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Wycombe Wanderers - The Summer of 69

Probably the best story you'll read all day, okay, maybe not, but you know, have a nose.
Started on 19 April 2016 by Atoobie
Latest Reply on 22 September 2016 by Justice
Atoobie's avatar Group Atoobie
4 yearsEdited

A crazy month

A mental month, as you read through you'll see what I mean, but this month has been nothing short of eventful. I definitely hadn't planned for some of these goings ons, but things happen you know.

Humble beginnings

Lovely away day

Foreshadowing brilliance?

Debuting the youngsters

What a game!

Transfers (I know, I can't believe it either?!?!)

This is done in the order the deals took place.

So where do we stand?

A very positive start to the season to be honest, we went unbeaten and have managed to keep ourselves up in the top half so far. However, all the teams we've played so far are predicted to finish around us so we're still in for a long slog. I fucked up a bit on this, the league table is 1 game in advance, apologies.

Player of the Month

In what has been a transitional few months for us as we saw many key players leave and new ones arrive, one player has been an anchor in it all, scoring 5 and assisting 5 too in only 7 games so far this season, this lad may be one of my best ever signings. Such a good player, Mamadou 'The Hump' Zoundi

Flop of the Lot

It's players like this that cause me to wonder whether FM has a 'pressure sensor' built in, as this lad has lost all tight competition for his place and has since played very poorly. Outshone by his defensive partner who's been flawless as usual, Zoggers picks up this award for the 3rd time, and he's not even that bad usually.

Hectic is the word

All in all it's been a very unexpected month, I really wasn't planning on that amount of transfer activity, but the Hutten transfer changed everything. Additionally, the 3-3 draw versus Arsenal has to be a highlight, if things go well this season, I will definitely be looking to Riveros as a new striker.

Our Euro Cup group includes SC Bastia, a difficult team in the year 2170, Dynamo Kiev and Viktoria Plzen. I'd definitely hope to quality as I think we can only expect to lose against Bastia. You can see some of the European nights thrown into our fixture list for the upcoming month of September too, as we face a more congested run due to Europe. Please ignore the one extra game, again, I messed up.

I hope you've enjoyed our transfer window updates, all comments will be reciprocated.

Tah, Alex
Bloody hell the table still scares me!!! anyways great update!!
Look at Chesterfield...
@ScottT : Ikr it's scary how weird the table is xD we'll be up there with em soon
Unbeaten so far, you can certainly build a title charge this season!

The Unbeatables

As you might have guessed from the title, our form has continued to kick ass as we progressed into the season, taking names as we go. I have to say, some of my signings kept on pleasing me throughout too, making me feel quite good about spending so much money.


European Debut


De ja vu

Grown into the game

A massive result

Creeping upwards

Only 3 points from first, it's shocking to think we're still unbeaten at this stage too, maybe we can really shoot for top 4 this season huh? Of course, those key few who've been pulling the strings of late will have to continue, but I'm very excited about our future.

Player of the Month

I'm sorry but it's him again. Yes, his average rating may have tumbled from the last month, but my god is this guy good, he's constantly there to rely on for a goal or an assist and he is integral to the performance of the team. So I am very fortunate to be having this guy at the top of his game right now, of course, it's Mamadou 'The Hump' Zoundi

Flop of the Lot

I think this one will come as a surprise to many of you, but this lad just hasn't really turned up since the United game, it's like he's gone 'Right, I've scored a few, that's me done for a bit now' well, I'm sorry Ibrahim but aside for that opening fixture, more must be done.

Doesn't get easier

The fixtures keep coming thick and fast but for the much needed international break in October, aside from that though, we play 4 games in the space of 11 days, so it's safe to say we may throw a few Europa League games for the sake of league form, which I believe to be more important. Equally, the league cup might be a viable route out of the fixture congestion.

All in all, thanks for reading, apologies for the slow updates recently, I am now trying to build up a backlog for the end of May before taking a break over half of June. It's a hard life reporting the summer of 69 you know.

All comments will be reciprocated,

Tah, Alex

Feeling good

Once again we continue to press on, the addiction is real now as we just can't seem to get enough of pulling results out the bad. It's safe to say I'm feeling good about this year, and Wycombe's future. It's safe to say we here at Wycombe are...


Cheesed it

The Zoundi show




Unprecedented rise

Woah, all of a sudden we find ourselves in the dizzy heights of 3rd, quite shocking to be honest, not quite sure how that's happened. You may have noticed, we maintain our unbeaten streak but the longer it goes on for the more I fear it's unlikeliness to last. However, for now, we live in the day.

Player of the Month

Captain consistent. To be honest this lad has been up for consideration for both months so far this season, but it's October where he's finally managed to take it from Zoundi. He's actually the third highest rated player in the Premier league right now, so he fully deserves it. Our recent signing, Krasniqi.

Flop of the Lot

I have complained about him slightly throughout this update. It's very annoying to see a lad with such promise play so abysmally, it's not like he's one for the future either, he's one for now and the future! However, I'm sorry Zoggers but you're so so error prone.

Some key ties

This is a crucial month for us, true identifiers of our ability against Colchester and Man City. We also have some very interesting Euro Cup fixtures to attend to, so this will be a fun upcoming month for the MIGHTY DUCKS, as we venture towards January and probably a loanee centre back at this rate.

Thanks for reading, comments will be reciprocated,

Tah, Alex
Nice to see someone doing well with Wycombe! I didn't do so well with them :P
Keep up the good streak!

Up & Up

I've genuinely found myself thinking I'm EvolvingMick over these past few in game months, an unprecedented rise has allowed us to break through the pack and officially lead the Premier League race. You will see as we go, we've gone from strength to strength in the month of November and look to be on for something special.

This song is perfectly representative of us right now, plus it has an awesome music video, I implore you to watch it!

Seventh Heaven

What a Storrie!


We tried to lose it

Zoggers' reintroduction

Top of the League!

We are now the ones setting the pace for the whole of England as little ol' Wycombe sit top of the Premier League. However, we can't count our chickens yet, Spurs and Chesterfield are both coming up soon and neither will be easy. But, with defensive displays like the Man City game, theirs no reason why we can't hold our own and go and win it!

(Apologies it appears I forgot to screen-cap the table, we're 2 points in the lead ahead of Chesterfield and Colchester at this point)

Player of the Month

Still one of my favorite signings of the save, this lad has bailed out of all sorts time and time again, really upping his goalscoring threat over the last month, securing us vital wins against top teams. Krasniqi's presence has really helped him lately, and he's been our top goalscorer so far, Otsuki, with 19 goals in 21 games so far this season.

Flop of the Lot

When you're so far into an unbeaten season, it's hard to select a player who's actually done poorly to be honest, but this lad hasn't been as good as he was last year, which is arguably a testament to how good he was. He's been found having too many average games this year, whereas last year, Diallo was killing it every game.

Winter is coming

I do hope this phrase has never been used in more ominous context than this, because December will be the defining month of this season. A few huge games coming up, namely Spurs and Chesterfield, though Spurs are looking mediocre this year, they are the holders. However, our run has got morale at an all time high, and I'm confident we can keep it going for a while, hoping not to lose a game at this rate.

Until then, all comments will be reciprocated,

Tah, Alex
Gl. Cool story, like it..
Big game coming up against Manchester City, good luck!

Seeing red

The end finally came for our incredible unbeaten run, it wasn't a tragedy, and we went out respectably but we have to push on now. Like Ranieri in real life, after his teams defeat to Arsenal, we must bounce back and continue with the same form as before. However, I'm still very happy with my players to be honest.

Down and out

Bouncing back

Throw away game

A hiccup

A normal 1-0er

No need for Otsuki

Ok, maybe we need Otsuki

Knocked off our perch

Chesterfield seem to be on a similar run to ourselves, having managed to keep with us despite our great form. However, we aren't far behind, if we win our game in hand we'd go 1 point behind, and right in the running for the title. As for Champions league hopes, I expect nothing less now, being 6 points clear if we win that ominous game in hand.

Player of the Month

This guy is going to be crucial to our January as we have to survive without our Asian players, but, he's shown great promise in the month of December, hence why he's won this award. Scoring 4 this month and averaging a rating of 7.94 in his last 5 games, keep it up Ibrahim.

Flop of the Lot

I hate looking round my squad for this award and finding no-one else catches my more than this lad, who will have won this award for the 3rd time this season after this month. I still keep my faith in him, he's a lad who one day could really make a difference, but right now, like Zouma or Mangala at Chelsea and Man City respectively, Zoggers isn't doing the job.

Good ol' January

There's a few more talking points to come up in our next update that usual as we hit the January window, a time where all Football Manager players freak out and over spend, yay! For one, we must discuss Otsuki and Dal-Joo, both away on international duty, and both wanted by various clubs, Dal-Joo has asked to leave, and I've said yes if the right offer comes in. Interesting times ahead, also, we must welcome our most recent addition.

As for upcoming games, January is another choc-ca month, and Liverpool, Arsenal and West Ham will all be tricky ties, so expect a month of madness as we clamor to stay in the top 4 and fight for the title.

Until then, all comments will be reciprocated,

Tah, Alex
You will get back on top man!!!

Back to form

After a demoralizing month of December, we have bounced back emphatically, showing we have the spirit to maybe, just maybe clinch the title. Coping without Dal-Joo and Otsuki has been hard, but the lads have dug in and played tremendously at times. However, it's time to get serious, time to go in for the kill.

Just enough

Our savior Krasniqi


Bore draw

Keeping Riveros at bay

More than enough

Losing Ibrahim, but getting Sainrimat

Oh he's back

Back on top

That's right ladies and gentlemen, we have returned to the summit of the Premier league, stealing the spot by 1 point from Chesterfield. Thinking about it now, if we'd managed to stick just one past Liverpool we could really be clear by now, 4 points ahead and 10 away from 5th, but sadly that's just a dream, there's plenty more grafting to go yet.

Player of the Month

What if I told you it was THAT man again? Simply unstoppable right now he is, setting a new record for Wycombe Wanderers in Players of the Match per season, IN JANUARY! He's been tremendous and I dread to think where we'd be without him, he also won African footballer of the year award over the new year. So he's thoroughly used to his awards by now, Mamadou 'The Hump' Zoundi.

Flop of the Lot

For once, its not Zoggers, our usual suspect. Instead, it's a lad who bar from the Hull City game where everyone played well, hasn't really turned up this month. He's always been an average rating sort of player but never bad enough to warrant replacing, and at 21 can still improve, but for now Daouda it's you.

It's all about the cups

February is definitely a cup sort of month as we see the opportunity to progress in both of the competitions we still remain in. Of course, the Premier League is not to be forgotten, and we have some crucial fixtures in there, all must wins, so February is sure to be a big month for us.

Until then, all comments will be reciprocated,

Knew this month would get you back on top

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