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A Venezuelan Adventure

The World Is Not Enough
Started on 26 November 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 18 June 2015 by Walter
Very tough injury, but at least Cañas can keep scoring. You got rekt in the cup ;)
Feliks He Cañ-as be of great use to us.
Nealão It was the equivalent of Aston Villa playing Barnsley lmao
2014-12-30 21:37#205109 Walter : He Cañ-as be of great use to us.

Jesus.. Walt, I expected better from you :))
2014-12-30 21:37#205109 Walter : Feliks He Cañ-as be of great use to us.

Oh dear oh dear Walt...

That pun ALONE has caught the attention of Mr. Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell... you best start running boy.
pompeyblue & Josh_MU Sorry guys, I was actually looking to remember what Feliks said... And well I couldn't :P

The No Show
It's my job to find out things

My name is Mauricio Blanco. I work for the local paper and quite frankly I'd rather not be here. But, my boss insists I cover the Hermandad Gallega section of the news, and it pays the bills - I guess. If it puts food on the table and a roof over my head I guess it's fine.

What is annoying me, however, is the fact that this mystery new foreign manager hasn't turned up to a single press conference since the day he arrived. I'm not too sure about this man and plan to do some more digging in the near future.

I was hoping I might catch a glimpse of him tonight, after the game, but no - boring old Richard Padilla his assistant walked through the doors to the club media room again. He never, ever had anything interesting to say and even if he did it wasn't from that man Bond, who I really wanted to talk to.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him, though. He was wearing a suit (he's the only manager in the league that does) and he was carrying a briefcase. I quickly hopped out of my seat and slowly and cautiously followed him down the street.

He walked as if he was without a problem in the world, which was better for me. He was unknowing of my presence and that meant I didn't have to tread with as much care and I could afford to get up close and personal.

He turned a right hand corner and I quickly made sure I got there, too, so I wouldn't lose him. My journalist senses were tingling, I knew I was on to something. I got my camera ready, just in case that front page shot came my way.

I saw him around ten metres ahead of me and he quickly crossed the road in front of a car. I waited around five to ten seconds before swiftly doing the same, and I had to keep my eyes peeled for Mr. Bond otherwise he would escape.

He turned another left and now I had to run to catch up. I turned the corner again and began panting for breath. I looked up quickly to see him taking another bend, this time towards the right down an alleyway. I jogged over and turned into the open alleyway that was dirty and dark.

But there was no one.

I grimaced. Where on f****ng earth could he have gone?! I looked everywhere, and even desperately looked in the over-piling rubbish bins and also scoured every single possible hiding place I could think of. He was nowhere to be seen.
Naive journalist.... Bond always knows when you're following him...
Feliks He always knows B)

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days. Internet issues and miniature heatwaves in Australia mean that my time for fmscout has dwindled over the last few days, so sorry about that :P
Just a quick question, are those bushfires in Victoria near you? Because there's a massive one in SA knocking on my region's doorstep :O

October 2014: Goals, Goals and Goals

In October we were lethal in front of goal

On the back of an undefeated September, excluding our cup exit to Deportivo La Guaire, we strived to maintain and possibly improve our performances going into October. We had some tough games coming up against promotion rivals so the lads were training at a higher intensity than before.

The Results

To begin with we played host to cellar dwellers Deportivo Peñarol, a side struggling to put up wins on the board and looking likely to drop down a division come the end of the season. We met them on the back of three straight wins and despite a tough first half we made it four with three second half strikes.

The Minasoro FC clash was a frustrating one. While we got the three points and the final score of 5-4 looks like a positive one I was left fuming at our defence. A stunning first half display saw us race to a comprehensive 5-0 lead. After a couple of leads lost earlier in the season I was cautious in giving my praise and it seems I made a mistake, as we allowed our opponents to come right back into the match. Defensive training is now high on the agenda.

Only three days and a coach journey later we fell victim to Central Ítalo despite Freddy Granados' 65th minute effort. This loss is really hard to take as we need all the points we can get in the promotion race and especially before the big games that were to take place next.

Facing promotion front runners SC Guaraní was the worst team to compete against after a loss like the one in our previous game. This was exemplified as we went two-nil down early in the second half and we faced an uphill battle to get back into the game. But using my limited motivational skills we were able to pull ourselves back into the game and Dervis Barrera's late equaliser was one to savour, earning us a hugely vital point in this game.

To wrap up October we welcomed Baralt FC to the Polideportivo Misael Delgado in what was sure to be an extremely close run affair. Fortune favoured us as we were awarded a penalty less than 15 minutes into the encounter and Freddy Granados tucked it away with ease. Víctor Archila, his fellow winger, added a second ten minutes later to seal a massively important 2-1 win.

October League Table

As you can see from the picture, above, we handed Baralt FC their first defeat of the league season and those pivotal four points from the last two games of October leave us in fourth position. ULA FC and Estrella Roja are right on our heals though so we know that any slip ups will be punished.

October Player of the Month

For this month's award I have to hand it to Dervis Barrera. The youngster is filling the void left by the injured Jesús Reyes comfortably and his last gasp equaliser against SC Guaraní is the reason why football is such a popular sport.

Manager's Notes

On my way home from the stadium I noticed the slimy young journalist following me. I have to say I had to control my laughter as he walked circles around that little alleyway while I hid in plain sight. I now know that I'll have to watch my back and keep on the ever lower down low. For now, adios!
Marvelous update, good to see Dervis banging them in and also good to see you having fun with the slimy journo :D

100 replies!!!
Feliks Thank you Feliks, Dervis really is giving me selection problems ahead of Reyes' return.
Congrats on 100 replies, and another lovely update Walt! You're still doing well in the league, but it would be great if you can build some more momentum and climb up into the top three. I'm sure you're capable of doing so... ;)
Some very good results Walt and again a lovely presented update!
Nice results, close to the playoff spots there!

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