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Vauxhall Motors - The Path To Power

Bono in football? Follow his path to power!
Started on 5 March 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 9 July 2022 by Justice
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Good first season pal, did well :) Good luck for the second season, looking forward to transfers :D
Great end of season review mate, good luck next year not that you need it.
Great update. I still can't believe how successful Euan Smith has been. Truly Incredible.
2013-07-01 16:15#117063 Lucas_C : Good first season pal, did well :) Good luck for the second season, looking forward to transfers :D
Thanks pal :) This will be an interesting transfer window for us! :P

2013-07-01 16:18#117065 The Special one : Great end of season review mate, good luck next year not that you need it.
Thanks pal, although I will always need a little bit of luck :P

2013-07-01 16:45#117073 P-KIDDY : Great update. I still can't believe how successful Euan Smith has been. Truly Incredible.
haha, he's been something else! :P
Lovely updates there mate good luck next season.
Great season and a great review! Smith was awesome!
Yeah, first season you sign players to keep you up, now you press on for higher quality to try obtain a higher position:D
Y U NO WIN MR.SMITH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :P

Obi Anoruo: Thank you Vauxhall, Farewell!

Obi Anoruo: "I really do feel quite speechless right now. Vauxhall has been my home for nine years now, my family's home. I love the club and everything about it. The players and the staff are like family to me, and I treat them like family. I will never any of the experiences I have had here.

Unfortunately for me, my time here is over. Vauxhall under Paul Hewson has become a European club, and a fine one at that! However, I'm just not cut out for this level at all. We've come a long way since myself and Paul (Hewson) joined the club, and the quality demand is so much higher now. Also, Vauxhall have some top strikers such as Euan Smith, who is now captain, and Joe Mason, so I could never compete with them for a starting spot in my wildest dreams!

I've had some great times here at Vauxhall. In fact, the whole time was great! This club is the best club in the world, and I will leave knowing that I had contributed to Vauxhall's rise to fame. The players, the staff and of course, the fans have all been fantastic to me during my nine year spell. Thank you Vauxhall for all the great memories, I love you all!"

Anoruo's Vauxhall Spell:
Thanks everybody for all your great comments. Unfortunately there are so many comments that I can't respond to each individual one without taking up half a page :/

But never the less, thank you all for all your kind words and your amazing support! The old saying holds true, "it's the readers who make the story famous". :)

Euan Smith: Season was a success

Euan Smith: "For me, this season had to go down as a success. Not only did we finish nine places above where we were expected to finish thus defying relegation, we also reached the quarter finals of the FA Cup, the world's most followed club competition, and we won the Capital One Cup, giving us passage to the Europa League for next season. What more could you have wanted from a season where we were the Premier League new boys? We accomplished all we could!

Being captain this season has helped me develop a lot as a player, and as a person. Stephen McDonnell was the captain here before me, and he had always said to me that I'd make it in the Premier League, which I did. He was a great tutor for me, as were Leroy Lita and more recently, Mark Bunn. I'll admit that I was very nervous when Paul (Hewson) gave me the captaincy and I did feel like our poor form at the start of the season was my fault. But credit to Paul for showing faith in me and I fulfilled my personal expectations for the season, even bettering them.

Scoring a brace at Wembley in a cup final was a fantastic experience for me and one I will never forget. I believe we can perform even better in the league next season and the European football will be something different for us. The club is constantly improving, with another stadium expansion about to get underway I believe and we are having our training facilities upgraded. This club can go places and I am in dreamland to be captain of Vauxhall Motors FC!"

James Talbut: Plans to be put in motion soon

Vauxhall Motors chairman, James Talbut, spoke with one of our reporters earlier today. They discussed many different topics from the progress Vauxhall has made since Talbut bought the club in November 2016, to what sort of plans Talbut has in place for the club. Here are the highlights from the interview:

James Talbut: "This has been my fifth season as chairman of Vauxhall, and the progress made has been unbelievable. We were all the way down in the NPower League Two when I bought the club but since then, our incredible manager Paul Hewson has guided the club to the Premier League. Winning the Capital One Cup this season was fantastic, and now we have European football next season to boot! What more could you want from a manager? Nothing, this guy is the best there is!

We've had a fantastic first season in the Premier League, but we won't get carried away with next season. Our only target has always been to improve on last season, and that is what we will be aiming for. I believe that if you get all the small pieces right, you can fit them all together to make a jigsaw for all to admire. And that's what we want, to be admired for getting everything right, as that will make the club a stable club which won't collapse like some 'one-hit wonder' clubs in the past.

Looking towards the long term future is what we can start focusing on now that we seem to be an established Premier League team. Paul (Hewson) will make sure that we perform well on the pitch, and he is very capable of doing so. He will also be working alongside myself and Kevin Johnson (director) in the planning of the club's future. We will be holding extensive discussions about the long-term plans of the club, and we can guarantee that we will have plans to be put in motion soon after that.

The future of Vauxhall Motors football club is a bright one, and I can promise you that the club will never forget it's morals!"
#BonoOut :P
Justice's avatar Group Justice
9 yearsEdited

The Development Saga: Introduction

Hey guys, so this saga will take up a lot of posts. As we are now settled in to life in the Premier League, it is time to redevelop the club to make it bigger and better. There will be a lot of areas to be discussed, where I will do one per episode. I will give you a brief intro in to each episode in this post, and these episodes will be meetings between five key characters; manager Paul Hewson, chairman James Talbut, director Kevin Johnson, assistant manager Gareth McAuley and club captain Euan Smith. Here is a brief rundown of what you can expect in each episode:

Scouting Network & Club Affiliates: Paul Hewson, James Talbut & Kevin Johnson will be looking to take the club's financial advantage over others by hiring top scouts before the transfer market even opens. Building a top scouting team and system will be key for the future. Club affiliates will also be discussed.

Transfer Targets: The most important thing right now is securing the signatures of players who we need to strengthen the first team. Paul Hewson, Gareth McAuley & James Talbut will be discussing what each target could bring to the team and what the price range for each player is likely to be.

Youth Prospects: If there is any of the transfer budget left over after making the signings for the first team, Paul Hewson & Gareth McAuley will look at some of the young prospects around the block who Vauxhall could bring in for the future.

Stadium & Facilities: Paul Hewson, James Talbut & Kevin Johnson will be discussing the future of Vauxhall Stadium and Vauxhall's training and youth facilities in depth. There will be a lot to talk about over these areas, as they are key to any football team.

Squad Overviews: Paul Hewson, Gareth McAuley & Euan Smith will be discussing players and staff in the club's senior team, reserve team and under-18s team. They will be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each and what the future should look like for each.

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