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Football Manager 2025 Features Wishlist

Football Manager 2025 new features requested by the FM community. A FM25 wishlist featuring the best suggestions from the community on how to improve FM 2024.

By on May 31, 2024   14524 views   15 comments
News - Football Manager 2025 Features Wishlist

FM25 Facts

As you might already know, Football Manager 2024 is the last of its kind.

The reason being Sports Interactive's June 2023 announcement revealing that FM25 will come with a full rewrite in the Unity game engine. That is one of the biggest changes in the history of the Football Manager franchise.

In a nutshell, Football Manager 2025 will come with a vastly improved UI, new tech for Newgens, new and more real-life animations, graphical upgrades everywhere (new graphics engine in particular) and the introduction of women's football. This is what SI promised.

Surely, the expectations are higher than any other iteration of the recent past because for the first time in decades FM 2025 is going to be a true sequel.

FM25 Wishlist

The urge to play FM2024 is slowly fading for some of us by now. We have had our long runs with a couple of teams and reached a point we don’t feel so attached to the game like a few months ago. It can happen to everyone sooner or later.

This is the point where we start thinking of the next arrangement in the FM series, which is of course Football Manager 2025. Anticipating new features we’d like to see, as well as improvements and fixes to various aspects of the game that have occasionally let us down before.

Jake put together a video on our channel, outlining 5 features he wants to see in the next Football Manager. Check it out.

The people at Sports Interactive do listen to their loyal community and always look out for any interesting suggestions they could integrate to the game. The point of this list is to sum up all the interesting suggestions our community has expressed.

And now, it's time for the list of Football Manager 2025 new features requested by the FM community. Please keep in the mind, the order is random.

The whole international management experience desperately needs a major overhaul.

The AI for Directors of Football requires improvement as this staff role tends to be inefficient or just plain useless. This also applies to other senior staff members, such as the Technical Director and the Loan Manager.

Offer a more realistic way of playing the game where you're not buying any players, but instead you will have meetings with the DoF at regular intervals where positions, tactics and player types will be required to fit the club's model.

A stadium and grounds editor could make a lot of people happy.

Sponsorships need rework. It would be nice being able to see your sponsors, get options to sign them, fulfil expectations, earn bonuses and so on.

Lower the occurrence of overpowered newgen wonderkids and give the older players a fighting chance, especially in terms of mental attributes.

Enhance the tutorial mode for newcomers that guides you through the basics of the game, transfers, contracts and matchday options.

Introduce postponements of games due to weather conditions to add the realism of fixture crunch. this could add a little extra spice to that end of season run-in.

Allow facilities to get upgraded by more than a single level, if your finances are sufficient.

Implement a dedicated module for AI managers where we can keep track of the whereabouts and relevant match data for the most reputable ones at least.

Have an option to become an interim manager and get the job or not based on your short-term results.

Youth and B teams could do with a revamp that will boost their importance and impact for the first team.

Be able to start your managing career lower, at the helm of a youth team or a B team and work your way up. This could be a nice touch for long-term saves.

Make the newgen faces photorealistic, as they remain cartoonish after more than a decade.

Get inspired from community-made skins to enhance the UI further and step away from the spreadsheet look and feel.

Chairman mode, because despite being considered out of scope, it's something several people try to replicate anyway.

Allow spending of your wages to speed up the process of acquiring manager badges, or arrange team meals that can boost morale.

Expand the interaction module (for both players and media) to be more original and less repetitive by utilizing GPT generative AIs.

Focus further on advanced stats and allow keeping them available / accessible for previous seasons.

More dynamic crowd sounds and fan chants where possible.

Introduce a harder mode in terms of difficulty for people who would opt for that. For example, being able to beat Real Madrid as Aberdeen within 5 years isn't something that'd happen in real life.

More competitive scouting. Some clubs have academies in other countries, so that could be a venue to explore.

Be able to save scouting assignments, so you don't have to key it all in again on a new save.

Tie in playing time and wage demands on the same screen. For example, offer a wonderkid 40K p/w for a rotation role or 25K p/w for an important role.

Be able to upgrade your facilities without it being tied to club reputation, as long as finances suffice.

Stop players from complaining about lack of playing time when they just recovered from a serious injury.

Knockout matches need to be classed as 2 different scores for team talk sake because it currently seems to be solely based on the aggregate score.

Fix occasions where players don't understand why you want to loan them out due to squad registration restrictions.

Add a first person dugout view from the manager's eyes.

Touchline shouts tend to lead to childish, unprofessional, or outright disrespectful reactions from players. There's no point if the game punishes you for using shouts most of the time.

Introduce post-match video review sessions with the players. Perhaps review clips of action involving the players and then select a decision about what you want to tell them to aid their improvement.

Data analysists giving better constructive feedback. For example, you concede from the edge of the box, I suggest dropping Joe slightly deep, or changing his role to that as it would close that gap, etc.

More staff role, such as nutritionists.

Boost the immersion in terms of keeping up with the world of football. Streamline player performance overview by competition and by nation.

Stop the nonsense of players getting annoyed when praising them.

Introduce a history list area where your can check on the top X players for a club in apps, goals, etc. For the seasons played in-game that is.

Allow the human manager to leave a club at end of contract without it being a resignation.

Better filtering on holiday mode when using the apply for manager jobs option.

Implement situational tactical instructions. For example, if you have two BBMs but one goes forward, the other stays and vice versa. If one goes forward, the winger on his side tucks in to cover. If both bomb forward, the full backs slot in.

Players shouldn't demand improved contracts after just a dozen games despite having years remaining on their current deals. It's unrealistic and it gets whole squad annoyed once you refuse to give them the contract.

What do YOU want to see in FM 2025?

There are 2 ways for you to make your own feature requests:
We'll be updating this article regularly to include fresh feature requests, so make sure to check back often.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2025 Features Wishlist

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • danyje's avatar
    Manager entourage page
  • Justice's avatar
    Player Traits to include ‘Diving’ and ‘Makes Dirty Tackles’. I feel like we need more anarchy in our game.

    Also would like the opportunity to be able to tell players to practice abstinence, because sex ruins sports.
  • simbo11's avatar
    come off holiday when a contract is offered
  • KorlOne_'s avatar
    Match view :

    1- More camera angles : possibility to view the match from the top view (even in 3D) like old 2D games
    2- 2D View : add the graphics off the stadium around the pitch and the supporters
  • Blackheart85's avatar
    I would prioritize this innovation in the football manager of the future:
    1; A database where we can go back in time and choose the year in which we want to start the game. If we select the given year, then of course the database should have the player stock of that time. Then every year those players join the database (at the age of 14-16), just as they appeared in reality in their training teams. Thus, football manager fans could get a new experience from the game.
    Years ago I already wrote a similar idea about this, then there were no such ways among fans. However, more and more people are trying to create such mods today, and the interest among fans is increasing. With this development, another period could come in the world of football manager.
    2; Expanding the supply would also give the game a new experience. More and more teams are training talents. This could also be implemented in the game, even from the U14 age group.
  • jonbonesjones23's avatar
    The ability to hire a Commercial Director for the club. The higher attributes the Commercial Director has, the more sponsorship deals and revenue the club will make. A little bit like Ed Woodward being so successful at commercialising Man Utd
  • HannaHer's avatar


    Add Training experience so we can macro manage the progress.
    Scheduling is just not enough.

    Add training sessions that can highlight improvement such as in FIFA/PES.

    This game is actually dead, we just love football.
    The more you play about it the more it is just repetitive and delusion achievment.
  • akr0asis's avatar
    I'd keep the same old boring and repetitive dialogues over the use of generative AI, seriously.
  • carlosh's avatar
    1) Be able to use real managers in our game.

    2) Being able to create previous experience, when we are ourselves
    the managers.
  • leverkuhn's avatar
    As part of the overall AI improvement, AI managers should be better at resting players in training and bolstering their fitness levels, specially in national team tournaments where they often play totally exhausted (fitness levels below 80%).
  • leverkuhn's avatar
    Also, an injury ratio that is closer to reality (now being 70% of the amount of real injuries), or at least an option for hardcore players to have that. Remember that injury crisis are part of football and offer exciting opportunities to come up with innovative solutions.
  • leverkuhn's avatar
    Better AI overall, specially in squad building and minute distribution. For all its advertising, this year's edition was a massive letdown and a step backwards.

    As an example, the AI just adds random youth players to the matchday squad and gives minutes to them in crucial games (CL final included), something that would never happen.

    We need a more realistic youth development approach. Real managers usually spot 2-3 youth star players (one per line) and give them minutes in lesser matches or in case of an emergency. The don't pick randomly from a pool of 20-30 leaving out senior players like the game does now. In order to be effective, this approach also requires smaller first-team squads, as teams use to have now and most managers favour.

    Also, the AI needs to loan more players out as part of their development process, but also keep a reasonable-sided U21 and U18 squad.
  • xmas01245's avatar
    Some really good suggestions there but also some real stupid ones. Chairmen mode? I think you might be playing the wrong game if that's what you want. It's literally a football manager game, being a chairmen would be a completely different game. Same goes for the stadium editor, that would be very gimmicky and I feel ruin the vibe of the game. I'm personally all for realism and the manager of a football team getting involved in something as complex as the architecture of a football stadium would be beyond stupid. Imagine Pep Guardiola with a hard hat and high-vis pointing in all kinds of directions at a construction site, I don't think so.

    I really like the idea of a touchline view, this is something I've wanted for a while and an immersive experience through the managers eyes would be excellent. Same to the involvement of AI in media interactions etc, the technology is there and is capable of holding full blown conversations which would rid of the same old repetitive text in interviews and player/staff conversations so why not use it. Just to add, in my FM 24 save, I've just won the Champions League with Man City and I attend the post match press conference. I'm asked about my loan player at Plymouth Argyle and how he's doing? This kind of rubbish desperately needs to change.
  • Shark104's avatar
    Hello. I propose the inclusion of cautions and ejections during the match for the coach who complains too much or comes out of the technical area and the consequent overheating of the match atmosphere. I suggest inserting goalkeeper fouls into the match so as to cause penalties in the box, hand fouls outside the box resulting in cautions or expulsions. I propose to include injuries even during rehabilitation or rest day (obviously this should happen very rarely) such as virus, cold, flu for example.
    I would also suggest the fact that footballers rarely miss taking corner kicks (the ball does not go in after taking it). I propose to include the punitive withdrawal decided by the football club if the team does badly and gets bad results over a certain period of time. I propose the following feature in the game: give a yellow card to the player who takes off his shirt after scoring a goal
  • mrpanzer's avatar
    a fourth referee is nowhere mentioned , i'ts my fifth year that i say this and i don't know why this is not in the game....the referee that shows the board when there's a playerchange and how many minutes overtime there is...pretty normal i think
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