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FM24 Vince Skin & Low Res | 1.1

Vince Skin is back for FM 24! Dark, elegant skin with two versions for 1920x1080 screen resolution and for low resolution too. Created by Vince_957

By on Nov 15, 2023   35734 views   29 comments
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Downloads: 10281 / Size: 7.0 MB / Added: 2023-11-15
Football Manager 2024 Skins - FM24 Vince Skin & Low Res | 1.1

Vince Skin is back! I would like to thank you for the messages of support and affection towards my skin that I have received over the years, which is worth more than anything to me and which pushes me to always do better.

Vince Skin Biggest Features

  • Instant result button before and in game!
  • New Scout overview panel
  • New Player overview panel
  • New match scoreboard and players faces into the bench
  • Match condition and sharpness Icon in Percentage (a rare feature)
  • Different backgrounds and opacity
  • City and stadium into the club overview
  • New ID panel
  • New bookmarks panel
  • Club crest into the left corner
  • New match panels and widgets
  • Stadium into fixtures panel and on club overview panel
  • Fixtures while you advance into the game
  • New mentoring team panel
  • Continue button with the club colours
  • Player role/duty icon
  • Player foot ability icons
  • New stadium overview panel
  • New fixtures details panel
  • New non player panel
  • New Club overview panel
  • New home panel with lots of widgets
  • Match tablet revamp

v. 1.1
  • Fixed transfer panel not showing offers
  • Fixed Scouting recommendation
  • Player faces are now also in squad tactics panel
  • Player form panel fixed
  • Minor fixes

  • It's recommended to maintain the zoom of text at 85% to see all theses things correctly, but also at 95% or 100& can work. If you have a monitor of low res. (1366x768) you can use the Vince Skin 900p with any kind of zoom.

    Vince Skin
    1920*1080 or more : 85-95-100% zoom
    1600*900 : 85% zoom

    Vince Skin 900p
    1366*768 : 100% zoom

    Vince Skin FM24 Skin Preview

    I'll attach a video with features and instructions of how to download it (the streamer isn't the creator of the skin but just a friend).

    How to use the Vince Skin on FM24

    Download the skin, then extract with WinRar or 7Zip (Unarchiver for Mac), and put it into Documents/ Sports Interactive/ Football Manager 2024/ Skins
    Run the game and go to preferences/ clear cache and reload the skin.

    Please, take note that in the files attached are virus free, as you can see on the image below, so when you download the skin, and a malware message appears, deactivate the antivirus for a moment and then reactivate it after extracting everything.

    City and Stadium backgrounds


    BUG REPORT : If you see any bugs, report in comments, in PM or on Discord WITH SCREENS.


    - PayPal Donation :
    - Contact on Discord : vince_957#6916

    Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.


    - TCS skin by bluestillidie00
    - Tato skin by Wozzie
    - FME skin by FMEnhanced
    - Wannachup skin
    - Flut skin
    - YACS skin by bossland
    - Mustermann Skin by gimn85
    And all the skin makers into the SI Skinning Hideout Community for the ideas, panels and kindness.

    I remind that for those who want, the Vincechup Instant result skin is always available here:
    Vincechup Instant Result

    Download Now
    Downloads: 10281 / Size: 7.0 MB / Added: 2023-11-15
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    Discussion: FM24 Vince Skin & Low Res | 1.1

    29 comments have been posted so far.

    • Tsony's avatar
      I still cant find the % condition/sharpness.. can somebody help please ?
    • LupoDelBernino's avatar
      Solved with cleartype
    • LupoDelBernino's avatar
      the quality of the screen characters which appear not very "defined" (even on some skins the color-on-color writing - e.g. Atalanta black on blue - is practically difficult to read). Increasing the font size >100% is of no use because the feeling of lack of definition remains.
      These are the PC specifications

      Intel Core i5-11400 @ 2.60GHz
      HP 27o on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
      RAM 16GB
      Windows 11 Pro 64-bit
      HP 27o MONITOR

      Do you have suggestions?
    • nextpep's avatar
      Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me...
      When I load in the skin in the game it still looks like default FM skin.
      I have this issue with all the other skins as I've tried a dozen or so...
      Any suggestions? Anyone??
    • onghy91's avatar
      Found it! If you're not seeing condition percentages is because is not active in the information. Go to tactics, info pannel on top of your players, custom, customise current view and you will see a blanket string on the left, that's condition percentages. Click add to the right, delete forms and condition tabs and that's it!

      You're welcome :)
    • hfs's avatar
      The skin is really amazing, almost flawless. Can you please just add the best performers and struggled to perform tab in the after-match interface along with the achievements. I know they are not necessary, but I would really appreciate it. These two requests will make this skin the perfect one for me, although it is the best.
    • fgservo's avatar
      Fix opacity from start.

      C:\Documentos\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\skins\Vince Skin 1.1 FM 24\panels\background_selector

    • Fitoo61!'s avatar
      Great skin. Is it possible to change the unread news colour? I want to make it light red instead of white. Allready thanks.
    • Wongur's avatar
      @fai_524 I've tried 5 different skins or so. Each time, it is either the condition not showing as a % OR the scouting reccomendation grade column vanishes and is replaced by an "information" column.
    • steffanopoulos's avatar
      very nice, thank u very much for this beauty ;)
    • Vince_957's avatar
      but "Sidebar icon-only" didn't work with skin 900p for low res
      when i tick "sidebar icon-only", Sidebar is disappear
      send me a screen on discord
    • Riomizuki's avatar
      My lovely skin finally comes!

      but "Sidebar icon-only" didn't work with skin 900p for low res
      when i tick "sidebar icon-only", Sidebar is disappear
    • fai_524's avatar
      @Wongur No, do you have any idea how to fix it?
    • Wongur's avatar
      @fai_524 @FCE Fanatic Have you guys solved the issue with condition percentages not showing up yet ?
    • fgservo's avatar
      I do not, i'm waiting for the master to tell.
    • arturs123's avatar
      do you know how to change opacity, I mean default 80%?
    • fgservo's avatar
      The only skin i use, the king is back :)
      I like to fix the opacity too to 70 or 80%

      All work for me, skin normal size, 1366x768, 85%
    • arturs123's avatar
      I'm mega glad that the skin takes into account backgrounds and a photo of the city! Only one thing doesn't suit me, the background is too bright, there is a button to manually change the brightness 0%-80%, but it annoys me that you have to do it every time you turn on the game. Is it somehow possible to set 80% by default to hard?
    • gizzala's avatar
      @egeli88 it didn't work for me at first, but then I tried to redownload it because I think the creator have uploaded the different file as the size is a bit different with the one I have downloaded before, then I tried your method again and it worked very well. thankyou!
    • egeli88's avatar
      @gizzala I had the same problem. Change the skin, delete it and unpack the file again and insert it. Then it showed up for me.

      @Vince_957 can you integrate the scouting report (A+ etc.) into the scouting when looking for players.

    • gizzala's avatar
      it's always the best skin for me, thank you for the good work!

      It would be perfect if there is an update to fix a bug that the transfer page is blank, no transactions showed up but the potential cost is there
    • fai_524's avatar
      How do I get the player condition and sharpness percentages to show up? I cannot find it too
    • FCE Fanatic's avatar
      How do I get the player condition and sharpness percentages to show up? I can't seem to find them
    • egeli88's avatar
      Hi, it's a great skin thank you.

      But in the transfer area I can't see the coming and going transfers.

      And would it be possible to include the scouting report in the view in the scouting center list?
    • Rookie Manager's avatar
      Finally. I was waiting for it. For FM23 was my besr skin. Awesome, awesome

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