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A new Fergie period emerging at Utd.

Yup Another Man Utd Story
Started on 13 February 2013 by RandydeB
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World's Best XI would be a great challenge to be honest
But I think the team could beat them
I've never had a save like this :) It's an achievement in itself that you have got to this stage, and along side that you've dominated several seasons.
I don't like Manchester United. So I don't like when people do saves with them, But this save is just pure class!
2013-05-26 08:28#105137 WeAreFev : I don't like Manchester United. So I don't like when people do saves with them, But this save is just pure class!
I agree with Fev, Its a great story! :)

Season 2027-2028 time for tiki taka football

Transfers/Staff in and out

Ben Davies

Ben looks to be one of the best youngsters which has joined our team in the last 5 years which isn’t brought in from another club or country. Even though he was only 15 when he joined, he already is starting to impress us with his determination to be one of the best strikers at United. Next to being a striker he can also play as an AMC or AMR but we are thinking of using him as a partner or replacement of Velez once he is ready for the 1st team.


Oscar (short for Oscarzinho) is one of our latest talents from Brazil, and yes it’s another striker. But he can also play on the Wings or as an AMC, so he won’t be wasted. But it might be possible he won’t be playing yet. At this moment we have better options and Oscar is still young so his time will come.

Paul Ngcobo

Paul is a South African player with an English mom, so getting him here was slightly easier than with other SA players. Paul is also a striker and the last one on our list of very interesting strikers, next to playing as a striker he can play on both wings, which is rather useful. People might however doubt why I brought in so many strikers this period, but I want them to push each other to greater heights.

Cristián Hernández

Cristián is a very great all-rounder, he can play as a wing back or wide midfielder but can also act as a defensive midfielder and central midfielder. We missed out on him when he was still playing at the Salvadorian club Isidro Metapán, this because we hardly have any knowledge of El Salvador. My scouts however did ménage to scout him once he was playing for Spartak ZV, and were immediately impressed by his versatility on the field. We hope Cristián can blend into the squad and keeps improving his skills.

Complete fixture list and interview

“Today with us is Randy Bierstekers, Manchester Uniteds success coach from Holland who will be talking to us for the first time, where he normally was a guest in another show, he will now feature in this show and gives us his view of last season. But he will be giving his view of the games played every weekend after the summer vacation.”

So Randy if we look back at the season, how would you describe it?

I think overall we did pretty well, Liverpool kicked us out of the Capital cup pretty early and we lost against Stoke and Liverpool in the Premier League but that can happen of course. And we had 5 games which ended in a draw but that isn’t so bad over a season of over 60 games.

If we look at the Champions League Semi Final, you almost ended up flying out.

True we were lucky to win 1-0 at home and score a goal during the away match, otherwise we wouldn’t have reached the final, but in the end you need a bit of luck in this game, if you actually want to get somewhere. I mean some of our games we dominated and still only ended up winning with 1-0 or 2-0 because we weren’t able get the ball into the goal.

In the final you had to play against PSG, but it wasn’t a total domination game!

Well we might not have really dominated the game, but they only had 2 shots that ended up on target. While we had 5 shots on target of which we managed to score two goals. Looking at the rest of the match our passing was really good but the amount of fouls we committed was a bit high.

Near the end of the season you had to play against Liverpool for 4 games on a row how was that for you and the team?

It was pretty hard and frustrating, I mean we lost 2 of them draw one and won one, but somehow it was an enjoyable period. I mean not many teams end up playing one of their biggest rivals four times on a row. That we were unlucky in these encounters is a shame but I wouldn’t want to miss it for anything else in the world.

If we go back to the start of the season, and then the transfers, what can you tell us about it?

Well I was happy with the players we managed to sign, but some of the prices we had to pay were ridiculously high, Tasos, Armel and Ezequiel are great players but Oscarzinho and Hernández are already better and were lower in price. But that doesn’t mean I was willing to let someone else try to sign them.

As for the players leaving, it’s sad to see Maldonado leave but it was time to let him get play time somewhere else and give other players a chance instead. Melero was being outclassed by Palomque and Ayovi, while Egan was expecting way too much from a new contract and as we didn’t find a solution we decided to sell him as well.

Ok and about the preseason?

Well we did hardly play a match, but the 4 games we played all went well, Lyon and PSG were a bit hard to beat this year in our Man Cup but we did win eventually. And right after the friendly matches we had to play Liverpool for the first time this year for the Community Shield which we won due to penalties.

The Community shield wasn’t the only prize you won, how happy are you with the trophies you won and missing out on only one of them?

In my opinion we did very well in the Super Cup grabbing a 6-2 win against Napoli securing the trophy during our FCWC tour we had an incredible game against Al-Ahly and won with 9-1. But against Morelia we seemed to struggle a bit and it ended in 2-1, but if we would have done a better job with all of our chances we could have won with 5-1 or more.

And well about the CL game we already had a small talk, so I guess it’s useless to add anything to it.

About your playing style, it’s very different from what we have seen from you before!

Indeed, I have been working on a new play style, to be more dominant in possession and passing, while still trying to create a lot of chances. And so far it went very well this season, although we ended up with one of the lowest goals scored amounts since I have been managing Manchester, but I am still happy with how we are playing and that’s the most important thing.

Any plans for the future?

Nothing really that is worth mentioning to be honest. And as you already announced at the start of the interview I will be one of the weekly guests at this program, to review how the games went that have been played that week.
Jozef's avatar Group Jozef
10 yearsEdited
That Paul guy looks really weird. Nice work with all the trophies though. Could we possibly see the screen shots of the first team.

The starting 11 of last season

Iván Palomeque
Iván is doing a very good job since he joined the club, after 105 games of which he played 100 for United he has so far conceded 58 goals and had 56 clean sheets. And with the age of 21, he can defend the goal for at least 10 more years to come.

Ramón Ormaetxea
Ramón is now at the age of 25 and has played 157 games for United in which he managed to score 3 goals and give an amazing number of 43 assists. The last two seasons he had some injury problems, while Snoussi was also getting better and better and is slightly younger then Ramón. This might eventually give Ramón some trouble to keep his starting spot save.

Davide Agosto
Davide has been on the team for quite some time now and already played 48 games for Nacional, before he could move to United. While playing for United Davide managed to play 288 games in which he scored 63 goals and gave 15 assists. Next to that he was PoM during 55 games so far and managed to score a 7.97 rating. With his current skill and ability, it will take some time before we won’t see Davide on the field anymore.

Marília has been the partner of Davide for quite some time, but Marília didn’t play as much games as Davide managed to play. Mostly because there are a few other defenders that were equally as good and deserved play time as well. But none of them ever gave the same performance as Marília managed to display. But when I had to choose between him and Davide to play against a young player my choice was going towards Davide 90% of the time.

Jan de Vries
Jan is one of the younger players in the starting 11 with the age of 22. But while he is only aged 22 he gave some decent performances from time to time, but the competition for the left back position is a hard one and so far Jan has been slightly better but he has to keep his form high in order to also keep his position in the team. But his age gives him a small advantage so before the time come he has to stop we are like 10 years further.

Fernando Campos
Fernando has one major problem, and that is the place he plays at, for his position there are 4 others who are equally as good. But the last year he displayed why he is a United player, playing some very good games. One of the benefits he has this year is that Beasley is getting older and won’t be playing as much anymore, but Santos, Marcos Roberto and Bruno Scarriglia are still giving him enough worries for his spot in the team.

Aitor Soria
Aitor is still young, and he is a player which should actually get more 1st team playtime, but again there are some other players which are doing better from time to time. And this is costing him his position and skill alone doesn’t always grant you a spot in the team. The games he did play in however, he never seems to disappoint too much. And so far he scored 11 goals and gave 12 assists, but his total amount of passes has almost reached 6000 by now.

Edgardo Ceballos
Edgardo might be one of the most talented players at United in the last 15 years, but being called Messi 2.0 can harm a player in more ways than that it is good for a player. Having suffered 4 big injuries already Edgardo hasn’t been playing as much as we would like, and when he plays he isn’t reaching the level he should be reaching at this point in his career. With 29 goals and 38 assists in 113 games looks decent, but from a versatile player like him you would expect more.

While having a slow start at United, Morumbi has grown to one of the best players in the world ever since, winning 4 Ballon D’Ors and being the best Brazilian player in the world for 5 years on a row. If we look to his stats at United he has played 255 games in which he score 138 goals and gave 143 assists which is very good. There is a downside to the story however. And that’s the National team, while he performs great every season, the manager refuses to call him up for the Brazilian Squad and that starts to hurt him a little.

Jürgen Deumelandt
The youngest United player to start in the 1st team, and while his start wasn’t so good, his performance has risen over the years. At this moment he has played 149 games and scored 50 goals and gave 40 assists. With the age of 24 Jürgen can still be of great use for some time to come. And since he can play at AML/AMC and MC he fits anywhere in the team.

Joseba Vélez
Joseba is one of the best strikers United has had so far, with 118 games and 103 goals so far he has been doing very well. This season he seems to be struggling a little bit to find the net, but who knows what the season might bring there are still quite a lot of games to be played. We have great confidence in Joseba and hope he will be able to turn himself into a United legend.
Awesome story Randy. One day Boreham will be as strong as your United squad, but as for now this is the best frickin team I ever seen! :)
Wow that squad is insane! Every player would be 5 stars in my saves :P awesome work Randy keep it up

Randy’s career since 2012

“So 8 years ago we already had a look back at Randy’s career and his achievements up till that moment. Today we are looking back on his entire career up till this point in time, we will look at the amount of games he has coached the prizes won and other stuff.”

If we would say Manchester United back in 2012, people would automatically link it with Sir Alex Ferguson. It was also the moment when a young man called Randy Bierstekers, was appointed to replace Sir Alex as manager of Manchester United. People who were into football and fans all over the world were shocked with the decision, why in god’s name would they select this young guy of only 24 to be the follow up of the great Sir Alex who had brought back Manchester United to the team they were at that moment.

But after 16 years and a big amount of prizes further, Manchester United is now automatically linked with Randy Bierstekers. The first few years of his time at United weren’t always going as easy, he still had to try and keep Manchester United on top of the Premier League while also keeping control of the finances and especially the finances seemed to be the trouble for the young manager.

Transfer after transfer was made and the players he sold never compensated the amounts he spend at that time, people were asking themselves why he was buying so many young people and some older players, while hardly selling anyone, or not asking good prizes for them.

Those young players however: Zouma, Niang, Ongenda, Goretzka, Rabiot, Moi Gomez, Polverino, Rodriguez, Agosto, Beasley, De Sciglio, Digne, Felipe Anderson, Adryan, Powell, Papadopoulos, Martinez and many others, eventually became some of the best players in the world, and some of them are still playing today either at Manchester or somewhere else. After some years Randy’s way of handling turned out in a money making business for the team, getting young players in train them into stars and sell them for big amounts to other teams while keeping the best for him and united.

So how many transfers has he made in this period of time? Well according to the numbers we got access to, he made a total of 390 transfers, 193 in and 197 out. Spending 1.19B on the transfers he made and earning almost the double amount 2.34B on the players he has sold in this period as manager of United. Biggest transfer in was Iker Muniain with a cost of 45M, biggest transfer out was young Argentinian Christian Lopez to Atletico Madrid for 53M.

At this moment of our look back on his career, he has been managing United for 5922 days, which comes down to 1061 games he has been in front of the team. Of which he has managed to win an impressive number of 905 108 games resulted in a draw and only 48 were lost with Manchester. His total amount of games managed up till now is 1148 this due to him being manager of Ghana, Holland, England and Spain as well, which he managed 87 games combined.

The total amount of goals the teams scored under his lead comes down to 3099 and the teams only conceded 850 goals. Which is a pretty impressive amount, his total win percentage comes down to 84% this percentage resulted in winning the Premier league 16 times and winning a total of 86 other prizes of which 83 were with United. The other prizes were with Ghana and England.

Another impressive fact is that Randy only has taken up 15 only 15 days to go on a holiday, while he did have some spare time in the summer, most of his time was spent on coaching the teams he has been working for. Making sure players were signed, all the scout reports were checked to find interesting youth players, tournaments and friendlies were being arranged and training his players to perform on an equal level the next season.

Next that Randy always used to summer period to tinker on the playing style he had in mind, he started his career with letting the team play an attacking 4-3-1-2 tactic, it resulted in some big wins, but it also made the team lose some games from time to time. Randy then came up with one of the most impressive tactics in his career and in football history.

Were Conte did already use a 3-5-1 tactic with Juve, Randy adopted the tactic, adjusted it and made it even better than it was ever before. This resulted in a dominating style of play, with goals flying in and hardly conceding any, but fans and critics said the team wasn’t playing as fluid and attacking anymore as they were used of the team. And once other teams found out how to counter it in a good way, Randy had to come up with something new.

This was the moment at which he decided to go to a 4-5-1 tactic with 2 center mids and 2 wingers, and behind the striker was a number 10 who was scoring and assisting like mad. And while this tactic was attacking enough and guaranteed enough spectacles, Randy wasn’t happy with it and after the 3-1 defeat against Liverpool last season he was sure he had to come up with something else and better. And now we see Manchester play a tiki taka way of football which Barcelona used to play between 2009 and 2014, it’s slightly less spectacular but he still insists on an attacking play style but with less risks of every player going forward to get that score to 10-0.

While Randy is loved by a big part of his players and certainly by more than 75% of the fans and other important people in football, he also has enemies all over the world. Managers that hate his success as a manager, or hate the fact he keeps on finding these young and impressive players, and also his mind games turn people against him. But also players have issues with him, he is very strict and gives them training workouts which sometimes are too much for all of them, in the end they do get better players from the workouts, but there sometimes is no time for anything else but training, training and training.

Another thing is the lack of play time he can grant all of the players, Randy is known for giving youngsters time to play some games every year, but with a team of almost 40 players, the rotation schedules are a bit too much at times and this gives the big names in the team less play time which they don’t appreciate. Which then results in unhappy or angry players, which he then has to resolve again to make everybody happy, one of the ways he tries to resolve it is by mass loaning players to feeder clubs all over Europe?

With the age of 41 however Randy won’t be stopping anytime or he suddenly decides that he has had enough of football then of course we won’t see him on a pitch anymore. But what he will do if he stops remains to be seen, it’s not something we want to think about. If Randy finds time however he sometimes goes back to what he used to do before he started to manage Manchester United and that’s racing big and small bikes, or racing karts with friends and family.

This was our look back on Randy up till now hope you enjoyed it and who knows when we will look back at this successful manager again.

Such an OP squad!
Wow what an update mate! Stunning stuff :)
Great update Randy! Nice look back at the history of the Legend ;)

Season 2028-2029



Steve Flynn
Young Defender from Everton who didn’t want to join for a long time, but eventually made up his mind and will be playing in the United shirt this year.

Andrei Nãstãsie
Andrei is a young Romanian Attacking midfielder, he’s brought into the youth team and we hope he will develop into a great player for the 1st team.

Alexandre Vanderlei
Alexandre can play at both the defensive and center mid positions, he will be the backup of Santos and Campos and we are looking forward to see him in action on the field.

Juan Manuel Merchán
Another Spanish player joining the youth team, Juan will eventually be the backup for Soria and Jeronimo. But before it comes so far, he has to gain some experience in the meantime.

Evgeny Fomin
Evgeny is one of the better Russian talents at this moment, he will be used as a backup for players like Morumbi and Ceballos, and we hope he will eventually succeed here at United.

Luís Monteiro
Luís is a young defender from Portugal, with the age of 16 we believe it would be too soon to let him act as a backup for any of our defenders. And if we would compare him to Flynn, Flynn is the better option to have as a backup at this moment, but who knows what might become of Luís.


Gabriel Kiaku
It was a sad moment when Gabriel left the club, a player who started playing in the 1st team at the age of 16 and who played a big role in all of our success decided it was time for something new in his career. We received a few bids for him and eventually Gabriel decided that PSG was his best option to go for.
We wish him the best during the rest of his career, at his new club in his home country.

Joonas Posio
Was it smart to let Posio go? Time will tell us I guess he’s a great talent and might have had a great future ahead of him at United, but the offer Real Madrid made for him was a really good offer and I decided that if he wanted to leave I would let him go. Well his decision is obvious, he wanted more play time and thus left for Real.

Márcio Roberto
Márcio was one of the seven stikers behind Velez who were fighting for a spot in the team, with Polverino and Rodriguez starting to age those two were allowed to stay at the club, it then went between Márcio, Ronald, Allman, Ceballos and Krawczyk. And both Márcio and Krawczyk were placed on the transfer list. Not soon after that Dortmund picked him up.

Marcin Krawczyk
And thus with Marcin on the list as well, he eventually got sold this summer to Atletico Madrid. Marcin is yet another player going from United to Atletico and we hope he will be a success as well.

Ash Rigby
Ash came into the youth of Manchester, but never was able to impress us, so this eventually resulted in him going to hull for a small fee, we hope he can impress for hull and can make the best of his career there or at another club later in his career.

Curtis Dunn
Curtis also came into our youth but slightly earlier then Ash came in. And while Curtis was able to play a few games for the 1st team, he never was able to perform at a decent level. This resulted in a placement on the transfer list and Aston villa took him in.

Carlos Benítez
Carlos was performing very well last season, and while he was only part of the team for one year, his playing style and skills resulted in him getting a lot of interest from other clubs. With the bid of 40,5M real made for him, we couldn’t resist it and decided he was allowed to leave. We hope for Carlos he can perform at the same level as he did for us, but for Real we hope he will be a flop, so we can defeat them if we meet in the Champions League stages.

Stanislas Gauthier
Letting Stanislas leave wasn’t in our plans, but we had some difficulties during the contract negotiation and after declining two of our offers, he requested a transfer. We agreed to this and soon after he was leaving towards Madrid aswell.

These were the Transfers made during the summer period more might follow during the winter transfers.

Spain announces new Manager

Randy Bierstekers appointed as new manager of the Spanish national team.
So after the Spanish bond announced that Berry Ramaker was fired after a dreadful display during the World Cup (knocked out in the group stage). A lot of managers declared interest in the job of being the Spanish Manager. The bond however made contact with Randy Bierstekers to ask if he was up for the job.

And here we are at the press conference where Randy will tell why he took the job and what he will expect from it.

So Randy how does it feel to be back as a Nation Manager alongside your job at Manchester United?

Well after the break up with England I had some time on my hand to think about a possible job as manager of another country, but I never was really interested in any of the jobs available and neither was I in a hurry to get back in front of a nations team. But now that I am here and accepted the job I’m more than thrilled with the opportunity I have been given.

Some of the Spanish players are already familiar to you, does this give you a benefit or does this grant the players a guaranteed spot in the team?

Well it’s certainly useful that I know like 20% of the Spanish players already, and half of the current selection are still playing for me at United or have been in the youth team and then moved on to another club.
It grants me the change of inside information before hand and how players think of each other. But because they play well for me at United does not grant them any safety for the Spanish team, every player has to earn their spot and if they don’t perform in the national team then they can sit at home and watch the games at the television.

What are your plans with the squad?

Well I try to aim for a young squad, so that we can work with each other for a longer period, if I would select players with the age of 30 or 30+ I never know for sure how long I can keep on working with them or rely on them to stay part of the national team. Furthermore I try to qualify for the European Championship and reach at least the semi-finals, after that we’ll have to see how it will go.

How did the players (especially the Man Utd part) react to you becoming their manager?

Some of the players hoped for a Spanish manager because that would have been better and easier for them, other players were enthusiastic that they would get the opportunity to train and play under my leadership. And the players that already know me or are still playing for me, see it as a great decision from the Spanish bond, although even some of those players are slightly less thrilled about it, because of the history we have had at united.

We all know that the former Manager is your brother in law, doesn’t this give it a double feeling?

Well it was difficult of course, but then again it’s fair to say he didn’t put up the performance the Spanish bond expected from him, and well if he has been fired because of that, that is his problem and I am not the one to give up on a job like this, because he was manager here before me!
And if we look back at Ghana, when I left there he immediately took my place as well, and did a decent job before he went to coach the Spanish team. And I never said he shouldn’t have gone to Ghana because I coached them before him.

Thank you Randy and the best of luck to you and the team.

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