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FM23 Vince Skin & Low Res | 1.3

Vince Skin is back for FM 23! Dark, elegant skin with two versions for 1920x1080 screen resolution and for low resolution too. Created by Vince_957

By on Jun 21, 2023   127418 views   48 comments
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Downloads: 35118 / Size: 8.0 MB / Added: 2023-06-21
Football Manager 2023 Skins - FM23 Vince Skin & Low Res | 1.3

Vince Skin is back! I wanted to thank you for the success this skin had on FM 22 and therefore I decided to continue this splendid work on FM 23, always to offer you the best in terms of features and playability to make you enjoy and revolutionize the game.

Vince Skin Biggest Features

  • Instant result button before and in game!
  • New Scout overview panel
  • New Player overview panel
  • New match scoreboard and players faces into the bench
  • Match condition and sharpness Icon in Percentage (a rare feature)
  • Different backgrounds and opacity
  • City and stadium into the club overview
  • Club crest into the right corner
  • New match panels
  • Stadium into fixtures panel and on club overview panel
  • Fixtures while you advance into the game
  • New mentoring team panel
  • Continue button with the club colours
  • New stadium overview panel
  • New fixtures details panel
  • New club overview panel
  • New home panel
  • Match tablet revamp

v. 1.3
  • Coaching license course fix: Now, when the coach and/or an assistent are engaged in the course, you will see a notification.
  • New squad hub: The most important team information will now be displayed here as well.
  • New tactics screen: Skill icons for both feet have been added to make it even easier to set up the team formation on the pitch.
  • New player card: In the statistics section, there are now more stats available to have a 360° view of your players' performance. You can also see the player's youth academy and growth information, as well as their Current Ability (CA) and Potential Ability (PA). Please note that to see precise data, you need to have the in-game editor active. Otherwise, you will see a summary based on your staff's evaluation.
  • New staff card: It features larger photos, as requested, and is more intuitive.
  • Revised Club Vision: A fresher and more realistic version that provides a clearer overview of the management. (Note: Since it's a screen full of information, it may take 1-2 seconds to load, but it's normal. After all, the game manages those files the same way before starting a match.)
  • Best XI fix: Player faces have been added to the club's Best XI screen
  • Minor fixes

  • v. 1.2
  • Fixed condition icons not refreshing automatically in match bottom bar
  • Fixed a very aannoying problem, the game blocked when you changed things in the tablet
  • Minor fixes

  • v. 1.1
  • New statistics and data stats added into player overview panel
  • New club overview panel stats with av. age, % of player bias, and more
  • Scout overview revamped
  • Minor fixes

  • It's recommended to maintain the zoom of text at 85% to see all theses things correctly, but also at 95% or 100& can work. If you have a monitor of low res. (1366x768) you can use the Vince Skin 900p with any kind of zoom.

    Vince Skin
    1920*1080 or more : 85-95-100% zoom
    1600*900 : 85% zoom

    Vince Skin 900p
    1366*768 : 100% zoom

    Vince FM23 Skin Preview

    I'll attach a video with features and instructions of how to download it (the streamer isn't the creator of the skin but just a friend).

    How to use the Vince skin on FM23

    Download the skin, then extract with WinRar or 7Zip (Unarchiver for Mac), and put it into Documents/ Sports Interactive/ Football Manager 2023/ Skins
    Run the game and go to preferences/ clear cache and reload the skin.

    City and Stadium backgrounds


    BUG REPORT : If you see any bugs, report in comments, in PM or on Discord WITH SCREENS.


    - PayPal Donation :
    - Contact on Discord : vince_957#6916

    Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.


    - TCS skin by bluestillidie00
    - Tato skin by Wozzie
    - FME skin by FMEnhanced
    - Wannachup skin
    - Flut skin
    - YACS skin by bossland
    - Mustermann Skin by gimn85
    And all the skin makers into the SI Skinning Hideout Community for the ideas, panels and kindness.

    Download Now
    Downloads: 35118 / Size: 8.0 MB / Added: 2023-06-21
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    Discussion: FM23 Vince Skin & Low Res | 1.3

    48 comments have been posted so far.

    • ahmdatef's avatar
      It's my best skin
    • Rookie Manager's avatar
      It's my best skin for low res/ I'm using it on laptop now I'm looking forward for FM 24, are you going to do ?
    • tomriddleeee's avatar

      can you help anyone?
    • redmisty's avatar
      Great skin! Is there a way of adding player condition/fitness percentage to the match day screen at the bottom? I can see it on squad/tactics view, but can't see it on match day, where it reverts to the "heart" icon. Would be grateful!
    • bonsaj's avatar
      How do I add the Condition/Sharpness into the views?
    • Philip Elom's avatar
      Can someone put me through how to change the color of the attribute values?
    • handyfernandy's avatar
      BEST SKIN EVER!!!!
    • arturs123's avatar
      I have packages with lots of backgrounds and I love them, but unfortunately with your skin and transparent background it is very unreadable. Is it possible to make it like the other skins to make the background a little less transparent?
    • Fwied's avatar
      Where is the percentage for con/sharp?
    • Flam's avatar
    • Riomizuki's avatar
      Great skins.
      i've got issue, Background 90% opacity didn't work, just found that folder for Boxes/Overlay 90 was missing.
    • Flam's avatar
      Since the last game update the background is bright, no matter which pic I choose even with 80% opacity... no problem with other skin... shame I don't want to use another one...

      Or it's just me ?
    • onurx's avatar
      any update after 23.3.0 ?
    • rcgg's avatar
      Condition percentage simply doesn't show here. It's still the heart icon. Can anybody help?
    • M7's avatar
      Hey Vince. I have a 4K Res Monitor and the two City panels, in where the Nation and City is written, the vertical y-axis is too wide.

      How can I make them thinner, so It's more fitting?
    • Monnalisa's avatar
      Vince the skin update 1.2, has been constantly giving me this bug in my message inbox.

      Imagem aqui
    • willz71172's avatar
      how can i remove logo from sidebar
    • arturs123's avatar
      One thing that annoys me. I often watch a match in 3d and am bothered by the panel on the right which is displayed non-stop. Is there any way of removing it yourself?
    • onurx's avatar
      Hi vince, I have a few suggestions.

      Is it possible to add color banners to the headlines in the news? I've seen it in some skins on the site. I think it's in Fusion. Red for injury, blue for offers etc.
      Here is an example ss (from fusion)

      In addition, wouldn't it be better if the favorite staff members on the club's general page were at the top, then the icons were in the order of the favorite people, in other words, in the standard order we know?
    • igormeat's avatar
      thank u for the percentages condition/sharpness man
    • ygormartinsx's avatar
      would I love a light version because I'm a psycho? yea please

      But even don't being a dark skin guy (look, I'm playing in a light one past 15 yrs), I like this one a lot. Thanks
    • petasy's avatar
      Hello Vince. I like your skin. I'm asking for advice on how to remove the color border in the city and stadium images. Thank you for answer.
    • Mare16's avatar
      How can I put pictures of cities in club info? I have file of cities pictures but they are on my backround. Is it posible to be only pics in club info and not on background? Thank you.
    • erenstain's avatar
      We want a larger area for attribute analysis (at %85 scale). Thanks for everything else.
    • erenstain's avatar
      We want a larger area for attribute analysis. Thanks for everything else.

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