages of the CL however so it wasn’t too bad.

Next to winning the CL and PL you won all the other prizes as well, guess you are pretty happy about it?

I’m extremely happy with how the season went, defeating City in the Community shield again was a great start of the season, not soon after that we had to face Lens again to try and win the Super cup, which resulted in another win.

After that we had some bad luck on our PL tour with losing 2 games and of course the Champions League loss, but then went back onto a winning streak which we continued during the Fifa Club World Cup, in which we had to defeat Pachuca, who lost with 7-1. After that we had a close win against Boca, with a 3-2 score, in which Marcin was able to score a hattrick for us.

During the summer you didn’t really bring any players in but you did sell quite a few!

True, neither my scouts nor I found any interesting players who could be a real addition to the team or the youth squad. And to be fair the players we have at this moment are good enough, for quite a few years to come so we don’t really need new players.

About the players leaving, well I guess it’s fair to say Atletico Madrid were very interested in most of our players, but they were only allowed to place offers on those that were allowed to leave the club. Croft and Ludwig wanted a new club to try something else. Garcia wasn’t getting a lot of chances now that the wings and AM position were getting filled, with some of the young players that impressed me during preseason.

Why did you decide to let Zouma, Goretzka and Niang leave the club as well?

I ask myself that question from time to time as well, Niang, Zouma and Goretzka are loved by the fans and they didn’t appreciate my decision either, so the first few matches were a horror for me, but eventually they forgave me. But I couldn’t grant them enough play time this season so I asked them which they preferred, a lot of games and play time or maybe 2 or 3 games a year and a big salary. Well guess their choice was obvious.

If we take a look at some of your players performances, how satisfied are you really?

Well a lot of the players performed decent enough, most of the players had an average of around 7.4 while some got an average of 8+ and some were around 6.8. Rodriguez did a great job playing 10 games scoring 10 goals. Velez was a little bit disappointing this season, while he scored 38 goals last year this year he hardly reached 20. All together we were just a bit unlucky that we didn’t have the power to score as easy as we did in previous years, but the way the players played was good enough.

What can we expected from you during the summer?

Not much I think I will prepare some stuff for the team, and there are a few transfers that need to be taken care of, but apart from that there isn’t really much I will have to do or am going to do this summer.
Another amazing season, it's just unbelievable how good your team is. It's crazy.
Randy's team > World's Best XI in history!

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