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The Royal Redemption

A tale of drama, hypocrisy and controversy, but most importantly; the journey of a football manager
Started on 18 October 2014 by Justice
Latest Reply on 31 October 2015 by Live For FM
Called it!
pompeyblue, yes it is :P
AaronHJFT96, did... illuminati...
Should've been Prince Harry, more to redeem than Will! ;) In all seriousness I wish Prince William good luck on this big, big journey :P
2014-10-28 19:50#197595 Walter : Should've been Prince Harry, more to redeem than Will! ;) In all seriousness I wish Prince William good luck on this big, big journey :P
Thanks :P
Pffft I had no clue it was William....
Prince William...? Y u no choose Prince Charles?
Feliks, ;)
Josh_MU, why would it be? :P
Justice's avatar Group Justice
9 yearsEdited

The Story About Him

Before I continue my tale and discuss how my opening interview as manager of Whitehawk FC went, we need to rewind time up to the day after Greg Dyke was released from custody and evaded each charge which was set up against his name. To move forward, we need to move backwards, to a conversation I had with the new FA President, Nick Sherwood, and his consultant, Stankash Adamovski. While I had resigned from my role, there were plenty of actions which could be taken to help the state of English football recover.

One major topic was the recent major sales by Premier League clubs to the Spanish league, with the most recent high-profile departure being the infamous, yet deadly, Luis Suárez. While the sale was probably for the best interests of English football as a whole, with him having a peculiar fetish for the taste of human flesh, it did represent the shift of dominance from the English league to the Spanish league. However, the Premier League did manage to attract four world-class players in Angel Dí Maria, Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa and Radamel Falcao, while Alexis Sánchez is not far off the world-class benchmark. While we did bring in plenty of world-class players, we have moved on some 'elites' over the years, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and David Beckham. Imagine how the Premier League would have shone with these players still about!

We discussed long and hard about the absence of a true English hero coming to light recently. Raheem Sterling, Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge had been the brightest lights in our team as of late but did they have the potential to become world beaters? Raheem was the most likely of the trio to put his name up in lights but we had no Messi's, no Ronaldo's, no Pirlo's, no Iniesta's. We had no true hero, not since the era of Scholes and Beckham. Sure, we've had Lampard, Gerrard, Terry and Rooney but their club form never transformed in to sensational international form. Somebody needed to step up for England, we needed somebody to raise the next great of the game who could lead our country to glory. We needed an English manager coaching an English team who created English legends.

José Mourinho, Arséne Wenger and Manuel Pelligrini coached the three best teams in the Premier League at the time (no, I did not consider Liverpool to be amongst the heavweights at the time). They were not English, they were not raising many English players. Of those three, Wenger was the only person raising English players, and that was more down to the brilliance of Liam Brady and his work with the youth academy, although he soon got fed up of Wenger's club politics and left. Could you name five notable English players brought up by any of these managers? After Jack Wilshere, my list dries up. Theo Walcott perhaps, but his unfortunate and tragic injury previous to the World Cup in Brazil set him back as he was just hitting the form of his career. Two players, the list ends. We needed somebody who could create an army of English players who could lead us to glory.

We debated long and hard as to who could be that man. Brendan Rodgers? Perhaps, but he seemed to move sideways more than he did forwards at times. Alan Pardew? He was in a similar position. What about good old Harry Redknapp? No, his methods were too questionable. I don't really know how to explain what happened next, I felt a sudden urge to commit to the cause. I felt that it was my duty to be involved in the resurrection of this country's football. I wanted to make amends for what happened under my nose in the summer. Somebody had to redeem England's honour, and who better than royalty? This was to be the greatest redemption of all time; it would be known as The Royal Redemption.

Previous Update: Welcome To The Club
Next Update: I Came Here To Win
What an update! Time for Prince William to bring back the glory days of Bobby Moore and Gordon Banks!
So Whitehawk... aaaaaand England?! This is interesting :O
Feliks & Walter, no I won't be managing England....yet. I know the update is slightly confusing in that respect, but all will be explained in the upcoming interview :P
Great update! I'm excited to see some of the English talent you raise, I too am trying to do the same with players from around the UK so it'll be fun to see how you get on as well. Enjoying this a lot so far :)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
9 yearsEdited

I Came Here To Win

I sat down in my seat and looked around me. Reporters from every newspaper and media station imaginable were present. Every face was lit up with eagerness to hear my response to their questions. I knew for certain that they were going to press me to get some sort of reaction, because that was what reporters did. Jim Collins stood up in front of the microphone to present me to the world as Whitehawk's new manager.

Jim Collins: "Okay everybody, I'm proud to present to you our new manager, a man who will lead us to many glorious years, Prince William Mountbatten-Windsor! Please go easy on him with the questions. He may be of royalty but he's still a little shy in front of people!"

Reporter 1: "Prince Will-"

William M.W.: "Please, do not refer to me by my political title. My status in football is no higher than anybody else in this room right now. There are only two managers in football who deserve royal titles, and those are Joachim Löw and Pep Guardiola. One currently holds the World Cup, the other currently holds the World Club Cup. They are the royalty of football managers, not me."

Reporter 1: "My most humble apologies, William. As I was about to say, congratulations on your first job. What do you plan to achieve as a football manager?"

William M.W.: "Thank you. First and foremost, I put my name out looking for an available job to apply for. Luckily for me, Whitehawk happened to be looking for a manager and I came down for an interview. I can assure you that I did not come here to have fun and games, I came here to win games and help The Hawks to rise up through the leagues. This is my first job in management and I will hopefully gain some invaluable experience here. I guess my dream is to eventually manage the English national team in a World Cup final, but it is a long road to the top."

Reporter 2: "Surely a man of your stature could get a job much higher up in the league system, with respect to Whitehawk FC."

William M.W.: "Indeed, I could have taken another job if I pleased but what good what that have done me? I would have been clueless! My dream is that English football climbs back to the top of the world once more and for that to happen, we need to improve from the bottom to the top, not the other way around. The same applies to me. I want to be involved in the day-to-day running of a team in the lower divisions. This would help me get involved much more with the club itself, the staff, the players and the community too. There are things you don't learn at the highest level, things that I want to learn here at Whitehawk."

Reporter 3: "Was there an option for you to take control of the national team?"

William M.W.: "Yes, there was. However, Nick Sherwood and I felt that Roy Hodgson is the right man to bring our national team forward. He is very experienced in management and he knows how to get the best out of his players. Will I take the job in the future? Only if it was offered to me and I felt that I was up to the standard of manager required to lead our country."

Reporter 4: "How do you plan to proceed as manager of Whitehawk FC? What is your formula for success?"

William M.W.: "Ultimately it will take a lot of hard work and determination to progress as a club. We want to do the best we can in matches, so we need to do the best we can in training. We will do our best to act as professionals and fight our way to the top. It will take time and there will be many obstacles but with hard work and a good team spirit, we can overcome these obstacles and soar to the pinnacle of English football, and world football."

Previous Update: The Story About Him
Next Update: Season One: Manager Profile
That's a lovely room for an interview.
Quality update Niko, Prince William seems accomplished at handling the media already, it seems :P

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