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Vauxhall Motors - The Path To Power

Bono in football? Follow his path to power!
Started on 5 March 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 9 July 2022 by Justice
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Go to Wrexham. Bigger fish to fry.
I have a soft spot for Wrexham, I really hope you take the job. I'll read even if you don't. :P
Would love to see you take Vauxhall to the BPL, but do what you want :)
Stick with Vauxhall. I have made the mistake of jumping ship and it has turned out to be totally the wrong choice. It is however your decision.
I agree with James. It's hard to adjust to other places.

The Decision

"As you all know, I was offered the job at Wrexham very recently. They offered me a much bigger wage than what I earn here at Vauxhall and very lucrative budgets. They also gauranteed me job security for the rest of this season. A lot of people would make me out to be a fool if I were to decline this offer. They would say that it would be a "step up in class" or a "stepping stone to future glory".

My decision, however, was to reject Wrexham's gracious offer. I sincerely thank the Wrexham board for offering me a great opportunity but I want to stay at Vauxhall Motors. Ever since I set foot inside our stadium and saw the home of such a marvelous club, I fell in love. I have always had a passion for football but there is that special something about this place which makes my heart skip a beat. How could I leave that?

I do not expect any more support from the board than they have given me because they have been one hundred percent behind me all the time. The players, the staff and the fans have been incredible and I could never leave them. Vauxhall is my home and I will never leave. I owe it to everybody that I do the best job that I can here. Vauxhall Motors is starting a revolution and I am proud to be in the middle of it!"


Justice I have just read the whole story from the start, and I absolutely love it. The post, the drama, the results. You're doing a great job, especially considering the Blue Square leagues are a lot harder than others. I'm bloody glad you stayed with Vauxhall though.

I have to agree with Glenn though, #VauxhallforCL

As you can see, this is a real banner, just proving the support from all the little kiddies in the Vauxhall area. :P
Thanks for the comments guys :) They really do motivate me to keep going on
And than Niko awoke with Jizzed pants, realised that being manager of Vauxhall was a dream, and started crying.

Naah, Keep up the good wor(k/d)s, and I'll try to follow this
2013-03-17 23:59#85589 Michael : And than Niko awoke with Jizzed pants, realised that being manager of Vauxhall was a dream, and started crying.

Naah, Keep up the good wor(k/d)s, and I'll try to follow this
I'm scared now :P

Season Two - November Update

We came in to this month with a lot of drama. After rejecting the contract from Wrexham FC, I was looking to claim some good results with Vauxhall to hopefully climb out of the relegation zone. Could this be done?

I literally pinches myself after every single league game. We won every league game and two other games. In total, six wins from eight games which is magnificent. The change of tactic to a 4-4-2 has saved our season. Obi Anoruo has been on fire scoring seven goals in these eight games. He is a true legend!

We have climbed right out of the relegation zone and can prepare for our assault on the mid table teams. Hopefully we can continue our amazing form right through the rest of the season.

New Signings

Michael Wilde
Free Transfer
Wages: £120 p/w
Appearance Fee: £40
Part Time (Player/Scout)

Luke McCormick
Free Transfer
Wages: £120 p/w
Appearance Fee: £60
Part Time (Player/Scout)

These two are experienced players who will help our scouting as well as be good squad players. Hopefully they will help us to reach our goals.

December Fixtures

My first impression is that we have four winnable games and our toughest game of the season away to Luton. If we can claim four wins where we expect them, the Luton result will not bother me. Hopefully we can climb further up the table aswell as progress in the FA Trophy. Let us all hope that this can be done! :)
Amazing results mate, keep up the winning! :)

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