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David Beckham: From Hero to Zero

Started on 9 February 2013 by Glenn T
Latest Reply on 7 October 2014 by Mr.O
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FA Cup Final 2017

Frank Lampard: Hello everybody. Welcome to Sky Sports' live coverage of the FA Cup Final. I'm Frank Lampard, and beside me here is...

Gary Neville: Gary Neville here.

Frank Lampard: Good day, Gary!

Gary Neville: G'day, Frank, g'day.

Frank Lampard: Haha! As we all know, it's going to be Aston Villa up against Manchester United today. What are your thoughts on the final score, Gary?

Gary Neville: I think United might just edge it, but Villa will always put up a good fight.

Frank Lampard: Right, let's take a look at the line-ups.

Aston Villa: Bardi; Nagatomo, Montero, Clark, Romero; Cork, Delph, Hughes; Nem, Mattheus; Campbell

Man Utd: De Gea, Romeo, Kirchhoff, Evans, Porter; Powell, Jones; Pjanic, Shelvey, Hamsik; Henriquez

Frank Lampard: A very proper line-up from Villa, all of their strongest players. Bardi in goal, Nagatomo, Montero, Clark and Romero makes up the back line. I'm fairly surprised that Ron Vlaar is not playing, he's more experienced, but Montero can do a great job too, I suppose. Jack Cork, Fabian Delph, Will Hughes form the midfield, while Wellington Nem and Mattheus will attack with Adam Campbell.

Gary Neville: Meanwhile, in the United side we have De Gea in goal as usual, and we have a back line of Duncan Romeo, Jan Kirchhoff, Jonny Evans and Phil Porter. A dangerous midfield of Nick Powell, Phil Jones, Miralem Pjanic, Jonjo Shelvey and Marek Hamsik. Villa will have to watch out especially for Jones, Shelvey and Hamsik, who will cause havoc. Angelo Henriquez will start in the striker role, a fairly interesting decision, but it could pay off nonetheless.

Frank Lampard: Now let us get on with the match.

1' - We kick off here at the Wembley Stadium.

27' - Wellington Nem swoops the free kick in and Mattheus shoots! But it's a great save from David De Gea!

28' - Jonjo Shelvey has a crack! But Francesco Bardi punches it away!

45' - Half time here at Wembley Stadium.

45' - We return for the second half.

62' - Changes on both sides as Fabian Delph goes off for Jesus Blanco. Shinji Kagawa comes on for Nick Powell.

65' GOAL - Mattheus sweeps in from the left and Adam Campbell meets his cross with a brilliant header that sees the ball coast past David De Gea! ASTON VILLA 1-0 UP! David Beckham is probably thanking his lucky stars he chose to put faith in Campbell for this match!

68' - Villa make their last two changes as John Romero comes off for Ron Vlaar, with Ciaran Clark slotting into left-back, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain coming on for Wellington Nem.

81' - Mattheus plays it wonderfully to Adam Campbell who manages to get free of his markers! It's one-on-one with David De Gea! But unfortunately, the Spaniard saves his strike.

82' - WHAT A MISTAKE! De Gea throws it out to Jan Kirchhoff but the ball is intercepted by Jesus Blanco perfectly, who runs into the penalty box, AND IS SUBSEQUENTLY PUSHED DOWN BY PHIL JONES! IS IT A PENALTY...? YES! GIVEN! IT'S A PENALTY FOR ASTON VILLA!

82' - Jesus Blanco himself will take the penalty. If he scores, Villa will almost certainly be winning this match. Does he score?

82' GOAL - YES HE DOES! SWEPT CLEANLY INTO THE BOTTOM LEFT! A GREAT PENALTY! And the United lads are looking distraught now, they have only 8 minutes to fight back!

88' - Unfortunately, the great situation for Villa has been marred with Jack Cork getting what seems to be a potentially dangerous injury, and he'll be helped off by the physios.

94' - Francesco Bardi goal-kicks it up high towards Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and the former Arsenal winger is in the penalty box, waiting for the ball... AND HE'S DOWN! PHIL PORTER HAS PUSHED HIM! IS IT A PENALTY? YES! ANOTHER PENALTY FOR ASTON VILLA!

94' - Jesus Blanco will take this again.

94' GOAL - AND HE SCORES AGAIN! BRILLIANT STRIKE! He's being mobbed by his teammates!


Beckham's Second Double

Aston Villa have won their second double in just two years under the leadership of David Beckham. Last season, they secured the Capital One Cup and the Europa League. This season, they have won the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup, and a possible treble still looms with the Villans going up against Tottenham in the Europa League Final next week.

They have not been so successful in the Premier League, but their successful cup campaigns more than makes up for that.

"I am very happy," said chairman and owner Randy Lerner. "We've won so much under David. I hope he is still manager of Aston Villa at the end of the season."

The 41-year-old has to decide if he wants to join Borussia Dortmund next season, after the German club approached him a few months ago, and has agreed to give the Englishman until the end of the Premier League season to decide.

Beckham is understood to be frustrated with his players' below-par performance in the league, but a possible treble win could yet convince him to stay on at Villa Park.
Great win mate, incredible win against United. I see perhaps a treble in the near future. Keep up the good work and Good Luck against Spurs in the final! :D
Well done pal!
Thanks lads :)
Nicely done Glenn! Go get that treble!
2013-04-16 00:51#92684 EnderWFF : Nicely done Glenn! Go get that treble!

How the hell does one go about slaying Manchester United 3-0?
2013-04-16 01:29#92692 LJO200 : How the hell does one go about slaying Manchester United 3-0?

Luck ;)
Glenn T's avatar Group Glenn T
10 yearsEdited

Europa League Final 2017

Frank Lampard: Welcome to Sky Sport's live coverage of the Europa League Final. I am Frank Lampard, here with you at Parcs des Princes, and beside me is Martin Tyler.

Martin Tyler: Hello!

Frank Lampard: Aston Villa will be looking to secure their treble while Tottenham will hope to be the winners of what will be their fourth Europa League today. After their 3-0 thrashing of Man Utd in the FA Cup Final, Villa are brimming with confidence, and Spurs will surely find it tough going up against the spirited Lions.

Martin Tyler: Without further ado let's look at the line-ups.

Aston Villa: Bardi; Nagatomo, Montero, Clark, Romero; Mattheus, Hughes, Blanco; Chamberlain; Nem, Fierro

Tottenham: Lloris; Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Marcelo; Menez, Allen, Holtby, Griezmann; Adebayor, Mandzukic

Martin Tyler: A fairly interesting line-up from both sides. David Beckham has made changes from his FA Cup winning side with Jesus Blanco coming in the side for Jack Cork as well as Mattheus coming into central midfield instead of the wing in place of the suspended Fabian Delph. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain fills in Mattheus' wing position and Adam Campbell is replaced by Carlos Fierro, who has recovered from injury.

Frank Lampard: It's another no-brainer team from Tottenham, and Villa will have to look out for Emmanuel Adebayor and Mario Mandzukic today - two terrifying attacking threats for the Spurs. Oh look, kick off is imminent. Let's head straight to the game.

1' - Welcome to the home of Paris Saint-Germain, but instead of PSG, the glorious Parcs de Princes will be hosting the Europa League Final today, between Aston Villa and Tottenham. Villa will be looking to defend this trophy, which they won last year, to complete their treble, while Tottenham will be wanting to secure their fourth Europa League. Who will succeed, then?

30' GOAL - Fierro strikes the ball on a half-volley from Mattheus, and although Hugo Lloris punches it away, Wellington Nem is there to deliver a second strike, and this goes into the back of the net. Villa is inching ever so closer to their treble!

45' - HT: Aston Villa 1-0 Tottenham. An uneventful half so far with the exception of Wellington Nem's 30th minute strike.

45' - We return for the second half at Parcs de Princes, with David Beckham making one change. Adam Campbell will come on for Carlos Fierro, who is still not one hundred percent.

51' OWN GOAL - How humiliating for the captain himself as Griezmann's shot flies into Ciaran Clark's feet and bounces into the net! Tottenham have equalized!

61' - Jack Cork and Gokmen Hacieyupoglu comes on for Mattheus and Chamberlain respectively.

65' - Spurs have also made some changes of their own with Tom Huddlestone coming on for Lewis Holtby.

79' - Spurs use up their last subs with Martin Olsson coming on for Marcelo and Memphis Depay coming on for Adebayor.

90' - FT: Aston Villa 1-1 Tottenham. And the match will go into extra time!

90' - We return to Parcs de Princes for the first half of extra time.

105' - Half time in extra time.

105' - The second half of extra time commences.

120' - And that's the end of it! Penalty shootouts, it is!

120' - Both teams' first five takers have been chosen, and they have gathered at the center circle. Up steps Jesus Blanco for Aston Villa first.

MISS - Lloris reads Blanco perfectly and saves the Paraguayan international's strike!

MISS - Francesco Bardi performs similar heroics, diving to the left to save Martin Olsson's shot.

GOAL - Gokmen Hacieyupoglu scores the first penalty of the match, putting it past Lloris brilliantly.

GOAL - Mario Mandzukic steps up for Tottenham and puts it past Bardi with ease.

GOAL - Not a great penalty at all by Will Hughes, but still a successful one nonetheless.

GOAL - Memphis Depay strikes it fiercely past Bardi.

GOAL - Wellington Nem does not disappoint either as his strike is equally as fierce, rocketing past Lloris.

GOAL - Antoine Griezmann displays a powerful and confident aura as he puts his penalty into the net.

GOAL - These shootouts show no sign of stopping anytime soon as Adam Campbell strikes his penalty cleanly.

GOAL - Jeremy Menez does his work and his ball flies into the bottom right.

GOAL - John Romero's first penalty for Aston Villa goes rather well.


Welcome to the ''winning the treble'' club! :)
I take it you're staying :P

Great work once again :D
2013-04-16 02:28#92704 Seni : Welcome to the ''winning the treble'' club! :)

Honored to finally be inside :P

2013-04-16 02:29#92705 LJO200 : I take it you're staying :P

Or am I? ;)

The Treble

David Beckham has guided Aston Villa to the first ever treble in their history.

They started out winning the Capital One Cup in February, beating Cardiff City on penalties.

Despite having an unimpressive Premier League season, they earned the right to return to Wembley Stadium once again for the FA Cup Final and beat Manchester United 3-0 on a magical night.

The treble was finally secured when Beckham's side beat Tottenham on penalties to reclaim the Europa League for the second season in a row.

It has been a magnificent season for Aston Villa on the domestic cups side as well as Europe and despite them not having done so well in the league this year, the treble more than makes up for that.

"The treble was always our aim," said squad captain Ciaran Clark. "We've done so much and we've worked so hard - it's only right that we've achieved it. Credit goes to every player in the team as well as the gaffer."

Star striker Carlos Fierro, who didn't have a big part to play in the Final but was vital on the road to Parcs de Princes, said: "When I joined Aston Villa, I said I would help the team win a treble. Now I have. I feel great and hopefully we can win many, many more."

David Beckham has also heaped praise on his squad.

"They worked their socks off and it's naturally right that they've won it," Beckham said. "Winning a treble is no easy feat. This shows we are one of the best clubs in England at the moment. Our position in the league might not show it, but our treble certainly has."
Congratulations on the treble. Next step the Premier League title and then the Champions League! Viva David Beckham!

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