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FM22 World Super League (WSL) - NEW addition to Ultimate Edition

908 clubs, 93 countries, 37 divisions, 7 levels; All playable clubs from England + 750 clubs from around the world. This is a total conversion with over 20,500 downloads last year. Ultimate Edition with 1,136 clubs.

By Updated on Aug 26, 2022   76587 views   161 comments
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Downloads: 13287 / Size: 25.4 MB / Added: 2022-02-24
FM 2022 Fantasy Scenarios - FM22 World Super League (WSL) - NEW addition to Ultimate Edition

25 August 2022 - A NEW addition to the Ultimate Edition has arrived.

Please scroll down and read about the new 64 club Premier League version with 1,184 clubs, for a NEW, more intense Premier League challenge!
Only available for Ultimate Edition subscribers!

The other files, including the Public version includes a minor fix for Club de Foot Montréal.
If you are already on a long term save, this is just a minor fix.


Welcome to the World Super League (WSL) for FM22, the most downloaded and highly acclaimed Super League mod of the last 5 years; with over 60,000 downloads and subscriptions since FM 2017.

WSL is a total conversion 'Super League' where 908 clubs from 93 countries all play in England. The Ultimate Edition features 1,136 clubs from 95 countries, which is the largest super league I've ever publically released!

If you find the base game too easy, or you just want a new challenge, then this is the ultimate test of your management and tactical skills.

This is also one of the highest quality and most advanced Super League mods available; written by a software developer with many years experience; (ESL17, WSL18, WSL19, WSL20, WSL20 XE, WSL FM21 and WSL FM21.4), this is the most ambitious version yet.

This mod features high quality custom leagues, cups, rules, awards and custom graphics (many custom made logos and backgrounds). 750 clubs from around the world are included, as well as all 160 playable clubs from England and more.

It's a true labour of love that takes several weeks to complete, but provides me with some of the most memorable moments of my life.
Not only do I create this mod every year for others to enjoy, but I also play it myself.

Overall Structure and Terminology

League structure:

Premier League (PL)
Super League 1 (SL1)
Super League 2 (SL2)
Super League 3 (SL3)
Super League 4 (SL4)
Super League 5 (SL5)
Super League 6 (SL6)

Main cup:

FA Cup

League Cups:

Super League Cup
Super League 2 Cup
Super League 3 Cup
Super League 4 Cup
Super League 5 Cup
Super League 6 Cup

"UEFA" style continental competitions:

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Conference League

Youth leagues:

Premier League 2
B League 1~6

U19 Premier League
U19 Division 1~6

UEFA Reserve League
UEFA Youth League

B League Cup
FA Youth Cup


All clubs play in England, no brexit and no work permits.
5 of 9 subs OR 5 of 12 subs, you choose.

There are 7 division levels in total from bottom of the league (SL6) to the Premier League (PL).

There is an FA Cup played by ALL teams. PL clubs enter the FA Cup later, usually in round 8 or 9 depending on the version.

And there are "Super League Cups" which is a "league cup" specific to each league level.
The main "Super League Cup" is played by the top 2 tiers, the Premier League and Super League 1 level clubs.

ALL International competitions remain the same, FIFA World Cup, European Championship etc. No changes to them.

The UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Conference League are custom leagues played by teams in the top tiers, regardless of what continent they come from.

So what's new?

"Russian Sanctions" addon |

Please read more about the "Russian Sanctions" addon in the "addons" section below.

908 clubs in public version, 1,136 clubs in Ultimate Edition

The first thing you might notice, is that the number of clubs in the "public" version has dropped from 1,004 clubs to 908 clubs; but the Ultimate Edition increased from 1,040 to 1,136 clubs (+96 extra clubs).
The main reason for this change is really just because I wanted to spend more time working on the Ultimate Edition which is the largest version I've ever publically released.
I might go back to 1,004 clubs for the "public" version in a future release, I just didn't have enough time and I wanted to focus more on the Ultimate Edition.

Honestly, these are really pushing the limits on the number of clubs, because it takes a long time to process these leagues already. If you are frustrated by the size or speed of processing the leagues, then just remove a few leagues from the bottom. So if you are already in the PL then I recommend just selecting up to SL4 or SL3 and make it "Playable/Viewable Below". This should help with the processing time. The lower 2 leagues, SL5 and SL6 don't really give you much value when you are already in the Premier League or even SL1. They might add a few good regens, but they are really just there for guys like me that like to play long term saves!

B team & U19 team leagues

A FULL custom B-League & U19 League structure with promotion and relegation is back.

Last year, I had "Reserve Teams" and U18 teams. These were generated with the "simple" reserve team generator in the editor.

This year, I've gone back to using a custom B League and U19 league structure with promotion/relegation. The main reason for this is that these custom leagues are actually a lot more fun and they increase the "emersion" factor; but they are also MUCH more time consuming to implement. Because I need to create a B team for every club in the league, and assign them to one of the B leagues. Believe me, it takes a long time to add 1000 B teams and U19 teams and put them in a whole different league structure. But I think the result is worth it.

This was actually what I had in a previous version, the WSL for FM20, and it really worked out much better than last years version, the only issue is that it's VERY time consuming to create! Last year, due to time constraints, I went with "Reserve Leagues". This year, I wanted to bring back the B-Leagues because I feel they added a much better and emersive overall experience.

Both 5-of-9 subs AND 5-of-12 subs versions

Due to popular demand, I've implement 2 versions of every file. One with 5 of 9 subs (the original), and another file for 5 of 12 subs. I get a lot of requests every year for this, and I know it can be difficult for people to implement themselves, so I've done it for you. Even if you prefer the 5-of-9 subs, you might want to try 5-of-12 subs, because I've also increased the squad sizes to 30 players, and 5-of-12 subs might work very well with this change!

30 registered players in PL and SL1 teams.

I've increased the registered team size from 28 players last year to 30 players, but only in the top 2 leagues, PL and SL1. SL2 has 28 players and the lower leagues still use 25 player teams. The main reason for this change is really just for the "fun factor". I wanted to try this change to see how it would affect the overall difficulty of opponents and also the "economy" and balance of the game. I ran several simulations, and most clubs won't take full advantage of this change for a few seasons, but this change should make the game even more interesting. This can be an advantage for the AI clubs as well, because they can choose players from a larger squad, so better rotation and hopefully fewer injuries.

Having a larger squad can be a bit more interesting and fun, but it can also be risky. Why? Because players want to play games. And if you promise a player a certain amount of "game time", they could become unhappy if you don't play them, and this could affect the squads morale levels. There are a lot of times when players want to play, but you go with the "regular" squad. So, the 30 players is just a maximum limit, you don't need to use all those places.

U21 players are still eligible (free), so they don't need to be registered.

I also just want to suggest trying the 5-of-12 subs variants, they might also be more fun and they could also go hand in hand with the 30 registered player team size increase.

TV & Prize Money rebalance

Most of the cups and leagues TV and prize money have been rebalanced. In most cases I've tried to use the "real world" income values where possible; in most cases this reduced the overall money slightly compared to the previous version, but the income is still large enough to provide enough of a challenge and also enough money to enjoy the transfer windows. I always try to find a balance between "realism" and the "fun factor"; but also keep it challenging.

New Ultimate Edition scenario.

Please read more about the "19-19" scenario in the Ultimate Edition section below!

League Structure

Overall the league structure is designed to provide the maximum challenge for clubs in the Premier League.

Unlike normal leagues and other super league mods, the WSL league structure is "wider" and not "deeper". There are a few reasons for this:

  1. You can climb the ladder a lot faster.
  2. There is a lot of competition to get into the Premier League, it's very difficult but also very rewarding.
  3. The Premier League clubs can send players on loan to good quality clubs below them.
  4. The top 2 tiers (PL + SL1) feature 140 of the best clubs in the world, making the general level of competition a lot harder.
  5. There is slighly more economic balance in this type of structure, but the Ultimate Edition with 80 PL clubs has even more balance and stability.

This overall structure took me a few years to develop and thousands of hours of play time; it's based on the WSL Extreme Edition that I did for FM20 which worked very well.

I designed the league structure for the "fun factor" and not for realism; after all, you are playing a fantasy league for fun and to be challenged. I had a lot of issues when I tried to make a traditional style league structure, it just doesn't work well in a "super league" style mod. There are too many issues with the economy and overall balance of the game. So I stick with my "wider" structure where there are 4~16 divisions per level.

So, when I add or remove teams from the leagues, I don't add more levels, like SL7 or SL8, I add more divisions to the current levels. I make the league "wider" and not "deeper". In that case if the public version of the mod has 908 clubs or 1,004 clubs, and the Ultimate Edition has 1,136 clubs; all those clubs fit into the same overall structure, I just add more divisions with 24 clubs in them. The main reason I don't add more levels down, is because it takes a longer time to go up the levels if you play a long term save like I do, and also because this makes the league more compact and challenging. Also, a lot of the time when I add more clubs, they are still at the same level as other clubs already in the league, I just made a choice about which teams to include or exclude, but there are generally enough clubs to fill a league structure like this with 2,000 clubs, but the game will be VERY slow to process. It's a complicated balance between league size, "fun factor", "emersion" and processing time.

VersionPublicUltimate Edition
Premier League20 clubs80 clubs
Super League 1120 clubs288 clubs
Super League 2288 clubs192 clubs
Super League 3144 clubs192 clubs
Super League 4144 clubs192 clubs
Super League 596 clubs96 clubs
Super League 696 clubs96 clubs
Total Clubs9081,136
Total Players57,95068,980

UEFA Leagues & FA Cups

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Conference League

FA Cup - All clubs

Super League Cup - PL & SL1 clubs
Super League 2 Cup - SL2 clubs
Super League 3 Cup - SL3 clubs
Super League 4 Cup - SL4 clubs
Super League 5 Cup - SL5 clubs
Super League 6 Cup - SL6 clubs

TV Money

Money received by all clubs in the league (TV Money).

Premier League80,442,558 (£)
Super League 140,221,279 (£)
Super League 220,110,640 (£)
Super League 310,055,320 (£)
Super League 42,513,830 (£)
Super League 5502,766 (£)
Super League 650,277 (£)

League Winners

Premier League120,114,669 (£)
Super League 162,132,115 (£)
Super League 233,417,780 (£)
Super League 316,056,818 (£)
Super League 45,428,691 (£)
Super League 51,438,893 (£)
Super League 6357,554 (£)

Cup Winners

Winner2nd Place
UEFA Champions League20,000,000 (£)15,500,000 (£)
UEFA Europa League8,600,000 (£)4,600,000 (£)
UEFA Conference League5,000,000 (£)3,000,000 (£)
FA Cup18,000,000 (£)9,00,000 (£)
Super League Cup5,600,000 (£)4,800,000 (£)
Super League 2 Cup3,600,000 (£)2,800,000 (£)
Super League 3 Cup2,600,000 (£)2,200,000 (£)
Super League 4 Cup1,600,000 (£)1,360,000 (£)
Super League 5 Cup600,000 (£)510,000 (£)
Super League 6 Cup180,000 (£)150,000 (£)


  • 908 clubs in the public version, 1,136 clubs in the Ultimate Edition.
  • 57,950 players.
  • 93 countries.
  • 7 tier league structure.
  • 400+ Awards.
  • 26,000 DB Changes in the public version, 38,000 changes in the Ultimate Edition.
  • League structure with regional leagues and groups.
  • The top 750+ clubs in the world are included.
  • All 160+ playable clubs from England are included.
  • All clubs play in England.
  • No Brexit, and no work permits.
  • No changes to the default international competitions.
  • All clubs keep their 'based nation', so youth players will come from their original country.
  • Custom graphics; backgrounds, logos, awards and trophies.
  • Used the editor in Advanced mode, using many advanced rules and features.
  • All clubs have a B team and U19 team with their own leagues and cups.
  • 5 of 9 subs OR 5 of 12 subs.
  • 30 player squads in the PL and SL1. 28 players in SL2 and 25 players in leagues below that.
  • League transfer windows between 9 June to 31 August and 1~31 January.
  • U21 players don't need to be registered.
  • All clubs play in one of the Super League Cups.
  • Top 32 clubs play in the UEFA Champions League.
  • Perfect schedules.
  • Travel grant money should provide some subsidy for clubs travelling from oversees.
  • Highest quality with lots of testing and balancing.
  • Created by a software developer with a very high attention to detail.

What's new?

  • Custom B Leagues and U19 Leagues with independant promotion/relegation and new custom cups
  • General schedule improvements.
  • New challenging "19-19" scenario in the Ultimate Edition. Read more below.
  • Lots of general tweeks, improvements and balance changes.
  • Both 5-of-9 subs AND 5-of-12 subs files included.
  • Bigger and better Ultimate Edition with 1,136 clubs compared to last years 1,040 clubs (+96 more clubs).

Update: 2 March 2022

What's new?

1) Updated the public version & Ultimate Edition with the new FM22.3 patch. About 5~6 days work.
2) Fixed several issues with some Super League cups not starting. Was a minor bug.
3) Fixed an issue with FA Cup in the public edition
4) Added the "Russian Sanctions" addon file, which puts a 2 year transfer ban on Russian clubs, and removes their sponsors and income. All Russian clubs start with a negative balance. All Russian stadiums removed as finals hosts.
5) Many other small improvements.

Please overwrite all previous files if you downloaded the original version! Thanks!

Update: 3 March 2022

Users Clap17 and Rojorover reported that some lower league clubs had a budget of +40M.

After a lot of testing, I found that these clubs had a "Parachute Payment" of 40 million from the Premier League, even though they were never in the PL.

I never changed these clubs finances or budgets. It's some kind of weird internal bug.

In order to subvert this issue, I've removed the parachute payments from the PL and SL1 leagues. I don't think the parachute payments are actually necessary anyway, because the lower leagues get a lot more income than normal leagues anyway.

Thanks again to Clap17 and Rojorover for bringing this to my attention!

MAJOR update on 11 March 2022

This major update includes the following changes:

  • Focus on B League & U19 League overhaul - many improvements
  • NEW B League Cup - like the FA Cup for B teams
  • NEW FA Youth Cup - like the FA Cup for U19 teams
  • UEFA Reserve League and UEFA Youth League now have a huge 64 team group stage before the knockout rounds, similar to the Champions League group stage (only in the Ultimate Edition)
  • B League matches now allow 4 Over-23 players instead of 3
  • 69 new awards
  • New competition logos & backgrounds
  • New trophies

Please note that this overhaul will require you to start a new game!
Please remember to also overwrite the /graphics/ folders to take advantage of the new logos, backgrounds and trophies!

Update on 19 March 2022

Minor update to fix the registration issues for some leagues.

If you encounter this issue, please download the latest version.
Unfortunately you will need to begin a new game to take advantage of the changes.

I've run several simulations to make sure I've fixed the issue, if it persists, I'll have to look for another solution.
All version of the WSL are affected and appear to have been fixed.

25 March 2022

Includes updates for the latest official FM22.4 database patch

25 August 2022

New 64 club Premier League scenario is released. The most complex scenario I've ever constructed! Read more about it below!

Optional rebalanced "addon" files included

Due to popular demand, I've separated some of the changes I usually make, into small "addon" files, included in the download.
When creating your new game, you will need to add / select these in addition to the core file.

I personally play with all these addons enabled.

Some of these are highly recommended, because some of the ratings of the base game are only balanced between clubs in their country / league, and they are not balanced globally, so they don't translate well in the context of a Super League. Some of them are very subjective, like the Nation Youth Ratings and Youth Recruitment files, which together should increase the overall quality of newgens created. I personally enjoy having a lot of wonderkids or high quality newgens to choose from, because the league structure and number of clubs in the mod with all the prize money available still makes it very challenging to sign them because there is a lot of competition from other clubs.

Russian Sanctions - NEW |

All Russian clubs receive the following:

1) 2 year transfer ban - until 30/6/2023
2) All sponsorships and other income is removed.
3) Negative balances. The "financial balance" of all clubs is reversed.

NOTE: If you see any transfers in the first year, it's because they were already transferred to the club. They are existing transfers.

The following countries are added to the list of "Rival Nations" for Russia:
Czech Republic

In addition to the following list of existing "Rival Nations":

Also note that I have removed all Russian stadiums from hosting finals events in the WSL. e.g. Champions League final etc.
This includes the national stadium Luzhniki and Saint Petersburg's stadium.
This is a non-optional permanent change and not dependant on this addon.

Rebalance Nation Youth Ratings

Rebalances all the nations Youth Ratings, based on a sliding scale derived from the nations average position in the official FIFA World Rankings.
You are welcome to test/simulate the game to determine the effect this has on the overall youth production and distribution.

I personally think that the total number of clubs in the game has a much bigger effect on the newgens than this change does.
But it's still a nice rebalance to have.

Boost all players PA by +20

This is probably my favorite addon. I like to play a games with a lot of "wonderkids". This just makes the game a lot more fun for me. Also, because clubs generally get a lot higher income, they can afford players that are 2 levels higher in terms of transfer fees. Obviously, this doesn't really affect "older" players that much, because "older" players don't tend to actually increase in CA (Current Ability) up to the level of their PA (Potential Ability). This change just affects their PA (Potential Ability), NOT the Current Ability! This affects "younger" players the most, to allow them to reach higher levels. This change is also not really evident in the beginning of the game. It takes a few seasons to really kick in, when the younger generation gets older, like Mbape, Haaland etc.

There are 16 notable players that get a 200 PA rating. They include Mbappe, Halland, Frenkie de Jong, Kai Havertz, Martin Ødegaard, Donnarumma, de Light, Adeyemi, Greenwood (?) (He might be take out?), Yusuf Demir, Ilaix Moriba, Eduardo Camavinga, Jamal Musiala, Ansu Fati, Jude Bellingham and Youssoufa Moukoko.

Even if you think you might not like playing with a lot of wonderkids, I think you'll enjoy this. Just give it a try!

Rebalance Transfer Values

Because there is more money for the top clubs in the game world, there is also higher demand for top class players.
This increased demand pushes up the global transfer value of the elite players.

171-180 - 70,000,000 (£) -> 80,000,000 (£)
181-190 - 80,000,000 (£) -> 100,000,000 (£)
191-200 - 90,000,000 (£) -> 120,000,000 (£)

AI Managers Boost

Several AI managers get a minor boost to their stats, including Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. This is just a minor boost, to make them a little more competitive.
This mod is actually very difficult for AI Managers, as even the slightest slip up and they get sacked. It's just a few tweeks, usually about 5 changes.

Rebalance Training Facilities

This is an attempt to rebalance the training facilities of all the clubs. I just don't understand how Club Brugge, Benfica, Sporting, Aston Villa, Burton Albion in League One have level 20 training facilities, no offense to those clubs, but Real Madrid has level 18, and Barcelona and Bayern have 19? The issue is that the AI managers will almost never upgrade their facilities. So it's a bit unfair when you can take a lower league club, and have world class facilities better than Real Madrid, Barca and Bayern within a few years. I would prefer to be on equal terms with those clubs. This update just gives the AI managers and clubs a better chance to develop players.

Rebalance Youth Recruitment

This is an attempt to rebalance the Youth Recruitment for all clubs of similar level and stature, to similar recruitment values. There are a lot of discrepancies with these values in the base game between all the leagues. It seems each league editor has a different idea about youth recruitment. This is just my attempt to rebalance them accross all the leagues and clubs. It's a huge issue when you create a super league, because now all the clubs compete together, and they have not been properly balanced against each other.

"Youth Recruitment" from my understanding, is used during the youth intake for clubs. I don't necessarily think it increases the youth players values, I think it acts like a "net" to see how far reaching the clubs appeal is, to attract good players from the nation. But I could be wrong on this. In general, you should see a small increase to the youth intake quality in the league.

Rebalance Youth Coaching (NEW) & Youth Facilities (NEW)

Just rebalances the Youth Coaching & Facilities of all the clubs. This might be one of the most significant things that affect newgen generation in the game.

Boost all clubs repuration by +1000 (NEW)

Basically just what it says, all the clubs have +1000 points added to their reputation. The top 3 clubs, Real Madrid (9150), Bayern (9100) and Man City (9050) are set to 10,000 which is the maximum. Barcelona (8950) is now set to 9950 for example.

In general it gives some clubs a higher balance and transfer budget but I don't really know what other effects this has.
It might improve the quality of regens/newgens, but it's very difficult to determine. I'll see if I notice anything this year.

Please check this page regularly for any further updates!

Countries & Clubs Included

Ultimate Edition

This is a very special edition of the WSL which is only available for a small $10/€10 donation. This mod has taken me many hundreds of hours to create, test/simulate and rebalance. I believe this small donation is well worth the effort and quality of my work. There is no other mod in the world like this! If you try and create something like this, then you will understand just how hard it really is.

The Ultimate Edition includes a new 1,136 team league structure with 80 clubs in the Premier League (4x "Premier League" groups); and a new and extremely difficult Champions League. The structure of the league will feel similar to the real Premier League, but it will also be more challanging, and more fun, especially for long term saves.

This league structure has been on my mind for many years. To increase the total number of clubs in the Premier League and keep it extremely competitive at the same time.
The Premier League clubs are divided into 4 groups of 20 clubs each (similar to the real Premier League in size). The clubs in each group are reseeded and re-balanced each season, so there is a fresh / new set of league clubs to play every season. But don't worry about this too much, the structure of the Premier League is very similar, and the way the Champions League works will also feel very familar to you.

Each "group" of 20 Premier League clubs has their own "Premier League Champion", the 4x Premier League champions will play each other at the end of the season to determine the "real" / ultimate / final champion. (Note: I have a new scenario called "19-19" where this is different, please read more about it below)

What makes this challenge really special is that I found in previous versions that some of the best clubs in the world were getting relegated from the Premier League. I've seen almost every Premier League level club getting relegated, which is not fun when you see clubs like PSG, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United, Barcelona or Real Madrid getting relegated, because then the Premier League is weaker and these are the "legendary" clubs you really want to play against each season. It also causes some economic imbalance in the game as well, because these clubs now sell their players to the remaining PL clubs and they become even weaker so they might not enter the PL again for a few seasons. This is the issue with other traditional "super league" mods, and the "public" version which only has 20 clubs in the PL.

There are at least 30 or 40 "elite" level clubs in the world. Probably 12~15 of those clubs are from England. There are a lot of issues if you limit yourself to only 20 clubs in the Premier League (like the original public version) for such a huge World Super League structure.

That's why having the top 80 clubs in the world at the highest level in a bigger Premier League structure, is much more fun, rewarding, balanced and more competitive.
By increasing the number of clubs in the Premier League, there is less chance that a "big club" will be relegated, and it also increases the stability and overall competitive strength of the Premier League clubs, so there is also stronger competition in the Champions League and FA Cup.

Another problem with only having 20 clubs in the Premier League; in a Super League structure is that the managers get fired too often, because they are all expected to WIN the Premier League which is impossible. You can't have 20 winners, so now you will usually have 5~10 really strong clubs in your group, but it's more stable, and you will play the other clubs in the Champions League, Europa League, FA Cups and Super League cups anyway. So this version makes the AI manager jobs more stable, so they can develop good relationships with players in their clubs.

There are also significant changes to the Champions League and Europa League structure to increase the overall competitive strength, to make the Champions League even more difficult and challenging. This is also the first time in the WSL that clubs in the Premier League also need to "qualify" for the Champions League, by finishing in the top 8 positions. This creates a Champions League group stage of 32 clubs, which is much smaller than before, but it's also much more difficult and challenging. I've seen ALL major clubs finish at the bottom of their group stage because the group stage is so difficult.

Another difference in the Ultimate Edition compared to the public version is that there are 12 divisions in the Super League 1 level, just below the Premier League (288 clubs), and only the winners of the Super League 1 division get into the Premier League. One of the main reasons to increase the number of divisions at this level, was to provide the Premier League clubs with a lot more options to send young players on loan, and increase the overall quality of players at the highest levels. I also think it will be very rewarding once you finally get into the Premier League. So there are 80 clubs in the top level (Premier League), and 288 clubs at the Super League 1 level, just below the Premier League. So 288 clubs that want to join the Premier League, make it very challenging.

I wanted to do something like this for a long time, but I never had a good idea about how to implement it correctly; until last year.

This version is only available with a $10 / €10 or equivalent PayPal donation. And all the improvements this year are due to the donations from last year!

Due to the fact that I literally spend hundreds of hours on this mod, and I didn't get any donations for the original FM21 public/free version I released, I wanted to create an incentive and bonus to those people that could donate, and create something special for them. That's how the concept of the Ultimate Edition was born.

So please make a PayPal donation with the description that you want the "FM22 Ultimate Edition", then send me a PM also saying you want the "FM22 Ultimate Edition" and please include your PayPal username; then I will send you the password to unlock the Ultimate Edition zip file contents. Inside the file you will find 4 files, the 2 scenarios, "original" and "19-19" and 5-of-9 or 5-of-12 subs variations.

Introducing the NEW "19-19" scenario.

This year, there are actually 2 scenarios in the Ultimate Edition. The original and the "19-19" scenario.

The original concept of the Ultimate Edition from last year, with 80 PL clubs divided into 4 PL groups still remains the same.
In the original version, the 20 teams from each group play each other in 2 rounds (home/away), that's 38 matches, just like the real PL.
At the end of the season, the 4 winners of each "group" play each other to see who is the final PL winner.
This still works well, and I still have this version available, but this year I wanted to try something special and unique that I've been working on for about 2 years.

Introducing the "19-19" version of the Ultimate Edition.

Sorry about the name, but the reason for the name "19-19" is because all the clubs play 2 rounds of 19 matches each.
In the first round, they play 19 matches (1 round) against all the clubs in their base/beginning/original group.
After these 19 matches, the clubs are split into 4 new groups based on finishing positions in the first round.

In the second round, the top 5 clubs (position 1~5) from each group play in a new "Championship Group", so that's the last 19 matches.
Then the next 5 clubs (position 6~10) play together, the next 5 (position 11~15) and finally the bottom 5 teams (positions 16~20) from each group play in the "Relegation Group" where the bottom 12 are relegated to SL1.

The challenge in this scenario will be to finish in the top 5 positions after the first round (first 19 matches).
Then you will play another round (19 matches) against similar level competition.
The "fun factor" in this scenario is that you will need to finish in the top 5, and then you will play the second half of the season against "the best of the best" clubs.
So there is no "Championship Playoff" at the end of the season like the original Ultimate Edition, because the winners of the Championship Group will be the league winners. Because they already played against the top teams from the other 3 groups.

Effectively, the first round of 19 matches acts like a "qualifying" stage for entry into the Championship Group.

Points from the first round are also carried over to the second round. So you must finish as high as possible in the first round, in order to have enough momentum and points for the second round against much stronger competition. If you finish in 6th position after the first 19 matches, you have NO opportunity to win the league, because you will play in the "Upper Mid-Table" group. So you need to be very consistent in the league, while trying to balance Champions League, FA Cup and Super League Cup matches.

Everything else in this scenario stays the same as the original version, it's only the structure/format of the PL that changes.
I wanted a scenario/situation where you still have 80 clubs in the PL, but you also have the opportunity to play against ALL the best clubs in the world.
In the original version, you don't really play against any clubs from other groups, except in the Champions League and at the end of the season.

This scenario gives you 19 matches against the 19 other best clubs in the world.

I think you will find this scenario extremely challenging, even for the best managers! So good luck!

There is ONE issue that I must point out, which is a small "fixture congestion" issue. I've done everything I can to try and eleminate all fixture congestion, but there are some situations where a one or two clubs each season might play a match on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. This anomaly usually comes from matches that are rescheduled 2 or 3 times, and the clubs run out of "free" days to play them. But, it's normally the clubs that play the most matches in the season, getting far in all the cups. Luckily it usually only happens in the first part of the season, where you play "weaker" teams. There is NO fixture congestion in the second half of the season that I've noticed.
I've really done all I can to eliminate this issue, I ran simulations and tried everything I could for about 2 weeks; but it really only happens to 1 or 2 clubs in a season, and only for 1 or 2 matches. You should still be able to cope with it if it hits you, because the squad size is now 30 players, and the match is usually against the weaker teams. I think the risk of this happening is very small, but the reward, challenge, "fun factor" and enjoyment of playing this scenario is very high.

The top 5 teams from each Premier League group enter the "Championship Group" after the first 19 matches.
In the "Championship Group" you will face other group winners and leaders.

This is just showing how tight and competitive it will be to get into the "Championship Group", even Real Madrid missed qualification on "Goals For". They were level with Leicester on Points, Goal Difference, Wins etc. But not "Goals For".

Also note that only 1 point separated 3rd from 7th place!

Showing you the "Stages" drop down in the new Premier League. The "Championship Group" is the main competitive group in the new Ultimate Edition "19-19" scenario. 19 matches in the first round, 19 matches in the second round against other group winners and leaders should make an exciting new challenge!

NEW 64 club Premier League

Available for Ultimate Edition subscribers only!

On 25 August 2022; I'm releasing one of the most advanced and complex scenarios I've ever created.

For the past 3 years, I've been working on many variations of the Premier League. The original 80 club PL Ultimate Edition, was part of those experiments, and included 4 groups of 20 clubs each. This was the best way I could increase the overall size of the PL, and still keep it similar enough to the original Premier League.

However, I also wanted to experiment with alternative structures, of which I've tried many variations with 20 clubs, 32 clubs, 64 clubs, 80 clubs etc. And variations on how those clubs play their league matches.

I've always found the base game, with the traditional 20 club Premier League playing 2 games each for 38 matches each season; to be far too easy after a few seasons you can dominate the world. These alternative versions are my attempt at making the Premier League more challenging than the base game.

So, I actually created this version many months ago; but I had some serious issues and bugs I needed to fix. The league structure and matches format is very complex, and I had other issues which made me feel it wasn't "Production Quality" yet, until now.

Bessides the very complicated PL structure, I've also added a new UEFA Conference League 2; and made several other improvements to the other UEFA competitions. There is also a slightly expanded total number of clubs, 1,184 which is 48 more clubs. But this was just done to fill out the overall structure.

But obviously the main difference will be; how do 64 clubs play in a Premier League?

The 64 clubs are divided into 2 groups of 32 clubs each. Premier League A and B.
Each group plays 1 round of matches; which is 31 matches. (32 clubs - 1 = 31 matches)
The top 4 clubs from Premier League A and Premier League B move onto the "Championship Group".
Where these top 8 clubs (2x 4 clubs) play each other 1 more round, which is 7 matches.
31 + 7 matches = 38 matches total ... which is the exact same amount of matches as the regular 20 clubs PL season!

So what makes this different or interesting?

Well, playing 31 other teams in the first round means you are playing against 50% of the clubs, instead of 19 other clubs in a Premier League regular season, or only 25% of the clubs in the original Ultimate Edition with 80 clubs. So there is added diversity of opposition there. But obviously most of the clubs will just be cannon fodder to you.

Playing the other top 7 clubs at the end of the season, in the last stretch where literally every single match you play will determine the fate of the league will be a challenge worthy of calling this; possibly the most challenging FM mod you've ever played!
I've seen clubs coming from the bottom of the list and winning the league, just in the last 7 matches alone. So it's very intense!
Add to this, the challenge of winning the Champions League + FA Cup + Super League Cup ... will be an accomplishment you will never forget!

The other very small bonus is that 64 clubs is 16 clubs less in the Premier League. Although it's a very small number less, the Premier League also feels just slighly more exclusive. The 64 clubs that are there, just feel a bit stronger.

Bessides the top 4 clubs in each group progressing to the Championship Group stage, ALL the clubs below will also be divided into similar skilled group stages with 8 clubs each. So under the Championship Group, the next 4 clubs enter the Challengers Group, then Upper Mid-Table and Lower Table groups.

Clubs finishing at the bottom of the Lower Table group are either automatically relegated or play in a relegation stage.

Under the 64 club PL, there are now only 8 divisions compared to 12 divisions in the 80 clubs PL. This also makes the Super League 1 slightly more "exclusive". And from those 8 divisions, the top club is automatically promoted, and the runners up will play in a special playoff against Premier League clubs at the bottom of the PL table.

So, to win the new Premier League, you need to finish in the top 4 clubs in your PL group A or B at the end of the first 31 matches, then you will play the final 7 matches against similar skilled clubs.

The Premier League money has also been rebalanced to account for a larger PL group. And where you finish the first 31 matches also determines entry into UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Conference League for the following season!

If you find the scenario is too slow for you, you can just remove a few divisions from the bottom!

Also, this will go really well with one of the Transfer Update files listed below, like the Transfer files in FMTU by Pr0. Just extract and use only the transfer files!

  • 1,184 clubs
    • +48 more clubs than 80 club PL
    • mainly just because of the overall league structure!
  • NEW UEFA Conference League 2
  • Small improvements to the way the UEFA competitions match up clubs
  • Many new awards

I have worked long and hard on this scenario (about 6 months); and I just want to thank those people that donated for their support.
Your donations keep me motivated and this is my gift to you for your loyal support!

I know FM22 is coming to an end, and a new version is a few months away. But I think starting this scenario will be more than enough to keep you entertained!


I would like to credit the following graphics packs:

Recommended & Compatible mods

How to Install WSL FM22


This mod was made possible by all those that donated money for the Ultimate Edition last year.
Thank you to everyone that donated, your kindness and generosity made this possible.

When you make a $10/€10 donation, please send me a message that you want the FM22 Ultimate Edition, please also include your PayPal name and I will send you the password to unlock the special Ultimate Edition zip file, which includes a special 80 team Premier League which took many months to make perfect.
Please leave a reference and remember the message that you want the "FM22 Ultimate Edition" in the donation, then send me a direct/private message also that you want the "FM22 Ultimate Edition" version!

Please give me at least 24 hours to send your password. I usually send them within 2 or 3 hours if I'm not too busy or sleeping.

Final thoughts

This mod has taken hundreds of hours of my free time, so I really hope you appreciate the effort and my attention to detail!
Please leave a comment if you enjoyed it! I like seeing feedback, it motivates me to keep doing this!
Please remember to visit this page regularly over the next few weeks to see if there are any updates; and please leave a comment if you enjoyed the mod, and also if you found any issues.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy the challenge and may the football gods be with you on your journey to world domination!

Download Now
Downloads: 13287 / Size: 25.4 MB / Added: 2022-02-24
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About Darthfurion

C/C++, PHP & C# developer. Currently working at an insurance company as mobile app developer.

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Discussion: FM22 World Super League (WSL) - NEW addition to Ultimate Edition

161 comments have been posted so far.

  • godlike_II's avatar
    In your next edtion you should give all the 4 hardcoded MSL teams 0 rep, no money and release all their players.

    Inter Miami always wants to loan and buy players that will never play any games but 1 or 2 friendlys
  • Darthfurion's avatar
  • neagen's avatar
    @Darthfurion hello, If you have a little bit of time just check your paypal. I already made the paymment and send you by message my paypal name.
  • jhththt815's avatar
    That's right, the relegation/promotion mod. applied. you are correct
    relegation/promotion mod. I'll try removing the mod.
  • Darthfurion's avatar

    Please read the comments below. This is not a bug in my mod. You probably loaded another mod, like a relegation/promotion mod.
  • jhththt815's avatar
    I found a bug. There is a bug where the first team is moved to the B league.
    please check.
  • ncpoomkung's avatar
    I solved the problem. It because of the latest pr0 database update promotion and relegation mod.
  • ncpoomkung's avatar
    I loaded only premier league and thai league mod and I used latest data update from pr0. Another mod that I used is only timo custom start date.
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    @ncpoomkung & @helloitsdead ... what league levels did you load? Did you load the Premier League only, or more levels?
    I'm in my second season, Bayern also won the league, and I don't see any clubs relegated like that, including Bayern!
    I've seen a similar issue before, but this 64 club PL should not be doing that!
    Also, are you sure you didn't have any other league mods loaded? And used the latest DB version.
    I've also double checked all the B League teams are only B teams. I've done simulations on this before without any issues.
    I can only think that you might have had another mod loaded when you started your save. But i'll run more tests to confirm there are no issues.
  • ncpoomkung's avatar
    I am now in my third season using the new ultimate edition (64club), but I got weird bug as person below. Bayern munich was relegated to B league in the second season. And in the third season Man city was relegated to B league. All of theirs player were forced to be sold. Is there any way to fix this?
  • helloitsdead's avatar
    I am now in my second season in the new ultimate edition (64 club PL), but noticed a weird bug: bayern munich won the previous season, but now they disapeared from the league. When checking them, it says they are in B league 4 (their main team, not the B team). And in the PL, there is now a new team (kingstonian) which was not there before, nor did they get promotion in a lower league.
    Is there any way I can fix this? Since bayerns players think they have been relegated, almost the entire squad wants to leave them.
  • ncpoomkung's avatar
    Thanks for great work as always.
  • Darthfurion's avatar

    Please don't post donation messages asking for the password in the public forum.
    As I said clearly in the instructions, please send me a PRIVATE message with your PayPal name so I can verify it.

  • Metaphora's avatar
    Hello , i have already donated , i am waiting for ur pw , thanks
  • sparta2010's avatar
    you should give away some code for FM22 World Super League ultimate edition for your fans from venezuela
  • Pastryboy59's avatar
    Is there a stadiums background file that works with this ? i have sortitouts stadiums backgrounds but not working.
  • 33lxVj8QxS7PGWIx's avatar
    Noticed a small inconsistency - playing w/ 5 of 12 subs, all league games were 5 of 12 subs but the promotion play off game was only 5 of 9.

    Also noticed some weird behaviour w/ transfer valuations where they almost doubled at the end of the first season, perhaps this is only a first season thing.
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    I have sent you a private message.
  • ElJefeMalcom's avatar
    i send you a mp
  • Khurtny's avatar
    Okay thanks mate
  • Darthfurion's avatar

    I don't do "save game" files, because they are large. They are normally between 50MB and 100MB. Also, many people make custom changes, like updated transfer files etc. It's not practical for me to do this, sorry.
  • Khurtny's avatar
    Please this might sound funny but my PC is kind of not so spectacular (funny) and the DB takes so long to load....can maybe help me with the game file?
    I've seen the Championship DB stuff and he posted the game file just in case at least I'd only deal with the speed in game not the DB load
    Also if you're gonna do that kindly do separate ones, but mainly Playable/View only for the top league then add the remaining 6, then do it for just additional 5 then 4 and so on. So people would have choices ..might be stressful but seems you have a far better PC it'd be fast to load the DB . Please reply
  • Khurtny's avatar
    Please this might sound funny but my PC is kind of not so spectacular (funny) and the DB takes so long to load....can maybe help me with the game file?
    I've seen the Championship DB stuff and he posted the game file just in case at least I'd only deal with the speed in game not the DB load
    Also if you're gonna do that kindly do separate ones, but mainly Playable/View only for the top league then add the remaining 6, then do it for just additional 5 then 4 and so on. So people would have choices ..might be stressful but seems you have a far better PC it'd be fast to load the DB . Please reply
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    I never changed the clubs vision. In the editor they have 3:

    "Develop players using the club's youth system"
    "Play attacking soccer"
    "Become Most Reputable in Nation"

    Maybe if you remove the club visions in the editor it will be better for you.
    Sorry, but I don't normally change anything in club visions!
  • Alonsator284's avatar
    The Greatest mod ever! Nevertheless there's a bug/problem with Club Guadalajara. The official policy from the cub is to only sign mexican players but in the club's vision you can only sign english players so in the practice you can't sign any footballer. I'm willing to play with Chivas so I would be very glad if you can fix it. Thanks for your effort and sorry for my poor english.

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