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A Venezuelan Adventure

The World Is Not Enough
Started on 26 November 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 18 June 2015 by Walter
Well looks like you won't be needing those bananas and grain for a while ;)
2015-01-09 17:10#205788 Feliks : Well looks like you won't be needing those bananas and grain for a while ;)
moar pls
Josh_MU hmm, maybe not Russian. ;)
Feliks lol.
Neal lol. again.
Pauker mkay.
Walter's avatar Group Walter
6 yearsEdited

An Unexpected Meeting

My mildly comfortable apartment

It was 5:00pm in the evening in Valencia, Carabobo. The setting sun cast an orange glow over the city and the glare was unbearable. Bond closed the blinds inside his home and regained focus on some tactics he was drawing up in a sketch book. The life of a football manager was a strenuous one but he admit he was beginning to enjoy it.

His ears twitched at the sound of a lock being picked. He left his notepad on the table and grabbed the Walther PPK gun that he always kept by his side. He hid in the corridor that led to the bathroom and bedroom, watching the intruders enter his apartment in the reflection of the windows.

There were three of them, and Bond guessed there'd be a fourth and possibly a fifth waiting outside the door. The three of them were average sized, fairly well built and pale skinned, meaning they were foreigners. They were covered in black apparel: gloves, beanie, jacket and pants. They each held a pistol in their hands and began covering the apartment.

One of them had a moustache, the other dark thin sunglasses and the final one had a silver watch on his right wrist. The latter was opening a wardrobe, and Bond took his opportunity. His bullet flew straight into the gunman's back, leaving him paralysed. Just as planned, the other two turned around and were now facing their heads the opposite way to Bond.

Bond jumped out from his hiding place and knocked one of them out with one punch. The other henchman turned around and he also put him on the floor with another punch. 007's suspicions were confirmed as two more, bulkier, men entered the apartment. One had a scar on the left of his face and the second had a star tattoo behind his ear.

They raised their pistols but Bond ducked under the fire and commando rolled towards his own Walther PPK.

He picked it up and fired two shots. He hit the arm of scarface and he went down with a cry of agony. The second bullet hit the kneecap of the man with the star tattoo and he dropped his gun as he fell to the floor, also in severe pain. Bond stopped and took a deep breath. Scarface stood up clutching his bleeding arm and ran out of the room. Bond was left with three unconscious henchmen and one on the ground.

Still gasping for breath as he lost more and more blood, Bond walked up to him and grabbed his collar, holding him up and pinning him against the wall. "Who sent you?" he interrogated him. "Tell him who sent you!"

Star Tattoo was sweating badly, and he stammered to find the right words. "F-f-f-Fredd-d-y. Fr-r-eddy Robinson." He winced.

Bond gave him a puzzled look. Who on earth was Freddy Robinson? "Who the hell is that?" He stared at Star Tattoo as he continued to clutch at his kneecap which had been blown open and bleeding a lot.

"He's American. He's our boss. He's trying to buy your football club..."

That happened to be his last breath, and after muttering those words the colour disappeared from his face and he hit the ground with a thud. Slowly, a puzzle was forming in my head - piece by piece. The only missing part was why Freddy Robinson, the possible new owner of the club, wanted Bond dead.
Very Bond-esque I must say! I wonder who Freddy Robinson is...?
What an update Walter! Amazing stuff O_o
Interesting update Walt... who is this mysterious Freddy Robinson figure? I guess we'll find out soon, I can't wait! :P
ik why. kthxbai
2015-01-12 07:20#205937 Pauker : ik why. kthxbai
Josh_MU That's good to hear Josh, I'm doing it kind of right I guess :P
Jack Thanks lol
pompeyblue All will be revealed very soon ;)
Pauker I don't think you do lmao
Feliks You do lol
Bond will resign, go in hiding and manage a football club somewhere where where he actually knows the players I suppose.

really enjoying the story and a taste of something different. Bond is doing what Bond does best.
"He hid in the corridor that led to the bathroom and bedroom, watching the intruders enter my apartment in the reflection of the windows."

I like how you suddenly become Bond for a moment as it's your apartment :P

Nice update, though, wondering what will happen next!
mo_123 I think he'll stay at Hermandad Gallega for the long term. Thank you for the kind words.
Neal Thank you for notifying meh Neal :P

January 2015: Throwing It Away

Our promotion hopes were thrown into the balance

Over the last few months we've had many distractions brewing off the pitch but it hadn't affected our form as of yet. However, I think everything is starting to overflow and the pressure and interest is getting to us, as the new year was one to forget for everyone involved with Hermandad Gallega.

January Results

A trip to league-leaders and promotion certainties Real Anzoátegui was always going to be a monumental task and despite Jesús Reyes providing an equaliser right on half time we walked away from the game with nothing because our opponents were simply a class above.

Now, you'd have thought we could respond from that loss with a win at struggling Real Bolívar, right? A side that sat deep in relegation trouble come the end of the season. A side we were beating 2-0 at halftime. Well you were wrong. We managed to lose the unloseable and make ourselves look like absolute buffoons. And I can tell you I was not taking any of it.

Luckily things did improve, thanks to one man - his name being Eduardo Cañas. His four goals, alongside an own goal he played a major role in, meant we toppled UA Aragua by the grand total of five goals to one. A welcome change from last week's horror show.

Sadly, it all went down the s***hole as we collapsed to yet another defeat, this time at the hands of Guatire FC, a side in a relatively similar position to ours. Not really fancied but punching above their weight. Despite scoring three ourselves our leaky defence was the source of the problem again.

The hell I now know as 'January' ended at C.D San Antonio. Cañas gave us the lead in what was a dull first quarter of an hour and for the third time in the same month we scored in the final seconds of first half action. That was enough to give us a little optimism heading into February.

January League Table

The struggle is real. Some terrible performances mean we are now rock bottom of the promotion race. As you can see we're still fifteen points ahead of the next closest opponent. But being in seventh means we are last in the promotion race out of all the contenders.

January Player of the Month

I snubbed him last month, but this month Eduardo Cañas was simply too good to ignore. His four goals against UA Aragua was simply superb and his dominating performances of late are one of the reasons why we're still in this promotion fight.

On The Training Ground

  • Defensive training is high on the agenda, after our recent collapses
  • And it's going to be at high intensity, no matter what the repurcussions
  • Individual training here so far hasn't been a success due to the poor facilities

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