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World Super League (WSL) - FM21 edition

1004 clubs, 73 countries, 43 divisions, 7 levels; All playable clubs from England + over 800 clubs from around the world. This mod is a total conversion!

By Updated on Feb 20, 2021   75363 views   98 comments
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Downloads: 8845 / Size: 21.8 MB / Added: 2021-01-11
FM 2021 Fantasy Scenarios - World Super League (WSL) - FM21 edition

FM21.4 version:


Welcome to the World Super League (WSL) for FM21, the most downloaded and highly acclaimed Super League mod of the last 4 years (with over 50,000 downloads and subscriptions).

WSL is a total conversion 'Super League' where over 1000 clubs from 73 countries have all come together to play in England.

If you find the base game too easy, or you just want a new challenge, then this it the ultimate test of your management and tactical skills.

This is also one of the highest quality and most advanced Super League mods available; written by a software developer with many years experience; (ESL17, WSL18, WSL19, WSL20 and WSL20 XE), this is the largest and most ambitious version yet.

This mod features high quality custom leagues, cups, rules, awards and custom graphics (custom made logos and backgrounds). Over 800 clubs from around the world are included, as well as all 160 playable clubs from England and more. 140 clubs compete in a the UEFA Champion League and over 300 clubs compete in the UEFA Europa League; as well as many other leagues, cups, reserve and youth cups etc.

It's a true labour of love that takes several weeks to complete, but provides me with some of the most memorable moments of my life.
Not only do I create this mod every year for others to enjoy, but I also play it myself; last year I played the WSL for over 3,300 hours.

League Structure

Overall the league structure is designed to provide the maximum challenge for clubs in the Premier League.

Unlike normal leagues and other super leagues, the WSL league structure is "wider" and not "deeper". There are a few reasons for this:

  1. You can climb the ladder a lot faster.
  2. There is a lot of competition to get into the Premier League, it's very difficult but also very rewarding.
  3. The Premier League clubs can send players on loan to good quality clubs below them
  4. The top 2 tiers (PL + SL1) feature 140 clubs, that include the best clubs in the world, which are all "Premier League Quality" clubs; and they all play in a custom (but familiar) UEFA Champions League.

This structure is based on the WSL Extreme Edition for FM20 from last year which worked very well for me, but with the addition of 96 new clubs.

Premier League - 20 clubs
Super League 1 - 6 Divisions - 120 clubs
Super League 2 - 12 Divisions - 288 clubs
Super League 3 - 8 Divisions - 192 clubs
Super League 4 - 8 Divisions - 192 clubs
Super League 5 - 4 Divisions - 96 clubs
Super League 6 - 4 Divisions - 96 clubs

UEFA Leagues & FA Cups

UEFA Champions League - 140 clubs
UEFA Europa League - 288 clubs
UEFA Europa League 2 - 384 clubs

FA Cup - All 1004 clubs

Super League Cup - 140 clubs
Super League 2 Cup - 288 clubs
Super League 3 Cup - 192 clubs
Super League 4 Cup - 192 clubs
Super League 5 Cup - 96 clubs
Super League 6 Cup - 96 clubs

TV Money

Money received by all clubs in the league.

Premier League96,531,070 (£)
Super League 157,918,642 (£)
Super League 223,167,457 (£)
Super League 36,950,237 (£)
Super League 41,390,047 (£)
Super League 5278,009 (£)
Super League 655,602 (£)

League Winners

Premier League98,654,182 (£)
Super League 161,273,582 (£)
Super League 244,695,932 (£)
Super League 313,408,780 (£)
Super League 43,352,195 (£)
Super League 5670,439 (£)
Super League 6134,088 (£)

Cup Winners

Winner2nd Place
UEFA Champions League30,737,332 (£)21,516,132 (£)
UEFA Europa League9,221,200 (£)6,454,840 (£)
UEFA Europa League 22,200,000 (£)1,600,000 (£)
FA Cup27,427,457 (£)8,815,968 (£)
Super League Cup5,600,000 (£)4,800,000 (£)
Super League 2 Cup3,600,000 (£)2,800,000 (£)
Super League 3 Cup2,600,000 (£)2,200,000 (£)
Super League 4 Cup1,600,000 (£)1,360,000 (£)
Super League 5 Cup600,000 (£)510,000 (£)
Super League 6 Cup180,000 (£)150,000 (£)

In the lower leagues, winning a "Super League 6 Cup" round will give you a huge financial boost. And winning the Super League 6 Cup is more valuable than winning the league. But the league cups value starts to decrease as you progress higher up the leagues. In higher leagues the Europa and Champions League money is much higher than the league cups.

There are many other bonuses, for example, getting into the UEFA Champions League group stage gets you 20,000,000 (£). There are other round bonuses, and every league position in all leagues has some value.

Clubs in the Premier League should get around £200M ~ £300M, for league, cup and TV bonuses. But this is offset by higher transfer fees (if you include the transfer fee addon), as I've seen Harry Kane being sold for over £200M.


  • 1004 clubs. (96 new clubs)
  • 73 countries.
  • 7 tier league structure.
  • 400+ Awards.
  • 32,000 DB Changes.
  • League structure with regional leagues and groups.
  • The top 800 clubs in the world are included.
  • All 160+ playable clubs from England are included.
  • All clubs play in England.
  • No Brexit, and no work permits.
  • No changes to the default international competitions.
  • All clubs keep their 'based nation', so youth players will come from their original country.
  • Custom graphics; backgrounds, logos and trophies.
  • Used the editor in Advanced mode, using many advanced rules and features.
  • All clubs have a Reserve and U18 team with their own leagues and cups.
  • 3 of 9 subs. (Changed from 3 of 7 subs)
  • 5 of 9 subs in Super League Cup games.
  • 28 player squads, up from 25 last year. Because there are more games.
  • League transfer windows between 9 June to 31 August and 1~31 January.
  • U21 players don't need to be registered.
  • All clubs play in one of the Super League Cups.
  • Top 140 clubs play in the UEFA Champions League.
  • Perfect schedules.
  • Travel grant money should provide some subsidy for clubs travelling from oversees.
  • Highest quality with lots of testing and balancing.
  • Created by a software developer with a very high attention to detail.

What's new?

Major changes:
  • New "Super League Cups" for all clubs and levels
  • Expanded the Europa League 2 and removed the Europa League 3 & 4
  • B-Teams and U19 are replaced by Reserve and U18 teams

Minor changes:
  • 96 new clubs (increased from 908 to 1004).
  • Improve the depth and quality of the league structure
  • Rebalance income and prize money.
  • League depth has increased from 6 levels to 7 levels.
  • Removed the Europa Leagues from the lower divisions.

New Super League Cups

The main differences from the FM20 version is that I've removed the lower "Europa Leagues", and replaced them with "Super League Cup".
My feeling is that the "Europa Leagues" for lower division are not really necessary, because they usually just take time away from the league, which is the most important and they add a lot of processing.
The "Super League Cup" is much faster to process because it doesn't have a group stage, just a simple knockout.
The Champions League and Europa League remains for the higher divisions.

B-Teams & U19 teams replaced by Reserve and U18 teams

I noticed that the AI didn't have many 19 year old players in the U19 squads. They were just filled with mostly U18 players.
So I want to try and see what the difference will be if I switch to U18 teams instead.

The B-Team to Reserve team switch is mainly because the Editor has some limitations with the "simple reserve team" rules and B-Teams.
The Reserve team system doesn't have a promotion/relegation, they are just based on the 1st team's league.
When I started a new game, it was fun and interesting to also manage the B-Teams, but eventually it becomes too much effort to manage both teams properly.
I might go back to B-Teams with promotion/relegation in the next version.

What's next?

Next version?

I will create a new version after the FM21 DB update; which usually comes out in February after the January transfer window.
I wanted to release this earlier than normal to get some feedback on new ideas, but I think it should be fully functional and enjoyable.

Known issues.

1. There are some issues with the FM21 editor which I have reported directly to SI. I have a work around for most of them. They are not severe.
2. There is some internal issue with some Reserve teams, typically from clubs in China and Uruguay. I created the Reserve teams, but they don't show up. I don't have a work around for this yet. I think some internal config file might be overwriting them.

Optional Rebalance "addon" Files included

Due to popular demand, I've separated some of the changes I usually make, into small "addon" files, included in the download.
When creating your new game, you will need to add / select these in addition to the core file.

I personally play with all these addons enabled.

Some of these are highly recommended, because some of the ratings of the base game are only balanced between clubs in their country / league, and they are not balanced globally, so they don't translate well in the context of a Super League. Some of them are controversial, like the Nation Youth Ratings and Youth Recruitment files, which together should increase the number of wonderkids created. I personally enjoy having a lot of wonderkids, because the league structure, the number of clubs and all the prize money available still makes it very challenging to sign them because there is a lot of competition between the clubs.

Rebalance Nation Youth Ratings

Rebalances all the nations Youth Ratings, based on a sliding scale derived from the nations average position in the official FIFA World Rankings.
You are welcome to test/simulate the game to determine the effect this has on the overall youth production and distribution.

Rebalance Transfer Values

Because there is more money for the top clubs in the game world, there is also higher demand for top class players.
This increased demand pushes up the global transfer value of the elite players.

171-180 - 70,000,000 (£) -> 80,000,000 (£)
181-190 - 80,000,000 (£) -> 105,000,000 (£)
191-200 - 90,000,000 (£) -> 140,000,000 (£)

AI Managers Boost

12 managers get a minor boost to their stats, including Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. This is just a minor boost, to make them a little more competitive.
The scenario is actually very difficult for AI Managers, as even the slightest slip up and they get sacked. It's just a few tweeks, usually about 5 changes.

FM21 Transfers (by FMTU)

This is the transfers file extracted from FMTU. This file was valid upto 10th January, and includes Mauricio Pochettino to PSG.
There are other files available, all credit goes to FMTU and pr0!
Not all the files are compatible with WSL.
FM21 Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0 + FMTU

New Wonderkids (by pr0) Maxed

The pr0 + FMTU file includes a small "wonderkids" file that includes 11 new real life wonderkids. I've just taken that file and boosted the 11 wonderkids PA rating to -10 (170~200). If you want the original file, please download it from the FM21 Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0 + FMTU!

Boost Training Facilities

This gives a boost to most of the training facilities of the other clubs. I just don't understand how Club Brugge and Benfica have level 20 training facilities, but Real Madrid and Barcelona have level 18. The issue is that the AI managers will almost never upgrade their facilities. So it's a bit unfair when you can take a lower league club, and have world class facilities better than Real Madrid and Barcelona within a few years. I would prefer to be on equal terms with those clubs. This update just gives the AI managers and clubs a better chance to develop players.

Boost Youth Recruitment to 20

This is one of the most controvertial updates I usually include.

It will max-out the Youth Recruitment of almost all clubs. There are HUGE imbalances in the base game with-regards-to Youth Recruitment between the countries. Each country's clubs are just balanced between the clubs in that country and not globally (I think each country has editors that have different opinions and ideas). It's a huge issue when you create a super league, because now all the clubs compete together, and they have not been properly balanced against each other. And, because I like to have a lot of "wonderkids" in my game, if you don't like that, then just don't include this file when you start a new save!

For example, Beşiktaş and Galatasaray have a Youth Recruitment of 6 and 8 respectively. These are the top 2 clubs in Turkey with a reputation over 7000.

Then you have 155 clubs with a 20 Youth Rating in the base game, some of those clubs I've never even heard of. Only 6 clubs of the 155 clubs have a reputation better than Beşiktaş and Galatasaray. 97 of those clubs have a reputation below 4000, which is League Two level. If you look at how the clubs in Turkey have been rated, they are completely under-rated and imbalanced.

Because there are other factors involved when generating Youth players, I just prefer to set this to 20 for all the clubs over 4000 reputation.

Here is a table to show the difference in the number of youth players generated in the first year.

RatingDefault gameWith my addons
PA > 19024
PA > 180733
PA > 1702971
PA > 16070137
PA > 150185327

Please note that these numbers decrease significantly the following year. (There are a lot of newgens created in the first year, but this number decreases significantly with time).

Also take into account how many clubs there are. There are A LOT more clubs than your typical game, and a lot more competition for young talent.

And just because the game generates a high PA player, doesn't mean that player will be any good.
For instance, the default game generated a full-back player with 199 PA, but he had high injury rate, low concentration, low consistency and very slow.
I would rather have more wonderkids generated, so some of them might actually be good. A high PA doesn't mean the player will actually be any good!

What most people don't realize is that the way that "humans" manually optimize players (in the editor), is actually very different to how the game generates and trains newgen / regen players. For example, you could play the game for 1000 years, and you would NEVER create a player like Messi or Ronaldo. Their stats have been so heavily optimized, and carefully fine tuned, that the game itself will never be able to create a player like that, even if you had a million players with 200 PA and 200 CA, the game's player generation algorithm and the way it trains players just cannot create another Messi or Ronaldo.

There are some stats that just don't develop properly. So I would rather have a larger pool of players, so that a few of them actually generate a player worth buying.


Minor Update - v1.1 - 12 January

1) Made some minor scheduling improvements. Mainly to the top Super League Cup.
2) Rebalanced all Super League Cups prize money.

Minor Update - v1.2 - 13 January

NO changes to the core files, only a few more "addons" added and a few more mini stadium photos.

Critical Update - v1.3 - 14 January

The issue found by RetraC has been resolved, where clubs in the lower league get income from the Premier League.
This had to do with the "Last Division" of the clubs being in the top tier of their countries, now the clubs are in a different country and league.
Even though their "Last Division" was a completely different league, the game was incorrectly giving them income from the Premier League.
I just cleared all the clubs previous / Last Division values and positions.

Thanks again to RetraC for reporting the issue.

Minor Update - v1.4 - 15 January

Added a custom facepack of the wonderkids addon. There are 8 wonderkids, 2 photos are real, the others are fake images because some of the kids are extremely young, and there not many photos available online.
This also includes a small fix to the wonderkids file, where 2 players were assigned to clubs that don't exist in the WSL, so they are not always loaded.
The wonderkids facepack can be added to previous versions, if you started a save on a previous version, because the ID's will be the same.

Please check this page regularly for any further updates!

Countries & Clubs Included


I would like to credit the following graphics packs:

Recommended & Compatible mods

How to Install WSL FM21


This mod was made possible by those that donated to last years version.
Thank you to everyone that donated, your kindness and generosity made this possible.

If you love my work, then please consider a small donation, any amount is welcome!

Final thoughts

This mod has taken hundreds of hours of my free time, so I really hope you appreciate the effort and my attention to detail!
Please leave a comment if you enjoyed it! I like seeing feedback, it motivates me to keep doing this!
Please remember to visit this page regularly over the next few weeks to see if there are any updates; and please leave a comment if you enjoyed the mod, and also if you found any issues.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy the challenge and may the football gods be with you on your journey to world domination!

Download Now
Downloads: 8845 / Size: 21.8 MB / Added: 2021-01-11
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Discussion: World Super League (WSL) - FM21 edition

98 comments have been posted so far.

  • ReadyPlayer0ne's avatar
    Hi, I've downloade everything on Mac and put the fmf files in the editor data section but as soon as I try to start a new career it seems like they don't exist and I can't select them, anyone who solved this?
  • thhegooat's avatar
    Does this work with the touch version?
  • Flashy's avatar
    The issue has been lifted on the SI Forum

    The problem seems to be saves with mods/database changes.
  • Madeen's avatar
    Just leaving a comment to say amazing job. But unfortunately I am suffering the same problem as the comments bellow, Flashy, and JD121.
    Still great work, and hope you can figure out what is causing such a peculiar bug
  • Flashy's avatar
    I got the same problem as JD121. I host the files and my mate cant read the messages after a specific date. I took control of his manager in game and I can see the messages but not him.
  • JD121's avatar
    Hi, i have started an online save with one other manager and in the middle of august in the first year his inbox is no longer showing up,. He can see he has 25 unread messages but cant see what they say - has this happened before? Any ideas of a fix?
  • Mateyson's avatar
    And what about OUR lifes?!))
  • Darthfurion's avatar

    Wow, you guys are impatient, I got so many personal messages asking me when it will be released.

    Sorry, my personal life comes first, I had a lot of work to do.
  • poom's avatar
    21.4 please
  • mircopozzo's avatar
    21.4 has been released now, we now await the new version of the World Super League
  • mircopozzo's avatar
    Mateyson I think he's waiting 21.4 version
  • Mateyson's avatar
    Still refreshing.
  • TCeleste's avatar
    Darthfurion how many time still?
  • Mateyson's avatar
  • Elyasis's avatar
    waiting for the 21.3 ver is basically refreshing this every day.. !
    I love your work, looking forward for the update !
  • HurkaDurk69's avatar
    I agree with dnzg66 regarding the lack of "rest of the world" teams in the lower divisions
  • davisland25's avatar
    I quite enjoy this database, makes it hard to go back and play vanilla FM even if I am dominating the top division.

    A couple things that you might want to address in the upcoming update (hopefully soon!) is the imbalance in sponsorship money/tv deal money. I am an MLS club in the top division and have been for 4 seasons now, and I only get 25-30m from sponsorships a year while almost every other club gets 200m+. I have had several sponsorship deals expire and new ones come in that are barely better than the last ones, even though I have hugely increased my reputation. I have been struggling to stay out of debt despite making deep cup runs in every cup just to collect prize money, and cannot afford to buy any top players despite being in the top division. I definitely think sponsorship money would help with that.

    Another thing that always gets me in these saves is the insane amount of travel costs, so maybe add a reimbursement fund? Traveling from north america to europe for 30 games a season really drains the bank account.

    I do really enjoy every other part of this database, you have done a wonderful job on it! Those are just my thoughts on how to improve :)

    Looking forward to the new update to fm 21.3!
  • mircopozzo's avatar
    Why are there no registrations for the cups?
  • mircopozzo's avatar
    Darthfurion I noticed that opposing teams always make substitutions in the last 15 minutes and it's not very realistic
  • ncpoomkung's avatar
    I check this page twice a day. To be honest after using this db, I can’t go back to the vanilla. Haha
  • mircopozzo's avatar
    Darthfurion I know that you are working on a new version but I advise you to wait for 21.4 which will be released in a few days
  • dnzg66's avatar
    Hi again Darthfurion,

    I wanted to share a few assorted thoughts about the overall setup and some issues that you mentioned in this post. I know you are working on the updated version, so I thought it would be nice to at least address some issues you brought up.

    - I think it is fine to use Reserve teams instead of B teams. Personally, I hardly notice the difference. The only tricky part comes when playing with Chinese sides that don't have competitions for their Reserve teams for whatever reason. In that case, I usually just strip the Reserve clubs of all players (most of whom are never going to be good enough anyway) and ignore it.

    - Using U18s instead of U19s is perfectly fine. I usually take players off that squad the moment they turn 18 anyway. There are so many good, inexpensive young players in this setup that there is no need for an extra year of youth football.

    - Simply playing in a single FA Cup match can create a huge windfall for the smallest clubs. The bank account for Hallam went from -20,000 pounds all the way to 400,000 pounds after we lost our first round FA Cup match, for example. I think this is from a combination of travel money and television money. The board still wouldn't let me go over a 500 per week wage budget, though.

    - Making any kind of progress in cup games will give you quite a few matches in hand. It also creates all sorts of challenges, since you'll basically be playing two matches per week every single week. I think this is a great thing - you really need good depth in your squad to stand a chance of competing.

    - The updates to transfer fees, youth recruitment, training facilities and so on are absolutely necessary to get the balance to work right. You'll also be under quite a bit of pressure if you choose rich teams in lower leagues - the board will expect deep cup runs as well as success in the league. Without some of these add-ons, clubs outside of major football nations will have a difficult time competing.

    - There are simply a ton of games to play, regardless of the level you manage at. In my mind, this is the best feature of all. You don't have annoying things here like waiting for months in-game for your lower-league Swedish side to finally start playing official games. You'll spend most of your time actually playing meaningful games.

    Overall, this patch is so good that I doubt I'll ever go back to the main game again. I'm planning on starting my longterm save with the updated version.

    My only ask is to have more teams added, especially at the lower levels. Super League 6 is almost entirely British clubs, which kind of spoils the fun. Super League 5 has more foreign clubs, but it also feels kind of empty - especially since there are 288 clubs up in Super League 2. Right now it feels like most of the world is actually right in the middle of the pyramid, and that the bottom is somewhat thin.

    I know that adding more teams will add to processing time. I feel that the tradeoff is worth it - but, then again, my computer runs FM quite smoothly even with all leagues turned to playable in the base game.

    I also wonder if it wouldn't be better to combine Super Leagues 5 and 6 into the same level.

    Anyway, thank you again for the hard work!
  • TCeleste's avatar
    The version with winter update is already done?
  • HurkaDurk69's avatar
    This looks amazing! Just wanted to chime in with some ideas for the DB and one for this very page.

    1. I would like the stadium requirements to be higher in the PL+SL1 and some requirements in the lower leagues(not for every ofc). For me, the minimum should be 30K in PL+SL1. Why? Mostly because I love big stadiums. I know 30K isn't that massive, but suggesting 50K would be crazy(or maybe not ;) ). Another point would be that you would rather see a CL with bigger stadiums than with 15k. But I don't know how much my last comment matters since I am seeing that you have stadiums in 'Stadiums For Fixture', and IDK enough about the editor to know what that does

    2. And if you think the training facilities are a problem you could set a minimum requirement for the league/s. Maybe 12 for SL4 and 18 for PL+SL1.

    this has noting to do with database changes, but if you could upload some photos of the leagues 1 year in the future that would be superb.
  • hirosauber's avatar
    Thanks for your job, is a great league!! Please, can you modify the substitutions to 5 in all the competitions? There are many games and there is a lot of accumulated fatigue.

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