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The Royal Redemption

A tale of drama, hypocrisy and controversy, but most importantly; the journey of a football manager
Started on 18 October 2014 by Justice
Latest Reply on 31 October 2015 by Live For FM
captainbrickarms, I'm still at a loss here :))
Others, thanks guys! :)
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Gerrard: We're Not Relaxed Enough

Ex-England Captain Steven Gerrard Slammed Mentality Of English Clubs, Players And Fans

Liverpool captain and legend Steven Gerrard today described the mentality of all those involved in English football as too serious and unnecessarily harsh. The ex-England skipper believes that if players and fans alike allowed themselves time to relax and enjoy the game, results would be just around the corner.

Steven Gerrard: "English football has been in the same scenario for years on end now. We bring great players in to our clubs and our national team, we have high expectations, and then we crack under the pressure. Time and time again, no matter how could we may seem to be, we just don't get the results. That has happened in every World Cup and European Championship for God knows how long and in the Champions League on many an occasion. We put ourselves under too much pressure to perform, allowing us no freedom to do anything, and then we get overpowered by nations with far-weaker teams.

We need to sit back and enjoy our football. Last season for Liverpool was the closest we got to having a thoroughly enjoyable season. Unfortunately for us, the expectancy of the English got to us and we slipped up, I slipped up. Anybody who remotely followed our season from beginning to end can tell you how we turned from a free-flowing, unstoppable team to a shaky, nervous, mistake-prone squadron within a matter of weeks. What changed? It was our mentality. We went from being happy and relaxed to nervous and under pressure. Our season was no longer about enjoying our football, it became a season of expectancy and pressure. There are not many people who enjoy that sort of pressure, perhaps Luis Suárez is one of those rare few and he bailed us out in many matches.

If we, the people of English football, can learn to relax and enjoy our football for a whole season, we can enjoy the fruits of our labours. Look at the Spanish, look at the Germans. Real Madrid, the German national team. Did they once crack when they won their big trophies? No, they didn't. They went out on the pitch with a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts. Yes, they had a certain amount of expectancy but they played for their love of football, not to complete a task. Of course we want to games but we need to be allowed to have the time to enjoy what we do. Having millions of people's pressure on your shoulders is not re-assuring; it creates worry and panic for us players.

One person who has stepped in to football and has helped his team to enjoy their football while retaining a competitive drive is Prince William at Whitehawk in Brighton. They're only in the Vanarama South division but they play every game with a competitive, yet joyous, spirit of a team playing in a Champions League final. I attended a match recently and the joy on the players' faces was magnificent. They love their football there and it is one big happy family. The club is still small and will take time to grow but a passionate club is one with a big future, and Whitehawk are exactly that.

If other teams can look at Whitehawk and take aboard the great things which Prince William has done since taking charge, English football will be better for it. We play football because we enjoy it, that is how it is supposed to be."

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Hey guys, some of you may have seen some of the outrageous allegations made against me by a particular person who has created multiple accounts in order to slate me on what has now been a number of occasions. This guy is known as Mr.O or, more recently, The real one, and has his own vendetta against me for being against some abusive comments he made in our Chat System (he later sent abusive Private Messages to me and others). I apologise for this un-needed drama and I urge all my readers to not pay attention to any of these false allegation made against me, whether it be by Mr.O/The real one/any of his other aliases. Once again, I apologise that this situation has reached the front cover of my own story and while his comments have since been deleted, his statements have hurt me. Thank you.
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Season One: September Manager Talk

Whitehawk TV Reporter: "William, congratulations on what has been a truly fantastic month, seeing your side go unbeaten in all competitions. However, a lot of your games were tightly contested and your team conceded eight times in the six games played. Is conceding goals becoming an issue for your side?"

William MW: "I think you have to compare our defensive record to the others in our division before deciding how we have performed, to be honest. There have only been a handful of other teams who have conceded less than us but they have all played less games than us too. Of course there can always be an improvement made in each area of the game but for us so far this season, conceding goals has not been too much of a problem. We have still earned some very valuable points and to remain unbeaten over the course of a whole month, no matter who you are, is a very good accomplishment. We are working hard every training session to iron out our weaknesses, especially in defence, and you will see us coming closer and closer to our best as the season progresses, I can promise you that."

Whitehawk TV Reporter: "I agree, your team has accomplished a lot so far this season. What has been particularly impressive is your team's goal tally, striking thirty goals in eleven games in the league so far this season. How assuring is it to have a number of attackers who have the ability to score goals?"

William MW: "At the end of the day, goals win you games and I cannot complain with our efforts in attack this season. We have a number of top players up front and each and every single one of them have played a huge part in our success this season. You look at the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robin van Persie and what they bring to their teams in terms of goals, and the importance of their goals. Well, our attackers play no less a part in our team than the three I named do in their's. Our goal-scoring record has been second-to-none this season and we are very proud of what we have accomplished thus far. We are still improving on a daily basis and I hope to see even more goals go in for us as the season progresses."

Whitehawk TV Reporter: "I presume you have heard, or read, Steven Gerrard's criticism of the mentality of those involved in English football, although he has singled you out for praise. What are your reactions to what he has said?"

William MW: "I understand why he has made such critical remarks about the people in this country, I really do. However, I do not believe that they are fully warranted, given the nature of the people in this country. Our culture is a very serious and determined one and we were brought up through the generations and many decades of fighting to be the best in the world. That has not changed, and it never will change. Yes, there are certain aspects of our culture and our nature which need improving if we are to fulfil our dreams but that will take time. England is becoming more and more multi-cultural as the years go by with the rapid influx of people of different nationalities and different lifestyles, religions and vocations. If we pool all our hopes, our dreams and our skills together, our culture and our nature will continue to grow in power and with a positive direction and we will become a mighty nation once again, and that includes our stature in the footballing world.

As for what he had to say about me, I appreciate his praise and it is most welcome to me. However, I am not the only person at this club who deserves praise. There are plenty of others who I work with who have been instrumental in the rise of this football club and will continue to be very valuable components in this machine. People like my assistant manager Gary Smith, the owner Jim Collins and the rest of the board. These guys have been fantastic since I came here and have been a real driving force in our efforts. They have created a positive atmosphere here too, one where we can enjoy the football at this club. That mentality has rubbed off on the players and they are playing with the freedom of children. We are moving in a positive direction, and we will not stop until we are at the top, and not even then shall we grind to a halt!"

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2014-11-17 19:37#200201 Justice :


Hey guys, some of you may have seen some of the outrageous allegations made against me by a particular person who has created multiple accounts in order to slate me on what has now been a number of occasions. This guy is known as Mr.O or, more recently, The real one, and has his own vendetta against me for being against some abusive comments he made in our Chat System (he later sent abusive Private Messages to me and others). I apologise for this un-needed drama and I urge all my readers to not pay attention to any of these false allegation made against me, whether it be by Mr.O/The real one/any of his other aliases. Once again, I apologise that this situation has reached the front cover of my own story and while his comments have since been deleted, his statements have hurt me. Thank you.

FMScout Drama! :O
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2014-11-17 19:49#200204 Jonaldinho :
2014-11-17 19:37#200201 Justice :

FMScout Drama! :O
Sadly, but haters gonna hate! :/
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Season One: October


Another month played, another run of unbeaten games played. Five wins and a draw from six games brings our unbeaten run of games to thirteen in all competitions, and ten in the league. This is an absolutely phenomenal feat for a club of our stature and I am very proud of my players for accomplishing this. If there would be one criticism which I have for me team, it would be the number of goals we conceded after going three goals ahead. We were 3-0 up against Basingstoke, Wingate & Finchley and Biggleswade Town yet we allowed these three teams to come back in to the games, with Basingstoke even going as far as equalising and snatching a point from our grasps. We need to get rid of this sense of complacency but otherwise, I have no complaints.

Player Of The Month

Jake Robinson is my player of the month after what was a terrific set of performances from the English attacker. He has been deployed in a number of positions, including left wing, right wing and in his favoured striker role. No matter where he has played, he has been lively, creative and lethal in front of goal. He has been one of my favourite players to work with so far and a real driving force behind our title push.

Jake Robinson's Season Stats
Appearances: 16
Goals: 10
Assists: 5
MotM Awards: 2

Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0

Pass Completion Ratio: 71%
Shots On Target Ratio: 62%
Fouls Committed: 2
Fouls Against: 33

Average Rating: 7.49

Vanarama Conference South

We now top the league by a staggering eleven points! While other teams to have games in hand over us, they are still a fair distance away from us and we have what is turning in to a very comfortable lead for us. Hopefully we can continue to improve and keep increasing the size of our lead. Our goalscoring record has been superior to anybody else's in the league and our defensive record is slowly, but surely, improving too.

November Fixtures

November will bring us another set of six games and it will prove to be a very difficult month for us. We start off with a home game against Havant & Waterlooville in the league before travelling to Datrford (Vanarama Conference Premier) for the first round of the FA Cup, where we are expected to lose. League games against Saint Albans, Chelmsford and Weston-super-mare come before we play Havant yet again, but this time at their place in the FA Trophy. My points target is seven for this season and I am hoping that we progress in either one of the cups. We are not expected to win in either but anything can happen in football!

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Excellent month, Jake Robinson is on fire! You're killing it in the league, keep it up :D
Very good month, just need to keep some more clean sheets as you touched on but I think it's partly due to goalkeepers turning into complete Neanderthals when a long shots come their way - it happens in LLM :P
Just cruisin' in the league!
A great month and some more quality writing, keep it up :D
Superb month :D
Neal, Walter, Feliks, wellsy1498 & Jonaldinho, thanks guys, it means a lot to get comments like these! :)
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That Awful Choking Feeling

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” - Mark Twain

With great fame comes a certain amount of infamy and as certain as there are admirers of those in power, there will be those who despise everything a man in a suit with a title of importance does. For the most part, these antagonists never instigate any sort of harassment or abuse towards those in the spotlight but sometimes it is unavoidable for a man of power, let alone a prince, to avoid his haters. Sometimes you have to face danger and try to avoid its wrath. Sometimes a death threat comes knocking at your door. Unfortunately for me, death paid a brief visit in my house, to shell out a warning; a warning of intent. The lust for my blood was high, and many were prepared to spill it.

It was Halloween, and we were due to play against Havant & Waterlooville the next day, the opening day of the month of November. Myself and Kate, my beautiful wife, had been at a Halloween party in her majesty's, my mother's, residence. On return to our humble abode in the oddly quiet Brighton, we found the front door to be eerily ajar. Without heeding the cautious pleas made by my spouse to communicate with the police, a roaring anger arose inside of me as I pranced from the car towards the house, ready to investigate the scene of crime. I would not let a single soul escape alive, I was a lion ready to feast on my enemies. Who dares to break in to my house! Pain and suffering would only follow for the perpetrators.

I stormed valiantly in to the residence, scanning my surroundings with eager anticipation. I had smelled blood, metaphorically, and I wanted to bring about justice to the unfortunate sinners in my house. To my disappointment, there had seemed to be nobody remaining in my estate. Nothing had been taken, nothing had been destroyed. However, something had been left behind. A noose, hanging lifelessly from the ceiling of my dining room, like a venomous snake from a foreign land. A note had been left on the table beside it, with my name written across it.

Anger fled my body and I was filled with fear and paranoia. My face had become a crystal white and my knees became week. No thief had come in to my house, it had been something far worse, who had left his markings. That awful choking feeling took over as I picked up the note and took in what it had to say. I gasped and dropped it to the floor. Perhaps the police would need to be involved.

Hello, Mister William Mountbatten-Windsor,
I suppose you would remember me, as it was you who was responsible for ruining my reputation. You were the one who took away my role as chairman of the FA, you were the one who stopped my plan which would have succeeded. I hate you for it, I truly do. You will suffer for what you have done to me, I can guarantee it; I will make your life hell! By the will of God, may you be struck down by the worst of illnesses! I am coming after you and I am going to get you. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few years from now. You can live with that fear in your head until the day you die. I will get you, but you will never know when. You will suffer!

Greg Dyke.

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Excellent couple of months Justice, you're flying!
An interesting update their too, you better watch out for Greg Dyke... :P

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